Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 26 (KimJiCap)

Ah, what a GOOD episode! And what an emotional roller coaster! Kim Ji-hoon shows us his abs (YAY) and he also confirms that he is the absolute hottest when he is angry. I don't like to say it, but when he lets his inner Tae-wook come out, I feel like watching all the Tae-wook scenes in Goddess of Marriage again. He also cries really well and because of that, I cried as well. Ahhh, this episode hurt so good. 
JoAnne: Isn't it funny? He doesn't make me think of GoM, but watching Nam Sang Mi in Joseon Gunman does (me too: ergo - thinking of that mess ALL the time).
Episode 26

Bori stares at Jae-hwa (I am having issues not drooling, because ... wet men? They make me weak. A wet Kim Ji-hoon? Makes me lose my mind!) and ask whether they have met in the past? It's weird, she adds ... she is remembering something, really vividly. He asks whether she is hurt somewhere (pffft), but she steps closer .... (why is she not as distracted as me by his ABS?!)
She repeats the question, did they ever meet before, before meeting in Jangheung? She has a memory of playing in this yard - and he says the only person he ever played with in this yard was Eun-bi (Weeeell, if that's not a HINT then I don't know what is!!!)
JoAnne: EVERYone in this show takes stupid pills, I swear.
... he seems to think about what she's saying, the music is all serious, but suddenly - he smiles wickedly and says they might have been married in a past life! So she feels like he is the guy she is destined to meet? Pfffffft, seriously. For him, unmyeong is totally the answer too: with her face, body, violent behavior, she is totally not his type - and yet, he is drawn to her. Must be unmyeong! Be careful, darling ... do not mock the great unmyeong. It can be a real bitch.
JoAnne: He's certainly being very open about his feelings these days. I like that. I actually really do like that back when he noticed he liked her, he just gave in to it right away. No fussing around for him.
She says unmyeong is bullshit for a single mother like her and - asks him to please cover his body. Noooooo!
The whole memory-thing leaves her rattled and wondering. Later, she asks Veggie about what she knows of her life before they met - and she tells her she remembers playing at Bi Sool Chae. Veggie quickly lies that Bori was only 2 when she found her - there's no way she could remember. Veggie, you know what? I don't think there can be retribution for you.
JoAnne: Hahahahahah, his abs rattled her, too. I was struck once again by what an attractive couple they make now that she looks like a real human being (YES!). As for Veggie Ahjumma, I kinda feel for her on this one, still, a little bit. She was going to return Eun Bi to her family, and then discovers to her horror that that family is the one Min Jung's been with for 20 years. So now she has a dilemma:  does she 'ruin' one daughter's life to 'save' another?  We all know she does whatever Min Jung wants out of misguided love. But it's not even just that - she's worried about jail, and she's worried about what happens to BiDan when the truth all comes out.  We know her moral compass is a bit out of true - but that's a LOT of things to be worried about, when you could just keep your mouth shut and leave things as they are, and quite frankly the one worry about BiDan would be enough to sway me, I think. Not that I'd ever have gotten in the situation in the first place!

Jae-hwa tells GooDIL about Veggie's prank-call story - oh! The Hanbokers have asked him to investigate the whole thing! GooDIL is very surprised and says she will talk to Veggie first: she has trouble believing such a thing. Jae-hwa asks whether Bori ever visited Bi Sool Chae when she was little? He tells her about the abs-incident (alright, no, he tells her about the memory-incidents) and adds that all he remembers is playing with Eun-bi, there were no other girls. GooDIL is even more surprised now (heeeelloooooo! HINT!) - yes! GooDIL murmers "could it be", which is a crystal clear sign that a KDrama character has got the right(ish) clue!
But Jae-hwa is in trouble. His prosecutor boss (yes, JoAnne: it's the Korean Bill Clinton again!) has been tipped off by Min-fucking-jung ("anonymous letter") and her evil minion that he is "chasing a married woman with child". Jae-hwa tries to explain, but he can't, really, without making their relationship sound weird - and anyway, Bill Clinton doesn't want to believe him. There will be an investigation into his personal life (just like Troll and Shithead planned). Fine, says Jae-hwa: he will do his best to protect the other person plus clarify things - and he isn't afraid of anyone pointing fingers at him. Bravo, Jae-hwa!
JoAnne: I just kept marvelling at the irony of Korean Bill Clinton lecturing Jae Hwa about sexual impropriety.
Oh man, he is SO JUICY when he is angry. Be angry for a while, will you?  We will get down on our knees and rub our hands together and plead, won't we, Kakashi?

Next, Jae-hee the shitty weasel tells his father about Jae-hwa's "affair" and the trouble he is getting into at the Prosecutor's office because of it. He also identifies the woman as Do Bori. Bad Dad rages.
JoAnne: I am gonna beat your ass, Jae Hee.
Min-fucking-jung next tells Dumb Mum about how close Jae-hwa and Bori are and makes it sounds as if Bori was trying to entice Jae-hwa.
JoAnne: YOU don't get a beating, bitch. YOU I'm going to chop into tiny pieces and feed to the dogs.

Veggie no longer works for Dumb Mum, but at the Toast-place now. Good, cause that means MUCH MORE pointless PPL. And there already is so friggin much. That shoe-dryer earlier ... who wants such a thing?!
JoAnne: That was cool! Huge, but cool. And I guess since they seem to wash sneakers regularly in every drama I've ever seen... it's probably more useful there. We don't really wash sneakers here, unless they're just the little cotton Keds.
GooDIL asks Veggie at which police station she has registered Bori's DNA? Veggie repeats the lie about finding Bori when she was still wearing diapers (so there's no DNA?). But GooDIL doesn't buy the lies!!! She begs Veggie to tell her the truth: she knows about Eun-bi, doesn't she? But no ... Veggie keeps lying. Ah, you sinner ...
JoAnne: This woman is going to crack, though. She can't keep up with all these lies. I wonder how The Hanbokers are going to feel when they realize their precious Min Jung is behind every one of them, and they finally see what she put her mother through for 20 years?  Not to mention what she's done to Bori, their daughter? I just realized that I really love this show.
Stalker Bride calls Jae-hwa and tells him she is outside his office, she wants to meet and give something to him. Ah, but our pretty boy is still juicily angry - he has already left, he informs her. And anyway, her visits are unwanted. Bye. Oups, but Stalker Bride sees that he is going into Toast-PPL-Place and follows, of course.
JoAnne: This whole plot line makes me furious. Not that she exists, or that she's a stalker, but that she and his family are just acting like it's a fait accompli, the marriage. They had one date, it didn't go well, and he told her NO. And he told THEM no. End of story! But she just keeps on like it's just a matter of time. I think Dumb Mum already doesn't like her, though.  And I really really think this is the girl from Mamamoo.
There, he meets Bori. When Bori found out that the Hanbokers are after her "mother" and might throw her into jail, she begged to see him. He is happy to see her, suggesting she must have missed him to suggest a meeting outside their lesson-time - but she is not in the mood for his shenanigans. She grabs his hand and starts crying, begging him to help her (or rather her mother). She wants to apologize to Bi Sool Chae - she'll do anything. :(
JoAnne: Seriously, how much shit must this child swallow for the people she loves?
Chagrined, he tells her to stop crying: he will help, of course. And he reaches over the table, to carefully remove the tears from her cheeks. It's a sweet moment ... which is captured by Stalker Bride. Bleh. His father calls. BLEH. Jae-hwa doesn't answer. Yay. It seems he doesn't answer any of his father's calls these days.
JoAnne: I think that our boy is becoming a man...
Bad Dad has a go at GooDIL next for not telling him about Bori and Jae-hwa. Yikes, he is quite honestly angry and also worried, because it looks like Jae-hwa might get fired. And he blames it all on Bori. GooDIL tries to calm her Brother-in-law down, telling him his son has a good heart, it's not that he is in love. (OK well you're wrong.) He just wants to help her (huh? does she believe that?)(How can she?  She saw them sleeping together in the hospital!) But Bad Dad says sensible things (he often does): why is Jae-hwa going over to see her all the time? Why is he helping to raise her kid? Doesn't she know that two adults may very well fall in love? Ha, but GooDIL says then Jae-hwa is just like his father, isn't he? Wasn't that what Bad Dad did when he went and got married again after Jae-hwa's mother died? Touche. That shuts him up temporarily. And GooDIL also says don't dare touch Bori or else.
JoAnne: Actually that part pissed me off a bit - because it's NOT like what Dad did. What Dad did was have an affair while he was married - a long term affair - that actually produced a child. And then the moment that first wife was in the ground, he brought that other low class, trashy woman into his house. Which, ok, he did right by her and their son, but what he did in the FIRST place was wrong. And nothing like what Jae Hwa is doing.
Jae-hwa brings Bori and Veggie to Bi Sool Chae - he tells the Hanbokers that it would be good to forgive them. They kneel ... and Veggie apologizes. Bori promises to make sure nothing like it will ever happen again. Troubled Bong2 asks again whether it really was a lie - she really doesn't know Eun-bi? He tried to sue her because he believe she would bring Eun-bi to the front gate! Oh, but Min-fucking-jung does her "I'm so good to my parents"-act and gets BaDIL to say that she'll only forgive them if Bori promises never to come to Bi Sool Chae again. Because Matron doesn't stand up for her (she is weak, that one), Bori agrees - with a heavy heart.
JoAnne: Well I agree she's weak, but think about it - I don't think it would be very comfortable for anyone to continue to see Bori every day, either. Of course since it's all a lie anyway it's frustrating as hell, but it still makes a little sense in the context of the lies that everyone believes are true. Fucking troll Min Jung.
Outside, Jae-hwa remarks how very disappointed she must be not to be able to come to Bi Sool Chae anymore. She denies it, but it's so obvious how much it hurts her. Jae-hwa says just she wait ... he will get her back in: He has a good idea. Bori tells him not to do anything because of her - but come over for potatoes later. Awwwww, he's so happy to be invited ... and she is so happy that he is happy!
JoAnne: And there we were for a minute, sucked into 'The Hanbok is All' thinking. That was smoothly done, Show. 
Stalker Bride brings her photo-proof of Jae-hwa's relationship with Bori to Dumb Mom. Things go downhill really fast from here. Shithead Jae-hee is adding fuel to the fire at his father's office, while his mother has waltzed over to Bori's place. Bi-dan is just brilliant, trying to kick her out and stuff! But here comes Bori, not suspecting anything! When she mentions the hanbok for the "Daughter-in-law", Dumb Mom takes a bowl full of water and throws it on Bori. ROFL. That's one up from just a glass full of water!
JoAnne: I need extra BP medicine for this bit.
She insults her for flirting with her son, even though she knows he is getting married. Bori says there is nothing going on between the two of them, she must have heard wrongly. But to Dumb Mom, things are clear: every night, her son stays away, and now she knows with whom! Bori is ruining perfectly fine "husband material"! Wow, the insults continue! Poor Bori ... Dumb Mom even suspects she sent her mother to work for her to get her son.
JoAnne: This bitch has the NERVE to insult Bori for being a single mother? I seem to remember this tacky pregnant hairdresser.... And then she talks about Bori and her mother not being the same as the upper classes? What makes HER upper class? She's got on a good dress and her husband has money. She's still ignorant and trashy and rude. So if Bori got knocked up by a rich man would it be different?
Here comes Veggie. Oh, NICE ONE, for once, Veggie defends Bori! By throwing a huge bowl of water on Dumb Mom - and vice versa. Cat fight! Hair ripping! Fun. Until Bori falls on her knees and apologizes to Dumb Mom, crying again. She thinks she did wrong. Come on, girl! You haven't even tasted the lovely abs yet!!
JoAnne: This girl is just about at the end of her rope. It's killing me.
Aw, Bori ... you are so pitiful. Upon seeing her daughter sob, Veggie runs to the Lee house and confronts (a happy) Jae-hwa about the whole mess, kicking him in the shin (ouch), calling him her enemey. He doesn't get what she is raging about ... are they not getting along these days? What did his mother do?! But then, it dawns on him ...
JoAnne: This is going to be goooooooooood
He runs to Bori's house, where she just steps out of the shower, dressed all in white and looking absolutely lovely. He wants to know what happened, but she just says that he shouldn't come here anymore. Just pretend he doesn't know her. Apologize to his parents. It must have been terrible for them just to talk to her. Oh gawd, his face ... :( He says it's not because of her - it's because he is their son. She did nothing wrong! But she says he must leave - she knows he was nice to her because he felt sorry. No more of that.
JoAnne: You know, she always gives in. She always ends up apologizing for things that aren't her fault. But somehow, I forgive her for that weakness because it's NOT weakness. No matter what, she always tries to see the other side, and she always, always, always chooses to go with what will show respect and love to the family over her own self, and she always encourages others to do the same.  It doesn't make her look weak, to me. It makes her look strong.
He says he won't go (*sob*) - how can he leave seeing her like this? Why can't he, Bori asks back? What are they to him? His relationship with her is surely weaker than his relationship with his mother. Oh, but she is wrong ... he likes her more than his mother. At that, Bori is shocked and tells him to shut up, but he will not. He stands there, ready to defy his parents, to become this unfilial son that Koreans so detest ... but she cannot accept that, even when he says she must be blind. He has always liked her, but he has never once felt sorry for her. She either does not want to understand what he is saying or he really has to spell it out more clearly - or maybe she cannot even fathom that somebody could be going against his parents.
JoAnne: To her, family is all. And that makes sense: she was the little girl strangers took in. She's so grateful to have a family that she chose to 'ruin' her life by claiming a child not her own, so that that child, too, could have a family.
She says never before in her life has she felt so miserable. He says he's sorry: he didn't want to teach her things like that. Now they're both crying ... when Little Kang comes in, looking for "hyung". His father is summoning him. Urgently - better be prepared, he adds. Bori runs into the house, crying and Jae-hwa turns away, reluctantly, also crying. Little Kang looks quite troubled and a little guilty for interrupting them.
Shithead Jae-hee is also at the office (just go and play with yourself in a corner, you mean toad). When Jae-hwa steps in, he has a look of determination on his face I both dread and welcome. He faces his raging, abusive father calmly. He says it's true he is seeing Bori - but is meeting another person a crime? Jae-hee pipes up, saying this will affect the company, yaddayaddayadda. Oh, was it him following him around, taking videos, telling father? Jae-hwa asks.
JoAnne: I wonder how Dad is going to react when he learns what Jae Hee's been up to, and with whom.
His father wants to know what he is going to do about this investigation, are there any excuses? Excuses? Jae-hwa asks? For what? Why does he have to apologize when he did nothing wrong? He will go through with the investigation. At least he'll not be stalked until it's over.
Outside, he skillfully shakes a tail (it's Stalker Bride's spy! Stalker Bride is furious when she hears he has lost Jae-hwa). He drives to the Hanbok-shop, where their lesson is supposed to take place (which is close to where Bori lives) and sees from a distance how she carries in a pile of steamed potatoes. That brings tears to his eyes: didn't she tell him never to come again? Why did she steam potatoes then?
JoAnne: Tune in now to 'Keeping Promises, or:  Why Potatoes are Love' (sniff)
She sits inside, alone, but talks to him, saying she promised to steam potatoes for him, so she did. She says she did all her homework and kept all the promises - but she can't see him and now it's over for them.
JoAnne: Tears.
Goddamn .... yes
The phone rings - it is him. This conversation is breaking my heart ... especially since it's a phone conversation. They're so close and yet so far apart... and what they saying about steamed potatoes is so full of yearning.
JoAnne: More tears.What did these kids ever do wrong to have so much sadness in their lives?
They haven't studied today, he says. Today's lesson is faith. She already knows it, she says - why does she have to learn it? There's so many other things to learn. Oh, but she doesn't seem to know it, he says: that's why she told him not to come anymore. She only said that because she doesn't believe (in) him. Listen well, Bori: Her feelings towards him: faith. His feelings towards her ... he cannot continue because he is crying so much. She asks what they are, sobbing very hard now, but he doesn't say. To himself, he thinks that he is learning how to love because of her. Thank you, Bori.
JoAnne: Shit, now I'm crying at work.
He is being investigated next and of course, he is noble (but not an idiot), saying he is interested in Bori, but she does not know his feelings. They show him the pictures, saying they have evidence to the contrary, but he says how is this evidence? Is kissing someone you like a crime? Is wiping away tears of the girl you like a crime? They ask him about his relationship to Bi-dan. She is Bori's daughter, he says. That's not what they asked - she called him dad. That's right, says Jae-hwa: she is his daughter. Waaaaaaaaaah!
JoAnne: Whoa, Nelly. I did not expect him to say that.
He has brought shame to all the prosecutors in Korea, it seems: An unmarried man with an unmarried woman who has a child and him promising to marry another. He never did, says Jae-hwa (and he is sooooo coooooool, hwaiting!) Then why did he accept her car gift? (SHIT - he realizes now what the "gift" from his mother was!). Fine, they say, they have all they wanted to hear, next will be Bori.
JoAnne: Man, his family really fucked him with that one.
He gets really angry at them for wanting to question Bori (and Bi-dan) next. He has loved his job as a prosecutor - and was proud of it. But if defending his honor as a prosecutor means to trouble the person he loves, he will quit himself. He is the only one that can protect these two women from more har. If he cannot be a prosecutor, he wants to be a great dad to that child. OH MY GOD HE IS AWESOME!
JoAnne: You are far from that whiny weak boy of the earliest episodes, Jae Hwa. You are indeed worthy of the abs you bear.
Let me KISS them!
GooDIL checks up on the lies Veggie told her about Bori becoming her family when she was a toddler - and checks Bori's family registry. And indeed, the documents say that she became family in 1994 - when she was clearly no toddler anymore. And what's more, it was in July ... THAT July. GooDIL knows it!!! Almost! She does! Maybe! I think she does!!! JoAnne: Oh for freaking God come ON already someone figure it OUT.
Just then, Bori gets a phone call ... about Bi-dan. About the found child report. Bi-dan's father also filed a missing child report!! Bori rushes to the police station ... also on his way there, AppaNotOppa! Who gets the satisfaction to tell Min-fucking-jung in her face that he found his daughter - doooooooom is coming, witch!
JoAnne: I am breathless with anticipation. Please oh God PLEASE let us see Min Jung in ruins, and soon.
The Rest

Adoption is BACK on the table, that was quick! They SIGN the PAPERS! Fine, you know what? I really think BaDIL deserves an absolute bitch as a daughter. Let's hope GooDIL will adopt Bori in turn.
JoAnne: I am so looking forward to the scene where they scratch her name out of the registry, though.

Bad Dad is watching Jung-ran through the CCTV. But Bi-dan, the cutie pie, has the perfect idea: Put Big Kang into a full-body brown bear costume! When Bad Dad calls immediately to check who's in the costume, Big Kang does a funny bear dance. Hehehe. Put poor Big Kang almost collapses (it's a bit hot...), but doesn't dare to take the head off. He drinks a cola through the eye ... and then collapses from the heat. While he is carried into the ambulance, they agree to meet in front of the store the next time.
JoAnne: I say this with all the affection in the world, but you guys are dumbasses.
Adorable dumbasses!
Min-jung with Jae-hee is making me sick. But I really LOVE how for all her cunning meanness, unmyeong is totally working against her. JoAnne: You have to give her credit for never giving up, the rabid little troll.


Oh, oh, oh! That was a very strong episode. Wow. Both our leads got awesome scenes - I loved all the emotional stuff between them. I love that his relationship is getting serious now, has to get more serious, because they are forced to become more serious. I love how all the evil machinations of the evil people around them only makes them grow closer together.
JoAnne: Oh yes, 100%. At this point I just want Bori to win the lottery and have some old rich guy leave her everything in his will and for fairies to light her path at night and unicorns appear to give her rides everywhere and whatever she wants, I want her to have it.

I absolutely loved how Jae-hwa showed us his serious side (thank goodness!) - I knew it was there, but we haven't really been able to see it. Him wanting to protect Bori and Bi-dan, him being ready to lose his job over that ... I can't stop being happy and very touched at the same time. As JoAnne said further up, the amazing thing about this character (and let me tell you he is fast become one of my all time favorite male leads!) is that he TALKS about his feelings! All the time, in fact. He just follows his heart, straight like an arrow. He has realized he loves this woman. He has realized how hard their lives are. He wants to be there for them. He doesn't care one little bit what it costs him. The end.
JoAnne: Sigh. He's a real life unicorn.
(Btw, subbers. I'm glad you've realized it's not "auto design", but "outdoor design"!)
JoAnne: Imagining some poor subber wondering why they keep talking about CARS out of nowhere.

And now, the best thing: From the previews, it seems we get cohabitation from next week on! Hallelujah!
JoAnne: Be still, my beating heart. It's not only cohabitation with Bori but also Big KANG. So you know what that means...
kakashi: Maybe they will WASH together in the morning??! O_____o 
JoAnne: Well no, I mean, it did cross my mind for bromance but it means that Jae Hwa is going to realize that Big Kang is a big teddybear who adores Jung Ran and will make her happy. Plus maybe gangsters will do away with Min Jung the hateful troll princess.