Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 29 (KimJiCap)

Hello everyone! Thanks to this wonderful thing called internet, I was able to get my hands on episodes 29 and 30 of Jangbori in time and I'm even able to recap it before the next two episodes air. It's extremely hot in Scotland (yes, I'm serious) and I think I have a mild heat stroke, but I should be able to do this in style nonetheless. In this episode, things are going quite wrong for Min-jung and I like that very much.
JoAnne: Yay, because I have come to really love this show and I'm SO glad things aren't going well for the troll.
Episode 29
Dundundun at the Blue House! The worst of the worst has happened ... the wrong hanbok top is in the box! Of all the forbidden colors, it is PINK, the color that cannot be. Oh, but by pure coincidence, BaDIL has prepared a hanbok as well. (By the way, I want those boxes!! and the cloth they wrap them in!!)
JoAnne: Isn't that cool? It makes things easy to carry, and so presentable too!
But thankfully, our heroes are rushing to the rescue - Jae-hwa's driving skills are superb (as we already know) and they get there JUST in time (meaning: right before the First Lady actually puts on the evil hanbok). Bori says to BaDIL: "somebody you've been waiting for is here" (that's pretty cool) and in comes GooDIL - with her own hanbok top. Which is as good as Matron's hanbok top, because Bori is Matron's favorite student and that's a direct line from Bori to GooDIL to Matron, because Bori is GooDIL's favorite student as well. Got it? (I don't ... what was swapped then? Are there two identical other hanbok tops? )
JoAnne: Not identical, although I don't remember if we ever learned how they eventually found the one that was initially meant for Mrs. President, or how when they had time to make a second top. It's clear BORI didn't make it, because she was surprised - so it had to have been GooDIL.
And the First Lady chooses .... Bori's hanbok! Hoooooraaaaay!
BaDIL and Min-jung are plotting something new outside when Jae-hwa steps up to them, telling them in his prosecutor voice that it needs to be investigated who swapped the hanbok tops. This is a serious matter. Min-jung tries to be vicious to him, but fails. Anyway, I'm very much on your side, Jae-hwa! You're beaaaauuuutiful!
JoAnne: These two just do not know when to stop, but that's ok because right now every time they try something one of four people is right there to go NOPE, STOP. It makes me positively CHORTLE with glee every time. I rub my hands like an evil genius, too. I so want Moon to join forces with them so they can be the Anti-MinJung/BaDIL Task Force.
Teary reunion between GooDIL and Matron while Bori watches, moved. Later, there's GooDIL's teary return to Bi Sool Chae. And more later, GooDIL's determination to get back her rightful place as the Head Seamstress.
JoAnne: Fear the wrath of a kind woman, FINALLY pissed off.
We're informed through a flashback that Veggie gave Min-jung her hanbok top (the one Bori also made), thinking it was for Min-jung's wedding. Veggie seems to be on the road to redemption, by the way. She worries about Bori and calls Min-jung devil's spawn (not in those words, but along those lines).
JoAnne: She always felt guilty toward Min Jung and now she's seeing that her permissiveness has created a monster and that her favoritism was unjust toward Bori. She kept her out of fear and guilt in the first place - I think she was surprised to discover that she actually cares for her, and plus, she's motivated by protecting Bi Dan as well.
When they look at the pink culprit hanbok later, things become both more complicated (for Bori) and clearer (for us ... kinda). Bori immediately recognizes it as her needlework and her mother's new hanbok and doesn't know what she should do next (expose it all?!) - and Jae-hwa insists they get to the bottom of things (of course, since he is a genius prosecutor after all! I think)
Bi-dan tells the Hanbok League about what she saw the other night: Veggie taking pictures of Bori's hanbok with her cell (little Bi-dan actually thinks she did it out of love...). Oh ... but it seems Veggie doesn't even have a cell phone?! The plot thickens!
JoAnne: It never dawned on me that Bi Dan wouldn't immediately know it was for a bad reason but of course she wouldn't. She has no idea what MinJung has been doing all these years. She doesn't even know who MinJung IS.
So it seems they accepted Jae-hwa's resignation letter - not because of Bori, but because of the friggin CAR he got from his not-fiance. I don't get it, but who cares ... Dumb Mom doesn't speak up, of course, to admit that he only took the key because he thought it was a present from his mother. Bad Dad blows a fuse and Jae-hee feeds the rage-fires by adding the that his brother is living in Bori's house.
JoAnne: Yeah, Dumb Mom is in a WORLD of hurt when that comes out. Bad Dad is kind of a jerk but he does have a rough fairness to him.
Bad Dad and Dumb Mom make their ways to Bori's place ... where they first run into Big Kang and Jung-ran. Both of them flee, crossing ways with Jae-hwa and Bori outside. Don't go in! Don't! But they do, and the first thing Jae-hwa gets is a verbal beating for letting his aunt meet with Big Kang. Er ... how is that his fault now?! Jae-hwa tries to calm his father down and tells him to talk to him outside, not in front of Bori and Bi-dan. And SLAP, there's Bad Dad's reaction - a physical beating next. What an idiot. 
JoAnne: This guy.  I don't get his double-standards at ALL.
He shouts at Jae-hwa about the disgrace of being with a woman with child and how his dead mother would turn in her urn grave because of it. But Jae-hwa is no longer the Jae-hwa that just backs down - he tells his father that he has done nothing wrong to his mother, he just wants to take care of the woman he likes - if he can't, how can he be a person that helps people who are being wronged? If he has learned one thing from his father, it's how to take care of your woman (I guess he means the Mistress - or rather his father barely burying his first wife before taking in the second).
JoAnne: Proud moment. I was verklempt, I tell you! Verklempt!
Bad Dad wants to hit him again, but Bori steps in front of him, catching his arm - begging him to please not do this in front of the child. She understands it all. That doesn't please Jae-hwa at all, who asks her whether she wants to break up with him because his parents don't approve of them? He likes her! As a mother or not! He just likes her! Awwwww ...
JoAnne: In his own way he is as simple as Bori. They are so right for each other. I cannot WAIT until he realizes she's Eun Bi.
Bad Mom pipes up, commenting on Bori's level of education, calling her stupid, saying she won't talk to her any longer because she's too uneducated. And just give her money - that'll do it. Bitch, you. The parents leave and Bori apologizes to Bi-dan for witnessing it all. Everybody cries.
JoAnne: That fucking fake ass bitch. I am prepared to forgive Bad Dad his asinine ways but NOT her. I could even forgive Jae Hee still. But not her. Not her, not MinJung, not BaDIL.
Little Bi-dan actually runs after her "Grandparents" and tells them she will not follow her mom (who is kind and works well) into her in-law's house. Awwww, it breaks my heart the second time, too! No child should feel so burdened by its own existence!!! Are these people not moved? We don't get to see. Watching it all: AppaNotOppa.  
JoAnne: They were moved. Dad probably more than his bitch wife. I was a sobbing WRECK.
Jae-hwa drank himself into a stupor and is currently shouting for his pretty Bori-Bori in a pojangmacha. She goes to fetch him and after confessing his deep love for her, he confesses that he is very scared of going home. He is afraid they might really kick him out and he is scared to not see her again. After a toast, he passes out quite inelegantly on the floor.
JoAnne: I'm torn because I appreciate the hilariousness of his drunkenness in THEORY but if my guy did that, in REALITY I would not be laughing. Ever. And he'd only do it once.
Bori pushes him home on a cart. When he regains consciousness, he apologizes to her for what she had to hear from his parents. But! He won't budge, however big the opposition. Of course, she still thinks she isn't worthy ladiladila, and he calls her stupid for that (well deserved). If she's a straw shoe, he will become a straw shoe - and if she's a rubber shoe, he'll be a rubber shoe. Bori and his mother are the only two things he needs. Oh you poor man you ... 
JoAnne: Well he doesn't have his mother anymore so I guess that makes not having Bori a non-negotiable. Nor that there's any doubt they'll end up happily married, ensconced in the bosom of a loving but perhaps make-shift family.
He passes out again and Bori, who is very moved by his stubborn loyalty, gently gently touches his face - and covers him with her shirt. At that very moment, a courier steps up to her and hands her a brown envelope. Yes! It is a present from AppaNotOppa! The recording of Min-jung and Jae-hee plotting against Jae-hwa.
JoAnne: WTF. Does she have a GPS embedded or something?
Truth time with Veggie: The stolen pink hanbok is hanging in the room and Veggie wonders why. Bori tells her she is sick of the lies - she will stop making hanbok and will return to making soup. She is also sick of covering for her mother all the time. She'll leave - her mother can be on her unnie's side. She's had it. Sadly, Bi-dan refuses to sleep with her mother (in an attempt to prove herself and her mother that she is already grown up). So sad ... 
JoAnne: And I cry again, because this is Bi Dan putting her promise into action. She is FIVE.
Bori has now packed (?), but her mother refuses to let her go. Fine, says Bori - she'll reconsider if her mother tells her everything. What did Min-jung ask her to do? This cellphone here ... it's her mother's, right? And this picture of the hanbok, she sent it to Min-jung, right? She now has conclusive evidence. And after she has delivered it, she will go back down to Jangheung. And Min-jung will most definitely be kicked out of Bi Sool Chae. If you sin, you have to pay the price. Her mother begs her on her knees to not let that happen to Min-jung (BLEH) and Bori says ... NO. She says friggin NO! Hahahahahaaaaa.
JoAnne: I'm so glad that Bori stood her ground. Set the example for the woman who raised you, Bori. You are a better mother - a better HUMAN - than she is.
Bori meets a slightly dishevelled Jae-hwa outside and presents him with the recording of Min-jung and Jae-hee. He has a brutal hangover, but he is able to conclude that his brother and Min-jung sent the anonymous letter to his office - and so he grabs Bori's hand and tells her to come to Bi Sool Chae with him.
JoAnne: Moving fast, this show. I love how they do that. LOVE IT. Does it feel like we've been watching this for 30 hours with the end another 20 hours off? Hell no!
Veggie slaps Min-jung at the toasty PPL place and oh my, it's so gratifying! She gets slapped for talking badly about Bori and for being the bitch she is - and I hope Veggie realizes she is almost entirely at fault for raising a daughter like this.
JoAnne: I think she realizes. But did you see how MinJung really, really, REALLY feels like the wronged person, her whole life? She actually thinks Bori stole what should have been hers at every step of the way. She actually feels abandoned and mistreated by her mother. I am boggled.
It's the hanbok truth tribunal! The Hanbokers don't believe that Min-jung would ask Veggie (Whom they believe to be an evil blackmailer) to bring her the pink hanbok top Bori made. Friggin TELL THEM already what the truth is. But here comes proof in form of the cell phone picture on Veggie's phone. Min-jung, who knows really well when to lie and when not to, admits that there was contact between her and Veggie. Veggie wanted to know whether Bori ever sold any clothes (to get money from her, I guess), but Min-jung didn't even bother replying. Ah, good lie again ... and she adds to it by now turning things around and accusing GooDIL of plotting this so she could return to BSC.
JoAnne: Crap is she going to get away with shit again? She's a terrible terrible planner but she's REALLY good at lying on the spur of the moment.
Things don't look too good for our Heroes when the door opens and Veggie comes in. She took the pink hanbok, she confesses. And she gave it to Min-jung.
JoAnne: Oh, SNAP.

The Rest

AppaNotOppa moves in close to Bi-dan (who has a new PPL gadget, a kick scooter this time) and vows to pay back Bori for all her kindness towards his child. It also means he gets to stand in his doorway all day and watch other people in this drama speak to each other in front of his new house.
JoAnne: You'd think they'd notice, eventually.
Jung-ran tries to cook and almost kills Big Kang ... who tries his best to pretend it's really good. He's that kind of man! He would rather die of vinegar poisoning than tell the person he loves her "soup" isn't soup, it's poison!
JoAnne: That is true love.  He drank a bowl of vinegar. His pipes will be SPOTLESS.
Jae-hee continues down the road to hell, believing the Witch all kinds of things and they want to hurry with the wedding.
JoAnne: Jae Hee, sweetie, you'd be better off with the daughter of House Electronics. Trust me on this. You'd be better off with Jae Hwa's stalker bride. (By the way, who here thinks she's out of the picture now? Not me!)

GooDIL's return makes BaDIL VERY nervous (as it should) and she begins to fear her lies about the accident might be exposed. She tries to get Shady Servant to leave Bi Sool Chae (since he is the one who claims to have seen Eun-bi get in the car with GooDIL and he is the one who filed the missing person report). Overhearing it all: Min-jung! 
JoAnne: Min Jung, pay attention. This man did her bidding loyally for more than 20 years, and now without a moment's notice she turns him out on the street to protect herself from the consequences of her own actions. You really think she's got your back?

Bori is allowed back at Bi Sool Chae! And Matron tells BaDIL it's war - the position of the Head Seasmstress ... it's being reconsidered! Oh look: Bong2, the bandwagon jumper, is now suddenly suspicious again.
JoAnne: Reconsidered, schmeeconsidered. What's to consider? She's a deceitful bitch, take it away from her. Mrs. President's Hanbok was enough all on its own.

Little Kang is waiting at the Dance Studio for Ga-eul. She approaches, in a glitterly little almost-dress (it's her first performance, it seems). He is shocked to see her wearing almost nothing, all the more so when one of the straps breaks and her bra makes an appearance. He pulls her towards him and hugs her to shield her from any unwanted glances. She gets a bit panicky because it's time to go on stage, but he presses her against the wall (!) and puts his jacket over her nearly bare bosom. When she wants to go and perform with the ripped dressed after all, he simply picks her up and carries her outside, where she has a (rather brief) fit. She then discovers the wallet with the picture of him and his hyung. Little Kang thinks about Big Kang and gets sad and melancholic, since his hyung lived only for his sake since their parents passed away, forgetting his own life over it. That earns him a warm hug from Ga-eul (okay, I admit it, they're cute together!!) and she asks him to meet his hyung.
JoAnne: She's still sort of annoying but he's had my heart pretty much all along. Stuffy little cutie pie that he is.


Dooooooown with the witch! And ouuuuuuuuut with the truth!
JoAnne:  Who can survive that cuteness? It's not possible!