Rants and Raves #6

Hello, here speaketh the mother hen! I am still on holidays, but with internet, which makes the holidays even more pleasant. I hope our mary will have power back soon (assuming that it why she has been offline for so long) and hoping for less extreme weather events in her parts of the world - and anywhere in the world. And hoping for world peace.
bcook: Yes. Coz the world is kinda depressing right now.

On Colors

So, how should we organize our colors? Not at all? Anyone grabs one, first comes, first serve?
JoAnne: We could follow ROYGBV? No... yellow would be impossible to read. Didn't someone do a thing last week or the week before where they made the background a color, instead? That would open up options. It's just that if all of us participate (which is good) there aren't enough readable colors (which is bad.) By the way: You and Mary are missed!
Lafer: isn't Mary blue? (mary is bright blue) Who is blue? How many of us are there? I want teal but I think becca has claimed that.  Actually I don't care what I am, you'll just have to remind me, lol. Or I could go back into retirement.
Becca: I usually use this medium-blue, but I can use something else if this is too similar to your teal. I figure I'm the maknae (both age-wise and squeecap-wise), so if anyone is going to get last pick, it should probably be me. :) Just let me know what color to use, and I'll stick to it!
Lafer: It looks different to me. I'll just claim teal then if Mama Hen gives her approval. It's better than that hot pink that causes eyes to pop.
kakashi: I have no idea what teal is but I like it. 
Shuk:  Whatevs.
Lafer: Could it be we're actually making progress? Because as soon as I typed my name, it became this color (which is as close to teal as I could find.) Is that your doing, kakashi?  Or is it some Mac wizardry?
kakashi: Sometimes, like once a year, Blogger does something right, I guess. 
bcook: Didn't work for me. :( Further proof that blogger hates me.
Kind of like us, in technocolor

On KDramas

Lafer: Are we actually going to talk about dramas this week? Because I just watched an extended trailer for It's OK It's Love and wow. It wasn't even on my radar but I must watch it now. It has such an amazing cast and just looks c r a z y. (Feels kakashi's heart palpitations from at the use of extra spaces. Sorry) (those are okay. The others? NOT. I'm constantly deleting them and I bet you guys don't even notice) (I am too old to break the double space habit from my typing 101 class back in the 70's. But I'm a really fast typer.)
JoAnne: Should we just delete the conversation color since it was more a private thing? Should we LET them see how we really are? Do we not feel the need to maintain any mystique? 
kakashi: Don't you dare delete things! There's no deleting on this blog!
bcook: *pulls out her box of mystique and looks inside* I'm getting low on the mystique anyway. I'm saving what I have left for oppajusshi.

As for shows...have any of you SEEN the awesome terribility of the teaser that came out for Night Watchman? I'm already calling it How to Embarrass Your Dragon. It's calling to me. Sometimes I think that if a show allows me lots of snark and at least ONE person to squee over (That would be Green Eyes, yes...did you SEE him with long hair?) I'm at my happiest. Because stuff like Cruel City and Age of Feeling, with all the many loves they bring...that kind of thing doesn't come along often. 
kakashi: I'm overwhelmed from afar by all the ongoing and all the upcoming dramas. *goes to look for the Dragon Embarrassment* ... hahahhaaaaaaa, I like this already. Looks like epic crap. Epic crap is great, I can't stay away. JoAnne, I might indeed watch this.
bcook: bwahahaha. I have not seen it. But your joy at the crappiness makes me want to. You're dangerous Jo.

Becca: I haven't seen the teaser, either, but it's not because I'm not interested. I just don't watch teasers much. BUT. I'm glad you're excited, Jo! And here I was thinking I was the only one genuinely enjoying the cheesiness! The stills remind me of fantasy movies from the '80s, like Krull and Willow. And the SFX will probably be just as cheesy (and fun!). Forget blue, just color me happy! ^_^
Lafer:  Well, you lost me at sageuk.

Also, announcement: I gave in and figured out how to screen cap. I will never gif, though. No. Don't wanna. Can't make me. But I'm trying to decide about Musketeers and Dragon and I have this sinking suspicion none you will be as excited as I am for the crapfest.
kakashi: My dear, I'm all FOR crapfests, but I simply cannot watch more than two, maximum three ongoing dramas. As for squeecaps ... I think two is the utmost I can muster. And I promised to do Yoona's Street already. And there will be the Mermaid! But I'll see what I can do for you in the coming months.  
bcook: I have it on my schedule to learn to gif. The force of lazy is strong within me but I hope to do it before the end of august  july.
Lafer:  For a mere $4.95, giffing can be easy and fun! But it still takes a long time to get the perfect gifs, especially when you misunderstand and think someone is asking for 36 of them.
JoAnne: I am both hanging my head at how you must have hated me, and giggling.  It's hard to giggle with your head down.  I do really feel bad, too.

Fated to Love You

Is anyone else loving this show like I am? Yes, it's a little overkill with Jang Hyuk's laugh, but the amount of sweetness is killing me. I don't think I've had this much little breaky-heart feeling in my chest since Coffee Prince. Well, I probably have but the dramas are all starting to run together now. Besides the feels there are some pretty hilarious moments.
bcook: This show is everything a drama romcom should be (so far). I'm very happy and excited about it. Jang Hyuk's laugh is just....if you haven't heard it yet, imagine Cha Seong Won (greatest love, you are all surrounded) turn it up about half a decibel and add a little bray at the end. It's beautiful. The female lead was starting to bore me a little but she has these flashes of backbone. She's not nice because she's weak, she's likes to feel needed. Sadly her need for spneed is greater than her need to tell all those office people to go drown themselves in kimchi jjigae. 
JoAnne: Love it to pieces, they are so adorable together!

On the new Shows

JoAnne: That's okay, It's Love? Freaking awesome. Plus I heard a rumor that seems VERY VERY POSSIBLE that makes it pretty much the most awesome drama ever in the history of dramas. What's the first rule of That's Okay, It's Love?
Lafer: I don't know but I am trying desperately to finish recapping this week's Roommate so I can start this. Good reviews all around!
bcook:  I have heard about this show. If it gives good feels like fated to love you I'll be all over it. I need good feels in my life. 


JoAnne: I think I was the only one watching Flower Grandpa Investigative Team? Twelve weeks, 1 episode per week. Entirely enjoyable, AND they got the ending totally, 100% right. I don't think that's ever happened before. Watch it.
bcook: I wanna watch! I need to get organized about it. About Life really. *deep thoughts*

Maisie tried to kill an emu!
No Emus were harmed in the making of this video