The Night Watchman - Episode 1 (A WTFCap)

Something new.  Not much in the way of word count, but I wonder how slowly it will load? I'm not sure I'll keep on with this for the full run yet. I'm hoping for something a bit 'Legend'-y (the Bowie one), something sort of 'NeverEnding Story'-ish, with maybe a dash of those live action Saturday morning shows from the '70s. We'll see.
I've got my eye on you
Episode One


A couple things to note:  The King seems very nice, except for when he doesn't. For example, that is clearly his illegitimate son, and he's being raised in the palace, yes, but everyone treats him like a pariah if they even think of him at all. Everyone except his little brother, that is,  who used polite speech  with him and genuinely seemed to care in that brief interaction.  Hyungnim, naturally, is torn between dislike for everyone and a clear longing to join in.

I'm also not so entirely certain that the Mago Shamaness is on the up-and-up.  Her OR her mother, really.  

We tried adding commentary to this, and it didn't seem to work.  That wasn't my intention so I have to think about that a bit as I decide whether to move forward.  Part Most All of what I love about squeecapping is the interplay between us on the page, and I'm always really happy when it makes you guys laugh.  It's a little weird standing here alone.