Test Post: Practicing With Pics

[Mary: about this post... I was testing stuff again, talking to myself and playing with blogger's picture uploading rules when things took a "strange turn".... See for yourself below.]

These are our makjang puppies! ^___^

Unbeknownst to us, our German Shepherd who has free rein in our yard at night is letting a slim, loverdog inside without raising the alarm. And they were having fun sekshi times. Tumbling in the grass!

Anyway, yeah. She got pregnant. So we had half-breed puppies. My brother even jokes about how we sent Guzen to school, fed her good food, gave her a huge house-- and she repays it by having an affair with some street mutt "below her level". Hehehe then my dad jokes about how when he sees "that guy", he will make him pay for knocking up our dog and running away.

Meh. I'm just putting stuff in. I'll use this post to test blogger's weird picture rules....

kakashi: I must say, your life is about as fascinating as a KDrama. Can't say that about mine!!!!! In any case, I love that you did all that smart stuff with the code for the pics. Hehe. While I just used that T-thing above. Hehe.

*sigh* I should learn that, "work smarter, not harder" adage...

JoAnne: Once again, I am inadvertently the means by which Mary learns An Important Bit of Information. And this time, I was completely innocent.  Seeking knowledge, even. Cute puppies, by the way. 

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[This is where it gets weird. (Again.) Someone sneaked in and added pictures of "puppies". Her name starts with "J" and ends with "oAnne".]

[Mary: So what do we do? We give in, of course! Who are we to say no to "puppies"?]

How can you forget Big???
In terms of puppy names, his is the best.
And we didn't even have to reach for that one.
JoAnne:  Look at him! He's so CUTE!  Like a super-sized Baro!
kakashi: Who are you crazy people?! You crack me up!!! We should post this.
JoAnne: You should have been there when Mary figured out that I could write an entire paragraph that was never for one moment at all about what I was actually writing on the page.

Mary: It was art, JoAnne. And you are a master. Here, have more puppies.

becca: I do think there's been a mistake. This one is not a puppy. He's a kitty.

becca: And he's mine, btw, so that's TWO reasons he doesn't belong with you puppy-gutterers! *carries Cheshire Oppa to safety*

Mary: I think I should just go ahead and publish this....