Roommate Eps 6 - Bom's Message Becomes a (Fake) Reality

This week Bom finally tries to get some revenge on everyone for their constant harassment of her when she walks in the door every day. She and Min Woo decide to set up a "fake relationship" scenario to see how the others respond. Some of the guys don't take being fooled lightly, and decide to do a prank on their own.  Does this make for a fun episode?  The opinions on that are divided.
JoAnne: I didn't mind it - I think it could have been edited better to make it more entertaining, but I didn't think anything was offensive or mean.
bcook: They should have done a long con. An entire week before they confessed. That would have been awesome.

The episode starts with Bom and So Ra at a restaurant, and So Ra is questioning Bom about a text she sent over Kaotalk (that according to the producer, turned the house upside down in utter confusion) announcing she and Min Woo were dating.  We then see Bom explain that she was angry for the pranks they pulled on her and decided revenge.  Min Woo eagerly agreed to be part of the plan. I guess this was the big, shocking incident we were promised from previous episodes. Smells of producer influence to me, which is a shame, because I'd love to see a real romance between Bom and Min Woo.
JoAnne: Nah - I'm on the HMS MinYeon
bcook: Looks like they planned it before coming into the house. Still worked for me! More Min Woo dimples.

First the housemates need to restock the refrigerator and buy curtains to hang so So He can get some sleep, because really, he needs to spend as much time in his silk pj's as possible. Min Woo drives Soo Hyun to get them, and he starts dropping hints but at the same time evades questions about him and Bom. He seems really pleased with himself that he gets Soo Hyun to fall for it. With his dimples, I'll play the fool any day for him. But I'm not liking this game.
JoAnne: He is indeed a cutie pie.
bcook: He played it much better the Bom - who pounded it into peoples heads rather obviously. See this is where the long con would have been better. 

Mama Shin heads out with the two ditz idol women for the fish market.  Somehow the conversation leads to eating roundworms, which Bom has never heard of.  She guesses it's a dog's *BLEEP* and I just love Mama Shin's reaction to her bluntness. It's certainly obvious that Bom has spent a lot of time in the states!  I also love that when Bom is later interviewed, she doesn't even realize the things she said - oh Bommie! So glad I am not the only one who doesn't follow the "think before you speak" adage.
JoAnne: There are times when Shuk will quote something from the blog or twitter and I'll laugh and ask her who said it, and have it turn out to be me. So I totally get Bom. In that regard, at least.
Shuk:  You have amazingly succinct fingertips, JoAnne unni, that can cut to the heart of the matter.
bcook: Luff her. Luff my oppajusshi's reaction. He needs to get used to it.

Watching the three of them interact in the car and fish market is entertaining and often hilarious. The two girls are not afraid to use their charms and even Mama Shin's fame to get what they want (and at a good price!) You've got to wonder what Mama Shin is thinking most of the time.  This guy is a gem - why is he not married? (I have a few thoughts but won't share them just yet.  Besides I know bcook will say because he hasn't met her yet.) I didn't find the whole food thing appealing, though. I give Bom tons of credit for trying those roundworms, or honestly, anything else.  But those things were just nasty looking.
JoAnne: If I had only seen the cut up pieces, maybe yes.  But after seeing the Not ever, not if it would keep me from starving to death, not if it would save the world from global warming. Sorry  y'all.
Shuk: Those creatures were mentioned in "You From The Stars" as one of Cheon Song-yi's requested foods. So I have to wonder how they can be possibly be as good as chicken and beer.
bcook: It is terrifyingly gross isn't it. Somethings are better not seen before you eat them. They look like poop filled intestines. Anyways. 1) of course he's still single because he hasn't met me yet 2) I'm not an irrational fangirl. He's a 47 yr old single dude. He probably has some habits that are a big deterrent/intimidating (especially for a typical korean woman) *cracks fingers and neck* I'm up for the task. 
The supposed dating prank continues, with Min Woo and Bom blatantly calling each other on their cell phones while out.  Back at the house, they decide to take it up a notch and use objects, such as couples hats, sweaters and rings to show they're really dating. The thing is, they're having a hard time getting anyone to take the bait. Once again it's cutie-pie Chan Yeol who is suspicious, and fearing that he was intruding on their "together time" when he walked into the living room, he quickly said he was there to use the bathroom.  I wonder if he just stood in there for a few minutes, deciding what to do next. Bom cons Chan Yeol into coming to play the piano with her and is furiously trying to arrange the matching cell phones, etc, so that Chan Yeol sees.
bcook: I cracked up during that scene. It was sooo obvious! Chan Yeol needs to mature a little bit more eh? 

At least they, and in particular MinWoo, are having a good time with this. In another Chan Yeol cutie moment, Mama Shin is preparing the crabs for dinner and realizes they are still alive.  Poor Chan Yeol is not happy to watch them being dismembered while kicking and possibly screaming their little crab heads off.  Yee of tender heart, Chan Yeol!
JoAnne:  That was... I mean what the hell!  You don't even cook them first? You just rip them limb from limb while they're alive?
bcook: Erm yeah. Best way to cook them actually. At home we just stab them with a sharp knife if they're big or just boil them if they're small. My oppajusshi got the job done! (one maturity point for Chan Yeol!)
NaNa, on the other hand, can't wait to eat the crabs and is delighting in them, while Mama Shin tells her "NaNa, we're in mourning right now!"
bcook: Nana don't care. Nana hungry. She's so practical. Love it!

Miss MMA is the next to notice that the supposed couple has matching phones, once again leading to whispers and speculation.  After dinner, Bom goes to plead her case with NaNa, who is a super hard sell. Min Woo overhears them talking so calls Bom to make it seem more legitimate. If nothing else works, try a little fairy spray, Bom.  That might convince her.
JoAnne: It is totally ridiculous, though.  NaNa is no fool.
bcook: Coz she was insisting so hard. Jeesh Bom! So glad Min Woo helped her out. It would have been better if she hadn't said "nana is here with me" made it seem more believable.  I love pranks!
More discussion ensues, as they try, one by one, to convince the others. I have to admit that Kang Joon just cracks me up because he keeps saying, even after Min Woo says he's dating Bom, that Soo Hyun is a better match.  Although why do I think that maybe Mr. Pretty Eyes is a little jealous that he's not the apple of Min Woo's eyes?
JoAnne: Nope. Not getting off on that bus stop.  Kang Joon plays for Team Hetero.
bcook: Tho...their compliment danghyunhaji game went there really fast. Another fun part of this episode.

That night (or is it another night, because I noticed the clothes were changing and was not quite sure of the timeline) they are having a congratulatory party for Chan Yeol's comeback, Kang Joon's end of his drama, and the new-couple-in-love, Bom and Min Woo. (I love how the guys are all like "congratulations, Min Woo" while the girls are still unsure and a little sad I think.) After ordering pizza, who walks in but Wookie.  Can I just stop here and say I can not stop laughing at the Mac the Knife song being played for Wookie.  Once again I think the OST for this show is the best part about it!
JoAnne: I'm so glad they're all back now though! I missed having them all there.
bcook: I missed it because I was laughing at Bom's "oh shit, my crush is here" face. 
Wookie, who maybe has more sense then I've given him credit for in the past, is not really falling for this one bit.  He proceeds with a series of 20 questions that put more doubt in the minds of the others. You can almost see the sweat pouring off Bom.  At this point Bom and Min Woo leave the room and try to figure out what to do next.  Lol, Wookie is still not buying this. Just look at his face!
JoAnne: I'm with you - I was a little surprised by how clear-minded he was.
bcook: Because he KNOWS Bom likes him. Like don't change that fast. (well until you meet the one. So just like Taeyang and Gong Yoo still have a special place in my oppajusshi is occupying a fairly large portion)
Finally they decide to tell everyone it's all a lie.  At that point, even though I had a bad taste in my mouth from the start towards the whole "let's deceive the other roommates," I started feeling really uncomfortable.  It just kind of falls flat, and is obvious that the others aren't too keen on being tricked. Luckily I was able to chuckle at Wookie, who now is starting to think that maybe it IS real, and Bom and Min Woo are using reverse psychology.  Obviously realizing this is not going at all as planned, Bom blurts out that she really likes Wookie!  Seriously, what kind of WTFery is this?
JoAnne: It did fall flat, especially because I think what was supposed to happen was that they'd confess up to now had been a lie, but then Min Woo would say that while playing the prank, he'd really developed feelings for Bom - except before he could go through with that she blurted out the Wookie bit. Which, by the way, I don't buy.  But even though it fell flat, it didn't make me feel bad. It wasn't mean spirited, it was more that they were awkward about it that made it not go over as well as it might have.
bcook: Yeah. They just didn't end it well. They should have waited, convinced Wookie and then the next day at breakfast, or a few days later been like "oh yeah. total lie". More disbelief that way. 
lafer:  I agree.  It was poorly done and too quickly done although I really don't know the exact time line due to editing.  But Min Woo's acting far surpassed Bom's, that's for sure!
I love Wookie's response of "where do you get off trying to dip your spoon? How dare your try to come to me now?" to Bom.  But at the same time, I felt this whole scenario backfired and just could not be good for Bom, who really wants love so desperately. Luckily, Se Ho diffuses the situation by yelling out "By any chance, is there anyone who likes me?" to which both NaNa and forever faithful puppy Chan Yeol both raise their hands. Luckily, we leave that whole mess and move on to something else, but not without a little misleading forecast of things to come. And while I think Min Woo may have considered starting a relationship with Bom - yeah, well, I think that ship has sailed.
JoAnne:  Stranger things have happened.
bcook: He paid for the couple ring himself. Just saying. That whole exchange was pretty awesome in my book. They clearly loved it. Bom was (kinda) playing around. Se Ho and Nana bit was so cute. She's such a playa. I thought it was a funny ending to a kindda awesome prank. I have learnt not to trust this show's previews. THEY LIE!!

Next we have some cuteness and light as Bom and So Ra try and help Miss MMA with her skin routine. Honestly, Ga Yeon is adorable and young and doesn't need help.  But it is pretty funny to see her slathering on all these products and even giving a shot at So Ra's secret weapon of meditating for better skin.
bcook: Hehe. She's so cute.

The evening goes on with NaNa and Soo Hyun throwing a dance party in their room,  Chan Yeol and Mama Shin discussing writing songs, and Min Woo and Pretty Eyes doing - well, what exactly is it that they were doing? They have to say cheesy compliments to each other without the other person smiling. Sometimes I get the strangest vibes from these two, especially when Min Woo tells Pretty Eyes that he has good looking all over his face!  Yes, we know that, but should Min Woo be the one telling him? And how they've already fallen for each other?  OK..........BTW, is Mama Shin wearing a hearing aid? Or is it some strange accoutrement? 
JoAnne: That game was funny! You just have to accept the compliment, no matter how outrageous, by keeping a straight face and saying, 'Of course.' First one to smile loses. I could happily have watched that longer.
bcook: hehe it was sooo cheesy. I loved it. And the beauti-ful one. *cackle*
Meanwhile, Wookie and Se Ho are watching one of Wookie's scenes from Hotel King and decide to act it out. In all honesty, I've seen way worse actors than Se Ho. I like how he gets into the emotion of the scene by hitting himself. They then decide to do a prank of their own so that the "culprits " Bom and Min Woo could reflect on their actions. They decide to have a fight between Se Ho and Wookie.  But somehow, everyone is in on it but Bom and NaNa. My beef #1 is - if it's to get back at Min Woo and Bom, why is Min Woo in on it? It's especially sad to seem them plotting against Bom while juxtaposed against her telling the camera how happy she is to have made friends on Roommate. 
JoAnne: Did it say they were all in on it?  I missed that. I know that several of them didn't fall for it - ChanYeol in particular - but I don't think that Bom was singled out to be punished.

When they're all gathered that night, the act starts, and tensions run high (although honestly, I think it would be hard to be taken seriously in those pajamas, Se Ho.) You can tell that NaNa and Bom are pretty upset, and I'm actually starting to squirm in my seat.  Having been in a situation like this before (for real) I can tell you it is NOT fun to witness.  The gang is jubilant that the prank comes off so well, but I really feel for Bom who I think was deeply hurt by it, and for NaNa who was quite upset about what was going on.
JoAnne: I wasn't bothered by the prank (either of them); even if people got upset, if you dish it out you have to take it.  What was interesting to me was that NaNa felt bad because she thought perhaps Se Ho was having a hard time and so she was concerned for him, and that Bom felt bad because she'd spoken harshly to him about his behavior.  That last is a bit hard to buy into, of course.  If his behavior wasn't real then he won't consider her words real, either. Or would he..I don't know.  Anyway - Bom has been plenty embarrassed by folks and I was kind of glad to see her give a little bit of pranking back in good spirits. It wasn't particularly funny, but not because it was mean, just because they didn't end it correctly.  If it were me, I'd have kept people guessing til the last minute. Confessing it was a joke, but that I'd developed feelings...but maybe that was the joke, or'd never know til the end.
bcook: Agreed. I thought Nana's reaction was so cute and sweet. I've been in those situations where it starts off as a joke and turns serious. So that's where I was afraid it would go. 

Final thoughts - I did not care for this episode, even though there were some funny moments.  My complaint is that instead of showing all the roommates getting more comfortable with each other, the use of these pranks seemed to serve to betray trust. And I can't help feeling that Bom, who wants so much to feel like part of the group, may have ended up with the short end of the stick.  
bcook: I totally read into this different. You can only prank people you feel comfortable with because you know they'd understand. If anything it shows they're more comfortable with each other than before. The fact that Nana's first reaction was that something was going with Se Ho not that he was being a drunk jerk is testament to that. The pranks weren't mean or tasteless. I'd say everybody matured a little bit this episode...not just ChanYeol.

Favorite quote of the show:  NaNa watching the flapping fish and asking "Does it have a nasty temper?" Like that may influence its taste, lol.
JoAnne: Not for the first time, I am completely impressed with the variety  of seafood in the Korean diet - and not just for special occasions, either.
bcook: Can't wait to go and eat all that deliciousness. That fish was really angry tho. 
Shuk:  If you eat a roundworm, pics or it didn't happen.
And to end with good thoughts, here's the ever adorable Mama Shin having a good laugh.
JoAnne: I love him. I love him. He is too awesome for words. What is wrong with this man?
bcook: You can have front row seats at our wedding Jo. Though, I know right? It's starting to worry me a little. *pauses to give everybody side eye* but not enough to hand him over so don't get excited.