Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 24 (KimJiCap)

This episode was a mess and nuts and people get more crazy by the minute. I don't even know how that's possible. There also was far too little Kim Ji-hoon. We learn that Bori appreciates abs and I cannot wait for the moment she sees the abs-of-glory on the sneaker-wearing prosecutor, but the way things are going, I'm thinking that will be in about 20 episodes.
JoAnne: And MinJung will ruin it somehow.
Episode 24

Min-jung comes face to face with her daughter for the first time after giving birth - her mommy-sense tingles. Could it be? But there is AppaNotOppa, looking mean-thoughtful-creepy. Why is he there? Do we know? Whatever the case, he seems to know Bori (where from? Too many questions?) and offers to give her a ride, since there are no taxis. She accepts. When they're at GooDIL's shop, he admits he knows that Min-jung and Bori are siblings - and he particularly expresses his fondness for little Bi-dan. 
JoAnne: He's met Veggie Ahjumma, he's seen pictures, he's been creepin'... I'm sorry, I pretty much support him in his wish to make Min Jung pay... but I'm betting that once he realizes Bi Dan is his, he will return from The Dark Side.
GooDIL urges Veggie to go and look for Bori's parents at the police station and get a DNA test done. Oh! What a brilliant idea! A bit later, there's a heart-wrenching scene between Bori and Veggie. Veggie has "finally let Min-jung go" (for the 10000th time) and is quite certain she'll never see her again. I'm quite certain you will, but never mind. Bori vows to always be her mother's daughter even though she knows she's not her real child, while Veggie shows remorse for mistreating her all these years. Veggie decides silently to let Bori go as well - but can she? Yes, I was touched.
JoAnne: This woman creates conflict in my heart. Yeah, sure, there are brief seconds when I feel bad for Min Jung, too, but they pass pretty quickly. And BaDIL the same... well, she's sort of between Min Jung and Veggie Ahjumma, with Veggie getting the most sympathy from me overall. I think she's ignorant and shrill and selfish about anyone but Min Jung, but at the same time... somehow I feel like it's her desperation that leads her to that behavior, and then I think well, same for Min Jung and sort of for BaDIL but I don't accept the excuse THERE... and then I think you know, what's so desperate? They all had food, a home, clothes. They weren't destitute, they weren't homeless.  So fuck 'em all for being twisted. YEAH!
Oh, look who it is! Min-jung, forcing her mother into a taxi, trying to comfirm Bi-dan is hers. Her mother lies, oh, how she lies! Bravo. Min-jung seems to believe her, but for how long? Later, AppaNotOppa tells Min-jung he will find their daughter - and he will make Min-jung-bitch kneel in front of her and beg for forgiveness. I'm looking forward to it!
JoAnne: I'm not. Bi Dan doesn't need that ish.
kakashi: Ah, not the forgiveness. The kneeling part. Looking forward to that. I want to see GROVELING.

Bori is doing some washing in the court yard, thinking about spelling and thinking about Scraps, who is going on blind dates even though he promised to teach her. She rages to herself when she suddenly sees ... Jae-hwa! He is sitting right next to her. WTF?! Hahaha. She believes it's a hallucination, but no! She slaps the hallucination and confirms it's the real Jae-hwa, who has grown wings, maybe, and just flew in?
JoAnne: Very funny this. But if he was there, she was talking out loud - so he should know what she's upset about and why isn't he dealing with that?
kakashi: He seems to not hear the important stuff. Whatever.  
He is joking around with her, about the empty house, them being alone ... you know ... but it seems he didn't think about kissing (though I am SURE he did think about that and more), he came to get some bibimbap from her. And she can't stop talking about "the woman he is going to marry". Does she not get his hints? I really don't think any man could be more obvious.
JoAnne: Oh, I do. I think a man could be more obvious. I think a man could stop speaking in riddles to the half-wit because he thinks it's funny to have her riled up. I do. Yes, I definitely do. Of course, then it wouldn't be funny. So there's that.
When they're in the car, Stalker Bride (thanks, liliumscribe, for that name) watches them. She has found out about who Bori is and we find out that her father wants nothing more than a prosecutor son-in-law. Uh-oh. I wonder why ... And then, Bori sticks an old chewing gum RIGHT on top of the camera. Buahahahaha, Bori! You're awesome!
JoAnne: How does she know it's a camera? Why hasn't she told him there's a camera?
kakashi: She most certainly doesn't know she just put her chewing gum onto a camera!! I'm sure she just looked for a place to put it ... and there was this hole ......
But that is only making Stalker Bride going full-out. Oh, and she's a sly one! I'm sorry to say, but I like her. She is showing Veggie who the boss is and pushes her out of the kitchen. Of course she's a master chef.
JoAnne: She's a royal bitch, this one. They're going to be sorry they let her in the house. I don't think you'll end up liking her.
kakashi: I think you're right

So ... Bori is back at Bi Sool Chae? I thought they told her not to come back because of her illegal child? Whatever. Ah, I see, so it was just BaDIL that didn't want her there anymore. Matron has already forgiven her, gracefully and tells her to make kids' clothes. Among Bori's possession: that hanbok GooDIL made back in the day, which she gave to Min-jung. GooDIL makes big, surprised eyes at that.
JoAnne: Totally forgot she made it for a second, I did.  Now I wonder is she going to think Bori is MinJung and MinJung is Bori.
kakashi: Oh gawd, please NO.

Hahaha, Jae-hwa's face when he sees who cooked all that delicious food? Priceless. Eeek, this looks really serious ... Jae-hwa want to refuse the food, but not while his father is alive! He drags him back to the table by his ears. If he isn't nice to her, he says, he will register the marriage right the next morning. Yeah. I'm suuuuure parents can't just register their adult kid's marriage.
JoAnne: Every time he makes that threat I am filled with rage. The thought that it could be forced on someone like that. But does he mean the family registry or does he mean the civil marriage? Because I was assuming the registry, somehow. Which isn't legal status necessarily (is it, I don't know?) but it's still somehow more official to them. There's no rule about which one you do first, I do know that.
When Jae-hwa comes to his room later, she sits on his bed. Hahahaha. He goes and complains to his parents about this woman who is at a stranger's place that late at night, but they just go: well, she can sleep over and you can get acquainted with her. WTF?! They're already talking about setting a date, but Jae-hwa says he'll just quit being a prosecutor right away, since all she really wants is a prosecutor. Fine, says his father, if he gets married, he can start working at the company right away. FAIL.
JoAnne: Do they not see that this woman is nuts?
kakashi: And does she not see this family is nuts?! 
At the same time, at the Hanbok shop, waiting for him and his lessons: Bori. When he doesn't come, she is angry and disappointed and maybe a little hurt. I can't blame her.
JoAnne: No maybe. She was hurt, poor thing.
Uri 찌끄레기 plots his escape and Jung-ran is ready to help him with it: she has decided to face her family and bring Big Kang over! Let's just say things don't go particularly well ... and Jae-hwa realizes who his aunt's boyfriend is. They all flee together by throwing blouses and jackets on the parents' heads.
JoAnne: Big Kang is in Fated to Love You (Korean Style) and acts like a big nerd... this guy is good. I luff him. Even more, I mean.
Finally free, poor Jae-hwa witnesses the back-washing of Little Kang and gets quite jealous, which is understandable, because there really is absolutely NO necessity for that scene, the push-up pose and the butt wiggling.
JoAnne: None. And it's apparently a thing because I saw Shinee Minho do the exact same thing in The Beautiful You. It seems awkward, less than effective, and unnecessarily pants-wetting. Also: if you are wondering, Minho's torso was WAYYYYYYYY more beautiful than Little Kang's is.
He calls her, later, telling her that he is not in a good mood, so he'll teach her just one thing. Repeat after him: L --- O --- V --- E. It's her homework to find out what that means. And she does ... with the help of her smart daughter, who knows immediately. Bori's smile when she repeats the word to herself is very, very cute.
JoAnne: I don't understand why he didn't go in? (jealous, insecure, hurt?) And awwwwwww.... also, wow, in this gif, she looks quite a bit like Shin Min Ah, who is one of my top prettiest ladies in K-Ent.

The Rest

Min-jung is back at Bi Sool Chae, but Bong2 is still suspicious of her. As you should be, man, as you should be! Not that it lasts long. See further below.
JoAnne: I want to poke my eyes out with rusty spoons. Which means this is good, I guess. Damn you for making me care!

Jung-ran finds out that Bi-dan is definitely not Big Kang's daughter through GooDIL (who comes to eat some PPL pizza) and it seems they're together again now? No kisses yet, but lots of touching.
JoAnne: I cannot wait for this wedding. I hope it happens soon enough that there is time for the adorable pregnancy and the even more adorable baby. I think he's the kind of guy that experiences sympathetic morning sickness, don't you?
Ga-eul finds out who Big Kang is and immediately starts blackmailing her aunt by threatening to tell her dad. Great personality. What an unpleasant woman.
JoAnne: Wait until she finds out who Big Kang REALLY is... and as for unpleasant, it came across as more kid-spoiled, not evil-adult, to me. But I'm ready for her to mature. Can she hang out with Chan Yeol?

Min-jung gets to meet the "daughter of House Electronics" (I laugh every time I read this) - who is a total arrogant brat. Min-jung hears about her plans when she gets married. And here comes Jae-hee! For his first meeting with his future bride. He witnesses Min-jung's humiliation (House Electronics throws water at her for being insolent and ... Jae-hee Protector Genes, activate!!! He breaks off his engagement with House Electronics and drags Min-jung out. What a fooooool (though right at that moment, I think I would have preferred Min-jung to that Brat as well)
JoAnne: He dodged a major bullet there, yep... but ugh. Min Jung. And I'm back on the aww, Jae Hee, you were such a sweet boy, protecting all the things, come back! band wagon.
They share a tender moment in a quiet corner of the building. She seems sincerely touched that he has taken her side. Oh shit, no, she ISN'T sincere at all, the fucking liar, but she almost fooled me, too!! Anyway, he feels sorry for her (she cries really well, she does!) and KISSES her. That's it ... Jae-hee is now of the Dark Side.
JoAnne: This was very nearly Min Jung's shining moment as an evil plotting bitch because I was really wavering on the 'is this REAL' fence too! And Jae Hee is soooo cute and sweet naturally, I don't want him to be angry-bad anymore. I want him to be like he was. I miss that adorable little boy with the terrible hair.
Their evil plan unfolds as Min-jung plays the copyright card - and BaDIL almost faints when she realizes how much money she will lose. Min-jung brings her a list of items that were ordered and that she will have cancelled now and out fall ... the Eun-bi kid photos! Luckily for Min-jung, BaDIL doesn't see them. And luckily for us, BaDIL is quite pissed off by Min-jung's behavior. Min-jung rages a bit about her just wanting her as a mother (doesn't work) and then mentions that she knows where GooDIL is (which works)
JoAnne: This was all very confusing to me because it seems quite unnecessary.  That copyright threat seems counterproductive, but then she brings it all home with the mother story... except that if I was BaDIL I'd be forever on my guard because now she knows beyond a doubt what Min Jung is capable of. It just seems out of place, this whole piece.
Because this is an absolutely crazy drama, BaDIL suggest adoption to Bong2 next. Hahaha. Yeah, makes total sense. Just when they dangle the adoption-carrot in front of Min-jung, Veggie Ahjumma sees the "wanted" poster of Eun-bi at the police station - and calls the Hanbokkers to tell them she has raised Eun-bi. Min-jung? Maybe that adoption won't happen anytime soon after all ...


No, we won't be fooled, show. We know that Bori's identity will not be revealed in the next episode! You do this all the time, I've noticed. I wonder what will go wrong though ... Veggie will change her mind, will lose heart? (could be, judging from the preview). Or she might get amnesia!
JoAnne: I give up even guessing. This show is crazy-good.