Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 43 (KimJiCap)

Getting my hands on a subbed version for this addiction of ours was quite hard this week, and with every hour that went by, my desperation grew. Yup, it was withdrawal. No point in denying it. But here we are and on we go. This episode brings more reveals, as it should. Cause we're running out of episodes. And there's still so many bad, dark secrets. And we still need time to see Min-jung BURN. I'm buying wood and fuel for the fire.
JoAnne: I thoroughly enjoyed the way you coded your tweets as you explained the problem, though.  You are brilliantilone that wayvikiay.

Episode 43

Moony, our tragic hero, saves the day by counter-threatening Min-jung - if she doesn't leave Bori and her well-deserved wedding alone, he will reveal the darkest and ugliest of her secrets: that she is a mother who abandoned her own flesh and blood for money and status. I totally love the concept of counter-threat. It’s like counter-terrorism. Or counter-espionage. Very good. JoAnne: I like counter-space. No, not the same thing? I haven't even told you what I want it for, though.
Is that when you put in two spaces after a period deliberately, to vex me?
Ah, and he tells Min-jung he’ll got straight to Jae-hee to “unload” all those ugly secrets. Hehe. See her run in those high heels! Shady Servant is left wondering about things all by himself and BaDIL returns to the wedding after Moony assures her that he will “take care of Min-jung”. Yeah, if only somebody would finally do that.
JoAnne: But then what would we WATCH, Kakashi? Think of the poor viewers!
And so, the wedding takes place! It’s a cute and heartwarming affair, and the happiness in Jae-hwa’s face and dorky eagerness makes up for all the late nights I recently had. Not because of KDrama, mind you. There’s a little sad in there, too, when BaDIL thinks about how afraid she is she might fail her daughter again and when Bori sees Veggie standing there, and both tear up immediately, and thank each other in their heads, wishing the other only the best.
JoAnne: Ah, mothers...
Min-jung has arrived at the company in the meantime, pretty panicky. But Jae-hee isn’t there – he has gone to the wedding! Where he runs straight into Moony. Why is Jae-hee still in such a state of denial? He doesn’t believe that Veggie is Min-jung’s mother and he thinks Bori is the evil one (for being the reason behind the nullification of the adoption). Well, Veggie is there as well – she is just leaving the wedding – and tells Jae-hee again: she is indeed Min-jung’s mother. I think he still denies it. Somebody hit him over the head or something!
JoAnne: I LOVED her here. 'How about if I say it, then? She is my daughter.' Ah, good stuff. Good stuff!
kakashi: They're working hard to make us like her
When Jae-hee stops into the Bi Sool Chae courtyard, he sees the rest of his family (minus annoying Ga-eul, one must add) being smiley and happy together. He turns around and leaves.
JoAnne: She isn't in this one at all even though there's a few times you'd think she would be - they must be out on tour or something. Or she caught a cold, who knows.
Outside, Min-jung has arrived. She does her usual rage-rampage. First against Veggie, then Moony, who tells Veggie to keep Min-jung away. The day he will say anything about Bi-dan will be the day they all die together. Witnessing the melee – Jae-hee. Now I’m starting to feel sorry for him. By the way, the reason why Min-jung tries so desperately to stop this wedding is her fear of being found out once Bori moves into the Lee house with her. Yup, that’s actually a good reason.
JoAnne: Sure it is, makes complete sense. Those two in the same house though, that would be awesome.
Jae-hee steps up to Jae-hwa and Bori who are about to depart on their honeymoon (so they think). Jae-hwa thanks his brother for coming, but Jae-hee is a dick, as usual, claiming he only came because his father ordered him to. He then asks Bori whether it’s true that Min-jung is Veggie’s daughter. Jae-hwa goes … what bullshit is this? (I forgot he didn’t know), but Bori confirms it. Ouch, Jae-hee. Yes. You married the wrong woman, most definitely.
JoAnne: How could he not know? I almost feel like watching it again to confirm it. Almost.
Jae-hwa pats him on the shoulder while saying “we’re (LUSTFUL THOUGHTS) going on our honeymoon now, if you have any questions, ask us when we’re back”. Haha, I totally see how you would hate him as a brother. They leave Jae-hee standing there, stewing in anger. But this time, his anger is directed at the right person, it seems: Min-fooking-jung.
JoAnne: Do you think in real life they'd get to sneak off like that without a big goodbye from everyone? That's all I could think about there. It wouldn't happen. I was distracted.
At the Lee house, Jung-ran and Big Kang are going through Dumb Mom’s jewelry case (huh?) and find … Jae-hwa omma’s rings. There goes that opportunity to blackmail, Min-jung. And there ends Jae-hwa’s honeymoon. After he receives Jung-ran’s phone call, he turns the car around to go see for himself – these rings have been missing for 20 years.
JoAnne: I'm sorry, this was stupid. For one thing, how is it that Jung Ran and Big Kang are just hanging out in some one else's bedroom going through their stuff. They aren't four (yeah, but they're not more than 5, either). And yeah, sure, let's keep that ring right there in the jewelry case, why the hell not?
Ahahaa, I’m gleeful that Dumb Mom has it coming now. Cause she is currently boasting about how well she raised Jae-hwa, the bitch. Oh, and people are getting closer to exposing BaDIL’s misdeeds too. As Jae-hwa speeds towards the rings, Bori suddenly remembers the night of the accident – and that she was in her mother’s car.
JoAnne: THAT mystery is the one I'm most curious about seeing them resolve, I think.
Jae-hwa is home, Min-jung too. She has changed her clothes. How many times a day does she do that? How many times does she lie? When Jae-hwa sees the rings, he immediately knows that Dumb Mom must have met his mother – most likely at the scene of the accident. And the reason there are two rings? Because his father didn’t only give it to one woman. Ouch, that’s tough. And Jae-hwa was so looking forward to a little sexy time with his woman :-(
JoAnne: Again, kind of stupid. Because it wasn't just the same rings that dad was giving to more than one woman, and everyone knows it and has known it for decades.
kakashi: Not the bit about the two women meeting though. That's "new". And kind of a game changer, since it puts the accident into a different perspective.
Ring reveal time – Jae-hwa is awesome. I think I haven’t mentioned here that I would like Kim Ji-hoon to star in a gladiator series next, right? Life and death fights? With swords? Half-naked? In the meantime, Dumb Mom is denying everything. She never had Jae-hwa omma’s ring, she never met Jae-hwa omma ladiladila. Any anyway … one of the rings? It’s Min-jung’s. Uhm …… ooooookay?! She takes it out of Jae-hwa’s hand, takes a good look and says “oh, right … this is my ring. Jae-hee gave it to me as a present”. The reason she took it off: because Jae-hwa and Bori have the same rings. Jae-hwa freaks out, but Bori keeps her cool and is smart enough to get the ring back from Min-jung.
JoAnne: I cannot comment because I am cackling gleefully at the memory of how gleefully I cackled in anticipation of where this is going.
Bad Dad declares that this is the end of that ring business, but oh no, mister. Your son has a different opinion. He will get to the bottom of this. And if he finds out that his mother passed away after seeing a woman with the same ring as hers, his father will have to apologize. On his knees, most likely.
JoAnne: Another stupid thing. Those rings were completely ordinary looking. I have always thought it was stupid that anyone would automatically assume that because they looked alike they came from the same man. No one has ever said they were designed by him, for example.
When Veggie hears that the Newlyweds have left the Lee house, she gets very excited and sets the room for their first night. But … they’re not coming to her place. They’re at Bi Sool Chae. Awwww. Oh, but this is interesting … even though Min-jung threatens BaDIL (by text!) to keep her mouth shut about the ring, BaDIL tells Bori to go see the owner of that shop where the accident happened.
JoAnne: Poor Veggie. And BaDIL is trying.

Bori does go to the egg-shop and almost gets the owner to tell her everything about the accident, but look who is here! It’s Min-jung, who quietly threatens the owner about possible perjury so that she shuts up. Min-jung then threatens Bori with her mom and Bi-dan once again. She would be a great serial killer, this one. I mean the actress. And if casted. The good thing about this encounter is that Bori realizes what it must be that Min-jung is using against her mother – the knowledge that Eun-bi rode in her mother’s car that night she disappeared. If she reveals it first, Min-jung’s powerplay comes to an end.
JoAnne: The better her clothes get the smarter she is.
Dumb Mom is all happy that her dark secret will be kept, when Bori steps into the kitchen and greets her happily. Surpriiiiiise. She goes: hey, little Sister-in-Law, you certainly have a guarantee or something for that expensive ring Jae-hee supposedly gave you, right? Min-jung hands her a document. All in English, so that Bori cannot read it (thinks Min-jung). But Min-jung got it all wrong … she thought that ring was expensive and got the wrong fake document … the ring isn’t expensive at all – it’s a fake. Says Bori. Which enrages Dumb Mom so much (of course the ring IS real) that she confesses to everything right then and there. BUSTED.
JoAnne: Oh, how I laughed.

The Rest

During Bori’s and Jae-hwa’s wedding ceremony, Big Kang and Jung-ran go through the steps as well and at the end, they claim that they are also married.
JoAnne: Lately they're just annoying.
Shady Servant Park is Min-jung’s last trump card (is that so?), so she is keeping him away from everyone. He is seen by Bong2 though. Which gets him thinking. Later, Bong2 hears his wife speaking on the phone with Min-jung. BaDIL begs that bitch to give her more time with her daughter, but of course, Min-jung doesn’t even dream of it.
JoAnne: At the time I thought well, if he realizes she's being blackmailed perhaps he feel sorry for her and help.
Later that night, BaDIL realizes something … Min-jung has secrets too. She just needs to find out what they are to counter-threaten (hehe) the witch.
JoAnne: I would laugh and say 'duh' but she thought of it before I did so...
Jae-hee gets a nice Soliloquy at the Han River, hoping, almost praying that Min-jung will not further descend into hell. Ah, you poor soul … you don’t know the half of it.
JoAnne: There's a big shoe waiting to drop on your head dude, and its name is Bi Dan.
Pizza PPL with Moony and Bi-dan. And total heartbreak. He has written a letter to his daughter – and asks Bi-dan to read it for him. She reads it out loud … or at least tries to, but her feelings overwhelm her. He has written “I love you, my daughter”, over and over. Gaaaaaaah. My keyboard is getting wet. I think my warranty doesn't cover this!
JoAnne: That little girl was amazing right there.
Haha, we will not only have a hanbok competition but also a Auto… oups, Outdoor competition! Jae-hwa vs. Jae-hee, of course. The winner will get to be the leader of some Department in Dad’s company.
JoAnne: I laughed to see that mistake again.
BaDIL goes to see Moony and quiz him about his relationship with Min-jung. And he tells her everything she was already suspecting: Min-jung had his child. FINALLY.
JoAnne: Happy happy joy joy! Happy happy joy joy! Happy? Joy! Happy? Joy! Happy happy joy joy! I think that's Ren and Stimpy? I don't know... I hated that cartoon.


JoAnne, I've lost count of our secrets. Are they all out now?
JoAnne: Nope. Mostly there's still the Bi Dan reveal, but there's also the 'confirm BaDIL was there' issue.

I was unhappy about how this show cheated Jae-hwa out of his wedding night. That's not nice. The boy has been excited for weeks. Months, even! But I guess finding out about his mother serves a purpose. He will be able to finally move on after this. And he will make peace with his father. And hopefully his brother, down the road. After this episode, I want to see them hug. Jae-hee needs some love. That look when he saw all of them together at the wedding? That was painful.
JoAnne: You aren't sorry for Jae Hwa. You're sorry you didn't get to see Jae Hwa shirtless, in pajama pants. But then again, so are we all.