Roommate Episode 5 - You Are My Spring

If episode 4 left me feeling a little empty, episode 5 went a long way to fill up my soul.  There are so many nice gestures extended between roommates that my cup runneth over.  The women of the house continue to open up to each other and form what seem like real and deep friendships. On the other hand, it's fairly heartbreaking to see just how insecure and lonely these idol/actors can be.  It makes me wonder how they can go for years in the business and be in the same idol group yet not form any friendships. Bom, I love you more and more--can I adopt you, too?  By the end of this show, I will have quite a bevy of adoptees.
bcook: I agree with you on everything. But I'd just like to take this minute to rant about the deceptive editing we got last episode. PDs made us think Bom was crying about Min Woo when it was really about something sweeter and more meaningful. I didn't not like that.
JoAnne: I am totally buying that these are genuinely nice people. Every single one of them. They have this weird world where they are both exposed to and have access to privileges we can hardly imagine, and yet they lead  incredibly these incredibly circumscribed lives that prevent them from experiencing the most normal things on any kind of regular basis - and they all seem to crave that experience the most.  We all know this is edited to skew a certain way but I don't get the feeling that the people themselves are acting in a calculated manner.  I like it.

Mr. Pretty Eyes Kang Joon narrates this episode, and although I'm sure I'm not the only one who waited all week to see why Bom was crying, we only see a bit of a teaser. We then jump to NaNa and Soo Hyun in their bedroom talking about dating, while Se Ho talks on the phone with Wookie. Poor Wookie - he doesn't want anyone in his bed, but even after Se Oh gets out of it, NaNa comes into the room and gets right in it.  Somehow I don't think he will mind her in it as much.
bcook: It's so great to see how comfortable they are with each other (or maybe it's the cameras) coz it took me weeks/months before I could be that free with my male friends from Grad School.
JoAnne: Unfortunately for Se Ho, he barely registers as a man to Nana. 
Tonight finds everyone roaming from room to room.When Chan Yeol comes home, he tells how nervous he was at Mama Shin's party, and how his hand shook while trying to pour all the hyungs' drinks.  I think it was Bae Soo Bin who told the same kind of story, only he was filming a drama and couldn't keep his hand still.  I had to laugh as I saw all the guys poor Chan Yeol was serving. Good job, Chan Yeol, you have matured in drink pouring!
bcook: haha. Poor kid. Anybody else notice Khyuhyun from SuJu lurking in the background? Trying like a good hyung not to steal camera time?
JoAnne: I did notice that!  They really are careful of each other, these K-ent folks.  So careful not to be rude. Chanyeoli, you have matured another level with your nerve-wracking experience.
Next all the girls are in So Ra's room, talking about who they like in the house.  And I start thinking - OK, now we're going to hear from Bom, but instead we get a makeover for Miss MMA and Soo Hyun from So Ra.  She even calls the guys in, who go crazy when Ga Yeon comes out in a dress that I'm sure was tinier than she's ever imagined wearing.  Ok guys, wipe the drool off your chins!
bcook: It was awesome to see their reactions. Hehe. But she's kinda mis-representing herself because she was apparantly an MMA round girl (per google) so she's used to wearing skimpier stuff. She has awesome shoulders though. I wants!
JoAnne: She's very much one of my favorites - so awkward and cute and kick ass. I would LOVE for her and Min Woo to have this sweet little courtship, wouldn't you?
Later, the girls have a heart to heart, and once again I think we're going to hear more from Bom's confession, especially since we start off hearing Na Na likes Pretty Eyes best, and Ga Yeon likes Min Woo best, and then.....things switch gears and we hear how lonely Bom is and how she has trouble approaching and talking with people.  Geez, now I feel super bad that I judged her because of her looks without knowing how sensitive she is, although it makes sense that the person getting the most plastic surgery is the most insecure. So Ra tells Bom that she is like an angel to her. Thank you, So Ra. Surprisingly, no one has ever said anything like this to Bom, so I'm sooooo happy she got to hear it. I hope she really does get some lasting friendships from this show.
bcook:  I thought that was just so sweet. And I totally empathize with Bom. Making new friends is so hard.
JoAnne: I will have a soft spot for that tiny little weirdo from now on, that's for sure. I love that all the women seem to want to comfort her. That they all want to comfort each other.  Not a bitch in the house - and for that matter, the closest we get to a jerk in the house is Se Ho with his pranks, which is not very close at all.
The next morning, Chan Yeol gets up to make a breakfast of hangover soup for Mama Shin, since he knew he drank quite a bit at the party.  Do you think this guy is naturally that considerate? Please don't let it be just for this show.
bcook: I'd say he's more sucking up than being considerate. But this kind of sucking up is good! My Shin Oppajusshi could be like his mentor and help him out and support him and so heck yeah make him hangover soup.
JoAnne: It doesn't strike me as sucking up but genuine hero worship - and seriously, you can't go wrong with Mama Shin as your hero. Before I was like, ooh, he would take good care of you, that's sexay.  Now? I totally want him drunk and laughing before we into bed.  To go to sleep, of course, Cookie.
Because I know some of you would rather watch Mama Shin drink than Chan Yeol cook!
So Ra, Miss MMA and Min Woo all go off together in the morning, as So Ra has her DJ job and Min Woo and GaYeon are going to her gym. In the car, Min Woo starts singing So Ra's praises, calling her Emma So Ra-gence.  Turns out if he had to pick someone to date in the house, it would be her.  Hmmm. This is starting to feel like an old Love's Baby Soft commercial: Bom likes Min Woo and NaNa likes Kang Joon and Se Ho likes NaNa and Min Woo likes So Ra.  I wonder how Ga Yeon feels, listening from the back seat, as she had told the ladies last night that she like Min Woo's personality best.
bcook: Especially since So Ra was asking who Min Woo likes for her. 
JoAnne: Yeah that didn't work out well. 
Speaking of Miss MMA, we get to see a whole new side to her personality when she gets to her gym. Her excitement is palpable. I loved how the producers played up her "tossing Min Woo aside" as soon as she saw her fellow teammates. You gotta wonder how many guys from the gym are crushing on Ga Yeon. Poor Min Woo, I don't think he knew what he was getting into by going to train with Miss MMA. This girl is FIERCE!  After she wore him out, she continued to practice. It's great seeing Ga Yeon in her element.  Min Woo on the other hand, said he won't be returning to the gym again, lol.
bcook: I loved it all. She's so kickass. I wish I could find something sporty like that. That gets you in the zone. Min Woo was definitely feeling some feels watching her train too.
JoAnne: How much do you love a guy who is smart enough to recognize how COOL it is when a woman loves and works hard at something, even when that thing is non-traditional?
The rest of the roommates head out to their various commitments, while Se Ho convinces Na Na to go with him to visit Wookie. OK, can I just say that I don't ship this couple at all.  She's too blunt and tactless and he's too pushy and a little desperate. Actually, NaNa has become my least favorite housemate so I'm not shipping her with anyone right now.  They seem to be enjoying their car ride, singing and lip syncing together, until we find out later that NaNa slept for 90 percent of it (the power of editing.) Se Ho is excited to be the first man NaNa has gone to a rest stop with, but why do I feel he reads more into it than is there? Or maybe he just plays along with the producers really well.
bcook: I think he's playing the game well. He seems like a realistic dude. He knows netizen furor will be epic if they actually pair up together but if he plays the earnest/hopeful suitor he gets likes, NaNa gets confirmed as "the prettiest" and ratings go up. If you watch him on Happy Together you can see his calculation a little better. Frankly it's smart and I applaud him. I like NaNa. I don't know why. I think she's the kind of crazy friend that will dress up like a cat with you and go running through the mall meowing. Everybody needs one of those in their lives. (shout out to my crazy knuki!!)
JoAnne: I think they encourage her to shut him down that way - I cannot imagine that she would be so rude to an elder when she is not that way to others.  I will say that I don't like her as much as I like Bom, Ga Yeon, Soo Hyun or even So Ra, but I don't dislike her, either. She's very young and a bit too aegyo for my tastes, but then most young female K-Idols are.
Things are much better for Se Ho when they finally get to the place where Wookie is filming. Even though Se Ho had banners and boxed lunches made, it's obvious that Wookie and NaNa are only interested in spending time together.  I thought it was particularly cruel that NaNa said she was staying over with Wookie and Se Ho would have to drive back alone (although obviously that didn't happen.)  I could see how she could feel uncomfortable as Se Ho continually says he likes her, but Se Ho, just move on!
bcook: Hmm I didn't see it that way. They were just teasing him and it didn't seem like he really cared. Again..playing it up for the cameras.
JoAnne: Me too.  There's no way her mgmt would have ever allowed her to stay overnight with Wookie.  The fact that she even said it outloud makes me convinced it was never a serious thought.
Back at the house, Soo Hyun is left to herself, so after taking a spiderman doll around as her companion, she decides to write letters to everyone and hides them.  I really feel there are people on here who have good intentions of making new friends. As the roommates return from their day, they decide it will be necessary to write down lists of chores and divide them up.  Seems like poor Mama Shin gets stuck with most of the cleaning of the kitchen, too! More banter and merriment goes on at the table, when Min Woo calls Mama Shin out on his reaction to Miss MMA calling him by name. According to Min Woo, it seemed the upper half of his body was laughing, but his toes were twitching, lol.  I just love Mama Shin's subtle little head nods when he discovers things.
JoAnne: With Min Woo and Mama Shin around I am not missing Kang Joon or Wookie at all.
bcook: I think My Oppajusshi just can't stand dirty dishes. That's why everybody feels guilty when they realize he did all the cleaning. And like miss MMA said, she's the maknae so she should have been doing all the cleaning.
JoAnne: I'm thinking he's a man of routine and discipline who likes things a certain way and tends to just handle business himself, quietly.  More and more love for the guy.
By the way, Pretty Eyes, you're missing a dinner with some great meat!  I feel bad for a) not getting to really see you this episode and b) you missing out on eating meat!  

More roommate time at the house, discussing the day.  It seems that everyone is getting more and more comfortable with each other, even to the point of Min Woo scolding Miss MMA a bit.  That's what family is about, right?  They also decide to list their grievances with each other - Mama Shin plays his music too loud, So Ra doesn't like Ga Yeon barging into the bathroom.  With a new lock on the bathroom door and a promise from Mama Shin to keep the music turned down, plus 5 minutes of Mama Shin and So Ra staring at each other for relationship building, peace reigns in the house.  Although I felt the staring thing was just plain weird and awkward!
bcook: The staring thing was sooo awkward! I was surprised though that they hadn't been communicating with each other coz when So Ra showed up it looked like they knew each other already. Hmm... maybe there's some history between them.
JoAnne: I fail at understanding how staring at someone while they stare at you makes you feel closer to that person.  That being said, I would still happily stare at Cookie's Oppajussi.
We can't end an episode without the favorite game of interviewing Bom as she comes in the door, this time with Chan Yeol as the interviewer. She's prepared, or so she thinks, until once again they catch her having eaten with her friends instead of coming straight home.  It's ok Bom, I'm sure it's because they love you. Then strangely, we get a promise of a huge incident to come - well, not that I liken this to the boy who cried wolf, but we'll see, won't we?
bcook: pft. I don't believe them anymore. Fool me twice and all that. 
JoAnne: I misunderstood all of that. I thought this time she came home relatively early because she didn't eat with her friends, and they seized on that to find out that the other times that's what she HAD been doing, which they didn't know. Even when you do the good thing, Bommie, the bad thing bites you.

Favorite guest this week - the super gigantic bee that entered the house, resulting in much debate and hysteria on how to get it out.  I almost thought that was a CG it was so big! Let's end with a little wave from Wookie:
bcook: Chal ja Wookie! Come back soon coz your housemates are really messing up with the late night interviews.
JoAnne: How did I think he was ugly for so long? He's still not the best looking guy out there (I don't like his fat eyes) but he's not UGLY.