Roommate Episode 7-- The Hilarity Returns!

They're back! And in the best possible way. This episode, narrated by NaNa, had me smiling from start to finish.  Bom departs for the Phillipines (I love how they say it. Pilleepeen. Love it.), and as we focus on the remaining roommates and their activities du jour, it is more hilarious than ever. We are even introduced to a new member, Kang Dash Man. Thank you, Roommate, for upping up the awesome level once again!
bcook: What's with all the cats? I know the internets like cats but this is a bit ridiculous. 

We start by seeing everyone wake up, and honestly I'm glad to see that they're sleeping in until 9:30 or so. Mama Shin goes searching for Chan Yeol who fell asleep in Wookie's bed. I love how Soo Hyun tells Se Ho that's it 4:00 in the afternoon to get him up. We also learn that it's Mama Shin's birthday today, a fact that he's keeping to himself. Min Woo and Pretty Eyes head out to Min Woo's parents' blanket shop. The two of them together are always a treat. I keep thinking Pretty Eyes isn't really as dumb as he acts, but I feel like he's just dying to prove me wrong. You gotta love him, though.
JoAnne: Love them both, those Flower brothers. But Se Ho! What  kind of grown up sleeps until 4 pm even if they stayed up all night? (It was only 10 a.m.  Soo Hyun was teasing him.)
bcook:  I liked that bit. hehe.
Back at the house, NaNa starts handing out gifts that she bought for everyone in Japan.  Even though she is not giving one to Se Ho at the moment, I love how he lets her know how thoughtful she was. Mama Shin gets some kitchen utensils while Miss MMA gets a portable thigh exerciser.  (Ga Yeon, I just want to tell you from experience, they don't work.) Back in their room, NaNa gives Soo Hyun a breathalyzer so she can monitor how much she drinks. (I also have one of these and am not sure that it works, either, lol!) Soo Hyun doesn't know what to think, but at least she laughs.
JoAnne: It was nice of Nana, but who else besides me thinks she went through the dollar bins at the Japanese equivalent of WalMart.
bcook:Those are the best places to buy knicknacks!  I want my own personal breathalyzer! My oppajusshi is looking quite good eh? It also explains his twitter picture! 

Today is EXO's comeback and they'll be competing on Inkigayo, so Mama Shin and Se Ho decide to surprise them by showing up with food. Se Ho may be the god of preparation, but Mama Shin already has all the group members' names memorized, much to Se Ho's chagrin. On the way there is plenty of time for Mama Shin to recall his days at Inkigayo. It gives us a chance to see what Mama Shin's life as an idol was like, although I really get a kick out of them playing that corny old clock song while he reminisces.
JoAnne: So the hair...
bcook: *does rock sign and scream*
At Inkigayo, Mama Shin and Se Ho make quite a fuss as they walk through the fans. When they meet EXO, they hand out sandwiches, sealed with stickers they had made.  That Se Ho is quite the considerate guy. 
JoAnne: Even if part of me thinks he does things a bit for how they'll look on camera, the fact that he THINKS of the details impresses me. And I do somehow think he's actually a considerate and kind hearted man. Nana, you could do MUCH worse, and probably not a whole lot better.
bcook: I wanna go to inkigayo. All those fan girls freaking out. hehe. 
I love how Mama Shin completely forgets who is who when he meets the group members, and yet Se Ho is able to imitate each one and their part in the song.  (If you notice me saying "I love" a lot this recap - well, it's true.  I love a LOT about this episode!)   Se Ho continues to entertain everyone, and Chan Yeol and the group find all this really hilarious, as do I. They agree that Chan Yeol will make some kind of symbol while on stage to recognize the roommates.
JoAnne: Boys....boys, you're laying it on a little thick, I think.
bcook: We should forgive them this once. I think they might all need some maturing not just Chan Yeol. I can understand my oppajusshi being confused by exo. They look the same.
We get a little glimpse of Bom's trip to the Phillipines (Pilleepeen <3) and to her surprise fans are carrying signs saying "Bo-Dong".  I like seeing the roommate's real lives.  It's sometimes hard to remember that they are idols or actors, etc.  And then we're back to Min Woo and Kang Joon and their visit to Daejun.  Of course the people (aka rabid fangirls) are going crazy as they walk down the street. Even Min Woo's mother says Kang Joon is better looking in person, while his father says that he'd choose Soo Hyun even over his own wife. Umm, some things are better thought than said. He even picks out a special blanket for Soo Hyun and wants her to take care of Min Woo.
JoAnne: Oh, Min Woo are going to be very lonely at night for a very long time, I think.
bcook: Hehehe his dad is going to be in so much trouble! I thought it was awesome how the girls just walked beside them gawking and they had to have the most uncomfortable conversation ever. "I used to come here as a kid" "OMG he's so hot!" "You did? to rebel" "He's sooo cute!"

Back at Inkigayo, Se Ho and Mama Shin are very excited watching in the audience, as are Miss MMA and So Ra watching at home. When EXO comes in first place, Chan Yeol makes his little hand sign while telling the roommates that he loves them, to which Ga Yeon asks "Does that sign mean he loves us?" hehe.  Everything is just so darn cute in the episode.
JoAnne: They ARE cute.  He seems a little different on stage, but you can still see that sweet boy smile so - you know what, I want to see HIS family. If he were my son I would be walking on air proud, and that's not even considering that he's in Exo, that's just for his nature and for all the other skills he's shown. And then to top it off he's in this super popular group?
bcook: All this Chan Yeol love. He's matured so well. 
Mama Shin and especially Se Ho are obviously basking in the glow of their younger housemate's success.  Can I just stop for a minute here to admire Mama Shin's biceps? Actually his whole body. Now that is one manly man--he's even making me reconsider my "no long hair on guys" policy. I would be distracted, too, Se Ho, if I was walking with him!
JoAnne: Mama Shin is the bomb. There is not one thing you can pick off this guy to complain about. Not one thing. He is gorgeous, kind, talented, nurturing...damn. I need to not be friends with Cookie. 
bcook: *sigh* Nobody takes me seriously on here. You can look but you cannot touch. I missed a lot of Se Ho's gags coz I was checking out my oppajusshi's locks. rawr.
Back at home, NaNa and Ga Yeon decide to go out and buy things to make shaved ice. Now starts the 4 hour trip to the store that should have taken under an hour. Problem number 1 occurs when NaNa cannot figure out what is making the annoying beeping sounds in the car. They keep trying different things to get it to stop before it drives them both insane.  When they smell something burning, they stop at a gas station, where it takes the guy less than 30 seconds to realize the parking brake is on. As someone who could not figure out how to turn on the lights in a rental car, I found this particularly relatable and funny.
JoAnne: And then there was the time I couldn't find the gas cap on my boyfriend's car and ran out of gas and had to call him to come get me. It was under the license plate? Who the hell does that?
bcook: hahaha. True Nana's driving is no joke. Under the license plate?! What kind of car was that? I'm surprised they got very far. I've tried to drive with the parking brake up and the car barely moved. 
Did you see the group of ajummahs in the background when they stopped to check the back doors? That was so cute. 
When the girls get to the store, we cut away to Min Woo and Kang Joon driving home, only this time it's Pretty Eyes who is driving.  OK, wait.  I distinctly remember him saying he didn't have a drivers license in the first episode, yet there he is, singing and driving away.  Hmmmm.....Back at the store, Miss MMA and NaNa continue their unintentional comedy act, especially as they realize they have severely underestimated how much things cost and have to keep deleting things at the register. I am laughing my head off at NaNa fighting to keep her ice.  Great use of music, Mr. Producer Man.
JoAnne: The shot of the icemaker back home. I loved it.
bcook: *gurgle* Yeah I think we just assume that anything they say or do for laughs may not be true. Or maybe he got a license around the same time he got his cell phone? 
The drive home is an even worse disaster, as they keep missing the appropriate streets and literally circle round and round for hours. What I wouldn't give to be on this trip with them! It's so reminiscent of my outings with my friends in my younger days. It also makes me realize that if I ever do get to Korea, I am relying on public transportation!  Every time that navigation system starts "researching" I start cracking up again. I think they suffer from the same thing I do: no internal compass aka not having a good sense of direction. Hours later, they make it home, still in incredibly good spirits.
JoAnne: I give them credit for their good nature but if we ever go on a trip, I am driving.
bcook: Hehe. reminds me of my last spring break trip. The GPS had a 5 minute delay so it started recalculating after we'd gone 5 minutes in the wrong direction.
They all gather for dinner and NaNa runs off to get the rest of the gifts for everyone.  If you can keep a straight face while watching this part....well, I question your sense of humor! The first to open his gift is Min Woo, which turns out to be a bald wig!  Min Woo is visibly upset, especially when Kang Joon gets a Dash Man costume.  Come on Min Woo, show your team spirit!  But I guess it does get old always being second fiddle to Mr. Pretty Eyes. To get him more in the mood to wear it,  Se Ho talks Kang Joon into trying it on before Min Woo. Well of course all the girls will still think you look good, Kang Joon! Those eyes will prevail! Plus you have the ability to laugh at yourself, which I think is one of the most attractive qualities.
JoAnne: Poor Min Woo...but yeah, that was kind of babyish.
Reluctantly, Min Woo tries it on also.  OK, you would have made a bigger hit had you done it first. Then Se Ho (ever the organizer/MC) tells Kang Joon to put on his Dash Man suit.  Everyone is impressed with how well Pretty Eyes follows directions compared to Min Woo, lol. And with that, let me introduce:  Kang Dash Man!
JoAnne: So in Korea the Power Rangers were known as Dash Men?
bcook: Somehow "Go Go Dash Men" doesn't have the same ring to it. Maybe they're knockoff power rangers? 
Everyone is having such a good time with this.  I love how the all play act with So Ra being sad and calling Kang Dash Man to come and entertain her. Such a good sport, Pretty Eyes!  If only you knew how many more times tonight you'd have to dress up to keep everyone entertained!
JoAnne: The cheesy dancing. I love him. He is a complete sweetheart.
bcook: If only he wasn't soooo ... dim.

While the two of them are outside, the subject of birthdays comes up and Se Ho asks when Mama Shin's birthday is.  When he hesitantly tells Se Ho it's today, Se Ho sings him a song, which others hear. Everyone feels really bad that they weren't aware of Mama Shin's birthday and you just know this will not be the end of this story!  I love how Se Ho says, "But you should have told us, we're family!" Awww! The big bench of love!
JoAnne: That was trot he was singing, I think. The little wiggle dance had me in stitches.  But then I was staring at Mama Shin lying down, which is one of my favorite ways to see him... plus, ok, he's lying outside under the stars watching the stars and listening to AeroSmith. Just make out with me already you sexy man.
bcook: Listen, Jo. It's very simple. Oppajusshi lying down, Oppajusshi cooking, Oppajusshi giving min woo a fake choke hold...all those oppajusshis are MINE!! ALL MINE!! From his manly toes to his gorgeous mane of hair. MINE MINE MINE! 
Kang Dash Man has to make another appearance for Wookie's entrance, caught interview style, which is fairly hilarious as he puts on his crazy dance for him. Then once again Kang Dash Man makes his entrance for Chan Yeol's arrival home and this time Wookie is in on it.  What an incredible sport!  I seriously had to rewind it several times because I couldn't stop laughing as Chan Yeol was instructed to "just enjoy the moment with him."
JoAnne: For a guy who seems shy, Chan Yeol is not self-conscious at all. He's a great sport and joins in on anything at the drop of a hat. What a love that kid is!
bcook: I just don't see the attraction. But ok.
We wrap up the evening (although it's really 2 a.m.) with an impromptu birthday party for Mama Shin. Although the cake suffered a mishap on the way, it was a touching moment to see how the roommates really do care for each other. 
JoAnne: Yeah, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy watching them. So different from Jersey Shore, which my kid loved - five minutes of that and I wanted to drown them all like rats. Tanned, greasy, drunk, ignorant rats.
Even though getting older is bittersweet (yeah, tell me about it) Mama Shin got to reflect on his life, how he thought he'd always be lonely on his birthday but it felt warm now that he had a family to celebrate. He wonders if he should get married. (Oh boy, Cookie probably has left for SK about now!)  He also says thanks and I love you to his roommates.  What a sweet way to end the episode.
JoAnne: I need to break her legs. She can't have this guy. She's young. She can find someone else.
bcook: NO!! True love happens only once. Why would you deny me and him true love's happiness? Huh?! Are you so anti-true love? Besides our babies will be the cutest things ever! 
A few closing thoughts - whether a lot of this is scripted or not, I really feel that for the most part the roommates are enjoying this experience and enjoying each other.  You see kind acts, such as Ga Yeon giving her bed to So Ra, and a lot of cooperation towards each other.  Se Ho continues to impress me because he seems to genuinely care about the others and is always complimenting them or thinking of ways to support the other roommates. They are definitely a cast of characters, but this episode left me feeling all warm and fuzzy, and anxious for the next one.
JoAnne: I feel like you do. Cynical me thinks these are very media savvy people, but clear-eyed me says they're not THAT good at acting, and they are selling the bejesus out of really liking each other. I luff dem.
bcook: I think they genuinely like each other (or are willing to overlook the annoying bits...which is really what friends do anyway) and that shows especially with or despite the PD editing. I'm glad it's 50 episodes. Looking forward to all the fun.