First Ever Trivia Contest!

Lafer here. It's contest time again! To celebrate the fact that there are many loyal followers, aka squeeglets, I thought I would use bcook's totally awesome idea of having a trivia contest (because, if you are truly a loyal follower, you know I love contests.) This is not so much about dramas, but about our writings about dramas and drama-related subjects. Everything can be found in one of the posts from this blog.

This contest's awesome prize is a set of kpop socks, something to keep your feet comfy while catching up on all your favorite squeecaps.  You can chose from Beast, Infinite, Big Bang, EXO-K, VIXX, 2NE1 or CNBlue.
There are 30 questions (hey, I didn't say it was going to be easy! We need you to work for your prize!)  The one with the most correct answers will win the title of Super Squeeglet and a set of kpop socks.  Let's get started!
  1. What does PotUP stand for?
  2. What individual post held the spot of most viewed for almost 3 years?
  3. During which drama was the term squeecap first used?
  4. One of kakashi's "Top 5" subjects was so popular it had 4 parts. Which one was it?
  5. Who is Pissy fish-face? (actor/actress or character name is accepted)
  6. What actor did kakashi first try stalking?
  7. Who is bcook's first husband?
  8. Who is Cutie Soo and why is he called that? (Bonus Point: Whose husband is he? She's not a squeecapper!)
  9. What's lafer's first recapping/squeecapping project and what did she learn because of it?
  10. Which actor was first among kakashi's top three but has fallen out of favor?
  11. What's Shukie mainly been watching in the last few weeks?
  12. Which part of Kim Ji-hoon does kakashi like best?
  13. What actor first made lafer feel like a pedonoona?
  14. In terms of squeecaps, who is Oppa?
  15. Which actor has been in the most squeecaps?
  16. Who is JoAnne's one true love? (though we're not quite sure she has one ... )
  17. Who is the maknae SqueeCapper?
  18. Why is mary also called "DB's Anthony"?
  19. Which KDrama sequels is kakashi eagerly anticipating? Name at least 2!
  20. What KDrama genre is lafer's favorite?
  21. Which drama did SqueeCappers get really creative with pictures?
  22. "When A Man Loves" started to take on many #WhenAMan...... hashtags. Name 5.
  23. According to bcook, who always plays the Kdrama grandmother? (actress or character name in a drama accepted)
  24. Which drama were kakashi, JoAnne and bcook squeecapping that was so bad it had to stop filming and beg for funds after 5 episodes, never to get back on the air?
  25. Which SqueeCap drama contains Shukie's first official gif?
  26. What was the first non-SK drama to be SqueeCapped?
  27. Which actor was given a "sparkling abs" gif requested by JoAnne?
  28. Which actor did kakashi dress up like a Santa for in hopes of meeting?
  29. What new collaborative non-squeecap post has been added to The Problem of the Unproblematic?
  30. According to Lafer, who is the best kisser in Kdramas?
There you have it! Please email your answers to Contest will close 31 July 2014. Good luck to all!