Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 27 (KimJiCap)

This is an episode in which each and every word should be recapped because it's hilarious, and touching, and simply awesome. So much cute! So much funny! It's also a turning point: Bori decides not to move over without a fight, and GooDIL decides to start her (soft) revenge. Bring it on, girls! A warning though: hanbok was harmed in the filming of this episode. Do not try this at home.
JoAnne: Well, if you do try it at home, don't tell 'em we gave you the idea.
Episode 27

Bori runs to the police station, to see who came forward as Bi-dan's dad - AppaNotOppa is right behind her. But he sees that Bori is the one waiting for him and confirms with a phone call (he's standing about 5 meters away) that indeed, the kid's name is Do Bi-dan and the mother is Do Bori. Confused, he lies about an emergency, no, he cannot come today after all and Bori stomps out of the police station after hearing that, really angry that a parent would not move heaven and hell to find an abandoned child.
JoAnne: Seriously, what kind of shit is that? Oh, sorry, I know you might have found my kid that's been missing for 99% of her life but yeah, something came up, let's just table this for tomorrow, k?
Sometime later, GooDIL registers Bori's DNA with the police (since her "mother" hasn't, even though she said she would). But she is still not sure Bori is Eun-bi!
JoAnne: Well she's more likely to be Eun Bi than Min Jung was so I say GO FOR IT, GooDIL!

Bi Sool Chae gets asked to make a hanbok for the First Lady ... but not just anyone is allowed to do it. She wants it from Halmoni. This is THE opportunity for Min-jung to start another evil plan (which will of course be foiled again), this time directed against the Matron. 
JoAnne: I was laughing to myself in the car today about this show.. because by now shouldn't we be tired of Min Jung's stupid plans that never work?  I mean they're not played for laughs, so we're supposed to take them seriously... but they NEVER work. And yet, I'm not at all tired of it.  Maybe because her cartoon villain facial gestures ARE over the top, even if her plans are just stupid.  It's like she envisions herself as this genius manipulator but mostly she's just gotten lucky because the people around her are only slightly conversant with reality anyway. 
Jae-hwa is facing his stupid brother and abusive father again. Jae-hee gloats about the whole thing, while Bad Dad just wants to know whether Jae-hwa can continue being a prosecutor or not. Jae-hwa takes off his jacket, hands it to his brother (whatever for?!) and says he is on his way to hand in his resignation.
JoAnne: As a brother, you make a really good coat rack? I don't know!
kakashi: Well, it's certainly a good way you show your disdain for someone ...  
Jae-hee fears he wants to join the company, but of course not (and Bad Dad wouldn't even leave him in charge of the toilets). Jae-hwa isn't in the least interested: he is fine with leading his own life - just leave him alone, let him make his own decisions. They will not, of course, that's already clear - but Jae-hwa utters a warning that his father chooses not to hear about the cockroaches that are spreading in the company. Bad Dad throws Jae-hwa out, out of the office and out of the house - and I cheer! (but Jae-hee smirks, the little shithead) YES! Jae-hwa says he'll come back when he wants to play the part of the eldest son, which is totally awesome.
JoAnne: He totally deserves a reward for his awesomeness, and I know exactly what to give him.
Stalker Bride and Dumb Mom go and see Veggie at her new work place (she looks quite good in her work outfit and the new hair!) and tell her Bori HAS to go testify at the prosecutor's, in order for Jae-hwa not to lose his job. Veggie is a tiny bit awesome when she chases the two women out of the restaurant.
JoAnne: She does look good, and she was a tiny bit awesome. This stalker bride continues to make my jaw drop.
When Bori hears about Jae-hwa being fired because of her, she runs to the prosecutor's office to testify in his favor. They have no relationship, Bi-dan is not his daughter, he only came to play with her because she was pitiful, and he only came to see Bori to tutor her. Blabla. She's convincing though, in her village idiot endearing kind of way.
JoAnne: She is; and in her favor, she's not at all trashy in appearance. She looks like every mom out there, dressed comfortably with a tiny bit of style, no nonsense hair, just a normal person - not a femme fatale out to ruin the Respected Authority of Prosecutors.
But here comes the man himself!
She quickly repeats that there's nothing between them etc., but he shouts that those are lies! He likes her and he knows that she likes him too! There is no point in any of this, he adds, because their minds are set: he is "guilty" and so is she.
JoAnne: While I admire his attitude, the truth IS very easily proven, you know, and he could keep his job AND his relationship with Bori if he really wanted to. I know, I know, he's making a point. Whatever. That point ain't gonna feed nobody.
She gets up, upset, asking him why he would like someone like her then, why he would give up such a great job for someone like her - he must be crazy. How should he love without going crazy? he asks back - because of her, his head and heart are already waaaaay deep in crazytown. That's the real meaning of L O V E.
JoAnne:  His pronunciation - ehrrrrr ohh vwee eeeeeeeeeeeee - distracts me from the now-growing awesomeness. (It distracts me with its cuteness.)
And he pulls out his resignation letter, slaps it on the table - and makes his last statement as a prosecutor. He is leaving as an honorable and totally awesome prosecutor. If he cannot be a prosecutor even though he is that awesome, he will at least not live in shame. Gaaaaaaaaaaah! The investigators look quite uncomfortable (because they recognize how awesome he is, of course) and Jae-hwa drags a screaming and crying Bori out of the room.
JoAnne: I thought they looked a little bit like they wished they were Bori, maybe. (I also wish I were Bori)
Stalker Bride contacts Bori next, who brings her the hanbok she made. Stalker Bride hands her an envelope full of money and gets right to the point: so she went to the Prosecutor's Office? But things went wrong, it seems? Fine, Stalker Bride will take responsibility and return him to his previous status. If Bori butts out. Bori offers to stop with the lessons, if that makes Stalker Bride uncomfortable, and she is slightly discomforted to learn that Stalky has put a tail on Jae-hwa. In Stalky's opinion, it's all useless anyway, since Jae-hwa will be hers eventually.
JoAnne:  The whole idea that marriage could be settled as long as the FAMILY agrees to it is deeply disturbing to me.  I have nothing against arranged marriages; the procedure has much to recommend it or it wouldn't still be around in a lot of the world, after all.  But I am offended by the idea that the party themselves does not have ultimate veto power.
When Bori gets up, offended (Stalky offers her money for the secret how to seduce Jae-hwa), Stalky pours coffee over the beauuuutiful hanbok. Blasphemy!!! And she asks a waitress to throw the garment away. Have I said I like her? Well, scratch that. I don't. Bori is outraged (me too!!) and gives Stalky back her money - she'll not sell to her. And she may not know how to seduce a man, but she now sure knows why Jae-hwa doesn't like Stalker Bride. Hehe.
JoAnne: She has Sinned Against The Hanbok. She shall be Cast Out, and her name shall be as Ashes in the mouths of those who once knew her. No man shall claim her. No woman shall aid her. She will lie fallow and her womb will be Barren til the End of Time, lest her Blasphemous Spirit continue in the world of Man. Should any such ignore this Ruling, they too will feel the Wrath of The Hanboker.
Oh my, Stalker Bride attacks Bori and rips out some of her hair next! That's IT for docile Bori: She says she cannot give "her" Jae-hwa to her. Not ever. If he comes to see her, she will enjoy his company and she will steam him potatoes ALL NIGHT LONG. Take this, bitch! And out she goes, head held high, hanbok in hand.
JoAnne: That's right, she's going to steam the STUFFING out of those potatoes. And once they've been steamed she's going to turn them over and steam them again from the OTHER SIDE, too. She MIGHT even steam them in PUBLIC. How's that?  Maybe they'll go on a VACATION and steam some potatoes. Perhaps they will send her VIDEO of them steaming some potatoes, does that sound like a plan? NOBODY comes between Bori and steaming some potatoes for Jae Hwa. NOBODY.
When Bi-dan gets home from school, AppaNotOppa is waiting for her. They're cuuuuuuuute (though he is still creepy. I mean not now, but I can't shake the creepy out of my mind right now). But here comes Jae-hwa, adding A LOT to the cute! Bi-dan complains that he is late and wasn't there when the shoolbus dropped her off, so she couldn't scream "Appa". AppaNotOppa's face shows a lot of pain as he watches the exchange between the two. Jae-hwa recognizes him as his brother's right hand and gets quite suspicious of his intentions. Anybody hanging with his brother can't be a good person, he thinks.
JoAnne: That poor man. His face when he looks at Bi Dan. He wasn't a bad man, Min Jung drove him past the breaking point. She took his family, his child, she laughed at his love and his sincerity...oh my God she's really - of all the things she's done, making her mother lie for her and what she did to AnotO... those are the worst things. They're worse even then abandoning her own child, because at least she believed that child would be brought up in a better situation.
When Bori gets home, Bi-dan and Jae-hwa are fooling around in the courtyard. Looool. So silly. Bori tells him to leave or his mother will come again, she has no mind to be drenched in water again (especially since she just fell into a tub because of him). Not to worry! He brought protection! In the form of an umbrella! Bi-dan runs after him with her water gun, but he keeps blocking her with the umbrella.
JoAnne:  If someone says to me that Jae Hwa came to visit and he brought protection with him, an umbrella is not what I picture.
They're little umbrella too, though. Kinda.
Bori shouts to stop - they do, but Bi-dan fires her water gun at Bori next. Jae-hwa gets quite interested in her wet blouse. Bi-dan informs her mother that, by the way, no-longer-Prosecutor-Dad has been thrown out of the house and will be living with them now. Her mom and dad living together! What a dream come true!
JoAnne: Sassy little munchkin.
She glares, Jae-hwa says "smile" (pulling her face into position) - he is so very happy, he should have quit earlier! And he even got permission from the owner (Little Kang). He is no prosecutor and nobody's son anymore - he is just her teacher, and the only place he has is the one right here. She is speechless and worried, thinking to herself that she must be crazy too since she cannot even tell him to leave.
JoAnne: That face he made of her face was hilarious. I hope it's one of the gifs, hint hint hint
But Jae-hwa is NOT in serious mode right now, picking up the water gun again - spraying water right into her face. But this time, she retaliates ... with buckets full of water! Sadly, we don't see how he takes off his wet clothes.
JoAnne: There is entirely too little wet naked Kim Ji Hoon in this drama. It would get 40% ratings if they would change that. Think about it. All the same scenes, but whenever Jae Hwa is at home, he strips down to boxer briefs. INSTANT CLASSIC.
BUT! We get Big Kang staring at Jae-hwa from across the room, with Huuuuuuuuuge cute eyes (*dies*), refusing to give him any of his clothes. He tells him to go back or .... just ask his aunt to bring him some. Hehe. Jae-hwa isn't playing along though and says he'd rather wear Bori's clothes than give Big Kang an excuse to meet with his aunt. Out he goes.
JoAnne: There is a time and a place for grown man aegyo of a certain level. This is the time, this is the place, and that is the level.
Sneaky Big Kang takes his (unlocked) phone and calls Jung-ran. 
JoAnne: Jae Hwa did that on purpose, didn't he?

Grill party with pork outside! Everybody is happily wrapping lettuce packages for each other, with Big Kang being the only lonely one. But not for long, because here comes Jung-ran! With only a liiiiiittle bit of clothing for Jae-hwa. Can't bring it all at the same time, can we now. She is introduced to Bori, Big Kang and Jae-hwa bicker, and it's altogether AWESOME (the way they make fun of Jae-hwa's senseu ... priceless!). Especially since Jung-ran tells everybody that Jae-hee brought home Min-jung and that they are plotting something about the hanbok for the Blue House.
JoAnne: Woot! Ain't no party like a grilled pork party! I say grilled pork, you say party! Grilled pork! ......come on, say it!  Fine. No soju for you. More for me.
Jae-hwa thinks his aunt should intervene now: Grandma might not be able to deal with the villains herself. But GooDIL thinks it's too early for that. She will need Jae-hwa's help. It's time to start ... the reveal! She asks Bori for the kid-hanbok she made so many years ago ... and SINGES IT! Yes, time to reveal all the secrets. Number 1: the burning of GooDIL's skirt, 20 years ago during the competition.
JoAnne: The producers would like to assure everyone that the hanbok was treated with the utmost respect and a donation was made to the Humble Appreciation Toward Early Raiment Society* in the name of Min Jung.
Jae-hwa goes to Bi Sool Chae, to deliver the package. His aunt sends him, he says, knowing that Halmoni took on a big task even though she's hurt. Min-jung offers to open the bundle ... One burnt hanbok, anyone? Matron identifies them right away as the clothes GooDIL made for the competition. There are Chinese letters on the skirt: HwaBok Dong Moon (Blessings and hate/anger come through the same door). But what on earth could this mean?!
JoAnne:  *HATERS

The Rest

Absolutely loved the scene in which Jae-hee hears that his Moonie Secretary aka AppaNotOppa found his child that his ex-girlfriend abandoned without his content and then goes on and on about how terrible a woman that ex-girlfriend must be. The moment he will find out about the true Min-jung? That's something I look forward to! A Lot!
JoAnne: I may sew a hanbok in his honor on that day.
Min-jung tries to badmouth AppaNotOppa in front of Jae-hee .... FAIL.
JoAnne: So FAR; he keeps knocking her around on the world's longest elevator rides and the planet's emptiest parking garages, but one of these days he's going to get CAUGHT.
Min-jung starts her slime offensive towards Jae-hee's mother. Hehe. Jae-hee is under the impression that his mother encourages all his decisions, but well, boy, I think you're soon going to reach the end of your mother's goodwill... At the Lee house, Ga-eul is excited to hear that her second brother also has a girl ... and he is bringing her home! Oups, but Stupid Mom is expecting it to be ... the daughter of House Electronics! Nooooooot quite. heheheheeeeeeeeee, ah, how gratifying to see both Jae-hee and Min-jung be mistreated by Stupid Mom (not-so-stupid right now).
JoAnne: NO ONE is happy, so I am VERY happy.
When Big Kang and Jung-ran are alone in a room together, they have a hard time not jumping at each other. She puts the blankets out "for Jae-hwa", but then, of course, they have to test them ... only holding hands. But what to do, when lips just WANT to touch each other?!?! Thankfully for the propriety of prime time weekend TV, Bi-dan interrupts the lusty play ... only to say that they should kiss already, what's the big deal? Pfffft. 
JoAnne: So cute. So CUTE.
Veggie lies to her own daughter and tells her that her kid died. And she shows signs of remorse for what she has done to Bori.
JoAnne: I begin to forgive. What can I say? I have a soft heart.


I like, I like, I like! Ohhhhh, I like. Can we get more bickering between Jae-hwa and Big Kang though? It's awesome! Ahhhhh, the bromance that is brewing! It's insane!
JoAnne:  I need them to wake up all tangled up in the blankets together after we get a few scenes of them snuggling happily and thinking about their girls. Always good for a laugh!

The biggest scam is actually that they're living in Bad Dad's house, haha, without knowing. The only who does know is Little Kang, who is is on a business trip (I guess the actor is doing something idol related?). Let's see how long he'll tolerate the happy frolicking under one roof!
JoAnne: I don't know... whatever group he's in (I forget) is not one I pay attention to...but I should look him up to see what he looks like all glittered up.  He's a cutie.  JUST a cutie though. Not A Puppy.

I wonder whether Bad Dad will come to his senses in time or whether his blindness will cost him the company. Let's not forget that Jae-hee is plotting to take over (out of fear he will be ousted by his big brother) and kick out his own father. Yeah, he's not a good guy - but I already feel sorry for him. You see that there's good in him when he stands up for Min-jung in front of his mother. I hope it's not too late, boy with the awful dead thing in your hair.
JoAnne:  Please oh please don't ruin my cute little boy for me, redeem him O Holy Mother of Hanboks.