Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 45 (KimJiCap)

Many things are changing in my life (i.e, new semester, new home), but some things just stay the same ... We're at The END minus 6 episodes and Min-jung is going as strong as ever - if not even stronger. I did think I would be sad once this is over but now I think I'm going to be quite glad. Cause it means my life will finally be free of that Witch.
JoAnne: It's just that there's SO MUCH going on these days! We won't have time to miss anyone here because we'll be head over heels with Bad Guys. And before I even get into THAT I've got My Beloved back again starting tonight! Plus, yes, a dozen other shows. (I am most excited for pictures of the new house, though.)

Episode 45

BaDIL is racing through the streets of Seoul ... uhm ... where to? We don't know. And we don't care, because this is about Bori remembering that rainy night, when her mother did a very very bad thing and her uncle got killed. "Why did you do it?", asks Bori and while her mother denies it all and increasingly panics, Bori asks "What is the difference between you and Min-jung"? Well, I know at least one difference: Min-jung is extremely pretty. BaDIL: not so much.
JoAnne: She was driving... ummm... somewhere... not sure where, but the mission was 'Find MinJung's Kid.'
Bori thinks there's not much of a difference though: both are just out to save their own skins, doing dirty deeds in the process. BaDIL babbles stuff about doing it to protect Bori, about being the only one that can do that, but Bori calls the BS and says that she can protect herself. Oh and by the way? That idea to look for Min-jung's child to bring her down? Very bad idea. If BaDIL does that, Bori will turn her back on her for good.
JoAnne: Bori demonstrates an admirable streak of bitch, doesn't she. I love it!
By the way, we haven't mentioned it yet, but Bori now also gets to wear fine clothes. They're not half as fine as Min-jung's though, which is a shame.
JoAnne: She'll get there. That fake leather couch thing she wears over a lace tablecloth has got to go, though.
I refuse to even speak about it.

Bong2 calls Shady Servant (remember Jae-hwa got him the phone number), but before they can talk, Min-jung gets there and rips the phone out of Servant Park's hands. How dare he answer that, that'll put BaDIL in danger - and blablabla. Oh, but they really had an affair it seems? How long ago? Haha, the drama just keeps pulling things out of its nose, whatever is convenient, right?
JoAnne: I always thought he just had this one-sided love for her! If Bori turns out to be his kid... hahahahahahahah oh I will DIE I will DIE but I'm taking some one in Korea with me.
So, to summarize: everybody is now after Shady Servant and Min-jung or both. Also, Min-jung promises to "save" BaDIL if she can just win against Bori at the competition. Sense it makes not, but care I don't either. I totally love Min-jung's idea of "saving" BaDIL: she tells Bong2 that it was her that hid away Shady Servant, bought him a cell-phone and a house etc. Yeah, cause affair. Heated love affair. Ahahahaaaa, Bong2 .... you're still sooooo stuuuuupid.
JoAnne: Well if you make it look like someone abandoned their own child and maybe killed somebody, and then you go 'oh, nope, actually, she just slept with someone else.' - it does tend to put things into perspective.
Bori is at her aunt's place, she is still very sad - she doesn't know what to do about her mother, of course. And she remembers random stuff about GooDIL and how good she was to her. When GooDIL tells her about her attempted suicide, the baby in her womb that prevented it and the miscarriage that followed, Bori comes to realize the full extent of her mother's evilness - and all the pain that GooDIL went through. But it was all worth it, adds GooDIL: because she met Bori; and could be good to her.
JoAnne: Yes, that totally makes up for losing your husband, your child, your home, and your career: taking care of your enemy's child. Yes, indeed. I think I've identified another habitual dye-sniffer, Kakashi.
Then, they cry together and GooDIL begs Bori to remember that day and tell the truth. Bori promises silently in her head to make her mother say the truth. Yeah ... can we hurry up a bit? BaDIL is so not ready to admit anything. Which doesn't go down well with GooDIL, to say the least.
JoAnne: GooDIL is starting to look a little freaky to me though. All that rage is messing with her face big time.

About that finding of Shady Servant ... there's still that tracking devise on Min-jung's car. Which she seems to have forgotten about completely? How stupid of her. When Bong2 and Jae-hwa get to the location where she last stopped, they find an abandoned house ... yes, because Shady has already been moved.
JoAnne: Of course he has. Why would we ever have thought otherwise? Sometimes I think Min Jung must travel most of the time via the sewer system, she gets places so quickly.
Awwwwww, cuteness overload from Bad Dad and Bi-dan. And since a daughter-in-law's love is her father-in-law, Bori and Jae-hwa extort a credit card for Bori out of Bad Dad. Crafty. But Bad Dad is craftier: he orders an underling to bill that credit card to his eldest son's salary account from now on.
JoAnne: And in that moment, I loved Bad Dad.
Bi-dan, dressed in her princess-dress, has littered the entire house with paper planes. Min-jung comes home and is nasty - especially when Bi-dan calls her "Little Mother". She doesn't want to be called that! (which leads to Bi-dan calling her "Teng Teng Teng" later in front of everyone). She also shouts at Bori to clean up this mess immediately ... only: both Bad Dad and Jae-hwa are actually making these paper planes for the girl - it's a competition between them! Min-jung: you lose.
JoAnne: I give this scene a 10 out 10.
Oh, and Bori can be quite vicious if she wants to! At dinner, she asks Min-jung "Teng-Teng-Teng" what pregnant women like for gifts - since her friend Yoon-suk is pregnant again and she never gave her a wedding present. Hehehe. I LOOOOooooove to see Min-jung sweat like this. And I love it even more that all of Min-jung's threats don't work on Bori anymore. She is ready to hand over Bi-dan if she must. And she doesn't mind if Jae-hwa finds out who Bi-dan's real mother is. Yikes.
JoAnne: I don't think for a minute she'd hand her over.  She's playing a dangerous game there, calling the bluff of a wild animal with its back against the wall.
The problem is that Min-jung doesn't believe that Bori isn't afraid - and Bori was in fact bluffing. She is arranging an urgent meeting with Moony and rushes off, much to Jae-hwa's surprise - and Min-jung's immediate counter-strike. She tells Jae-hwa that Bori is lying to him. And, by the way, does he know who Bi-dan's real father is? Now wait a minute ... he knows that Bi-dan isn't Bori's real child, that much I know!
JoAnne: Yes but he wouldn't take kindly to finding out that they kept this from him - no one would.
Bori is meeting Moony to warn him about the hunt for her and his daughter. But he was quicker: since he knows that Jae-hee is trying to find his daughter, he got rid of all the DNA evidence. That's a relief to Bori, but what about Min-jung? If the witch comes out and claims Bi-dan for herself, there's not much they can do. But Moony tells her not to worry: he will take care of everything, if necessary with his life (noooooo, not that again!).
JoAnne: Wait. If he got rid of it, then how does he get to prove later that Bi Dan is  his, to counter Min Jung's claim that Bi Dan is hers? Because you know that's coming. It has to be. (And just now it occurs to me that both he and Bi Dan are literally oozing with more DNA.)
Jae-hwa is at his aunt's place, confessing to being a little jealous about Bi-dan's true appa (once again, show, since you might have forgotten: he HEARD that this is not Bori's real child!). GooDIL tells him to quickly make a little dongsaeng then. Haha. When he steps out of the shop, he runs straight into Moony and Bori though. Not good. Especially since she lied about going to see her mother. Yup, Jae-hwa freaks out (I understand him) - so Moony says it might be time to tell him the truth. Ah! The truth! Good idea, drama!
JoAnne: But he could be jealous that he's not Bi Dan's dad, even so.
Bori takes her jealous husband to their up on the hill place. She gets him to promise to listen to her quietly - he promises he'll try. Awwww, Jae-hwa. Sometimes you're really cute. With difficulty, she confesses that Bi-dan isn't her child. He says he knew that already. Haha, surpriiiiise, Bori. Yes, your husband is awesome. What about Moony though, Jae-hwa demands to know, angry still. Well, he is Bi-dan's real father, is what Bori tells him. And the noble man will not make his parentage known for the sake of Bi-dan.
JoAnne: I'm so glad he knows now. They really should have clued him in from the start.
Bori is still worried that Jae-hwa might misunderstand, but he is one step further. So ... if Moony is the dad ... who is the mother? She says she doesn't know and he calls her a liar straight away. So he knows and she doesn't? Is she stupid? he asks. Bi-dan's mother is .... Jang Bori. And her father is ... Lee Jae-hwa. The end.
JoAnne: Abs and awesome. Perfect combo.
She is so happy to be married to such a great specimen of a man, she jumps on his back and demands to be carried by her Jae-hwa Jae-hwa. And of course, he carries his Bori Bori home. Ah ... all is well in the world.
JoAnne: Nope. Not 'til MinJung is selling vegetables on the street and there's a little Jae Ri (Bo Hwa?) running around.
At home, they find out they're alone - and Jae-hwa wants to seize that moment to finally make that dongsaeng. Hearing it all outside ... Min-jung. No, that's not creepy at all, show! Seriously. Jae-hee gets home and Min-jung, animated by the giggles coming out of that other room, seems to be in the mood for some cuddling herself. But Jae-hee removes her hand from his shoulder and tells her to get ready for the competition (which is the next day).
JoAnne: Hi Honey, I'm glad you're home! I was just listening to your brother and my sister having sex - this could be your lucky night!  (By the way, she handled that all wrong.  All she had to do was say 'wow, Bori sounds like Jae Hwa is really something in bed.  I guess it's good at least one brother has a chance of producing a grandchild...' - Jae Hee's competitive nature would have kicked right in!)
Bori and Jae-hwa disappear underneath the blanket (couple PJs!) when the door opens ... and Bi-dan comes in. She can't sleep with grandpa because he farts too much. TMI, thank you, and so mean. Jae-hwa is so disappointed. Just let him have his sexy time, show!
JoAnne: I... yeah.
Veggie is in the Lee house, making side dishes very early in the morning. Her two daughters come down to prepare food (should have stayed in bed, really). (OMG it's GoM flashbacks nooooooooooo) Dumb Mom comes, Bad Dad comes, they leave again, and then, Jae-hee comes. He is a dick to Veggie and Bori stands up for her, which just enrages Jae-hee more. Min-jung is nasty to Veggie afterwards, calling it all her fault. She also leaves. Sigh. It's now only Bori and Veggie, who are both sad. Jae-hwa comes. That's about all of them now, right? Anyway, he tells Veggie to leave instead of making Bori cry. That plan doesn't work out because Bori cries a lot and even runs after her mother to give her food. Okay, I'll admit: it's very touching.
JoAnne: Mean people suck.
Competition time! So every employee at the company gets a vote in addition to a board of judges. Team A: Min-Jae-hee. Team B: Bo-Jae-hwa. The voting begins (as does the fingering of the PPL goods)(fingering is not a good word to use around me.) After the vote of the judges, it's 11 to 7 ... for Team B. Little Kang brings in the votes from the employees. Oups. It's a tie! They now have 24 points each (yeah ... so there's only 30 employees in the whole company?) So Bad Dad says he choses A - that's the design he wants to go with. Min-jung wins! Nooooooooooo.
JoAnne: WTF, Show.
kakashi: It's because of Bori's dress, I'm sure (btw: it's that background in front of which Kim Ji-hoon looks SO GOOD).
The win mollifies Jae-hee and he tells Min-jung that his decision to kick her out or not will be taken after the Bi Sool Chae competition.
JoAnne: If you win all the awards, I may honor you with my penis. (Which must be really tiny, considering how hard he has to work to stay up everyone's ass all the time.) That's what he's saying. Fuck you, Jae Hee. Be a man.
Aaaaand we're at the truth tribunal at Bi Sool Chae (oups, that was a bit abrupt, show). GooDIL says there's a witness for that night ... and Bori steps forward. She was there. And she saw it all.
JoAnne: It was Colonel Mustard in the library with a brass candlestick!

The Rest

There are now two identical versions of that cross-stitching genius-piece (Yonbo). GooDIL has  made it. It means she is now a genius too. She puts one into a wooden box and the other among the rolls of silk in the cupboard.
JoAnne: See I missed that part and I was really confused later.

Big Kang is in trouble with Jung-ran because of his past jail-episode. Little Kang pleads with her to let him off the hook - since he feels guilty for putting his brother in jail in the first place. What happened to that Ga-eul loveline? Forgotten, show?
JoAnne: She's too whiny for anyone to love. Plus, a show with TWO sets of brothers marrying into the same families?


I'm just a tiny little bit over this show to be honest ... Large parts of this episode felt very draggy. We've seen it all, I guess. Min-jung's lies, BaDIL's denial, GooDIL's pain, Bori's pain, Jae-hwa's awesomeness, Bi-dan's cuteness, Moony's death wish, Jae-hee's anger, Veggie's remorse, you name it. Bi-dan is still out there to be hurt (I don't like that) and Min-jung is still out there to wreak havoc. Enough is enough! 50 episodes is too long.
JoAnne: If it was ending this week it would have been perfect. Well... they could have eliminated some of the earlier episodes, too.