The Three Musketeers - a Gifcap - Episode 1

Our story starts in Joseon, 100 years after the legend of the Three Musketeers was supposed to have taken place.
A mysterious book of the tale of the Three Musketeers is found, written by Park Dal Hyang.
What if the story was true? What if Crown Prince SoHyeon had become King, how would the Joseon Dynasty have turned out? But it's only a legend. There's no such person in history as Park Dal Hyang. Or was there?
Fast-backward 100 years to see an eager 22 year old by the name of Park Dal Hyang. Oh look, it's Yonghwa! Already showing more action here than in his last 5 dramas! He's getting ready to go to Hanyang, to take the military service exam.
Instead of money, His cheapskate father sends him with a letter of introduction for the minister of the district, claiming to know him. Good thing his mom knows his father is full of hot air and slips him some cash.
Look how happy and confident he is! I already like you in this role, Yonghwa! Too bad your 22 year old horse doesn't have the same get up and go as you do.
As expected, not far into the journey, the horse collapses. Not to worry, a little trip to the horse shop and the horse is like new  back to his old self.
Of course this is not the end of the (literal) roadblocks. But tigers, storms, and detours around mountains (haha, I got a real kick out of that) can not deter our Dal Hyang from making it to the minister's house the night before the exam. But wait, the minister is not home! And apparently his Dad's letter means nothing (duh.)
The city is full of men waiting to take the exam, and the house is already full. Dal Hyang must find his own lodging, but not before falling prey to a little more misfortune.
With what little luck and money he has left, Dal Hyang finds a room at ten times the normal cost. Kind of like Times Square on New Year's Eve. But wait, it's not even a single? Now there's the mopey face I've come to know and dislike before seeing CNblue live love, Yonghwa!
Worse yet, his roommate gets the bejesus beat out of him by some random thugs who break into the room. Turns out someone is trying to prevent the top contenders from taking the test tomorrow!
This is just too much for our Dal Hyang! This isn't right-he needs justice! Time for the deathstare!
He also needs a horse. And look who happens to arrive just at that moment, on horseback! Hey, whoever you are, your horse will do just fine! OHHH, it's my favorite kisser and his two cronies. What luck!

Look, if you don't want to give me your horse, let's just all go together! Time's a wasting. (But hopefully they'll be time for kissing later.)
And the ass-kicking begins! Wow, nice stunt, Yonghwa! Hmm, maybe that isn't really him, but.....
Needless to say, they get the job done, and of course our hero, Dal Hyang, is impressive. Yeah, I'm cool. I'll just stand next to my conquest.
But Dal Hyang wonders how things got resolved so quickly. Who are these 3 men? And of course the answer is...ta da...The Three Musketeers, a name our illustrious kisser, I mean leader, made up on the spot. Oh poor boy, if you only knew.

The three men decide to take a little trip to the local gibang, but must enter through the back door to protect their privacy (because if you haven't figured it out already, they are VERY important men.)
It seems as if Mr. Good Kisser doesn't have women on his mind tonight--that's too bad. He's there to have a secret meeting, getting briefed on the war at hand. Meanwhile, back at the parking garage, our youngest Musketeer finds a very curious letter stuck to his saddle.
It's obviously Park Dal Hyang's but the contents are suspect. Just about that same time, Dal Hwang realizes he's missing his letter.  Oh cr**, where did I leave it?
He receives a note--the Musketeers have found his letter. He should go to the gibang to retrieve it! Little does he know they think the letter could be treason. He's got some 'splaining to do.
Musketeer #2 shares the letter with the leader. Apparently it's a love letter from a girl named Yoon Seo, written 5 years ago, who promises to remain faithful until Dal Hyang comes to Hanyang and passes his exam. Shouldn't the leader question him to find out his true intentions? Ah, the plot thickens.
As expected, Dal Hwang runs to get his letter back. But not so fast, buster. Isn't this a conspiracy? Has he seen Yoon Seo in the last 5 years? Does he know Yoon Seo is married to the Crown Prince? Well, obviously not! His hometown is too far away.
Poor Dal Hyang. He studied so hard to get his girl. He's heartbroken. Our leader is confused - he should punish him but wants to console him. Let's take a minute to watch Yonghwa do some crying.
Cut away to the Crown Princess, who's surprised to hear her husband--THE CROWN PRINCE--is there to see her. Oh, look! It's our leader Musketeer! Well, of course it is. (And the maid does an awesome backwards shuffle.)
Does the Crown Princess, Miss Yoon Seo, know of a Park Dal Hyang? Does she know that potentially one of his best soldiers could fail the exam because of his sincere feelings towards her? Uhhh, someone needs to work on their poker face.
No amount of back peddling will get her out of this one. Mr Crown Prince aka Musketeer has proof! But surprisingly, he seems rather amused at the situation.
He leaves, wondering what happened to the bold girl from the letter. Now is time for the "every drama must-have", the I'll always love my first love flashback to pretty sageuk music.
Meanwhile, Dal Hyang in contemplating his lousy fate. He can never see Yoon Seo again, she being confined to the palace and all, and the Musketeers have told him he must come in first place in the exam to show his loyalty to his country and save Yoon Seo. #2 enjoys telling Dal Hyang how violent a man the Crown Prince is, right leader?
Morning approaches, (and don't ask me how on no sleep) Dal Hyang is ready to go. Of course he succeeds in everything from bow and arrow
to spear throwing from a horse
to target shooting,
to archery on a horse, because honestly what else was there to do in his little village?
He makes it as one of the 28 selected. To determine position, the 28 must take a test of the King's choosing, which is archery on a horse. Hey, no problem for Dal Hyang, right?  But wait, who is that coming in to sit next to the King? Why it's the Crown Prince. What the????
Park Dal Hyang cannot believe his eyes! These guys have been playing me like a fiddle! And they're all smirking at me! His mind cannot escape the memories of last night.
His concentration now lost, our poor Dal Hyang aimlessly shots his arrow into another horse's flank, and goes tumbling to the ground. Ah, Yonghwa, you're really throwing yourself into this role!
All chaos ensues as the injured horse becomes a whirlwind of destruction, running wildly through the crowd and directly towards the King. What will happen to our Dal Hyang now?