Rants and Raves #3

Is it the weekend again? That's crazy! 

kakashi: The OCD in me tried to organize the ramblings of the SqueeCappers. Uhm ... well. It's better than it was before, believe me!

On Music

kakashi: So, I have a question for you gals ... what is your favorite soundtrack? I often listen to the Princess' Man and Chuno OSTs when writing. Oh! And Warrior Baek Dong Soo! And quite obviously, Joseon Gunman's OST is very similar to the Princess' Man's OST. Maybe it will make it on my most-listened-to too?
bcook: I don't really do soundtracks. There's usually a song or two that I like off the show that I'd download. Faith I think is the only show where I've listened to the entire soundtrack (and that's coz it's awesome). I Am Wooldachi always gets me fired up, waving my fake sword around.
lafer: Princess' Man came to mind right away for me, too. But Winter Sonata is one of my favorites, and I also love the original Full House--it always makes me want to wash windows. Other than that, it's just songs here and there that I like. 
JoAnne: I don't really do full soundtracks - just a song here and there, maybe three off the same show at the most. I have playlists on Youtube and they generally get added there, if anywhere.  When I get to that point in a play list it's funny because I might not know immediately what show it's from but it brings the right emotion up immediately - happy or sad.
kakashi: Saegeuks have the best OSTs, of course, because they're actually composed as OSTs. Whereas most other soundtracks are just a combination of various songs. That's my explanation for why I like those two OSTs so well (and you can add Joseon Gunman to it). 
Becca: The Princess' Man OST is easily my favorite OST. I listen to it all the time, and sometimes when I'm really tired or stressed, it's the only thing that can help me relax. If we're talking about non-Kdrama soundtracks, though, I have to mention John Barry's score for Somewhere in Time. It was my go-to album until TPM came along, and it's still a close second.
bcook: Music Rave! OMG!!! Have you guys heard Tablo's cover of Taeyang's Eyes, Nose, Lips?? The lyrics are D.I.VINE. Aish! Have a listen.
JoAnne: Yep... been listening to this for a few days now.  I heard the Akmu version once and it was good but I don't need to go back to it...and I still listen to Rise in the car every day, as a whole. But this...Tablo is good, really good, but the thing about this was that once I heard it, I wanted to hear Taeyang sing the whole song in English. Because Tablo's rap is not the song, it's just set to the music.
bcook: Taeyang's English isn't at the level tho. A literal translation of the lyrics would sound awkward (like SNSD the boys awkward). Tablo's version kept to the theme of failed love and wanting to forget and gave it an extra punch.
Tablo is a God amongst rappers. He could be the guy that gets khip-hop mainstream in the west.  
JoAnne: The lyrics are on point, as they say. Do they still say? Does saying 'as they say' make me sound really old and out of it? In any event...'they say time flies, but you keep breaking its wings' - Tablo is awesome, yes. And now, for the comeback event of the year as far as I'm concerned, since BigBang hasn't done one, anyway:

 Currently Watching

bcook: Currently catching up on You Are All Surrounded. Will check out Gun Man and High School. Fourth of July is coming up so I'll have some free time.
lafer: I was on a Downton Abbey roll. Until my sister asked me if _______ died at the end of season 3 or 4.  Of course I've only finished 2. I hate spoilers! So should I start Joseon Gunman?
kakashi: Never got into Dowtown Abbey. I don't remember what it was, but there were several things pissing me off. But Joseon Gunman is a must, lafer. You'll like it, it's similar to Princess' Man(and I know you liked that) And when Lee Jun-ki is good, he is GOOOOOOD. By the way, I was very surprised to find out that Mr. Head of Palace Guard's right hand man is the one that overacted so much in Cunning Single Lady! That office dude with the tooth-ache. He looked so familiar ... and then, when he did one of his wide-eyed looks, it tipped me off!
bcook: Hehe It's true what they say. It's in the eyes. (do they actually say that? I'm too lazy to look it up). Gunman is on my list. My sister just watched Rooftop Prince so I'll introduce her to another fusion sageuk.
kakashi: ... and the other baddie gunman in Joseon Gunman is the leader of the three Stooges from Witch's Romance! It bugs me. I absolutely hated him. That's why I cheered when he got injured. 
can you guess who put pics into this post?
Who? (This is from Fated To Love You, btw)
bcook: Return of Superman is one of my new fav variety shows. You guys should watch it if you don't already!
JoAnne: Where do you watch it?
bcook: Youtube! It's a KBSWorld show so they have it on youtube usually the Monday after it airs. Pretty fantastic.
kakashi: You people have so much time. I think you're all aliens or something, with time-travel watches. But I hear Song Il-gook will be on Superman! I miss him!
Becca: Maybe they have time-turners, like Hermione?
bcook: Nope I just have an amazing capacity to ignore RL things until the very last minute. 
JoAnne: No child at home, no spouse, and an amazing ability to ignore dust.

Lafer: On another note, I may actually decide to squeecap Discovery of Romance when it airs (kakashi says yes!). I actually love doing the gifs so maybe it will be more of a gifcap, but I think Eric and Sung Joon could provide some great material. Or maybe Temptation because Kwon Sang Woo would be fabulous for gifs. My fear is that could go into absurdville like Queen of Ambition.
JoAnne: I would be very interested in participating in a DofR project, especially now that Cutie Soo has joined the production, if you want comments. I saw a clip of Temptation last night and fell asleep in 1.2 seconds. No desire to watch. At all. Even for Kwon Sang Woo's admittedly glorious body.  
kakashi: Cutie Soo has 1000 lives. I like it.

Becca: Remember I said I had a lot of great shots from WTFDoc episode 9 that couldn't be used in the squeecap? This one is by far the best, so I'll just leave it here for you to discuss.
Lol!  That truly is WTF. I can't even begin to guess what that's all about.
bcook: bwahaha. I missed this exact shot. hehe. I wonder if that was deliberate to add to his discomfort. 
kakashi: Oh. Well. It's funny how this show pisses people off so much. From just reading recaps, I don't understand why. But I will NOT WATCH, of course. Sometimes, little time is a good thing.

And finally, on American shows

bcook: I'm absolutely fascinated by Haven. It's chock full of WTF but much much better written than Dr. Stranger. Which isn't saying much actually. I'll be done with season 3 this weekend and will finally be able to dedicate my life back to Korean dramas.
JoAnne: Yeah, that's a WTF show if there ever was one, but not in the plot, just in the weird things people can do.
kakashi: Pass. Is it time for Sleepy Hollow yet? Oh, and I want to know how they bring back Damon from the dead (#VampireDiaries). Don't ask me why I continue watching this show Season after Season. Hm. I guess it's Somerhalder. If only he were Korean.  

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends!