Rants and Raves #4

On Yoo Na's Street

Mary: (Not sure if this should go first. Please move this to the proper section? Thanks! Oh, mary can go first, of course! Maaaaary, you go!!!!) Yoo Na's Street! That's what I'm watching right now and it's such a gem of a show. It stars Kim Ok Bin as the titular Yoo Na. She's a legendary pickpocket who lives in a compound with other neighbors who... uhm... don't work on the right side of the law either. (Loved her in Blade and Petal and want to check this out just to see more of her.)
Through some weird twist of luck, a "normal, honest" guy ends up renting one of the rooms in the compound and hilarity ensues because (1) he's just an innocent guy trying to study for the civil service exam, (2) he's been dropped into this hell-hole full of gangsters, club owners, and thugs, (3) he's played by Lee Hee Joon. And if you know this guy, you know he makes the funniest reaction faces. Like this:

bcook: hehe. *added to ever growing list*
Wait til he finds out the "pretty lady" he's crushing on next door is actually a menace on the streets. ^__^
kakashi: I'm already in. I think I have more time after my holidays. Lee Hee Joon has a great voice. And is that Crazy HanbokDaddy Bong2 I'm seeing?! (Yes!)

This show lacks puppy power, but makes up for it in sheer acting talent (and great writing). There's Ahn Nae Sang (here we go) and Jo Hee Bong and Lee Moon Shik. All familiar faces (if not familiar names) if you watch kdramas/movies. The drama wikis put the plot as "An honest man who teaches a group of people how to live life well". But they fail to mention how much he suffers while doing it and how hilarious he looks everytime the shit hits the fan. Which it does in this show. A LOT. Aaaaand I'm sorry about blabbing about it too much, but it's really just a light, fun watch so hopefully some of you can be convinced to check it out! Maybe I'll recap it too, when I find time. (LOL that seems to be our usual line around here.)
kakashi: mary, if I find time, I will help you with it! *adds to have-to-watch-list* *dls first ep with subs*
Yey, k!!! *hugs*
Becca: *raises hand* I'm in, too! I love this show! ^^
JoAnne: I know I said I've been wanting to see it ever since I learned the Princess was in it, but at this point I don't even have room on the piece of paper that I keep my list of currently watching shows that allows me to keep track of which episode I'm on. Stranger ended. Maybe I can use that line. But there's also that angel one with Kim Sae Ron coming up!  And the Jo In Sung one! and something else. Whatever it is, it is not Temptation. Why does that look so very, very unappealing?

On Joseon Gunman

JoAnne: Speaking of time, I finally watched episodes 2,3,4 of Joseon Gunman. I have to say... ok, I get it now. Action Jun Ki delivers and the drama is tight (although since it's a sageuk, sort of, I do have a hard time remembering who's who and what's what, but I have the gist, enough. Anyway, action, adventure, humor AND a compelling OTP? Yes, thank you, I will.
kakashi: It's my crack, this Joseon Gunman. Wow, I love the tension it delivers and the awesome cliffhangers that make you crave mooooooooore!
Lafer: Must say I have fallen prey to Joseon Gunman, also. It does have a strong Princess Man feel to me, which probably accounts for something. He really looks very girly, though *ducks from kakashi*
kakashi: Oh, I've never liked him for his looks. .... Okay, that's bullshit. But not for THAT kind of looks. I like him for his acting - which I love in almost everything! For the other kind of looks, I have Kim Ji-hoon and Joo Sang-wook. But I don't think Lee Jun-ki looks like a girl - to me, he looks like a fairy ... or an alien. (He looks like an imp! Like he's planning all sorts of cute, nasty things to do to you, and you wouldn't bear a grudge because he's just so cute and cheeky.)
Lafer: I'm praying that his short mane of glory will make all the difference, cause I'm not liking that weird suit getup as of yet.
Becca: I am so in love with this show. It grabs me by the heart and doesn't let go, even after the episode ends. Can Lee Junki please keep up this drama-every-summer thing he's been doing? I like it!
bcook: Another one I need to start watching. What is this??! First there was a drought and now a flood! #globalwarming
JoAnne: I like how his hair gel mysteriously disappears when he puts on his Ninja Gunman clothes.
somebody called me an imp? Come here!

On Fated to Love You

JoAnne: Fated to Love You is going to be good, too. We all know the basic story, or could find it out pretty easily since it's a remake, so I won't pretend it's going to be all sweetness and light. Oh no, we're going to get mad and we're going to cry, probably more than we laugh, too.  But we're gonna love them. There's no way not to.
kakashi: Sorry, but I don't trust this. First of all, I heard not-so-good things about the original. Second of all, I just don't trust any of the stations to actually come up with a good rom-com anymore. They've messed up too many times in recent history. (I'm reading recaps and it looks hilarious and fast-paced so far. No draggy bits.)
JoAnne: Ok, I'll make a caveat - FTLY will be good in the way that those dramas are good where they start off cute and funny and then veer sharply into deep sadness and a certain amount of WTF, before giving us an ending that is a tiny taste of the happiness we all know was coming and screamed about for a weeks.
kakashi: You mean about 95% of all KDrama? 
JoAnne: I happen to enjoy that rollercoaster, so unless it's just BAD... it's good for me. YOU hate that rollercoaster, so for you, this is not going to be good.
kakashi: Thanks for confirming (she knows me, mary)
JoAnne: I'm still enjoying it at the end of Ep 4, but I learned a bit more about what happens in the original and you can expect to hear extended NSFW rants in the future.
not sure who made this initially ... somebody on Twitter! Thank you!

Marriage Not Dating

JoAnne: I think I saved the best for last, though. Marriage Not Dating. WOW.  I love them all: Chubs, Girl K, the girl who loved Man-Sized JaeJoong in Ad Genius, cut-rate Junsu (someone else came up with that, it's perfect) and ohhhh, my Chicken Beak. I was all set to be completely happy with the OTP for ONCE...and then at the very end of Ep 2, someone ruins that dream for me. I'm so happy!
kakashi: This one I'm more interested in that FTLY. I will check it out, wearily. I doubt that I will have time to recap it though, sorry, Squeeglets who requested it. 
Lafer: Hooked on this now, too. Although it is really frenetic if you ask me, and had me completely confused by the end of episode 2 as to who is supposed to be with who. Hate the bleached blonde guy, though. Ugh.
Becca: Yes, he's annoying. And since he's (probably?) going to end up with Yoon So-hee's character, I'm already starting to dislike her by extension. Which is a shame because I like the actress. As for the rest of the show - love. Unconditional love, with an even bigger mountain of love for Yeon Woo-jin and an ever growing mountain for What's-His-Name. Chicken Beak. *checks* Jung Jin-woon. See, JoAnne! I forget real names thanks to your nicknames! And then I end up calling Oppa "Chubs"!!!
JoAnne: I'm like the Knights Templar:  secretly running the world and you don't even realize it. My influence is VAST.

On High School King

bcook: I Can feel your love from your tweets. Why has nobody mentioned High School King??! I thought it was going to be a random show about high school but it's pretty funny. The lead (?) girl is pretty pathetic but she has flashes of defiance and spirit that are quite fun. Her little sister is a nice fan girl and Seo In-guk is pretty adorable as a student. Plus... it's funny as hell. I haven't laughed so hard at a drama in a long time. Not just at some parts, I've laughed through out the entire episode. I'm only on ep. 3 so I hope it continues. 
JoAnne: Oh my GOD High School King. So fabulous. Seo In Guk, well, you know he's great - he's always great. But Lee Soo Hyun! Along with that massive torso he's suddenly developed (where does it GO when he puts on a suit?  Because it's gone, then, it's a mystery to me.... Anyway:  his completely fucked up sad character is SO compelling. You want to slap him and then hug him. The girls are less irritating but that kinda leads me to the romance and while the noona in me THRILLS at Seo In Guk (that last five minutes of the last episode!  Wow!)... is she really the woman an 18-year-old boy would fall for? I was sitting there all week going yesssssssssssssss wait noooooooooooo no no no this is wrong oh but yessssssssssssss. It's difficult. Thank God there's a full cast of hilarious side characters (particularly his dumbass buddies, and GRANDPA) to distract me when it all gets to be too much.

And Some Additional Stuff

JoAnne: P.S. Watching Penny Dreadful this evening. I like.
kakashi: Still watching Salem. It's just hilarious that the completely replaced the supposed lead, which is played by Shane West, with this awesome stage actor called Stephen Lang - at least when it comes to screen time. The only other time I've seen something like this was in the movie Anaconda, when lead man Eric Stoltz fell into a coma within minutes after the film started (because a wasp or something got stuck in his throat) and only woke back up at the very end. 
Lafer: Can I just say that episodes 202 and 203 of Running Man were hilarious! Absolutely hilarious! OK, it could be that it had my main man, Ji Sung as the star, but honestly I'm still laughing about it. Although, wow, Ji Sung is short. Built, but short! So the infatuation may die in an instant if I meet him in real life. Best to keep it a fantasy....
Becca: I watched Nodame Cantabile this week (the Jdrama, not the anime - I'll get to that later!), and it was beautiful. So beautiful that I didn't watch any other shows until I finished it. I love the quirky characters and the warm easy-going vibe. Sadly, I can picture how this will translate into Kdrama quite clearly, and it's not a fun picture. The second leads will be bitchier, the mom will meddle, we'll probably get a tragic backstory for the parents' generation, and every plotline will be drawn out for an unbearably long time. The beauty of the Jdrama is that is speeds along at a good pace. It hits all the emotional beats but doesn't beat the audience over the head with them, which I really appreciate. In short, I liked it, and I'm looking warily at the Korean adaption.
bcook: I'm watching Longmire during my free netflix month. It goes by pretty fast. I wanna watch penny dreadful!!!...where can I find it? I don't have showtime.  
JoAnne:  Since it's new this season, you won't find it anywhere legal other than Showtime...and I'm woefully unaware of the types of resources we have for KDrama that could be used for a US Drama.

On Kim Ji-hoon

kakashi: Talking about fantasies ... I had an extended Kim Ji-hoon dream tonight. Him and a friend of his and me and I think my daughter (?) were all living together and doing sight-seeing stuff in Swiss cities. It was fun! The only thing that made me slightly angry in my dream: he wasn't at all interested in me. Oh well. All the better, cause ... I've sinned before in my dreams. And then, I felt guilty.
Lafer: Hahaha! Well, if you're going to sin, it's best to do it in your dreams.
kakashi: You have a point. Yeah, so ... I'm obsessing a bit over him these days. That's nothing new ... you might remember the time when I dressed up like Santa to meet him? I've long since forgiven him for not showing up. Since I can't just like someone without analyzing why, I'm currently trying to find out what it is about him that makes me go crazy. 
Lafer: I thought it was his nose. His perfect nose as you've said in the past. Or is that a code word for something else?
kakashi: Me? Use code words? NEVER! And no, it's NOT just his body. (but it's mostly his body.)
Lafer: No, but thank God he has the body of a man and not a skinny man/boy. 
kakashi: I'm also NOT saying it's not his body. But even without it, I would like him for his dorkiness. In my obsession, and thanks to our "related post"-widget, which is constantly drunk and keeps suggestions Goddess of Marriage posts for anything I click on, I have decided to re-read all our Goddess of Marriage KimJiCaps. He was SO GOOD in it. And the drama was SO BAD. Yet, it keeps pulling me back. Thank GOD for the KimJiCap, or else I would have to watch it again?! 
Lafer: Yes, that is one drama I took for the team. Not that I was involved with the KimJiCap, but I wanted to bond with you guys, lol.  Yeah.... well.... it was one of the worst I've ever suffered through. But Kim Ji Hoon helped a lot.
JoAnne: On reading old squeecaps - I rarely read the entire finished product when it's published, and when I'm capping, commenting, or response-commenting, I read in a very disjointed way.  This results in a very surprising thing: when I do happen to read a squee cap later in the year, I'm surprised into laughter by what we say (since I no longer remember having said it) and am always amazed that we manage to be funny for at least part of every post. It's a lot of fun to read them!
kakashi: We're only halfway into Jangbori (which is SO GOOOOOOOD right now), which is great, because it means 12 more weeks of Kim Ji-hoon and after that, I will have 38 more episodes of Golden Era of Daughters-in-Law to recap and after that, I might return to one of my all-time favorites ... Joseon X-Files! I know it has been recapped at Dramabeans, but recapped is not SqueeCapped. And by then, he might actually have a new drama. 
Becca: I keep meaning to watch Joseon X-Files, but I keep putting it off because I know I'll love it and I want to keep looking forward to it. Maybe that's weird, but I know I'm not the only one who does this with shows. 
kakashi: Read the squeecaps. They're coming. Oh, I think I need to watch this one. I loved X-Files.
bcook: I've tried to finish Joseon X-files. Each episode is gripping once I get into it but there's something that stops me from moving on to the next one right away. It's not a marathon type of show for me. Maybe I'll watch as you recap. 
kakashi: Part of the problem that people are having are Mr. X's subs - they're really complicated. I don't mind, though! He put a lot of thought into them.

On Music

JoAnne: We're in period of really solid KPop comebacks and debuts right now, with Taeyang's Rise leading the pack, I believe...but THIS video and THIS comeback are making me inordinately happy right now.  I think this is their 4th or 5th release off the comeback album, and all the songs are very listenable but this video takes the prize.  For those of you who happen to know some older KPop, you'll recognize what's happening at the little extra video tacked on at the end.  Makes me giggle every time.  And yes, that's Yoon Kye Sang, he started out as an Idol.  And Kim Tae Woo, and Danny Ahn...this group was their big break, too.
But check out the video, because it's very funny!

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at the current rate, we'll reach that number in about 50 days
bcook: Click! Click! Will we have another competition? Maybe a problematic trivia of sorts?