Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 28 (KimJiCap)

Well, there's more hanbok competition in this episode (that's always a win in my book!!) and a lot of suffering on Min-jung's part, which make me like it even more. I like that Bori and Jae-hwa are kinda together, but hey, what about scratching the "kinda" and give them some 뽀뽀-time? Or rather ... a real, deep 키스? In any case, with this episode, Jangbori breaks 20%! Well done, everyone!
JoAnne: They should seriously consider my suggestion from last episode, of removing Jae Hwa's pants whenever he's not out in public. The ratings would double.
kakashi: But people would die. Too hot! Or they would bleed out from nosebleed. Or dehydrate from too much drooling.

Episode 28

Time for a bit of revenge! Jae-hwa explains what "Blessing and anger come through the same door" means: when happiness is gone, unhappiness appears. I'd believe him anything he says, cause ... yeah, he's Kim Ji-hoon, but that doesn't translate well into English somehow. Of course you are unhappy when your happiness disappears! What kind of saying it this? JoAnne! Help!
JoAnne: I think it's a stupid saying, is what it is. And I also don't think the translation is accurate.  It COULD mean 'be careful what you wish for' or 'you never know what comes next' , but then again what do I know? My Korean is approximately that of a two year old.
Well, the hanbokers seems to know more than I do, because BaDIL immediately starts babbling stuff to white-wash herself. Matron won't have it, Bong2 (the idiot) lies to protect her and feigns ignorance about what this burnt skirt might mean. Oh, by the way ... Shady Servant has been absent for weeks! In any case, Matron knows this is GooDIL telling her to recognize past injustices (How? Why? Hello? Yeah, just confuse me, show!)
JoAnne: Oh wow! No, wait, didn't we see him last week? That Matron, man, she picks up on shit quick. Except, you know, when it's really important, like maybe your good daughter in law didn't kill your good son or kidnap your only grandchild. Or to recognize that grandchild. Or to realize that a slug like Min Jung needs salt thrown at her.
Later, in their paper-walled room, BaDIL and Bong2 discuss burning skirts and bad GooDIL ... with Matron standing outside, hearing EVERY word. Ouuups. She is also holding Jae-hwa's hand, which I would have held too, that's for sure!
JoAnne: It cannot be all that enjoyable to have sex in a hanok house. So restrained.
In her room, Matron finally sees the light again (yes! BaDIL is EVIL) and then agrees to have Jae-hwa be the go-between between her and Bori, who is tasked with making the top part of the hanbok for the First Lady. She also agrees to take Bori back as her apprentice. She also cries a little because she misses GooDIL, whom she has done wrong. I can't be angry with this old woman for long, but she could also change her mind again in the next episode. She tends to do that.
JoAnne: You can't be angry with her for long because she's going to die, just admit it. That leg issue, it's cancer. Or will give her a bloody nose or something, and next thing you know she's dead.
kakashi: She'll at least hold Bori, knowing it's Eun-bi. That much is certain! 
Awww, AppaNotOppa ... he is coming by Bi-dan's again, this time to give her a present (a bike), which he pretends is "a product" from the company they don't need. Bi-dan, the little know-it-all, thinks it's because he likes her mother. Nope, that's not it, Bi-dan.
JoAnne: So close, no cigar. And oh by the way: They sell clothes. How is a bike a product of their company?
When Jae-hwa leaves Bi Sool Chae (what has he been doing all this time? *suspicious side eye*), Min-jung intercepts him. Bleh, stay away from him, vixen!! Hahaha, but he is AWESOME. He is SO onto her lying bitching true self (well, he used to be a prosecutor after all). He is asking her flat out whether she plans to marry his brother? If she does and he marries Bori, then Bori will be her eldest sister-in-law. Aka: the king of the house just after MIL. Buahaha.
JoAnne: What was he doing all that time? YOU try using a bathroom in a house with paper walls. It takes forever. And Min Jung made me laugh with her 'WHO's going to be the eldest sister in law?' because unless she marries Jae Hwa, it's never going to be HER - only she didn't act like she understood that.
Later, Min-jung meets with Bori and demands that she'll "never meet Jae-hwa again". Uhm ... hahaha. Why should she?! Because you say so?! Hahaha, I LOVE that that just makes Bori want to actually go for Jae-hwa even more. Min-jung, you lose! Again!! And she loses even more (i.e. her composure) when Bori tells her that all her evil secrets will come out - there's already a person that knows it all about Min-jung being Bori's "real" sister: Moon something (that would be AppaNotOppa around here). It's hardly news, but anything that makes Min-jung tremble is my friend.
JoAnne: Tremble? She was basically frothing at the mouth. Min Jung is thiiiiiiiiiis close to losing it. I cannot WAIT for next week. I will pray that you have internet.
Jae-hwa brings wonderful silk to Bori - to make wonderful hanbok. To his disappointment, his Bori Bori isn't around though. Time for a little heart to heart with GooDIL! She doesn't want Bori to get hurt, so if he isn't absolutely serious, he has to stop with her, since his parents will not accept her. He knows all that and he hesitated, thinking about her being hurt ... but he is certain, there is nobody else that can make her as happy as he can. Even if he threw everything in his life away and only got Bori, it wouldn't seem like a waste.
JoAnne: Give that man a roll in the hay. He just earned it.
That is convincing, and GooDIL takes his hand, telling him to stay by Bori's side. To see the two people she loves living together: she'd really want that. Awwwwwww. Jae-hwa is also quite touched and goes over to cuddle and cry a little with his aunt (yeah .... still disturbing)
JoAnne: And suddenly that roll seems VERY far away. No. Just, no.
Bori thinks the same, when he interrupts them. They dry their tears and Jae-hwa tells her to sit down next to her boyfriend. Not for the first time, by the way. She lifts her hand to hit Jae-hwa, but GooDIL chides her. Not for the last time. Anyway, the beautiful silk is unveiled and Bori is told to make the First Lady Hanbok. More cute from everybody and then, Jae-hwa puts his head onto Bori's lap, for "punishment" (for being rude to the teacher), which just ends in pain for him, of course. As he tries to get close to her again, GooDIL, who watches the cuties, silently hopes that she might be Eun-bi.
JoAnne: They are ridiculously cute. I love it. Happiness just shines off their faces.  Ok, I recognize that it's half happiness and half way too much BB cream but whatever.  Listen, people who want to appear more pale, not that you should because what makes that better anyway? Pale people tend to NOT want to be shiny. Lay off the BB Cream.
Jae-hwa meets his mother and Stalker Bride in that one café in Seoul. He wanted both of them here together to save time and get it done and over with. He puts the car key on the table and tells his mother to return it. He tells Stalker Bride that he is absolutely not interested in her - plus he is no longer the prosecutor her family wanted. But nope, she is STILL in obsession overdrive. She is obviously crazy, but also quite amusing, because as soon as Jae-hwa seems out(ish) of the picture, she starts putting bills in front of Dumb Mom and refuses to take back a used car. Dumb Mom puts bills in front of Stalky too, for the expensive bags, of course. Jae-hwa just sits there and has a whale of a time.
JoAnne: It was HILARIOUS. But I really could do without the screaming, Ms. Stalker Psycho.
Next up, some hanbokery. The First Lady likes plain clothes, but BaDIL and her evil minion decide to break the boring and makes something a bit more zippy. Our team of the hearts on the other hand know that it is about the person, not the clothes. So simple, yet so wise. Of course, Min-jung also needs to sabotage Matron's own hanbok-making, because this is about ruining her once and for all.
JoAnne: I will pluck every hair from her body one by one with dull tweezers and then spray old-fashioned antiperspirant all over her so that she goes crazy from the stinging.
Jung-ran and Big Kang (they're doing this baby talk all the time, it's killing me!!!) have a new plan how they can keep seeing each other! It's called pizza delivery. Bad Dad gets suspicious (it seems the business is going a bit too well these days?) and calls ... Jae-hwa. Who is sitting there with Big Kang and Bi-dan, eating pizza. It's all they're having these days (careful, Jae-hwa! Your abs!)
JoAnne: I'm suspicious of Korean pizza (yes. it looks suspicious). When I lived in Germany I learned FAST not to have pizza anywhere but at that one Pizza Hut in K-Town, because Germans put crazy shit on their pizza, like carrots and peas. Yeah. Ruminate on that for a bit, and then IMAGINE what Koreans put on pizza. 
Jae-hwa is able to calm his father down until ... Jung-ran comes in and loudly shouts for them. They pretend it's a mosquito, the crisis is averted, but Jae-hwa absolutely doesn't want to see any pizza anymore. End of product placement.
JoAnne: She did an amazingly good impersonation of a mosquito, though, did you hear her? When she covered one nostril?
kakashi: She's a woman of many talents! 
Min-jung orders her mother to take a picture of the hanbok Bori is making, because she realizes that Matron is only making the skirt. Oh WOW, Veggie tells her evil spawn to leave Bori alone and not make her life so difficult. But Min-jung gets her to take the photo, and ask Bori for a hanbok - to see Min-jung's wedding, from afar. When she takes the photo, the "sleeping" Bi-dan sees it, without Veggie noticing. Like.
JoAnne: Very like.
When Bori sews late at night, Jae-hwa sits in the open door, smiling and watching her. She is startled when she becomes aware of him, but he's just there to watch his Bori Bori. She tells him to go, but he doesn't - he starts a round of questions. What does she like more, hanbok or Bi-dan? Bi-dan, she says. Her mother or Bi-dan? Bi-dan. His aunt or Bi-dan? Bi-dan as well. Brown Bear or Bi-dan? Of course, Bi-dan. Yoo-chun (that's Little Kang) or Jae-hwa? Without even a second of hesitation, she says that of course, she likes Jae-hwa better.
JoAnne: Here I thought he was offering himself against ChunBunny.
He just starts chuckling happily at that and starts to leave ... but falls on the steps outside. Ahahaha, that's so typical for this show: he never gets the upper hand over her for long.
JoAnne: I loved that he was so tickled by her answer that even falling and bruising his hip didn't stop him from laughing as he limped away.
All the wonderful hanbok is now ready! Jae-hwa is to transport the top part to Bi Sool Chae... and there seems to be a secret, too, one that Bori cannot know. We neither. Matron is very happy to see the beautiful piece of hanbokery and carefully folds it and packs it away. The same with the skirt.
JoAnne: I like bright colors, and saturated colors especially, but generally a lot of hanbok look too much to me because there are so many colors in the different pieces - I like the one they made with just the gentle, sunny tones.
Min-jung and BaDIL comes in and Matron (is she stooooopid??!) hands over her box to Min-jung. It's a trap, I hope? Anyway, how stupid is Min-jung plans?! So she'll just miraculously have another hanbok ready? And that is ... not telling at all?! Duh.
JoAnne: I'm telling you, they make these genius intuitive leaps about off the wall shit but they literally cannot see the truth when it stares them in the face.
At the Blue House, Matron opens the box ... and it's the wrong hanbok. It's pink and I guess unsuitable for the First Lady? But here comes our hero! With GooDIL and Bori in tow. Ready? They open the door and GooDIL is about to meet her family again.
JoAnne: I can't wait to see what they did.

The Rest

Duh, in the last episode, I was so happy about Dumb Mom giving Min-jung what she deserves, but Bad Dad thinks anything coming from Bi Sool Chae is a good thing - so no more "Hanbok daughter's fake family" talk! Min-jung gets to meet Bad Dad, who approves of her skills. As a designer, that is. And he approves of her as a potential daughter-in-law, if Jae-hee can convince his mother. Ah, you big fool, you. 
JoAnne: I'm not worried.
AppaNotOppa is growing on me as the dark avenger with a soft spot for his daughter. In the one parking lot in Seoul, which is always empty and has no CCTV, Min-jung and AnO have a go at each other. AnO wins because of his threat to destroy her when she is much happier and has much more: because only then will the satisfaction be big enough. And he will do it sloooowly, slowly, to make the suffering as big as possible. That really scares Min-jung. Me too.
JoAnne: I approve of anything he does. Does he need funds? Let's get a Kickstarter going.
Veggie is now truly sorry for all her wrongdoings towards Bori. About time. She also works two jobs, this Veggie Omma, cooking food for Jae-hwa's family at night. (Hijinks ensue)
JoAnne: Ha, Dad does a fainting goat impersonation pretty well!


It's wonderful that we have now entered Operation GooDIL Returns With a Vengeance. With GooDIL, Jae-hwa and Bori together, it should be possible to beat the evil trolls - and it is good that GooDIL knows what she is up against. It also seems that Veggie's spy activities are coming to an end, which also means no more favors for the most evil of all trolls: Min-jung.
JoAnne: I kinda want GooDIL to glide into the room like she's floating an inch or two off the ground, with her hair loose and streaming in the mysterious breeze running through the room, with her sentences punctuated by thunder.
From the preview, it seems there might be noble idiocy coming, which I don't like, because it will keep our OTP apart again before they have really been able to share any intimate moments. Bori is sloooowly, slowly getting ready to accept that she loves this man, but knowing that is the one thing and showing that the other. He shows his love all the time - time for her to show hers.
JoAnne: I vote they each show each other and we all get to watch.