Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 32 (KimJiCap)

A big episode! Things happen!
JoAnne: Do they? I am tired this week. Lots of things happened in real life lately, too, and I'm commenting without pictures, which is harder for some reason. I'm sure I'll remember more as I read what you've written.
I do hope so, very much :)
Episode 32

Back to Min-jung's arrest (aaaaaaah, so satisfactory!!) and Jae-hwa punching his stupid brother for insulting his woman. How dare he compare Bori to a scheming witch who even kidnaps a kid! Jae-hee doesn't get it (maybe that yellow hair he had as a kid leaked brain matter?) and threatens Jae-hwa to never forgive him if his wedding goes wrong (pffft, boy. Wake up!).
JoAnne: The wedding that must not be. Except... don't you just kind of want it to go as long as possible before it gets snatched from her? Like... should it be at the altar? Or should they go through the ceremony and be on the honeymoon when her evilness is exposed? Or should it be that they get as far as the registration place to make it legal and as she's about to pick up her pen THEN it all gets ripped from her greedy arms? Should we let her have a month of it so she never forgets the taste of being a rich daughter in law as she lives in abject poverty somewhere? I'm so with Moon on dragging it out as long as possible (me too).
Yeah, Jae-hwa also thinks so and shouts at his half-brother that the assaulted is the one to forgive the assailant, and not the other way round, dumbhead! And he swears to stop both this brother and his evil woman from doing any harm to his family. Oh YAY, this is awesome!
JoAnne: Team Jae Hwa, baby. That's us.
Jae-hwa goes straight to their father and warns him thoroughly against the Evil Witch. But the father is not convinced: how can he be sure Bori isn't the vile one, using the kid to get close to Jae-hwa and blablabla? Oh, Jae-hwa laughs, did Jae-hee say that? Or maybe Min-jung? Father is still not convinced, because Jae-hee showed him the sales figures (fake, as we know) related to Min-fucking-jung. Jae-hwa just knows that something is wrong - and he asks his father to be put in charge of hanbokery and auto-branding. Oups, outdoor branding.
JoAnne: Those transcription errors are auto bounds.
Father doesn't really want to give Jae-hwa any responsibility, but Jae-hwa is ready to gamble: if he fails, he will "step down" as eldest son (haha) and will go farm somewhere in the country side (hahahahaaaaaa). Alright, Bad Dad is ready to take the risk and Jae-hwa says alright, he'll come home immediately (noooooooooo! Not enough bromance!) and will start at the company tomorrow.
JoAnne: No more cohab? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Jae-hwa is on a no nonsense trip and goes to Bi Sool Chae, where he tells Bong2 about Min-jung's wrongdoings. Kidnapping, Bori-harrassing, notorious lying, etc. Jae-hwa promises to find definite proof for Bong2, who isn't ready to believe all this without it.
JoAnne: If this were an American Drama, MinJung would have framed Bong2 as a sexual pervert who tried to molest her, getting him kicked out of the house and family. Fortunately for us, this is a KDrama, so he will instead be part of the Anti-MinFuckingJung Task Force.
Bi-dan debrief (and scolding) with the ahjummas about why she wanted to go to the amusement park with an (almost) stranger. Just then, Jae-hwa comes by and brings AnO with him, who wants to apologize. Everybody on two legs comes to see this (i.e. the Kang brothers). Dun-dun, Veggie Ahjumma recognizes him as the guy who looked for Min-jung so many years ago down in Jangheung. Oh, and by the way, says Moony-AnO, Min-jung is at the police station.
JoAnne: Hahahahahaha he had her arrested for trespassing I'm STILL laughing about it.
Because Veggie won't leave her alone, Bori goes to see Min-jung after all. But before that, she does some thinking. She overhears Little Kang talking to Moony about him getting fired because of the Min-jung thing, and that seems strange to her. Min-jung just rages around, of course, blaming Bori for everything - especially raising Bi-dan. Bori doesn't get it (how would she) and leaves quite upset to have to hear evil stuff about Bi-dan that should never have been born.
JoAnne: We are so close I can taste revelation in the wind. I am so ready for everyone to know who BiDan is. So ready.
Oh, but outside, that brain of hers is working alright ... no. No, she says, it cannot be! She runs to that other police station (that's the DNA one) and confirms ... Bi-dan's dad's name is Moon Ji Sang. Oh shit. That doesn't go down well. Because of Moony is the father, then the mother is ........
Bori sleepwalks back to her place, crying over mean unmyeong. Jae-hwa and Bi-dan are waiting for her, being cute. He complains that she didn't pick up any of his calls - he has a surprise. He made them ... ankle bracelets with his phone number on them! He wants to protect them. Awwwwwwww.
JoAnne: I didn't outright cry, but I got misty. Did you get misty? You would have to get misty. He's so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet to them. But ... whatever happened to Sense-eu? They just dropped her in for the night? That was weird.
Yes, where is she? Will she come back? I wouldn't mind! 
Bori doesn't want the chain: what if he gets fired as Bi-dan's appa? But no, Bi-dan wants Jae-hwa as her dad forever. That just makes Bori really sad - but not Jae-hwa, who says that this makes him Bori's husband forever - and he has even engraved her number on his ankle thingy!
JoAnne: I love how he just talks about marriage like it's a foregone conclusion. He loves her, he doesn't pay any attention to her insistence that she doesn't love him, and he just believes that they'll be married at some point and raise BiDan together. He's just so cheerful and upbeat about the whole thing, I love it.
Bori doesn't react to anything but just spaces off, so Jae-hwa ... kisses her! Yes, that always gets an outraged reaction. Well, Bi-dan informs her that the reason for all this is that Dad is going home - he has a new job at a company. There his tiny little bag, yes... Bori doesn't like to hear that he is leaving. He says he will be really busy and may miss some of their study sessions - but thanks to the shackles of love, they'll always be together!
She is so upset she just gets up and goes inside, while he finds pleasure in yelling the word yobo after her. Hearing Jae-hwa and Bi-dan joke around in the yard breaks Bori's heart anew ... she cries as she tells herself that Bi-dan will find out she is not her mother; and that she will not be able to call Jae-hwa her father. She cries so well :((((
JoAnne: The situation is heartbreaking.  No matter what happens going forward, someone who genuinely loves BiDan will suffer.
It's the next morning - and Jae-hwa reports to work, much to his brother's displeasure. I, however, like Kim Ji-hoon in a suit. Both brothers are in charge of the same projects - only one will win. Yeah ... definitely the right way to make them like each other.
JoAnne: Why not? In other dramas forcing two people together often makes them fall in love or creates bromance. Why can't it help brothers reconnect? They just need a common enemy. I don't know how it could be MinJung though because once Jae Hee figures her out she's no longer an issue there, and I don't see how she could keep things going at Bi Sool Chae if she gets kicked to the curb by Jae Hee AND his company. Oh who am I kidding? Min Jung could keep things going even if she'd been dead for decades. You could catch her stabbing babies with knives and giggling while she posts it on Instagram and she'd have a reason why it wasn't her fault.
Bori pays BabyDaddy a visit and tells him to think of Bi-dan's well-being before anything else. His and Min-jung's fight should not touch the child. And please don't see her again separately. Before she can leave again, Moony thanks her for raising Bi-dan so well: he will never forget her kindness. But Bori doesn't want to hear that - she wants him to stay away. That's harsh - but understandable.
JoAnne: Understandable, but unenforceable. He's her father. I know he's going to do the right thing, but I don't actually think that includes not being part of her life.
No, and I think Bori actually knows that. She's such a kind person, she wouldn't want to keep a father from his child. She's very much afraid at the moment though ... afraid to lose her daughter.
When she gets home, Veggie Ahjumma lays into her for (as she claims) NOT visiting Min-jung, hits her, etc. But Bori's way beyond caring about that stuff. She flat out asks her mother why she had her, Bori, raise Bi-dan. Because she is precious Min-jung's daughter, and because Bori is not her real daughter? Has she ever felt anything for her? Ouch. And just shut up, Veggie. She is the kind of woman who always lashes out brutally when someone says the unpleasant truth. Quite unbearable.
JoAnne: Part of me feels for her though because very often what she says and what she feels are not in sync. She's not very bright, she's been manipulated, she's frightened. I'm not saying she hasn't been flat-out wrong a lot of the time, I'm just saying that she doesn't do herself any favors, presentation-wise.
At Bi Sool Chae, things get quite interesting. Bori is asked to put fabrics back into the storage room and bring out another. Without even asking, Bori finds the storage room (whose location should be unknown to her), by following her glowing kid-ghost-self. Oh! But not only that - she also knows where specific things are stored there! Ohhhhhhh! GooDIL, who sent her there, the sly fox, is thrilled. Min-jung, who followed the two (of course), is less so.
JoAnne: Can't we just drop her in a boiling vat of Red Dye #2 and call it a day?
Next: Jjajangmyeon eating. But what is that?! Bori uses her chopsticks JUST like Eun-bi always did!
Jae-hwa receives some anonymous information ... about the correct sales figures. And he does some field research. Off he sends some information to Bad Dad - by fax. Jae-hee, who is in his father's office, tries to quickly get rid of it, but in comes Jae-hwa! Well played, Pretty. The truth: Jae-hee gave away the clothes made at Bad Dad's company to rivaling companies and created a second ledger. I don't understand how that should be possible, but never mind! That'll be the end of Jae-hee's reign, I guess? (wrong! see the preview for 33).
JoAnne: Yeah, I'm a little confused by that maneuver.
At Bi Sool Chae, the unravelling of our Big Mystery continues! Bid-dan is playing a game of tag in the color-yard with her mom. Bi-dan says: where is the kite? Didn't Bori say there need to be a kite in the dye backyard for it to be a proper dye backyard? Oh, Bong2's eyes grow veeeeeery big - and Bori remembers, how she flew a kite with little crybaby Jae-hwa. She says wait a moment and runs to a porch - pulling out a box from under it.
JoAnne: You're going to tell me that a cardboard box has been resting comfortably under the porch, out in the weather with only moderate protection, for 20 years?  and no one touched it or noticed it?
How did she know it was there?! It's Eun-bi's long lost kite!! Bi-dan suspects it's because it's the kite her mother always draws. GooDIL steps up and says, yes, from a very long time ago, Bori has always drawn Eun-bi's picture. And as the rain starts to fall, GooDIL says: either Bori met Eun-bi down in Jangheung or .... Bori is Eun-bi.
JoAnne: Dun dun DUN

The Rest

Min-jung is at the station, arrested for trespassing. There's ample proof, of course, CCTV recordings and finger prints. What an amateur! What about the kidnapping charge, though?! She is trying to lie her way out of things AGAIN, and tries to portray AppaNotOppa as an evil stalker, also in front of BaDIL, who comes to see her daughter at the station.
JoAnne: Her behavior in that station... lately she reminds me of Planckton, from the SpongeBob series.
Veggie Ahjumma is very worried about her good-for-nothing-evil-witch daughter. She first begs Bori to go help her (she will not) and then goes to see AnO. Of course, he doesn't want to help Min-jung either, but Veggie Ahjumma proves whose mother she is by pointing out that the one person hurt the most by all the truths coming out will be little Bi-dan. Don't listen to her, AnO!
JoAnne: But she has a point. There's a way to tell the kid that she's actually the spawn of the devil, and this would not be it.
Little Kang tells Jae-hee about the Min-jung situation (may she rot in a dungeon!) and OF COURSE she is LYING to him as soon as she sees him. Of course she didn't kidnap Bi-dan, she just "helped" her, blablabla. Yeah, cause Jae-hwa and Bori are trying to set her up. WTF! Aaaaaaaaah! I can't recap all that crap that is coming out of her mouth! She also manages to set Jae-hee against Moony.
JoAnne: You knew and I knew there had to be a reason why she kept provoking him at the business, and why she'd suddenly just beg for forgiveness.
Jae-hee, you stupid fool! He waits in the parking lot for Moony to appear and then punches him in the face. Twice. When he wants to hit a third time, Moony catches his arm - and tells him to wake up. But when he has the chance, he doesn't tell Jae-hee the truth. He tells him to go hear it from the hell horse's mouth. Awwww, now I feel really sorry for Jae-hee, who thinks his best "friend" (well, he doesn't have any) has betrayed him and thinks that awful viper truly loves him.
JoAnne: I would have told him... but MoonAppa knows he won't be believed. His sad face at hurting his friend got to me. He genuinely cares about Jae Hee by this point.
Min-jung is released. Moony is waiting for her outside - he is to "thank" for her release. She is haughty and thinks that's a sign of his weakness, but no, he did it for Bori. She bitches on, he just congratulates her on getting married - and tells her to enjoy her happiness while she can. Oh yeah - and instead of feeling any normal feelings, Min-jung tells her mother to get out of the country with Bi-dan so she can get married and live in peace.
JoAnne: Every time I think she can't get worse, she gets worse. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if she crawled out of the TV into my living room.


Gaaaaaaah, show! How many more episodes?! How much more proof do we need????! It's CRYSTAL CLEAR to everyone that Bori is Eun-bi!!!! And can we FINALLY see Min-jung fall, and fall deeeeeeep? At this moment, we are left with 18 episodes. Wanna bet when the big reveal will happen? And when Min-jung will PAY? Hurry up! 
JoAnne: Sigh. TWO MONTHS from now. That's my guess.
kakashi: I'm just glad it's not a 120 episodes drama. Not because it's not good. But because that would mean 80 episodes more of almost revealing the big secret! I'm not a very patient woman!