Surplus Princess - Episode 3 (A SongJaeRimJob)

I think I found a way to enjoy this drama: First, I must accept that Rim is NOT the lead and just appreciate how Ohn Joo Wan is killing it as the sincere, horny Puppy who will teach our Mermaid how to be "human". And second, I must treat this as another Age of Feeling where Song Jae Rim shows up randomly, does random shit on the screen, does weird stuff to my kokoro, and leaves as quickly as he came.
becca: I'm glad you've come to terms with it. As for me, I only get more confused with each episode.
JoAnne: Mostly I'm just confused by the way I ended up liking the Gamer Guy because I figured I wouldn't pay any attention to him at all, but he's holding his own with Big and Second. Not in the same way, of course. Rim is in this?
kakashi: Yeah, he is that puffy white thing that reminds me of pastry. I think. 

This way I can enjoy both the story AND Rim! Let's try it in this 3rd Jeob, shall we? 
JoAnne: But Kim Seul Gi now, she ROCKS.
kakashi: Ever since FBND, I've crushed on her so hard it's unhealthy
EPISODE 3 True Love During A Random Night

We go back to Aileen (now called Ha-ni) and Hyun-myung emo-ing on the balcony, but their eyes didn't really meet. This annoying fakeout brought to you by tvN. The crafty bastards. *shakes fist*
becca: Fake-out cliff-hangers are annoying! I always feel tricked. Because I am. *pouts*
JoAnne: Be smarter than them: assume the cliff-hanger is a trick and then you get to feel superior during the next episode.
kakashi: Ah, you too, JoAnne? With every cliff-hanger I shrug wisely and go "Ah, a fake-out". In 97% of all cases, it's the right thing to do. 

Next day, Ha-ni wakes up confused about her surroundings until she remembers she's now a human girl in a human bed and a human house. Suddenly, she clutches her throat and runs down the stairs in a panic. She stops Big's complaints about eating toast+jam for the nth day in a row when she grabs Do Ji-yong's 2-L water jug and gulps all of it down in one shot. Then she dismisses Ji-yong's admonishment for drinking all the water in one cheery "Good Morning!"
becca: Tsk tsk tsk.
JoAnne: You can take a fish out of water...
JoAnne: But she'll just be rude and strange.
kakashi: This week, she's growing on me. She is so rude and so strange that it's somewhat funny. When exposed to it for episode after episode. 
She runs back upstairs and calls Ahn Ma-nyeo to complain about how uncomfortable human beds are and to ask again what True Love means. Is it kiss? Proposal? Sex? Getting pregnant? Ahn Ma-nyeo (who's talking to her while working at a carwash) says that you have to find the right person first. And then you'll get that warm, confusing feeling... like your world just got spun around twenty times.
kakashi: Do we want to discuss this? Cause ... that's so not "true love". 
Next we see, Ha-ni the dolt is in her bedroom spinning twenty times as instructed. She falls down in a daze and calls back Ahn Ma-nyeo: "Is falling in love feeling like you wanna puke?" (Yes?) (No, that's being pregnant) (or being extremely drunk, which sometimes helps with becoming pregnant) Ahn Ma-nyeo shakes his head at her (he's in another part-time job, delivering drinking water for Sunday Studio this time). She wants to know where HE found his true love, but Ahn Ma-nyeo doesn't want to talk about it. He reminds her how sure she was that Kwon Shi-kyung loved her, but she doesn't want to hear that name again. Ahn Ma-nyeo advises her to look for another man to start a true love with instead.
Ha-ni ends the call and psyches herself up to forget Chef Kwon and find another guy. O RLY? Because Rim's hand pops up out of nowhere and caresses her face. "You will find another guy... and forget me?" he asks. Ha-ni is rendered speechless. (I would, too!) Rim stands her up and holds her close. Then he guides her hand to his BUTT and helps her squeeze it as he moans. And moans. And moans...
JoAnne: In the land of the unicorn, the horny goat is king.
kakashi: Hey, I remember there was talk once about gifs with sound? What's with that? Cause ... there's no sound in this. 
When a female voice joins Rim's moans, Ha-ni jolts awake. (Of course it's a dream. Huihuihui even in her daydreams, she pays homage to the RimButt - he must have a VERY sensitive butt to be moaning like this from just having it grabbed) But the moaning and pounding noises didn't go away with her fantasy. Ha-ni notices it coming from upstairs and realizes that some people are, y'know, having fun sekshi times in the attic. So what does she do? She checks it out of course! Because she is me. Rim + curiosity are our greatest weaknesses.
JoAnne: So how often do you spy on your room-mates having sex, then?
kakashi: I know a guy who lived with people who left their doors open when having sex. TRUE STORY.

She peeks around the room and sees Hye-young (Kim Seul-gi) pounding garlic. Haha. Oh, so her job is running a mok-bang. A sort of online video show dedicated to eating. Here's an article about a popular VJ called The Diva who earns around $9,000 a month from running a mok-bang.
kakashi: If you are tempted to try this, people, just remember it's HARD Work. 
Hye-young's mok-bang has a cosplay concept and today she's a bunny (playboy bunny?) as she hams it up and moans some more while pounding ingredients for her chicken feet recipe. She replies to the comments from the viewers (kicking out the unflattering ones in the chatroom) when someone says, "Give some food to your friend, she looks hungry." "Friend? What friend?" asks Hye-young.
becca: I love her casual "I don't keep things like that." And her. I love her.
JoAnne: I think everyone loves Kim Seul Gi!
kakashi: I love her a bit more. Yeah, she's mine. 

She spots Ha-ni on-cam eyeing her food and ends the broadcast. Then she grabs Ha-ni's hair shouting at her to stop. messing. with. mok-bang. time. (But foooood!!! hahahaaa, I loved how she basically crawled in) Big and Ji-yong hear Ha-ni's squeals of pain and run upstairs to stop the fight. Except Hye-young can handle all of them and grabs their hair too. It's only when house-owner Lee Sun-kyu pokes his head in that Hye-young calms down and goes all "O-oppa!"
becca: PWAHAHA!! Oh, I love this so much. *cackling*
JoAnne: I think I want a pink light for my bedroom. Which is not pink, though. My room. Is not pink. Just the light should be pink.
kakashi: OMG JoAnne. No. Don't go there. 
Haha! She has a MAJOR crush on him and invites him to share her chicken legs meal. Which he then uses to get free food for the rest of the gang too.
JoAnne: I love how googly-eyed she is over him but you know what I love even more? How matter-of-fact he is about her behavior. Share man has confidence.

Over snacks of chicken feet (which Ha-ni turns into this glorious food CF again), Hye-young stares at Sun-kyu and exclaims over his manliness. Ha-ni watches her fangirling over the share house owner and asks her secret. Is it like spinning around 20 times? Is it like true love? Hye-young tells her to stop speaking in banmal and to shut up. Haha.
JoAnne: Oh they'll be besties in no time.
kakashi: Have I ever told you my chicken feet story? I think I have. Somewhere burried in the Full House Thai recaps. 

Ji-yong tries to keep the peace and asks Ha-ni why she's still hung up about that true love thing. So she grabs his hand and gets up in his personal space again to say that she really, really needs to find true love. Ji-yong's eyes grow wide and we hear his heart beating as the theme song for Best Love starts to play. Hehe. He clutches his heart and gasps, which makes Ha-ni gag and exclaim that he has bad breath.
becca: Aw, poor Ji-yong. He's in for a world of hurt, isn't he?
JoAnne: Which will be milked for every bit of humor that can be found!
kakashi: Yeah, it's already funny. 
Ji-yong self-consciously checks his breath while Ha-ni grabs a pitcher of water and drinks all of it again (conveniently covering her face). That's when Hyung-myung runs in, waving his suit jacket around, asking why it was in the trash can outside. Some crazy bitch stole it from him near Han River! Ha-ni finishes drinking then and she and Hyun-myung recognize each other. "Crazy bitch from the Han River?!" "Tighty-whities?!" (LOL I say Ha-ni wins this round.) 
JoAnne: Now HIS butt...
kakashi: He looks more and more like Ji-sung to me. 
Hyun-myung drags her to Jin-ah's workplace. (I love that she still has that fried chicken sauce around her lips.) (All this food talk is making me SO HUNGRY.) (Not for chicken feet no!!!!) He tells her to repeat the story: she showed up naked by the river, hit him, and stole his clothes. Ha-ni gets distracted when she notices that this is also where Shi-kyung works. Then she remembers it doesn't matter anymore. She listens more sympathetically as Hyun-myung reminds her that his three-year-long "true love" got broken because of the misunderstanding she caused.
JoAnne: Oh good, she's not unkind, she's just clueless.
kakashi: The biggest clueless you have ever seen, yes. She was a fish after all. They don't have huge brains. And no big IQ. Unless their octopus, I think they're kinda intelligent. 

She agrees to tell the truth to this "girlfriend". But when Jin-ah shows up, Ha-ni recognizes her as that lying bitch. She goes in for a punch which Jin-ah dodges matrix style (LMBO at this whole scene). Jin-ah grabs hold of her and drags her away from the office while Hyun-myung just follows with "You two know each other?" The opening bars of "Eye of The Tiger" (yesssss!!) play as we get an epic edit of the girls faces with Hyun-myung standing as referee in the middle. (This scene is HILARIOUS.) Ha-ni starts attacking but Hyun-myung blocks it for the fox (boooo!! silly man!). Ha-ni keeps screaming at her for stealing Shi-kyung's phone, making Jin-ah more annoyed.
JoAnne: I'm siding with the princess.
kakashi: Me too, me too! 
"Is this it? The reason you wanted to talk urgently?" asks the fox. Hyun-myung says no, it's something else. He turns to Ha-ni and begs her to tell the truth, quick. And even if I don't want him to get back with The Fox, I was worried that Ha-ni would refuse to help out of spite. But she doesn't.(Whew, our Mermaid is learning to think about others!)
becca: She's getting there. Slowly, but yes, there is progress.
She gives Hyun-myung a dirty look but angrily tells the story anyway: "That night, I stripped him due to some difficult circumstances. For real! I swear it on my two legs!" You can see it irks her to have to help this bitch "fix" her relationship, which just makes Jin-ah's response much worse. Because the truth doesn't matter to her. She was just looking for a good excuse to dump him since he gave up his beloved art to follow her. For now, she says: "I want a boyfriend I can show to everyone without being embarrassed, a relationship where my friends and family will be happy for me."
becca: I can't even respond to this, she makes me so mad.
JoAnne: And from my vantage point of many years and the fall-out of an unsuitable marriage I can tell you that she is not entirely wrong, here, aside from her method of divesting herself of said unsuitable relationship. But she is bitchy, so I still don't like her.
kakashi: Yes, I wanted to say something in her defense too. Her methods are all wrong, but her reasons are not entirely
Hyun-myung asks if she already found that kind of man. "Yes" says the fox. Then she leaves Mermaid and Second. Ha-ni muses that even "Han River Hobo" was wrong about his true love. Later, she watches him drink a can of beer and swipes one for herself. She downs it in one shot and giggles at the taste. Then she opens and downs another, laughing all the while. Hyun-myung watches her reach for a third can and tells her to drink slowly! Slowly! (Aww even in his sad state he is concerned about other people. I must not love Second. Everyone is free to love him but me. *stares at her Rimbutt pic for strength*)
becca: But he's such a good guy! How can you resist? *looks at Rimbutt pic* Okay, I can understand.
JoAnne: I think it's perfectly fine if you love both, as long as you never touch either's butt in actual life.
kakashi: Come on, this is a modern world. She can touch both butts and decide which one she likes best, even in real life. 
Ha-ni shakes her head (she gets that pink-cheek effect too). Uh-oh. She's drunk. She keeps staring at Hyun-myung's blurred outline and goes "I feel like I spun 20 times... and it's so warm inside". HAHAHAHA! She grabs his face and exclaims "You must be it, my true love! True love! Let's do it! True love!" Then she holds his face close and puckers up. Hahaha. 
becca: Heheh. Her straightforward approach is so funny.
JoAnne: Birds do it, bees do it, even fishies in the sea do it... let's do it, let's fall in love!
kakashi: I guess fish don't take their time with this. You know ... they JUST do it. That's where she gets her ideas. 
Hyun-myung is creeped out and runs away from the pervy girl. (I guess he doesn't want to be butt-grabbed today.) She tries to follow but(t) falls over her drunk feet. Some guy from the other table (it's a cameo from a comedian, I think) helps Ha-ni up and says, "I've been watching you awhile ago. That true love... do you want to try it with me?" Ha-ni feels she's still spinning and warm and cries, "Yes, let's do it! True love!" HAHAHA The guy is delighted at how cool she is about "doing it" but when their lips almost touch, a hand covers his face and pushes it away. Awww...  Second! Second came back! He takes Ha-ni's hand and tells Random Guy to beat it.
becca: Second is a good oppa, that's what he is. *hugs him and cackles some more*
JoAnne: Your cackle scared him off, and now he's hiding behind me, but I prefer to think he just needed an excuse for one of those back hugs. And yes, I did just push my butt into his groin area. Did you really need to ask?
kakashi: I'm not really invested in these men, fortunately. I'm currently touching Jo Dong-hyku's ... nose. 
It's night by the time they get home (with Ha-ni on piggyback, of course (does it get dark really quickly in Korea?). When Ha-ni wakes up, he immediately tells her to get off. She pretends to be dizzy and tries to climb back up again. Haha! I already ship them, see? This was futile from the get-go. I'll just go back to shipping Rim with myself. (Jo Bo-ah is cute with all the guys. Let's ship her with everyone!)(Jo's are like that.)
He pushes her off and she stays sitting down drunk on the road, which is how Ahn Ma-nyeo finds them. Ahn Ma-nyeo misinterprets the situation and punches Hyun-myung, which leads to this:
When they enter the house, Hyun-myung goes straight upstairs, leaving Ha-ni to explain to the boys what happened with Jin-ah. Ha-ni tattles about how horrible Jin-ah is with the "I was looking for an excuse to break up, I already have a man" thing. Big and Ji-yong gasp at the right places and wail about how sad Hyun-myung must be.
JoAnne: I loved this, the little gossipy birds.
kakashi: Ah, the buddy vibe. So lovely. 
Later, Ahn Ma-nyeo massages Ha-ni's feet as he warns her not to confuse being drunk with being in love. She keeps flapping her toes like she still has a tail, and he keeps swatting them back to a proper posture. Hehe. Lee Sun-kyu knocks and they have another one-word-ful conversation. "Friend" "Hi" "Ate?" "No." "Beer?" "Good!"

Next scene is for JoAnne, yes? Please don't let me explain it. It's "just" Hyun-myung working out topless, all sweaty and muscly as he remembers how Jin-ah kept praising that "Chef Shi-kyung". (Thanks the gods again for this.)
Hyun-myung stops exercising to stalk Chef Rim online. Then he checks Jin-ah's twitter account and it's full of her pictures at work with Rim. Hyun-myung punches the screen and complains that Rim looks like a mantis. LOL
becca: I'm not staring. I'm not! *stares a bit*
JoAnne: So juicy. Actual muscle, not just the appearance of muscle because there is no fat.
kakashi: Yes, I approve. So does Jo Dong-hyuk.
Next day, Rim sees Jin-ah carrying lots of boxes at work and helps her (GRRRRRR). In the elevator, he asks for more details about how she found his phone. Didn't it fall to the bottom of the river? She bluffs that she found it wedged somewhere on the boat. Rim seems to accept that for now, but he remembers the underwater kiss and asks Jin-ah if she was wearing a pearl necklace (YAAASS!!!) I'm just glad Jin-ah wasn't smart enough to pretend to have one. *fistpump* 
JoAnne: It's these little things that make me think she's not a completely hateful person.
kakashi: Yes, I'm already tired of hating her. I think they're giving her some more depth now, which is good. 
Jin-ah walks home that night and looks at her missed calls from Hyun-myung. Then she remembers how her mom and workmate Jisoo told her how embarrassing it is to date an unemployed guy. The walk home is a bit dark and someone seems to be following her(?) so she's relieved to see Rim driving by in his car, but he doesn't spare her a glance and drives off. MWAHAHAHA
JoAnne: Why would he stop? Do you stop for every person you know?
kakashi: I think the girl is a bit in love. You hope for people you're in love with to stop. People are silly when in love

Ji-yong waits outside Ha-ni's room next morning, wearing a suit and bringing a pitcher of water. He remembers to freshen his breath before knocking and giving her some water, "because I thought of you". He drops hints about the story of Blue Bird, where true love was just beside the hero/heroine all along. Then he invites Ha-ni for some ramen. He cooks ramen in a parody of Ryu Seung Ryong's already awesomely hilarious Namja Ramen ad. LOL you just have to watch this whole thing!
becca: As soon as I finish, I'm making ramen. So. Hungry.
JoAnne: I loved this. These little bits are the best thing about this show. Besides Second's muscles.

He presents the ramen to Ha-ni. He also sushes Big who complains that THAT was his last ramen pack by hinting that there's something between him and Ha-ni. When she brings up Blue Bird and true love again, Ji-yong signals to Big all, "See? I told you." Except she says that true love isn't true love unless it's reciprocated. Heh. Hyun-myung leaves the bathroom in time to hear Ji-yong using him as an example of a failed love. Meanwhile Big receives a call from his "Suzy", asking him out for a movie.
JoAnne: I thought he meant really Suzy.
kakashi: Me2.
He runs upstairs and begs Hye-young noona to help him choose a date outfit. We get a reverse Pretty Woman with Big as Julia and Hye-young as Richard Gere. ^___^ Hye-young approves of a suit and Big rushes off to his date with Suzy. Except!!! Suzy's boyfriend came after all. Big pretends to have come from an interview and says he has to go back home to study, now that Suzy has her Oppa to accompany her. Aww... Poor Big.
becca: *sniff* I'd comfort you, Big, but JoAnne Unni would kill me. Please understand and forgive my weakness.
JoAnne: It's ok.  Go ahead and hug him. You probably can't reach his butt anyway.
Rim and the team are in an evaluation room, watching CEO Hong sample (and criticize) each dish they set out. She's very picky and complains about everything until they get to the last one which she claims "sent her to hell... in a dark, tempting way" OMG RIM WHY ARE YOU RAISING YOUR EYEBROWS AT JIN-AH --- ME LIKE DAT??? I DEYED. I DEYED. 
kakashi: Hm, I'm hungry now. Really hungry.
JoAnne: I want Mary to be the star of the internet's first 'Rim-Bang' where people pay to watch her watch Rim Shows. I feel it is important to stress that this should be a kokoro-free show, though.
kakashi: Whenever I'm in need of a fond smile, I google Song Jae-rim's girlfriend

The team walk out happily, congratulating Rim on the last dish. They pass by another chef who then turns around and grabs Rim, calling him arrogant now that he's on the top. The staff drag the angry chef away. It's Rim's mentor. Rim stands there shocked by the encounter. Team Manager Kim comforts him and excuses the old chef as very stressed and also having lost a lot of weight from diabetes. She also asks Rim to be more friendly a little bit. His "cool chic" act makes him look arrogant sometimes. Rim snaps at her to stop talking like she knows him and walks away. Aww... don't hurt Team Manager Kim! She luffs you!
JoAnne: Wow, that was nasty. I wonder what the twist is, though. You know there is one.
kakashi: Twist: Rim is a serial killer. He cooks people. 
Rim visits his doctor who tells him that stress can worsen his Prosopagnosia (an inability to recognize people's faces). She advices him to relax and open up to more people, but he mutters that that will be hard. :( Poor Rim. That must be why he kept ignoring Jin-ah in the officetel until she did her "Sheppu Rim" aegyo voice. Also, LOL, that he doesn't recognize her normal voice at all.
becca: Poor Rim, indeed. But I'm also kinda sad that he wasn't intentionally ignoring her. It means he's not wise to her evil ways. Listen to your Rimbutt, Rim! It's wiser than your Rimbrain!
JoAnne: And there it is.
kakashi: That's a shit thing to have, Prosopagnosia. Because people think you're a total ass even when you're not. 
Speaking of the fox, she spots Rim outside the office building and greets him. This time he recognizes her aegyo voice and offers her a ride home. Hyun-myung spots them entering the apartment complex in a chatty, comfy vibe. He comes to the wrong conclusion (ie too early in the relationship to sleep over) and follows Jin-ah and "Mantis Man" inside the elevator.
becca: Oh, I cringed for him.
JoAnne: Yep, too stalker-y.
He pretends not to know them as he fake-calls "Ji-yong hyung" and complains about horrible women who bring men home after a couple of dates. Jin-ah ignores him until they get to her floor (8th). She exits with a polite goodbye to Rim. Hyung-myung shuts up when he realize`s Rim lives in the same building. Hihihi. He pretends to have missed his floor and watches Rim get off at 20th. On his way down, the elevator stops at the 8th where Jin-ah tells him to stop being petty about the break-up. Then she lets the doors close on Hyun-myung again. 
becca: Oh really, Jin-ah? He's the petty one? *sputters* Well - well, you should stop being petty about YOUR FACE. *is immature when hungry*
JoAnne: Too busy giggling at Bec to say anything, sorry.
kakashi: Get over her already, Second. 
Next day, Ha-ni hangs out at Ahn Ma-nyeo's takoyaki truck. (Which, btw, is labelled Tayoyaki. The closest joke I can find is this Korean cartoon called "Tayo The Little Bus". About a bus named Tayo who "is mischievous and likes to fart". Sounds legit? Haha) Ha-ni complains about cooking in this hot weather. But Ahn Ma-nyeo just enumerates his (5? 6?) part-time jobs and tells her that food doesn't fall from the sky, y'know. (*looks up hopefully* Nothin'.) She throws a fit at that, feeling totally cheated. Didn't the dramas say that everything will be fine once you find true love? (LOL) (Eh? Does she fast-forward through the angsty stretch??) Ahn Ma-nyeo couldn't answer because he faceplants on the takoyakis in exhaustion!
kakashi: Somebody make a joke the other day on twitter about him really needing money... he is in at least two airing dramas right now.
He wakes up in the hospital with a nurse sticking an IV in him. She seems to be familiar with his exhaustion spells and scolds him to take better care of himself especially since he lives away from his family. Ha-ni looks pityingly at him but before he can explain, he gets a phonecall: it's his daughter!
He ties a towel around his head and accepts the video call. He pretends to be in a jjimjilbang as he listens to his daughter proudly telling him how she finished her homework in that iPad he bought for her. She also called to check up on him, worried that he'll be sad because today is his wife's death anniversary. Ha-ni watches all of this and looks more kindly on Ahn Ma-nyeo. 
becca: Aw, that was sweet. She better treat him better after this!
JoAnne: I like this guy so much, whenever I see him. He just has this thing. You just want to smile around him.
Jin-ah walks home alone again when a man grabs her from behind. (He looks like Rim's mentor chef, right?) Hyun-myung pops up and wrestles the man to the ground. He tells her to call the police. We don't see what happens to the guy, but we do see Hyun-myung walking her all the way back to her apartment. He stops near the doors and hands her a bag of their couple pictures. He came to give them to her since he couldn't throw them away. He says the streets are too dark. She should ask "that man" to walk her home. He also tells her to be happy with "that man". Then he walks away. (Aww...)
becca: She's an idiot for throwing this guy away. *shakes head*
JoAnne: I wonder if they end up back together...
kakashi: It's not unpossible, this. They both have some maturing and growing to do though. 
Ha-ni's voice narrates the different ways people fall in love as we get shots of our different characters. Hyun-myung loves someone enough to let them go. Jin-ah cries over her pictures with Hyun-myung. Ha-ni describes her as loving someone who will give her a better life. Ji-yong slides a ramen festival invitation under Ha-ni's door -- his is the love that starts in his imagination (LOL).
Ahn Ma-nyeo drives his takoyaki truck and blows kisses at his daughter's pic on the dashboard. His is the love that gives you energy to live. Meanwhile Rim sits at his desk turning Aileen's shiny scale over in his hands: his love is one that must be figured out, like a mystery. 
Ha-ni continues to narrate that whatever your way of loving is, love is something that makes your heart flutter and gives you hope. Hye-young is shown mooning over Sun-kyu while Big gets a text from Suzy.
JoAnne: And I REALLY want Hye-Young and Sun-Kyu to get together. (I saw the relationship chart by accident, and I saw where Hye-young's loveline was pointing. *giggling*)
Ha-ni stops the takoyaki truck when they pass by the video billboard near JH Food Corp playing Rim's cooking show. She stares up at the billboard and narrates that love is something that can bring a smile to everyone's face. (Awww... it does! It does! My kokoro gets an upward, happy swing just watching this part.)
JoAnne: Mine, too, but it's because she's so cute. Puffy Rim is still disturbing.
kakashi: Think of him as pastry. It helps.
Mary: Now I want to eat him.
She spots Rim leaving that same building and jumps out of the truck. She runs over to him, thinking, "Yes, this feeling! This is what true love feels! Shi-kyung is indeed my true love!"
becca: Aww, I kind of want him to be! But then I think of Second! But Rim! But Second! Argh!
JoAnne: Team Chilbongie for EVER.
kakashi: This is tvn. You know what they do to people, right? Several people almost killed themselves over Reply1994. 
She stops in front of him and Shi-kyung waits curiously as she catches her breath. Then she tells him that it doesn't matter if he doesn't recognize her. Love is a 100 day time-bomb for her. It's either die or fall in love. What has she got to lose? We see her blurred face from Rim's point of view as Ha-ni bows politely and runs, squeeing at her own love confession. Rim can't help but smile as she almost trips and runs back for her slippers. :D Kyaaaaaaaaa~ squeeeeeeeee~ 
JoAnne: How could he NOT smile at her, she's so cute.
kakashi: hahahaaaaa and he seriously doesn't recognize her. 
Ha-ni takes a bubble bath at home, humming and vowing to make Rim fall in love with her. But her happy thoughts are interrupted by her tail which pops up on the other end of the tub. (!!!!) Before she has time to process this, the shower curtains move and she hears someone running out of the bathroom. Someone saw her. But who??? 
JoAnne: If Gamer Guy is also a peeping tom, that changes this drama.
kakashi: Could have been a cockroach, too. 


Ack! What happened? Who saw her??? Why is she back to being a mermaid???
Also, curse you, Show!!! Just when I vowed not to give myself hope, you give Rim that small squee-worthy, OTP-moment at the end. I refuse to be Reply1994-ed into confusion! Just you watch. I'll ship Rim with myself! Myself, y'hear??? Everyone else can have Hyun-myung's nice, well-toned, deep-muscled back...... I- I refuse to be distracted. I absolutely refuse to dwell on those veins and that intense stare, y'hear?! 
becca: B-but... muscles.... *totally distracted*
JoAnne: And that smile. And he's so... eager. That has a certain charm.
kakashi: Any of the guys will do. That's the beauty of this.