Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 42 (KimJiCap)

We're at 33% and over in terms of ratings and there is truly no stopping this wonderfully crazy drama, which is now rushing and gushing towards its certain end. Who will live and who will die? Or rather: who will live happily ever after and who will live miserably in hell or worse? There's a few things to resolve and all of a sudden, 8 episodes don't seem even remotely enough time. Can we get an extension, please?
JoAnne: Oooh, a second season! MinJung: Her life as a Ragpicker.

Episode 42

The showdown at the warehouse is in full swing: The three year anniversary video is a true hit, so to speak! I wonder whether it is Min-jung's enthusiastic "I love you, more than my life" that gets Jae-hee the most? It certainly felt like that last nail you put into a coffin. He turns around, murder in his eyes and for a nanosecond, I feel a tiny little bit sorry for Min-jung, even though I still don't know whether she truly cares for this man or whether her panic is an act. Or whether she cares for what this man stands for. Yeah, I think that's it. 
JoAnne: I'd have to agree with you - he could be anyone as long as he was handsome, rich, and could help her professionally. I don't think she understands the difference, though, so for her, she IS in love.
"You deceived me?" asks a barely rage-controlled Jae-hee. Right then, Little Kang (that's not Little Kei)(Little Kei would not be useful here.) leaves with the police - why is beyond me, because clearly, violence is about to happen. And indeed, when Min-jung begs Jae-hee to believe that what he just saw, that wasn't love, she only loves him, he swings and slaps her hard. Not okay, Jae-hee, even if it's Min-jung. She is on her knees and stays there, begging him not to "throw her away" and then crawls over to beg Moony to stop. It's so uncomfortable to watch.
JoAnne: It really WAS uncomfortable, wasn't it? Even if I hate someone I don't really want to see them so debased. Dead, maybe. Turned into some abject snivelling crawling wreck? No. It was horribly embarrassing to see her hanging on their legs like that.
What else is there? asks Jae-hee (he is an idiot, but his pain is no pleasure to watch) - and Moony answers that he hasn't even started yet. Oh dear. Jae-hee warns Moony: nobody is to find out about this (with this, he means Moony and Min-jung's previous alliance). It is his decision what he will do with his current wife. Ah, that is why he hid the proof in episode 41! We just won ourselves a few more episodes.
JoAnne: Do you agree with me that this was very neatly done and admire the writer for ALWAYS finding a new way out of a mess? To use Jae  Hee's inferiority complex as a reason for him to SIDE with Min Jung (sort of side) is so obvious and yet... the way my brain works, it would have been the reason he threw her away and made sure he wasn't associated with her.
Outside, Min-jung tells Jae-hee that he may use her however he wants (she doesn't care because she luuuurves him so much) because now, this isn't about what a lying bitch she is anymore, but about Jae-hee and his plans to take over his father's business (smoooooth, Min-jung). Ah, and by the way, Jae-hee? Your mother is responsible for Jae-hwa's mother's death! Oups, you didn't know? Yeah - everybody goes down together. He leaves saying he will never believe her again, but I'm pretty sure her words had an impact. They always do, don't they?
JoAnne: They always do, that fucking bitch of a cold-hearted, lying, scheming, monstrous excuse for a human being. I really admire her quick-wittedness. Is there ever anyone this quick-witted who is a good person?
Little Kang is back to help a completely spaced-out Moony to his feet. He doesn't look good. Little Kang asks Moony to stop because Jae-hee might have rich parents, but the truth is he is really pitiful. I hadn't noticed, but I guess we have to go with that. Little Kang also says that Jae-hee really loves Min-jung (the foooool). Moony however is determined: this isn't just his revenge. This is for the person he most loves (that would be Bi-dan) and for the person he feels most sorry to (Bori). And he is willing to sacrifice his own life for this. Nooooooooooooo!!!
JoAnne: He looks wiped, alright. Think of what FINALLY having that moment must feel like, once it's over. I do not do not DO NOT WANT Moony to die or go to jail or anything at all so I hope that he stops short of doing anything new that would result in those ... results. I want Moony to live in a little house within walking distance of the Jae Hwa-Bori-Bi Dan residence, and I want him to have the status of favorite uncle, and let him live happily watching his daughter grow up with two people he respects and likes, knowing that they are happy together. 
At Bi Sool Chae, Jae-hwa and Bori/Eun-bi are out for a moonlight stroll in the dye yard. He is so happy: His first love became his one-sided love - and his one-sided love became his true L-O-V-E. She says good that they didn't continue hating each other and good he didn't become Young-sook's husband (hehehe). He is sure he has his mother in heaven to thank for this. And he wants that marriage. NOW.
JoAnne: His excitement and urgency are so cute. He just adores her, plain and simple, and his happiness is so straightforward. What I like best about Jae Hwa is that he is smart, he is capable of recognizing complexity - but he lives life on simple terms and he refuses to complicate things unnecessarily.
He wants to sleep in her arms every night and ... the way he fondles her hanbok can mean only one thing: he wants to put many little Jae-hwa's and Bori's in there right away. Ack, come ON, Bori! She says she will continue cuddling with Bi-dan every night. MEEEeeeaaaan. But he doesn't take it too seriously, good-natured cutiepie that he is, and kisses her goodnight - on the forehead. Awwwwww.
JoAnne: I imagine their married life as one big perpetual blush for Bori with horndog Jae Hwa grinning in the background.
That prompts her to say that there is something she has been wanting to do for a long time ... can she do it tonight? What is it? he asks .... and she cups his head in her hands and plants a forceful kiss on him. This. She wanted to do this. Because she also L-O-V-Es him. Awwww, he is so happy. Anything else she wants to do? Lol, now he is excited, too.
JoAnne: Yay Bori! You have hormones!
There is, in fact - she always wanted to hug him. And she goes in for a backhug. Since forever, she wanted to hold onto him like this. Awwwwwwwwwwww *dead*. After enjoying the embrace with a sweet smile on his face, he turns towards her and says they're done with single lives now - from now on, they will look into each other's eyes like this.
JoAnne: *sniff* remember when he had a wife who didn't love him? I'm so happy for him now... *sniff*
At the Lee house, Jae-hwa finally gets consent to marry and we learn that it will be a traditional wedding. Oh yes! Kim Ji-hoon in hanbok! And while you're at it, film Joseon X-Files 2! 
JoAnne: Just don't ever dress up like your own grandmother ever again!
Jae-hee comes home, all sad and lonely (and very pissed), which doesn't escape anyone's notice. His mom runs up after him, where he implores his mother to stop his hyung's wedding. So low. Hahaha and he didn't even know that Min-jung's adoption will be (or already is?) nullified. He has a rage-fit just when Min-jung comes home. Wait ... when and where did she change into this wonderful outfit? 
JoAnne: We call that a Trotwood Stop, 'round these parts.

She promises to leave him once he has gotten all he wants (huh?) and he says oh? then I will have to hurry up with that a bit, don't I. Niiiiiice. And by the way, Jae-hee now sleeps on the sofa in the living room. And he cannot even stand the sight of her anymore. Yup, keep that up!
JoAnne: Oh it's because she loooooooooves him so much (blergh)
At Bi Sool Chae, Bori and Bi-dan are now sleeping on the floor, when suddenly, Bori sees butterflies gathering on her hanbok ... and remembers. When she first woke up in the hands of Veggie and Min-jung. And she starts to wonder ... later, she remembers about the two lucky pouches she made for her parents. And about following her mom somewhere.
JoAnne: This is the part, man... this is the part where I am really curious about how they'll bring the truth to life without destroying Bori's family, because it's very clear that destroying it won't be Bori's wish and I think this show is designed to end up with Bori having everything she wants.

Jae-hwa got up really early ... to run over to Bi Sool Chae, to tell Bori the good news. He couldn't sleep a wink, that's how happy he was!
GooDIL pushes Bori to remember about the day she disappeared and almost tells her about her uncle who died, but Jae-hwa pretends he has burned his mouth and sends Bori to fetch some water and then asks his aunt to go softly on her. No rushing things. How wise he is, but does he know there's only 8 episodes left?!
JoAnne: Haha, maybe if all the actors suddenly caution going slowly, it's the writer's way of saying 'we need an extension! give us an extension!'
Min-jung, now dressed like a vamp, goes to Moony to threaten Bi-dan again. Bi-dan sees them fight and runs over, which prompts the Viper to tell the kid not to get too attached to this man. And to Moony, she says his daughter's happiness will be over if he and Min-jung go down together. Yikes, I'm afraid of her. And now, Bi-dan asks whether Moony has a daughter? He does, he says - but he cannot live with her, even if he really, really wants to.
JoAnne: Ok #1 yes to the vamp clothes, I was laughing at the literal makeover, and #2, ugh. Moony. You made me cry.
And we're at the EXO dance scene next! There's some pretty idols dancing on a stage in the middle of the street and Bori, Jae-hwa and Bi-dan come strolling along. That must have been difficult to film ... are all these people extras? Jae-hwa absolutely wants to buy matching pyjamas (he even does some aegyo for it, lol), but she keeps refusing. Fine, he says, here's a bet: if he points to anybody in this crowd and that person gives her a rose, then she will have to go buy matching pajamas with him.
JoAnne: So slick, this boy.
So he points at one of the idols and ... he steps up to the edge of the stage and presents Bori with a red rose.
JoAnne: So smooth.
They go all up on stage, the crowd claps like mad and then, Jae-hwa breaks out into dance with the boys. Hehe. I love that they made his promise part of the show. When they're done (I wanted to see the whole thing :( he holds up Bori's hand and shouts to everybody that this is the woman that he loves - and this is his daughter that he loves. And he is calling dibs on this woman so that nobody else can take her.
JoAnne: I know they were filming it so they were acting but I  STILL say Bi Dan was mad impressed by her appa.
But this is not all ... he gets on his knees in front of her, holding up a huge bouquet of flowers and thanks her for coming back to him after twenty long years. He loves Jang Eun-bi and Do Bori - but the name he likes the most is Bi-dani omma. And OMG he even has a small bouquet for Bi-dan, who was a bit jealous before that. Bori tells him she loves him very very much too and all three of them hug tight. OMG SO CUTE. (did you see how wet his jacket is, at least in some shots? poor guy, I hope he got enough to drink)
JoAnne: I did notice that, LOL. I don't ever want to live some place where it's hot enough to sweat through a jacket.
Min-jung goes around and threatens everybody, including Bong2. But he isn't afraid (much) - he tells BaDIL they will nullify the adoption after the wedding. The wedding almost everybody who is bad in this drama is now trying to stop.
JoAnne: The Wedding That Was Fated To Be

Min-jung threatens Bori by telling her that she'll take Bi-dan away from her. Ah, says Bori - so she has certainly discussed this with her husband, right? She'll go directly to him, then. Alright, that threat is neutralized, but Min-jung knows too much about other stuff to be afraid of Bori. When Bori says that she remembers something and that Veggie and Min-jung seemed to have kidnapped her, Min-jung just laughs like a total loony and says no, her own true mother is to blame she had to work in a soup shop for 20 years. Bori tries to remember, but trying to get to that memory causes all kinds of weird swirling of wall paper. So maybe not.
JoAnne: Laughed my ASS off at Bori's quick thinking response. And I think that sort of patronizing, 'oh, you poor fool, you have no idea' attitude of MinJung's is the one I hate the most. I want to claw her eyes out when she does that.
It's the day of the wedding!!! Bori is extremely beautiful as is her wedding hanbok. If only Min-jung weren't plotting to disturb the wedding!! :( She has Shady Servant and tells BaDIL to come find her or else ... and BaDIL actually DOES go, but not before GooDIL sees whom she was having a phone conversation with. There is Jae-hwa, looking spiffy, when Veggie comes running to give him two wooden pigeons she had made. He accepts them after Bi-dan intervenes - and the little one even gets Veggie to come in and watch the wedding.
JoAnne: Next season, on Bi Dan, Family Healer...
Moony is also there! But right when they want to go in, they see BaDIL running out. He follows. Oh thank goodness, he follows!
JoAnne: Trotwood's probably losing her mind right about now.

Inside, the wedding ceremony is about to begin. But where the fu** is the Mother of the Bride? She is trying to find Min-jung, who is ... somewhere with the Shady Servant. Moony calls her and tells her he plans to reveal everything about her at the wedding, at which everyone is gathered. Revealing Bori isn't really a single mother will be his wedding gift to Bori. Awesome.
JoAnne: Since I have no doubt in my mind that he has absolutely NO intention of doing that, this is an awesome ploy, Moony Our Avenging Angel.

The Rest

So BaDIL seems completely reformed? She is very nice and very sorry towards Bori - also very sincere. Because of her past sins, she cannot do much for her daughter. But she warns her to be on her guard. She tells her that there will be a competition and that she will have to chose Min-jung as her student - and she tells Bori that she has to win.
JoAnne: I thought she told her that Min Jung had to win, so everyone could be safe. I always believed that she loved her daughter, but was consumed with career goals. Like many people, she thought once she had succeeded there, she would be able to take time to enjoy her family - and, also like many, once she succeeded she found that the family wasn't there anymore. So I never doubted her pain even if I didn't care for her skewed priorities and general lack of a moral compass.

After not being able to "fall asleep in the comfortable bed", Bi-dan and Bori make their way to Veggie in the middle of the night. Everybody cries and Veggie claims Bori is her only child - how can she live without her? Yeah ... maybe you shouldn't have helped the Viper from Hell all the time then, you stupid woman. There's lots of tears and a group-hug when ... Veggie jerks awake. It was all a dream! Awww, that's harsh.
JoAnne: It really was. And I can't help but feel sorry for this woman. That makes me a little nuts, truthfully, because I want to hate her like I hate Min Jung. Yes, she needs to be punished but she's quite limited mentally, and I can somehow sympathize with how easily a mother's love for a child could be twisted into supporting that child even when they are wrong.

Though still hating Moony with a vengeance, Jae-hee suddenly remembers what he told him a while ago. About the ex-girlfriend who had his child without his permission and abandoned her. Could it be?
JoAnne: I wondered when that would kick in. Poor guy.


I don't believe for one second that the wedding will be halted. Nope, Moony has it "under control". While I'm not at all afraid for our OTP, I do feel rather uneasy about the Bi-dan thing. Min-jung is getting more and more desperate and you know how it is with cornered animals. Very dangerous.
JoAnne: Mother and daughter described the same - but somehow I think it's only Min Jung who is actually dangerous at this point. Veggie will stop short of destroying someone else to save her own life... I'm not so sure Min Jung will. Although saving Bi Dan could be her 'redemption arc' if they give her one. It will not work!

I am wondering why she is not (yet) threatening Jae-hee with her knowledge about his evil take-over plans. Does she really, somewhat, like him? The only people she has nothing on are GooDIL, Bong2 (she threatens him indirectly via his wife though), Jae-hwa (though he is of course vulnerable because of Bi-dan, though Min-jung might stay away from him after almost getting burnt the last time), Bori (but Bi-dan!) and Bad Dad. She has nothing against Moony, either, but she knows exactly how to hurt him. It's scary.
JoAnne: I keep forgetting that there's supposed to be evil take-over plans. Maybe the writer does too - because all I see are one brother who wants to win against the other and become the successor to the father. Evil takeover plans push Jae Hee into bad territory, instead of just ill-advised.

How will they bring this Witch down? Only if one of the blackmailed people is courageous enough to speak up despite her threats. Who will that be? Veggie? Yeah, maybe her - though I've hoped that before and she always returned to protecting her daughter. She is too weak. The other option is that somebody else uncovers one of the dark secrets by themselves (I put my money on Jae-hwa), which will totally steal Min-jung's thunder.
JoAnne: I think it will be the two mothers, somehow, who work together to thwart Min Jung.

But how will this show deal with the real sins? Dumb Mom isn't really at fault that Jae-hwa's mother died - a bit of sorry will do the trick. Jae-hee hasn't really done anything very evil yet - and I hope it stays that way. A few years in America will do the trick. But BaDIL? Hm. She hasn't killed Bong1 deliberately, but all her actions before losing Eun-bi were very much evil, very much deliberately so. She will definitely have some penalty coming her way, I assume? And what about Veggie? I find her crimes similarly terrible. She "kidnapped" a child out of fear and systematically abused it for years after years. No, they can't let her off too easily, even though she now suffers from being separated from "her babies".
JoAnne: No, you're right - it's the two mothers who've done the worst, aside from Min Jung, and they do need punishment. Real punishment.

And Min-jung? How do you deal with a character so thoroughly rotten to the core? I still believe she will die. And I fear that Moony might also be on that kill-list. Pleeeaaase, please let it not be so.
JoAnne: I think Min Jung will go to jail. I do not want to consider that Moony will die. At least, not in a 'he gets murdered by Min Jung' kind of way. He can die saving everyone from a burning Bi Sool Chae, though. I could live with that.