Rants and Weekly Raves #8 (RAWR)

Remember how we talked about how overwhelmed we are by all the good dramas that are airing right now? Yeah. There's us and then, there's JoAnne .... JoAnne who watches almost everything PLUS many other things. She posted this picture on twitter the other day and I thought it would be good for our readers to know how to manage their drama watching duties. This is how JoAnne does it:
Mary: This is awesome and all, but what I want to see is how JoAnne does her time-space warp to be able to keep up with all the dramas on that list...
kakashi: We'll post that next time.  
bcook: She clearly held Hermione up and stole that time whatsit (scientific and magical term).
kakashi: A time turner. But it seems JoAnne has perfected it further.  

On Fated To Love You

kakashi: Last week, shortly before posting Rants & Raves #7, I started to watch FTLY and marathoned it through until the end of 10. While I quite enjoyed some aspects of it (or rather ONE aspect, it being Jang Hyuk!), I was quite baffled by how cliched it all is. Apart from his wacky character, there is nothing surprising or special about this drama. Everything has happened a gazillion and one time already, from the doormat-gem to the chaebol heir living with his grandma. So, here my question: why do people love it so? I don't get it.
bcook: I don't know. I just love it! They manage to take all the cliches (down to the fluffy dog) and make it funny. Maybe it's the color palate, maybe it's just Jang Hyuk but everything this is just silly and sweet (with some very very hot kisses) and refreshing. The dialogue is charming, the innuendo is sly, the second lead isn't a B@$$&h
JoAnne: There's a lot of meta surrounding Jang Hyuk, and I love that kind of thing... plus he's not an ass although he can  BE one and she's just... oh my god I want to squish her she's so cute. For me, you just really want to root for them. Hard. I don't mind cliches. I mind cliches that are dialed in.  People are committed to their roles in this and Jang Hyuk in particular is having a LOT of fun with it. That makes it fun to watch, for me.
Lafer: I'm so afraid that it just went straight down the tubes after episode 10. I loved it in the same campy was as You're Beautiful, but now we've got to through in the angst crap.
kakashi: Yeah, so I'm glad I dropped it after 10 :) love the moaning on twitter. But then, everybody who started watching this knew what they were getting into, right? I really have nothing against the leads - but in all honesty, I'm so done watching the same frigging doormat heroine over and over. Yeah, yeah, I know! She grows! She stands up for herself! But seriously ... no. And yes, this is also why I frequently fear I might quit KDrama altogether.
bcook: No! You must watch past episode 10. I was scared too because of the whole amnesia thing but it was DONE WELL! Surprisingly. It's pretty interesting watching a drama that takes on EVERY SINGLE kdrama trope and...makes it good!!? The second lead is awesome...but I don't have second lead syndrome, the rejected female has bich like tendencies...but I feel kinda sorry for her. The female lead appears to be a doormat...but she's not really. She's nice! She doesn't hold her feelings in for very long so Gun knows exactly where he stands with her. The noble idocy? Dumb! but seems less dumb because he admits how selfish he wants to be and there is personal reason behind it. I'm betting the mistress came about BECAUSE of that disease...and that's kinda tragic. It's just....watch it. 

On It's Okay, It's Love

You know what, guys? I rewatched the first 4 episodes of IOIL for little clues during the weekend. There's a LOT of stuff to miss if you just watch it once. This is truly masterful writing there, Noh Hee-kyung! I avoided TWTWB like the pest last year, because I HATE melos, but ... hm. If she's that good of a writer, maybe I should watch it? Oh, and Padam. Haven't seen that one either.
JoAnne: Padam got boring for me. I know, blasphemy. I finished it, it's good, ya ya ya... but I was never crazy about it past the first half. TWTWB... ostly that was just really beautiful to watch. I understood her thoughts, to an extent, but it required immense amounts of assumption because the dialogue didn't do much to help that along. At least, not the translated dialogue. I liked it better than Padam, though, when all was said and done. It wasn't ever boring.
Lafer: I couldn't watch Padam even though I love Kim Bum. I was really not invested in TWTWB although I think I did finish it. For some reason I keep falling asleep with IOIL so am obviously missing a lot. My life is really way too busy for dramas at the moment, unfortunately.
bcook: It's a truly beautiful show. I like the contrast with FTLY coz it's raw and everybody is damaged. EVERYBODY. Padam was boring (and I skipped most of it) the dialogue seemed beautiful though. I hope it stays true. I love the fact that it's already written 'coz this means no random changes in episode 14 to satisfy the fans.

(after watching 5): How good is this show??! Hot DAMN I'm in love! I don't think I got it that bad for a very long time. Or ever? I'm producing massive amounts of oxytocin right now. See, THIS is what intrigues me in any drama including KDrama. Human beings that could be real. A hero with issues so big you don't even know where the bottom is. Slow, careful reveals ... a romance to DIE for. Man, do they need each other ... I've watched that kiss at least 30 times. That's not even 20 hours after it aired. 

(after watching 6): Why isn't it Wednesday yet?! (Yeah, alright, how stupid can one doctor be??! Why would you leave a clearly instable patient alone with DRUGS he has told you he wanted you to apply to his brother? A brother that he beat half-dead?!) Anyway, is it Wednesday yet?!

On How to Embarrass Your Dragon

Okay. THIS. It has started.
bcook: Jo, can you employ your time warp whatsit skills on my life so I can watch this show? 
kakashi: So far, am not convinced I will watch. Is it epically bad enough, JoAnne?  
JoAnne: I may have found something that works.
bcook: It's quite bad. I'm still undecided about if the campy is intentional or not. It's got a Xena:warrior woman/Jason and the Argonauts (the 1963 version) production quality (which is kinda sad coz I suspect they spent quite a bit of money on it)

On The Mermaid

I'm waiting for this. I've been waiting for this ever since Age of Feeling ended. HNNGGGGH. It's Thursday 4PM while I write this. Just a couple more hours until impact. By the time RAWR#8 is published, I'll be an incoherent mess. See you on the other side of sanity, chinguuuuus~
JoAnne: Is it wrong of me that I expect to have more fun messing with Mary than I do on the show? But just be advised, everyone: CLIFFORD IS MINE. 
kakashi: Hahaha, Rimmie is a vain dick. Well, I'm sure he has a soft heart or something somewhere. So beautifully self-absorbed ... The Mermaid character is great though! She knows what's good!
bcook: hehe that butt clench. My signature move.

On Seo In Guk (and The Vampire)

JoAnne: Man, our SIG did a wonderful job in his show. I think Episode 15 was pretty perfect, and I think 16 nearly reached that level. Halbae. Halbaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...  This is one extension episode I look forward to, next week. But I still wish she'd end up with the Vampire because...awwwwww :(

On Giffing

I think some of the squeeglets are curious how we make gifs. (Hint: no two squeecappers gif alike!) I used to do it very stupidly until I've found this app called Screentogif. It basically records whatever is on your screen and turns it into a gif. You can drag to resize, set how many frames per second, set slow-mo, add some simple effects, etc. So now I can make gifs even while watching YouTube videos (Surplus Princess trailers, anyone?) Hehe. The app is free. Just be careful not to drag the mouse inside the window while it's recording or there'll be weird cursors running over Oppa's face...
What about you, ladies? How do you gif? kakashi showed me her software once. It was Mac-only, *sobs* and I've had software-envy since then...
JoAnne: Mine are very very exclusive.  No one can see them.
kakashi: Yup, I have the super app. It's called GifBrewery. It's perfect. I'm a total giffing-machine with it.  
bcook: *writes everything down carefully.

The Famous Final Words

JoAnne: 'No, it's fine, I'm sure that noise in the basement is nothing. I'll be right back.' Those kind of final words?
Becca: I think with us it's more of the "Hold my beer and watch this" variety.
bcook: hehehe. "NOOOOOO"? "OOOOPPPPPAAAAAA!"?
kakashi: Ack, you unruly bunch you. You know what? I'm 4 episodes behind Joseon Gunman. How did that happen? Oh, I know: there's Yoo Na's Street now and IOIL. I think I'll watch the 6 episodes again. I'm on massive withdrawals.