Rants and Raves #7

Hey you Guys! MARY IS BACK!!!! 
kakashi: I know that some of you watch a crazy amount of dramas. So I'm asking you: is it just me that feels overwhelmed by all the ongoing and the upcoming stuff that either looks great or is great?! Or looks like an epic fail (Night's Dragon Mystery, or whatever it's called). We have the new Eric drama coming up. We have Mr. Mermaid coming up. We have Yoona's Street (to watch and recap). We have Joseon Gunman. We have Jang Bori (or let's say: I have Jang Bori as does JoAnne). We have the friggin awesome It's Okay, It's Love (loving it so far! See more below). And I know we have many others that I am not watching. What to do??!
JoAnne: Yes, it's a little crazy these days. You know I have my list where I keep track of which show/which episode I'm on, and I've started adding shows and start dates for upcoming.  (sigh) I only HAVE to stay current on shows I've got something to do for the blog, and the rest I fit in whenever.  It becomes apparent which shows I like but consistently put to the back burner, and sometimes I table them indefinitely. So there's a weeding process that goes on, too.  
I read wedding. Oh well, just shows how tired I am. Oh .... and mary is back! I am so glad!!!! (Mary: Helloooo~ *jumps up and down*) KDramaland/Twitter without mary is just not the same.

bcook: I'm completely overwhelmed with how many dramas are out there that look worthy. I'm excited about the Eric drama because I haven't seen him in anything else. I really wanna snark the epic fail drama (I think it's called nightwatchman? but we'll go with Night's Dragon Mystery). (It's called How to Embarrass Your Dragon.) (Mary: Heeheehee love that name!) I will be lurking in the background during Mary's mermaid squee. I love love love love love Fated to Love you (sooo happy it's 16 episodes) and It's Okay, It's Love (what's with the bathroom?). But I wanna watch the grandfather one and roommates and superman returns and joseongunman and i still haven't watched my love from another star and FINALLY figure out how to gif. Life is hard yo. 
Lafer: I'm already overwhelmed with what I'm watching now. I've said this before - why is it always feast or famine? And what do we do with real life? It does seem to get in the way.
This is us drama fans trying to ignore real life and enjoy our dramas.
Awesome comic from owlturd.com

On the Mermaid Drama

If you wake up and find Rim outside your window cleaning it like this, what would you do?
Mary: I set up a Google Alert for 송재림 so Good Guy Google will send me an email each time a new search result for Song Jae Rim's name comes up. Huehuehahaha~ so my inbox has been pinging lately from the Mermaid press conference and teasers and IT IS AWESOME. You guys, even if you take Rim out of the equation, it still looks great. Looks like our mermaid will be a foul-mouthed one. And even that other lead guy, Ohn Joo Wan is making me giggle at his concerto-like typing of job applications. ^__^ I also spy that crazy inmate from Cruel City that tried to stab Jinsook under Cutie Soo's orders! This is going to be FUN. Right? RIGHT??? But don't take a Rim-obsessed crazy girl's word for it. Here, watch the trailer:
BTW, don't be fooled by that puppyboy housemate in the trailer. HE IS NO AVERAGE PUPPY. HE IS HUGE. Like a scaled-up human. He seems custom-made for your puppy collection knitting basket, JoAnne. (See rightmost guy below)
kakashi: OMG!!!! He is a friggin giant!!!  
bcook: DAMN!!!
JoAnne: Already mined, you! I've named him Clifford. His hair should be red, though.
Becca: Awww! I loved Clifford! By extension, I must love this new one, too.
And some gifs I made from the trailer, just because:
Hehehe~ Isn't Rim such a dork? (Dork = socially awkward guy. I had to add the definition, because JoAnne.)
Lafer: Now I'm starting to sweat. I don't know how I can fit this drama in. Definitely will have to load up the ipad and take when traveling.
kakashi: I love mary. I'm so glad she's back. It will be awesome watching the Mermaid with her. 
JoAnne: There were THREE SPACES after your period on that sentence, Kakashi. And yes, it's good to have Mary back. I described her as my fluffy internet kitten. Then she unravelled my knitting and I sprayed her with water, so she's hiding somewhere for a bit.

On It's Okay, It's Love (and Fated to Love You)

bcook: *Crying tears of joy about the fact that It's Okay It's Love and Fated to Love you are just so incredibly good* It's like two levels of spazzing and feels. On one hand is cookies and spice and everything nice (That's what Geon's love is made of) and then rwarr and purr and sexy time (It's Ok, It'll become Love). I'm just....This is the first time in a long time I'm compelled to have the episodes for myself. So that I can watch it over and over. This is why I got into kdrama and I didn't realize how much I missed this feeling of anticipation until these shows. Thank you Drama Gods. Thank You. 
kakashi: I just don't trust Fated to Love You. Maybe because it's one of those remakes? But It's Okay, It's Love?! Oh YES! Here comes a rave: I ABSOLUTELY ADORE jerks with hurts, lose screws and a hearts of gold played right. And Zo In-sung really NAILS this one for me. He has the right amount of smirkiness, smoulderiness, and vulnerability to pull this role off. And I've always loved Gong Hyo-jin, in every single thing I've seen her in. Yes, I have high hopes for this one! It's also quite unconventional for an SBS drama, I'd say.
JoAnne: Loving them both. Just grinning ear to ear every minute I watch. Although I'm giving FTLY a little bit of side eye after the ending this week.
Becca: Oooh, should I be worried? I'm an episode behind on FTLY. I watched the premiere week of IOIL, too, and while it's very fun, I don't seem to be loving it as much as everyone else. It's good, but it just hasn't caught me emotionally yet. Maybe this weeks episodes will reel me in?
JoAnne: His face. His FACE. I mean, it's pretty, but that's not it. The point of attraction, with Jo In Sung, is always, always, always, the expression of emotion on his face.
kakashi: Can't help you there, becca :) I loved it from minute 1. It's different from the normal KDrama (that has become a must for me, almost) as it a) talks about sex freely and ALL THE TIME and b) has so many emotionally damaged/struggling characters. No same-same chaebol jerk vs. Miss Candy. And I'm a bit sorry to say this, but Kim Ji-hoon? Zo In-sung's character makes my heart flutter. Yours ... not so much. Ah, I feel almost bad for having to say this ... 
Since becca hasn't seen 3 and 4, let's not spoil her (though, granted, the "twist" at the end of 4 isn't really a twist if you've been paying attention). What I can say though is that I absolutely loved that scene in episode 4 where she is standing outside the little radio cubicle, watching him do his thing. And I loved how he became aware of her, doing his little flirty thing, but we're already aware that it's not just the player that takes interest. The second really intimate moment is when she watches him watch her on the little phone recording she made 
JoAnne: *nods vigorously* and then later at home, when she says to herself, 'how did he dance again?' then replays it and smiles to herself as she does it, too. But it's not even just them. This is going to be an entire group of people to remember fondly, I think.
kakashi: *love* (btw, I just started FTLY, cause it's still my holidays and ... because. It's pretty standard stuff, but cute enough!)

On the Rest

JoAnne: And really, I am thoroughly enjoying MnD, too, and Joseon Gunman, and High School King of Savvy - which is not the drama I wanted it to be, but is fun enough as the drama it turned out to be. And Trot Lovers. I ship the main couple because they ship themselves so hard, but sigh. President.   There's also my current Japanese drama - All About My Siblings - and my current TW-Dramas, Fall In Love with Both of Me has turned out to be... umm... wow, but not the good wow, necessarily, although Aaron is HOTNESS, and Love Myself or You, which is quietly pretty decent. And then there's that Kim Sae Ron thing which is surprisingly engaging, but I'm going to let some eps build up on that one.
Becca: I'm varying degrees of caught up and behind (mostly behind) on all of these shows, but I agree with every one Jo said. Except the Jdrama. I just heard about it this week, so it's still on my to-watch list. (I am pretty certain Party of Five was a riff on this.) Maybe after I catch up on some sleep. And finish WTFDoc. *casts apprehensive glances at drama; shudders*
kakashi: Don't feel any obligation, becca! If you want to drop it, drop it. I won't eat you for it :) And that goes for any drama any of us pick up and that turns South. The only other drama I'm watching apart from Jang Bori (will we EVER see Bori's secret out?!) is Joseon Gunman. It's slow, but in a good way. And episode 12 almost gave me a heart attack.

On Old Stuff

Wei: Can I sneak in here for a quick note? I'm mostly off kdramas for the summer but I have been watching Giant with my parental units on a local Chinese TV channel. It's dubbed (which, boo because I don't get to hear JSW talk), but still such a great watch. The hour goes by really quickly and my dad is such a fanboy of the show, which is rare because dad's job is generally to start napping at minute 15. Anyways, that's that! Miss this blog and watching actual dramas!
bcook: aww that's so sweet! I'm looking for a drama for my dad so he doesn't keep looking at me like i'm weird when I go home and watch kdrama.
Mary: Yey for finding Giant!!! Trying to find dramas/movies to recommend to dads and moms is so hard. It's nerve-wracking waiting for their reaction but also very rewarding when they enjoy the show. Then very annoying when they enjoy it so much and start bugging you everyday for updates and subtitles. *waves to Wei* Hellooooo~ *waves back* That second one is my mom, she's using my DF subscription more than I am! O.O
JoAnne: Hi Wei! I don't have the parent problem. Reyburn watches hockey or baseball or This Old House. Toni Ann watches Turner Classics, PBS, or Lifetime. I keep telling her Lifetime qualifies her for KDrama, but she says if she wanted to read her shows, she'd pick up a book. I'm jealous because Shuk's mom is cool and watches all the crappy shark movies on SyFy.
kakashi: My parents don't watch anything. And my husband ... well. Whenever something remotely Korean appears in his view, he snarks. Not well done, kakashi. Not well done.

Final Words

By the way, Mary and I have decided to call these posts RAWR. For Rants and Weekly Raves.
JoAnne: Oh that works!
Becca: Hold on a sec. *rummages through desk* Okay, here we go: