Surplus Princess - Episode 1 (A SongJaeRimJob)

I'm gonna need your help on this one, chingus. Surplus Princess has premiered to fantastic reviews from my drama circle. [And by fantastic, I mean "LOL Mary you HAVE to see this", "Hey Mary that mermaid is crazy like you", "Your Rim looks good here Mary" -- stuff like that.]
kakashi: Yes, it is well established that you may either watch this drama for the Rim or watch this drama to torment mary. I, personally, watch it for the Rim. Which means: I fast forward to all the Rim scenes.
JoAnne: I am quite certain that I will have my cake and eat it, too.
becca: I would've watched this show even if Rim wasn't in it. He's the icing on the cake.

It's a punny show with lots of pop-culture references, but I don't understand all the jokes *scratches head* Eh. We all know I'm just here for the RimJeob! If I miss some puns or jokes, please feel free to point it out! Thank you very kamsa!
kakashi: Errr, jokes? Shit. Maybe the fast-forwarding isn't helping.
JoAnne: Pretty sure there will be jokes, yes. And I LOVE 'thank you very kamsa.' which I just started hearing. Was it in this show that I heard it? I thought it was HSK.
becca: It was! I need to finish that drama....


A woman walks barefoot along the shore at sunset. She thinks back to a hundred days ago, when everything started in this same spot, and how she will miss the friends and memories she has made since then. She promises to tell us her story. We see her hand extending out to someone, and that someone clasping it back (who else frantically started to google pictures of Rim's hand to find out whether it's his or the other dudes?!). (No need. We have a picture of it on the WTFParis Jeob#5.) They slowly let go and the girl closes her eyes as she dissolves into bubbles.
JoAnne: That looks like a hand that knows its way around a rim, to me.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. So they're using the Hans Andersen version of Little Mermaid? I did not sign up for this! *creying*
kakashi: Foooooooook you, Disney, for traumatizing millions of little girls when they find out what REALLY happens to the Little Mermaid!
JoAnne: I learned the originals pretty young and still remember how shocking it was...
becca: *grumbles* Damn Little Mermaid. I've got a bone to pick with her, if only for the (negative) influence she's had on dramas. >__< To be honest, though, it's not nearly as traumatic as some of the Grimm Brother's fairytales, which were themselves whitewashed versions of older stories. Anyway, I'm trying to trust that these writers will be subverting the original storyline/ending, so bring it on!

EPISODE 1 "Mermaid from the Stream"

A mermaid swims around underwater. She complains that there may be lots of fantastic creatures in the sea, but it lacks the most important one: a man she can fall in love with. She surfaces in Han River, takes pictures using her phone, and introduces herself as "Aileen" aka the 18th Mermaid. Hehehe.
kakashi: Oh, absolutely. She is VERY hehehe. She is super annoying, that much is clear, but also suuuuuper likeable.
JoAnne: She reminds me of someone...
It's actually the girl from the (sad) intro (I refuse to believe this silly drama will be sad). But for now, she's all chirpy as she talks about her interests: reading about celebrities, catching up on the latest fashion, watching kdramas (there's Reply 1994 and You From The Stars - yay, that much I got!), searching for popular restaurants... all on the modern marvel called waterproof smartphones. Wherever WiFi goes, Aileen goes. (I love her already.) Her gift is charging her phone and using it. I'm not sure if it's an actual superpower or a jokey power like "Watching 365 Dramas a Year" or "Turning All Dramabeans Post Into a Song Jae Rim Discussion".
kakashi: I think she uses some sea creature to charge the phone. No? Or why else would there be a glowing jellyfish? Am I taking this too literal?
JoAnne: No that's what that was, you were right.
becca: I didn't catch that! Resourceful, this girl.
But why is she in the Han River? Good question. And boy, does she have a great answer: SONG JAE RIM. aka Chef Kwon Shi Kyung aka "The Hottest Guy On Earth" (her words, not mine!)
kakashi: A few minutes in and everybody thinks: Damn, this fishgirl is JUST LIKE MARY!
JoAnne: Easily messed with?
becca: Also a fluffy internet kitten?

The cameras focus on Chef Kwon sunning himself by the ship's railing as Aileen praises his "perfect face", "perfect body", and "edible apple bottom" which she wants to bite so much. HAHAHAHA Again, her words. Not mine. Though I love love love that she's a mermaid after my own kokoro.
kakashi: Sorry to be so blunt, but can mermaids even have sex?
JoAnne: Fish have the requisite orifices, yes.

A pretty staffer calls Chef away (she gets her own slo-mo intro - is she the second lead? I like her) and Aileen curses the staff in English, "what the hell!" for ruining her moment. There's a montage of Chef Shi Kyung cooking some sort of seafood dish and I just want to note that I'm 95% sure that those are not Rim's hands. But maybe we should ask the squeeglet who collects pictures of Rim's thumbs? lakaribane, what d'you think?
kakashi: There's a lot of hand-models in acting, for all kinds of things. I knew somebody who hand-modelled when a pianist was needed. The guy was a pianist himself.
JoAnne: Collects thumbs? I... Mary, I think what's going to happen is that this recap series is going to highlight the oddities WE are, not the oddities in the SHOW. and those hands don't seem bony enough to be Rim's.
becca: Definitely not. And they're kinda puffy. I don't like them.

Shi Kyung halts the filming when he notices there's no table mat. He refuses to film unless the plating is picture-perfect. The crew says it's hard to find a mat since they're shooting on the riverside so he orders them to pack-up and re-shoot later. "Wait!" says Pretty staffer, she has an idea. Shi Kyung watches as she rips off the bottom of her lacy skirt and sets it down on the table. "Will this do?" she asks. He doesn't answer her outright, but he tells the crew to set-up the props again.
kakashi: She is awesome. He's a total dick. But a dick with a heart of gold? Let's see.
JoAnne: I am now thinking of dicks made of gold.
kakashi: A friend of ours is a multi-milionair. From selling golden dildos. No joke. 

While the crew is preparing the set, Shi Kyung walks off to stretch for a bit, bringing him closer to Aileen's sights. He turns his back on the water, giving her an even better view of his butt. "That butt! Ottoke? Omo omo!" (HAHAHA Her words, not mine.) Shi Kyung turns around. She ducks down, leaving him unsure if he's seeing things in the water.
JoAnne: Just your bum casting shadows, that's all.

He hears Pretty Staffer and her colleague talking about him. Specifically: how sexy and perfect he is. (DUH) He preens a little bit and tells himself "it'd be weird if I go back right now". Aileen, who is ogling him again, thinks "yes, please, don't go back in yet". Shi Kyung turns around and spots her giant fin disappearing this time. He exclaims "Tuna?!" and fumbles with his phone to take a picture. He slips on the deck and hits his head hard before falling, unconscious, into the water.
kakashi: Mary asked me to gif the overexcited Rim, but that didn't turn out well. I'm giving you sexy-dick Rim instead. Just because.
JoAnne: I'm so confused by the normalness of his face where is the fat-faced Rim who has been scaring me for weeks?
kakashi: He looks creepily healthy, yes.


Aileen sees him fall. She catches his phone first and stuffs it into her bra (practical girl!) before swimming up to Shi Kyung. (I put my phone in my bra lots of times.) And what does she do? SHE KISSES HIM. Good lord, she kisses him. Why, you ask? Fooked if I know. I'm too busy giggling and rolling around my bed to figure it out.
kakashi: Well, before she really got into it, with tongue and all, I thought she was breathing air into his lungs. I was wrong. I think this is a WTF-drama. The sort we like best.
JoAnne: Why ask why? There is a Rim near enough? Kiss him. Simple as that. And yes, squeeze his ass, too.
becca: I think I love this girl. I know I love cable.

Shi Kyung seems to regain a bit of consciousness as he pulls her close and kisses back. Then he opens his mouth. (Thank you, cable.) Aileen's eyes widen in shock at the tongue-action. "What is this squirmy thing? But... it's so exciting." LOL even her voiceover is moaning "Oh yeeees~" as her hands move down and grab "that perfect apple butt". OH GOD. SHE IS ME. SHE IS ME. WAIT--- LET ME PROCESS THIS.
kakashi: I had to watch this a few times to make gifs. The moaning? It kinda gets to you ...
JoAnne: You see his face there in that last shot? Jo Boa really got pretty close to dead center, if you know what I mean.
Pretty Staffer dives in to recover Shi Kyung so Aileen is forced to let go of him and his magnificent butt to hide (booo!). As Staffer pulls him up, his eyes flutter open and he seems to stare down at Aileen as she waves goodbye.
kakashi: Awkward, man. You just made out with a fish.
JoAnne: Or a dead body tied to a cement block by Judd Nelson.

Next, we visit a shared house called "Surplus House". One of the rooms is full of motivational notes on the walls, "Don't give up" "Let's get a job" "$60,000 a year". The occupant is typing out his life story as classical music plays in the background. He likens himself to Van Gogh who loved and studied art so much. But whereas Van Gogh cut off his own ear, "I broke my paintbrush" he finishes. Meet Lee Hyun Myung. A three-year veteran of job hunting who can write 70 cover letters in one sitting.
kakashi: Hm. I like him. Is that a problem?
JoAnne: Get in line, sista. Right now Jilly and I have a time-sharing arrangement with him and Clifford, also known as Big. This one is called Second.
becca: Apparently I've been confusing Second with the second lead guy from Bad Family, and I kept marveling at how different he looks now. Needless to say, I feel a little ridiculous now that I've realized my mistake.

The music starts to quicken as he switches to typing out another application. He closes his eyes and snaps his head to the music like a piano player. LOL. Even his keyboard is a mix of black and white keys! His typing rhythm matches the music as he confidently bullshits about his skills in melding art and technology. (This scene is awesome!) Aileen, in voiceover, introduces him as an "Expert Autobiography Fabricator". Someone she was destined to meet (Uh-oh...). He finishes typing with a shout "I want a job so baaaaaaaaaaad!"
kakashi: He is awesome! Rim, move aside!
JoAnne: Is it safe for me to admit that I'm really not here for Rimmie this time?
becca: I cannot choose! But I think I could be happy either way? As long as Staffer doesn't get either of them.

The Pretty Staffer applauds from the doorway. Aileen's voice introduces "the witch" Yoon Jin Ah, someone who brags about working for a huge company. Then there's a doodle effect to add nine tails to her screenshot. Hehe. She's Hyun Myung's girlfriend. He's shocked to see her hair wet and her skirt ripped up. She shakes her head at him, "What are you imagining?" and he touches her legs in response, saying "You're so sexy, like a mermaid" as he looks up her skirt. *giggles*
kakashi: If she's this man's girlfriend, why is Aileen so jealous? Will there be amoral stuff later, like two-timing or cheating?
JoAnne: You don't recognize her?
becca: Are we supposed to? I just looked, she's only been in this and one movie I've never heard of.

Jin Ah is not in the mood. She has to pack up her stuff because she's moving house tomorrow. Hyun Myung hugs her and says he already did it for her. She pecks him on the lips as a consolation. Their housemates call them downstairs. They give her a choco-pie cake and sing "Congratulations for escaping the share house!" Aileen's voiceover introduces this trio as "et cetera". Not worth introducing. Hehe. They pout at the camera, prompting her to take it back and introduce them.
kakashi: Yeah, this is stuff I fast-forwarded. But it sounds funny. Was it?
JoAnne: I like the guys, but she's a trifling ho.
becca: Word.

First is Do Ji Yong: the Ivy League School graduate who ruined his life playing games.
JoAnne: I hope this guy's got something up his sleeve because I already forget about him in the face of Big Clifford and Second.
kakashi: OMG he's so annoying. Next!

Next is "Big" aka Clifford. What name d'you wanna use, Jo? Big sounds delightfully dirtier... Aileen tells us his real name is a secret though. Goddamit, he's cute. Sekshi too. *coos over puppy* *puts him gently back in Jo's basket*
kakashi: This is no puppy, mary. This is a mastiff. A giant variant.
JoAnne: This is Big Clifford. I will teach him some tricks, yes I will. Time for your treat, Clifford! Here, Clifford. Right here. Stay, Clifford. Stay. That's a good boy. Stayyyyyyyyy. Good boy! Now roll over! Who wants a tummy rub? Who does? Oh, I bet that feels good, doesn't it? Give mama kisses, you big beautiful boy. That's right. Good boy!
Last one: Lee Sun Kyu. The share house owner who's a pushover and a softy. He even does aegyo at the camera! Aileen's voiceover says "eeeeugh".
JoAnne: In his spare time, Lee Sun Kyu likes wearing women's clothing. In fact, he has on Jin Ah's panties right now.
kakashi: OMG he's so annoying. Next!
becca: I thought he was kinda funny....

Then the door opens and AAAAHHHHH it's Kim Seul Gi!!! *heart beams* Police tape is doodled around her screenshot as Aileen refuses to tell us who "this cynical face is". Well, I don't know about cynical, but since she gives Jin Ah a dirty stare, she's good in my book. Meh, who are we kidding, it's Kim Seul Gi! We're on her side! Always!
kakashi: Oh! She looks good! I almost didn't recognize her! In fact, I didn't recognize her! Sorry, my love ... I will no longer fast-forward you.
JoAnne: I did NOT recognize her, and now I am beside myself with happiness.
becca: I always have trouble recognizing her without the huge dark circles from FBND, but I knew to look for her this time, so I caught it. *pats self on back*

Hyun Myung watches Jin Ah pack and muses that it feels like they're separating, even if she's just moving across the river. Jin Ah doesn't want him to go with her tomorrow, so Hyun Myung nuzzles her again and hints that maybe they should, y'know, since it's her last night here and all... she says no. (Aww. Poor, horny puppy.)
kakashi: sometimes, I forget its a cable show am watching and get shocked. Look what KDrama did to my sex-exposure!
JoAnne: He's a little horn-dog, he is. I like it! Come here, Second! Come on, boy! Sit! Stay... stayyyyyyy... good boy! Now roll over...
becca: There's really nothing I can say after you do stuff like this, Jo.

Jin Ah's phone rings and she shushes Hyun Myung before answering it in a high-pitched voice. It's almost comical how obvious her aegyo is, except she's talking to my AppleButt and her boyfriend is right there. So I'm not laughing. Are you?
kakashi: No.
JoAnne: I kept quiet earlier even though I had a feeling, but I didn't want to spoil it for you. We do not like her.
becca: Some of us Twitterbeans are plotting to tie her to a cement block and sink her in the ocean. Hopefully the mermaids aren't a compassionate lot.

The sharehouse "et cetera" trio is drinking in the garden and gossiping about the couple upstairs. Clifford bets that they will split up. So does Ivy Leaguer Ji Yong. So does houseowner Sun Kyu. Haha. Ji Yong tells Sun Kyu to choose the opposite side, otherwise there's no bet. He agrees then pouts, prompting Ji Yong to say HE will just be the one to bet on the losing side then. Then he pouts too, prompting Clifford to say "Let's just call off the bet! Cheers to that couple!"
JoAnne: Big Clifford is sweet. I think he deserves a treat.
kakashi: I do wonder about his size. 
becca: *does some quick research* He's 6"1', which is only a couple inches taller than SJR and Second. I know taller people. Basically, everyone else in this drama is just tiny.


Shi Kyung is in the shower. He remembers the underwater kiss (and the butt-grab). He touches his lips at the memory, wondering if it was a dream. Just then, the drycleaner rings the bell to deliver his clothes. The delivery guy hands Shi Kyung a pretty, shiny thing which he found in one of the pockets. Shi Kyung looks at it, not sure where it's from. (God, I missed Rim's musing voice. It's so deep and soft... hmm...)
JoAnne: She does have a point.
kakashi: I have learned to be weary of shower scenes in the first few episodes. You see, Kim Ji-hoon usually gets to show his beautiful body once, mostly in the beginning, but then, THAT IS IT for the rest of the show. It's not fair!
We cut to Aileen nursing a spot on her tail using a starfish. That shiny thing found in Shi Kyung's pocket was one of her scales! She manages to unlock Shi Kyung's phone. She looks around consciously and says to no one in particular, "this isn't invasion of privacy, this is me looking for information to return the phone to the owner". (I like how you think, girl!)
kakashi: Does she have a(n additional hole) now? 

The gallery is full of his selfies. LOL even his character is such a peacock here! Then Aileen's phone pings. Chef Kwon just tweeted something. Aileen reads it and flips her fins in joy. Shi Kyung tweeted about her! (I'll tell you about the tweet later. *wink*)

Shi Kyung's phone pings too. It's an invitation to a MAMA'S Party featuring him and some DJ Fenner. LOL Rim's dancing is just too cheesy. Aileen gets all hyper, imagining the dancing and the food. Her thoughts showing up as doodles around her head. The dancers turn into mermaids and she's pissed off to realize that she can't exactly dance, much less attend the party with a tail.
JoAnne: She can lay on one of those bed couches and have half naked men feed her grapes. What does she eat?
kakashi: Still not convinced about how mermaids DO certain things. I think they're like angels.
becca: Like, they just pop into existence? Or are you thinking asexual reproduction?

She gets an idea (of course). We see her swimming warily into a foggy pool with lots of floating wine bottles... someone is drunkenly singing "Part of Your World". It's her unni, the 17th Mermaid aka Sevelyn. She left to study in Russia and came back with a love of for alcohol and cussing. Haha! Sevelyn finishes another bottle and cries that it's no good. Russian liquor is the best!
JoAnne: Ice cold vodka! Dark pumpernickel bread! Smoked salmon! ooh, borscht...sigh...and cucumbers with sour cream...
kakashi: I'm more into Tequila these days, but I won't say no!
becca: *sips on her glass of milk*

Aileen asks her about that time she showed off a bottle of wine sent by her friend, Prilly. Y'know, the one Sevelyn taught how to become human. (OMG please let Kim Seul Gi be Prilly OMG YES I agree!) Aileen wants to know the secret too so she can go on a date with the man she loves. Sevelyn scolds her for obsessing about that human 24/7. (Me: *tries not to look guilty and fails*) She says humans and mermaids don't fall in love, but Aileen proves her wrong by showing her Shi Kyung's tweet.

"My tongue is accurate. That was the taste of love, like a souffle I made. I want to find her, the one who has my phone."
Thanks to jules via twitter for giving me the better subs! ^___^
So... Shi Kyung has a Super Tongue just like Hoon has Super Hands? OMG. Is he gonna use his tongue to find Aileen, then? *starts looking into mermaid disguises*
JoAnne: He just likes fish, that's all.
kakashi: Stop! We don't want mary to dress like a fish! Or put on fish perfume!
becca: Hopefully his character will actually be relevant to the story. Unlike Hoon.

Sevelyn asks what she's gonna do at that party? Have a one-night stand??? Aileen says, "well... since I love him, why not?" Sevelyn says no fooking way. She tries to leave, feigning drunkenness, when Aileen exclaims "I'll buy you a 17 year old Ballantine's!" Sevelyn keeps ignoring her until she promises to buy a 30 year old wine. Sevelyn notes it's very expensive. "I'll sell my pearls if I have to" answers Aileen. With that, Sevelyn leans into her ears and whispers the secret. 
JoAnne: *sniffs* pffft, fresh water pearls.

We cut into a marshy stream with crows cawing in the background. In voiceover, Sevelyn says Aileen must look for Witch Ahn (Ahn Ma Nyeo). He's the second mermaid to ever become human. He used to live in a boarding house near Cheonggye Stream... though no one knows if he's still there now.
JoAnne: Witch Ahn is off.
kakashi: how does a mermaid transform into a hairy man?
becca: He was a Merman! If only his name were Ethel. *laughs head off at her own lame joke*

Indeed, Aileen sees a scary, dilapidated house near the banks as she cautiously calls out Ma Nyeo... Ma Nyeo... When no one answers, a frustrated Aileen screams "AHN MA NYEO!" *cue lightning and thunder and rain* A figure in a dirty, hooded trenchcoat appears. (It's Ahn Gil Kang! Love this guy!)

"Who are you?" he asks in a deep rumble.

"What the-- it was a guy?" says Aileen. The doodles over Ahn Ma Nyeo says he's wanted on charges of "stealing" the secret potion. Then there's a doodle "What the fxxk" with the middle finger crossed out. LOL
kakashi: Aileen has a potty mouth. I like it. 

Sevelyn's voiceover reminds Aileen to be strong. She shouts back "Who do you think you are? I'm a mermaid princess!" Oh, but Ahn Ma Nyeo guesses she's the eighteenth mermaid, Aileen. She wonders how he knew that. Ma Nyeo raises his arms, "I delivered you with my own hands."
JoAnne: Guess that answers that question.
kakashi: I still don't get the mermaid --> man. 

Aileen seems thrilled to hear that, probably expecting leniency from the midwife (husband?) That is, until Ma Nyeo tells her to go away. It's not safe for her to be so near human dwellings. She asks him for the potion to turn human. Ma Nyeo conspicuously clasps his belt and denies that he has such a thing. The doodles point out "it's obviously right here". He tells her to leave and never come back. Then he covers himself with his coat like a disappearing magician and walks away. LOL
becca: Brilliantly awkward. I'm going to love him, I think.

Next morning, Jin Ah, the fox, is unpacking her things when the bell rings. She's annoyed to see Hyun Myung making heart signs at the intercom. The Bitch With A Heart Of No lets him in reluctantly. He's here to help her unpack so she can go to work. He's delighted about her awesome new digs and checks out the view, adding that he'll live in this building too once he gets a job. Jin Ah says it's too expensive for him. He should pay his debts and student loans first.
JoAnne: I will cut it off before I let you anywhere near the apple butt, you hussy. Poor Second.
kakashi: Something I hate even more than a KDrama full of cliche is a cliched 2nd Lead. So annoying! Evanesco! (I admit, I had to look the Harry Potter spell up. Though I did Latin in school. For 3 years!)

Hyun Myung aegyos, "then, can't I live here with youuuu~?" No, she answers. Hyun Myung makes kissy faces and says it's her first day in a new house, so... "No", she says again. Not in broad daylight like an animal! He picks her up, growling "I am an animal, didn't ya know?" She shrieks as he tips her, but the sound of the passcode being entered interrupts them. It's her mom!
JoAnne: I was ready to throw Big Clifford out the window and bargain my soul for him but Jilly stood strong.
kakashi: Man. Rimmie will have a hard job against HornDoggie.
becca: He's gonna have to step it up, that's for sure.

Hyun Myung tries to crawl under the sofa while Jin Ah empties one of the closets. She remembers to hide the shoes too (good call! watching dramas, are we?) Hyun Myung manages to squeeze himself inside the closet as Birkin Bitch (from You're All Surrounded) makes her appearance. She sits with her back to Hyun Myung's closet as she unpacks the food she brought.
JoAnne: Look at how flexible he is.
kakashi: I'm taking note.
becca: I just bet you are....

While Birkin Bitch is talking, the closet swings slightly open because Hyun Myung's shirt got caught in it. Jin Ah can see her boyfriend's face as her mom advices her to "drop that loser Hyun Myung" and find a guy from this posh neighborhood. People like Hyun Myung will always fail in life, there's no use staying with them. She got this apartment for her daughter because this building is full of men with six-figure salaries.
Jin Ah looks apologetically at Hyun Myung, but he's the one who mouths "It's alright" at her, even as he looks crushed at how low Birkin Bitch's opinion is of him. The closet swings fully open and he stumbles into Birkin Bitch. At least she has the decency to feel embarrassed at what she just said.
JoAnne: I think the poor puppy needs his tummy rubbed. You all keep in with what you were doing. I will take care of it. 
kakashi: Dream on, Mama. 

He excuses himself and walks around in a funk. It's nighttime when he finally boards the bus home. Still, he's bothered that Jin Ah didn't even text him after what happened that morning. His own mom calls just then, and he pretends that he's eating well. (He is breaking my heart, this guy.) At Surplus House, Big and Ivy League Ji Yong wonder why Hyun Myung is eating late. And instant noodles at that. Didn't Jin Ah feed him over there? He snaps at them to leave him alone.
JoAnne: Seriously, at this point I'm like, Rim? Rim is in this? I know that won't last, of course.

His phone pings (his message tone is from Secret Garden, I think...) (yes) It's a rejection message from a company. "Thank you for applying, but etc etc" It pings another time: same message, same company... it pings for the third time! Same message, same company. LMAO. He explodes and starts typing a furious reply when his phone pings again. "Congratulations, etc etc"
JoAnne: I really thought his furious response would go to the wrong company.

Big and Ji Yong dance around with him. He tries to calm them down. It's just an invitation for second screening, not exactly a job offer yet. But the dorks can't contain their excitement and end up dancing again anyway.
JoAnne: My heart is melting.

Jin Ah encounters Shi Kyung along a jogging path at night. She greets him but he ignores her. MWAHAHAHA She follows my Rim to the lifts and pretends to be surprised again "Omo!" This time Shi Kyung acknowledges her. She asks him if he's mad or something? He admits that he doesn't notice people when he's concentrating. (Please keep concentrating, Chef-nim. It's hot.)
JoAnne: Plus she's trying to ditch her sweetheart boyfriend for a bigger wallet, which, hey, go for it. But break up with the guy first.
kakashi: Fall into the water and die. I really hope this drama DOESN'T follow the Little Mermaid too closely.
becca: I will allow it ONLY if she gets her just desserts and isn't given a free pass at the end. Go ahead, woman, dig your own hole! I'll push you in and fill it back in!

(Is it too early to start excluding Jin Ah from the screencaps?)

Jin Ah tells him she just moved in. He thanks her for saving him and also praises her quick thinking with the mat. Then he invites her for dinner "sometime". Y'know, tvN said Chef Shi Kyung had a secret. Can't that secret be he's Dr. Hannibal or something?
JoAnne: Maybe he was the FIRST mermaid.
kakashi: Oh, a secret! Maybe he likes to wear woman's clothes? Yeah, I know, that's an old joke...

Jin Ah smiles as she remembers the day she was house-hunting with her mom. When she saw Shi Kyung claiming his mail from the frontdesk of this building, she told her mom she'd take the unit here. Then earlier tonight, she wasn't really jogging so much as waiting for Shi Kyung so she can bump into him casually.
I don't know why they show'd us this part. Why, tvN? To make us hate her? I already hate her. Between her and Yoo Na's Street's Mi Seon, my hate is all used up for 2014. I didn't even have the energy to say "Fook off" when my sis sent me an EXO picture this morning.
JoAnne: hahahahahahaha I think I will start to do that too.
kakashi: I will fastforward her even more from now on. 

Jin Ah exits on the 8th floor (Rim's is 20th), leaving Shi Kyung alone on the lift. We get this creepyass sound effect while he looks at his reflection and fiddles with something on his phone. Any chance he's noting on his calendar, "Tomorrow's Dinner: Roasted Wily Fox"?
JoAnne: We can see his reflection, so he's not a vampire.
kakashi: The combination of psycho and cook is creepy.
becca: Well, cooking does require a certain amount of creativity.... Just don't ask what's in it.

Big and Ji Yong give Hyun Myung interview tips to help him get the job and secure Jin Ah.

Ji Yong's tip: ARMPITS. When you're nervous, you sweat. When you sweat, you smell. When you smell, the interviewer thinks "He didn't prepare well". Out!
JoAnne: ooh, kimchi. yeah. Love it, but not sweated out of someone. That would not be cool.

Big (who's wearing a shirt that says MEDIUM haha) gives CL's confidence tip: just keep repeating that you're cool and confident and the world will follow. *cue dancing to 2NE1's "Best"*
JoAnne: I think Big Clifford should put his money where his mouth is. OMG I just thought of something. You remember Kei and Little Kei. Well, Big is such a big person that... so it's Big, and then Medium Big.
kakashi: Oh. But what if it's Big and ... Very Big?
becca: *ignores dirty unnies to say how much she loves Big's adorable dancing*

Sun Kyu who's busy altering an old suit for Hyun Myung, takes out some money and hands it to him. "Tip", he says. "That was lame, hyung" says Ji Yong. But Hyun Myung cheers anyway. Hey, money is money!
(Can I say I love this family? Love it now that Jin Ah has left, I'm sure we'll love it more once Aileen moves in!)
JoAnne: This is going to be great, Mary. Thank you for whatever weird magic you put out into the universe that cause this to happen.
Morning. Hyun Myung is being interviewed (His name reminds me of our Cutie Soo, Yoon Hyun-min? Random? Yes). He gulps nervously and his heart is beating so fast and so loud while he explains how his art major can help the company he's applying for. He fumbles with his documents as his heartbeat grows louder and the interviewer screams to watch out! Then his heart explodes from the suspense.
JoAnne: I knew it was coming and still got startled. Idiot.
Hyun Myung wakes up from the nightmare and checks his phone. Still no message from Jin Ah. He sits up and decides to practice his interview spiels again. He walks to the (real) interview later, all smiles and nervous energy. He calls Jin Ah and cheerily asks her to wait, detailing how he'll buy a car, then buy her outfits, then propose-- *cut* Jin Ah has spotted Shi Kyung at work so she ended the call, missing the last part.
JoAnne: Oh she did NOT. Oh it is ON. This heifer is going down.
kakashi: I'm afraid he'll get the girl. Some hearts might be broken in the process.
becca: *screams of horror*

Shi Kyung acknowledges her this time. He even turns back to ask her to switch to her old perfume because he liked that one better. [Ack, he still has that Crazy Mo vibe. I keep expecting him to falcon-punch Jin Ah's face. Or was that just my wishful thinking?]
JoAnne: What if we promise to send rice to an orphanage. Will he do it then?

One of Jin Ah's coworkers witnesses Shi Kyung commenting on Jin Ah's perfume. (It's Nice Roommie aka Jisoo from WTFParis!) She squees with Jin Ah and wonders if she should switch perfumes too? I'm not sure if it's relevant, but Jisoo has really huge eyebags and looks stressed.
JoAnne: Wow, totally didn't notice. Good catch! Hey wait. Do you think this means she and Rimmie are dating IRL?
kakashi: Oh gawd no. *I go google "Song Jae Rim's Girlfriend and am happy*.

They watch their CEO pass by like she's in a runway. (LOL is there even a normal character in this show?) They gush about her while working. Awed at how she succeeded without help from "Royal Family", and how they dream to be like her someday.
becca: There's gonna be corporate stuff in this drama, isn't there? *sigh*

"Wow, what a nice chatty atmosphere" someone interrupts. The girls' eyes widen in fear as someone rises slowly from the next cubicle. LOL even her intro music is epic! Does anyone know that song? She's that crazy woman from Cruel City who tried to kill Jin-sook unni in prison. I am glad that she is Jin Ah's boss, because I just enjoy someone putting the fear of Jeebus into that fox's face. She speaks random bits of French(?) too, is this Prilly? Anyway, she scolds Jin Ah's "inappropriate" party clothes (yeaah~) before ordering both girls to chop! Chop! Maaaan I wish she'll be on Aileen's side. *sigh*
JoAnne: Basically we suspect everyone of being Prilly.
kakashi: FUN.
Speaking of Aileen, she's back in Cheonggye Stream, killing time online while waiting for Ma Nyeo to show up again. Her phone pings with Shi Kyung's new tweet: "A party for you. I am your shadow." which only makes Aileen more impatient. Where is that Ahn Ma Nyeo?
JoAnne: His name is important. I wonder if the others are, too.

Ma Nyeo pops-up and repeats that he doesn't have the potion. Aileen takes out an antique vase, "Really?" Ma Nyeo takes it as Aileen begs again to be human for a club party. Ma Nyeo thinks it's a shallow reason until she clarifies that her loved one is looking for her.

Ma Nyeo clutches his belt again (LOL) and repeats that he doesn't. Have. The. Potion. (But he took the vase! LOL) Aileen takes out a string of large pearls this time. Ma Nyeo warns her, "Humans can't be trusted. Trust becomes lies and true love becomes betrayal." Then he takes the pearls as the price for his "precious advice".

Aileen isn't listening. She's eyeing that belt pouch. Haha. When Ma Nyeo tries to leave again, she pretends to lug a heavy treasure out. He leans in curiously. Aileen grabs him and dunks him underwater, demanding the potion. Ma Nyeo cries that he can't breathe underwater! "Really?" *dunk* LOL
JoAnne: I can see him as her protesting sidekick down the road...I wonder who he loved? Maybe it was Prilly and he followed her.
becca: So, he's her Sebastian? I can dig it.

Aileen manages to grab the potion in the struggle. She swims away triumphantly while Ma Nyeo cries "Princess Aileen! Princess Aileen!" He cries that's not the potion. She ignores his protests and says "Let's meet again as humans!" before downing the drink.
She shoots up and transforms Sailor Moon style. Her tail splits to form into legs, then she crash-lands with a huge cloud of dust somewhere in the banks of Han River. LOL she sits, Terminator style as electricity arces around her. She opens her eyes. End of episode 1.
JoAnne: Excellent first episode.
kakashi: Yeah, it was alright. Sorry I fastforwarded, I'm just so stressed these weeks.
becca: It's nice to see a girl getting the Terminator entrance for a change.


Sun Kyu tours us around the Surplus House. He lives in the first floor. So do Ji Yong and Big who share a room.

One of the second floor rooms is Hyun Myung's. The other was recently vacated by Jin Ah. There are seashells and stuff though, hinting that Aileen will move there soon.

The third floor is all Kim Seul Gi's. :D
JoAnne: I got the impression that he was narrating for one of those '360 view' things you can do when househunting online, didn't you?
Hmm... sounds about right. ^___^
becca: I love the prologue - it's deadpan delivery amuses me to no end.


Aaaah~ Rim, I missed you. I thought I didn't. I was content to wait for the weekend to watch this. But I wasn't prepared for the flood of notifs of people reporting that some mermaid is muscling in on my Rim's... err... muscle.

I don't hate her, though. How can you hate someone who loves with all her kokoro? Maybe this is why you all give me a wide berth and are content to just watch me flop around like a crazy fish?
JoAnne: That and it's more entertaining to mess with you than it is to lust after him.
kakashi: He is definitely safe from me. My heart is too full these days. No more space.

I think Rim is the second lead. *sigh* (yes, it certainly feels that way) But I don't really mind. He's not losing to an Alex. He's losing to an adorable, horny puppy who acts well and has a great character arc. Besides, how can I complain about Rim's second lead status when tvN gives him kisses and shower scenes and butt-grabs in the first episode?
becca: I follow the general rule that the first guy the girl likes (or thinks she might like) is the second lead. Unless there's a childhood segment, in which case the first love is the lead. It's not foolproof, but it works most of the time. As someone who makes a habit of shipping canon for the sake of convenience, I've found it quite helpful.

The only way this drama would be more perfect is if they open a Surplus Princess theme-park later where you can play Apple Bobbing. And by "apple" I don't mean "apple".
JoAnne: You are the AppleButt's AppleButti.
kakashi: Es Öpfelfüdli!