Yoo Na's Street - Episode 7 (A ThugCap)

Mary: What a great episode! More pickpocketing adventures. More lovelines formed. More neighbor problems(?) Yoo-na gets busy recruiting a magical antenna while Chang-man also wises up and enlists an ally in his Operation: Stop Yoo-na From Stealing With The Power of Love. Whose team gets better?
kakashi: I'm on your team! And on everybody's team! I'm so ON this boat!
becca: Which team has all the hugging? 'Cause I want to be on THAT team!

[Note on character spelling: I'm gonna follow kakashi's naming format because it's easier to read and type. Hehe. Chang Man will be Chang-man, Yoo Na = Yoo-na, etc. Oh, and Curly = Curly.]


Da-yeong practices her lines on the rooftop and snootily raises her nose when the bystanders Chang-man and Yoo-na ask about the title of the play. Eh, but Da-yeong can't remember the complicated title until Chang-man coolly recites it himself. In English. "The Cosmonaut's Last Message To The Woman He Once Loved In The Former Soviet Union" Boo-yah!
kakashi: I did feel a strong surge of love at that moment, yes.
becca: And pride. I'm always to proud when our unassuming Chang-man Ajusshi floors people with his awesomeness. Hug?

The wimminfolk are shocked and impressed at Chang-man. Which is made more impressive by his nonchalance. He finishes hanging up his boxers and goes back to his room. Ack! Kokoro war alert! Da-yeong makes the first attack. She catches up to Chang-man outside his room and chit-chats about the play. As usual with Teddy Bear, he just writes off his knowledge as some random fact he picked up online.
kakashi: Lol, yeah. What's up with that?! And I just realize I haven't hugged this guy for a very very long time .... {HUGS}

He's coaching Da-yeong through the proper pronunciation of "Soviet Union" when Yoo-na comes down and orders them to stop blocking the hallway. Then she stomps of to her room. Oh dear. Is that from jealousy or is she still mad at Chang-man for wanting to reform her? Or both?
kakashi: I bet she doesn't know herself. She's not all that in tune with this kind of herself. This kind = the kokoro side.
becca: She needs more Teddy Bear hugs in her life. They're good for a person.

Da-yeong rudely calls Yoo-na "that woman" which naturally leads to a discussion on age and stuff. Yoo-na and Chang-man are 30, Da-yeong is 23. And PWAHAHA Suddenly she's calling Chang-man "Oppa". She even asks about his height. Hehe.
kakashi: Important stuff, yes.
becca: *swats Da-yeong away like a pesky fly* So obvious, this girl.

Mi-sun asks Yoo-na to come with her to meet up with President Jeong's wife that night. Yoo-na wants none of that shit anymore but Mi-sun talks about being scared and stuff. She aegyos in jest and Yoo-na is still pissed for being dragged into it, but she doesn't say no either.
kakashi: That. Yoo-na really needs to learn to kick that woman away from her. We can't have any of that kindness crap. It's a tough world out there.
becca: The sooner Yoo-na breaks away from this witch, the better.

Da-yeong goes downstairs and tells her dad about that "tall, 2nd-floor Oppa" who's quitting the colatec. She thinks it's a waste if such a smart man kept working as Manbo's thug (it is but it's also funny so I'm a bit torn about this - I'm a little torn, too, but I'm always going to want what's best for Chang-man, so that makes it easier). Manbo scolds her for oppa-oppaing Chang-man. She innocently claims that Chang-man is 7 years older. Ergo, he counts as an Oppa.

The Madame comes in just as Da-yeong is praising how smart Chang-man is. Manbo complains that the guy hasn't even finished high school. The Madame and Da-yeong correct him that one can be as smart as graduates by self-studying! I like how the Madame sides with Da-yeong on this one. But I also LOLed when Manbo tells Da-yeong to look elsewhere. She's only impressed by Chang-man's intelligence because she's not very smart herself. Haha!
kakashi: Fathers be fathers. And I think I am starting to like Manbo. You know, in a quiet way. No hugs yet though.
becca: No, not yet. He has his moments, but then he'll do something I don't like. Maybe someday.

Manbo gets a text from Hammer asking to meet up to talk about the title charge. It gets Manbo knocking urgently on Grandpa Axe's room. Little Kei (Dong-min) comes in with this cute dog and tells his dad that Grandpa went out with Chang-man to that soup stall near the market. Manbo is a doting dad. It's cute. :) (and the dog didn't do what he was told at all. A detail - but exactly what makes this show what it is - I loved that! Especially because the kid had just said how obedient the doggy was) Manbo calls Chang-man's phone and confirms that he's with Grandpa. Then he demands Chang-man finish this month of work at least. Chang-man stays firm and just says goodbye.
becca: Yes! Stay strong Ajusshi! Like kakashi, I'm sorry to lose the comedy of that, but I'll be disappointed if Chang-man doesn't stay firm in his decision to quit. He should do what he believes is right.

Manbo's wife hears the tail end of the convo and guesses that Grandpa's pension came, making Manbo even more pissed that Axe Grandpa treats Chang-man but not him to a meal (hahaha, so petty!!!). He feels disrespected by everyone, including Big-eye and Hammer. The Madame calms him down and volunteers to meet up with Hammer herself, saying that she's better at handling money matters.
kakashi: Yay for Madame. She has spunk.
becca: She's way smarter than him, too. Ooooh, boy! This is gonna be awesome!

Chang-man and Grandpa chit-chat over their breakfast soup. Chang-man's boss has just sent over the $6,000 out of $9,000 he owed him. Chang-man says he trusts good men to eventually stay true to their word. Something that can't be said for Manbo, which is why he quit the colatec. (Grandpa agrees.)
kakashi: So it's not even Axe's pension money! Manbo just doesn't know people, does he.

They spot Curly entering the shop. He's only pretending to go to work lately, leaving home at 5:30 am and waiting for his wife to leave. The truth is he has trouble finding paint jobs these days (he should maybe form a self-help group with the boys over at SurplusPrincess?). He tells Chang-man to reconsider working at colatec. At least work is work. He hangs his head at how shameful his life is and how he wishes he could just die. Good thing Grandpa and Teddy Bear Chang-man are there to cheer him up.
becca: Aww, I love these guys. *hugs all three*

Kang Sun is at the mall. (Sevelyn unni! Are you here to steal some wine?) (hahaha, I keep saying stuff like that too, or "so where's your doting not-quite Kang Dong-won husband") (he's busy being all ghosty on Hot Watchman Night Watchman) She's with Hwa-suk and another KKang Sun Gang member, about to make a move on a target customer. Yoo-na "bumps" into Kang Sun and warns her about the hidden guards. They meet up later and Yoo-na reminds her that malls post guards near CCTV blindspots. (Me: *takes notes on her pickpocket notebook* *starts wondering if she should start saving for your lawyer fees*) She says she went there to observe Hwa-suk at work. Remember Hwa-suk? The supposedly telepathic antenna?
kakashi: The cute-veryweird-probably-fishy girl, yes.
becca: The one that freaks me out.

Kang-sun just asks Yoo-na to join her gang. Yoo-na doesn't want to. She wants to work with Nam-su. Kang-sun teases maybe the two are dating (huihuihui, don't get my shippy heart all hopeful now, Show). Yoo-na tells her to stop joking and just think about giving Hwa-suk over to her. For a fee, of course.
Hwa-suk approaches them and lights up to see Yoo-na. She can't help but smile in response. Hwa-suk is a giddy fangirl about Yoo-na's legendary pickpocketing skills. I wonder if she'll jump ship for Yoo-na and cause a gang war to break out?
kakashi: It's pretty cool that Yoo-na has pickpocket-fans. I wonder whether I would like that too when I'm grown up.
becca: You already have fangirls, Big Kahuna!

Later, Nam-su and Yoo-na discuss it in their office. If Hwa-suk was as great as everyone says, why would Kang-sun give her up? If, however, her telepathic powers are waning, maybe they can get her for a lower price? Yoo-na decides to meet up with Hwa-suk and test her "powers" first. (Nam-su! Hihi. Hallo! *waves*)
kakashi: Are they deliberately withholding Nam-su from us? I smell a plot. A make-the-girls-go-crazy plot.
becca: Show is a tease!

Mary's Screencap-Choosing Fairness Level: 0.
becca: I give your selection process a 10!!

Manbo is at home and in a bad mood. He sees Grandpa watering the plants again and scolds him for wasting water when he doesn't even pay the water bills. He rants about the Hammer issue while Grandpa just stands there meekly and apologizes. (I remember the DSS editor laughing at how Manbo was so awkward, saying "please shut up, sir" or something like that. Even when Manbo was mad, he still can't help but talk as The Axe's hoobae! Hehe.)
kakashi: Yup, it's official - I like Manbo for his awkwardness.

Chang-man comes downstairs and asks to talk to Manbo, and Grandpa hilariously hints that now isn't a good time. Oups. Too late. Manbo calls Chang-man in.

Chang-man reiterates his decision to quit work at the colatec. Manbo reiterates his threat to beat him up and kick him out. (LOL) Chang-man says what about the vacated room, then? He proposes that Manbo let him live there and work elsewhere. He will pay for the rent with a normal deposit and at full price. Chang-man doesn't want a discount because it will make him feel compelled to always follow Manbo's orders.
kakashi: {HUGS}
becca: *also hugs*

Gye-pal is driving his noona (the Madame) to the colatec when she tells him to drop her off at Big-eye's restaurant instead. She's changed plans and is meeting Hammer there. Gye-pal whines that he doesn't want to go there. (He's on Big-eye's shitlist.) His noona hilariously scolds him to buck up, noona is here.
kakashi: Gye-pal is an eternal loser. I know the type and can't help but feel very sorry for them.
becca: Eh, whatever. I find him odious. Madame is awesome, though. This, I have decided.

Big-eye greets the Madame and sits down with her for a chat while she waits for Hammer. Now we see how shrewd she is. She maneuvers the conversation to remind Big-eye that he was the one who wanted to support Axe Grandpa in Hammer's fight. So naturally, he should also help pay for Hammer's men, since this is also Grandpa's decision. They're interrupted by Hammer's arrival which... PFFFFFFT! He came holding a Bible and acting all holier than thou, calling them "Brother" and "Sister". (Look at Billiard and gang staring slackjawed at the new Hammer!)
kakashi: That scene?! Had me laughing for quite a long time. WTF!

That night, Mi-sun drives Yoo-na to the meeting with the President's wife. Wait, why is Yoo-na going in alone??? Damn you, Mi-sun! She coaches Yoo-na to talk about their 2nd-floor neighbor who committed suicide after finding out her boyfriend was married. Yoo-na can't believe Mi-sun will use that story to further scare the President's wife into giving more money.
kakashi: MassiveHateBeamsTimes10000000000000!
becca: *stews in anger*

(On a sidenote, the cars on this show are so cute! I've never wanted a car before even if my dad and brother keep pestering me to buy one. But Mi-sun's car and Nam-su's cars are cute. ^^)
kakashi: *Sends note to Mary's dad and brother to buy her a Nam-su car*
becca: His car is really TALL, too. But how's the leg-room? *is wondering if her own brother should get one*

Yoo-na enters the cafe and apologizes for her unni being "unavailable". Outside, Mi-sun recognizes a man and woman entering the cafe. The presence of the two alarms her enough to unbuckle her seatbelt and climb out of the car for a closer look.
kakashi: I hate her so much!!!!!!
becca: Was she expecting them?? I'm not sure, but either way, booooo!!!!

Back inside the cafe, the President's wife (she is so soft and proper) is telling Yoo-na about courtesy, sincerity, etc which Mi-sun should at least show her-- when the man and woman barge in and ask, "Unni, is this that woman?"

The man grabs Yoo-na's hair without waiting for the answer and the woman slaps Yoo-na hard when she denies being Mi-sun. (FOOK YOU, PEOPLE! HOW DARE YOU TOUCH YOO-NA!) Yoo-na headbutts the man and twists the woman's arm. (HA! SUCKERS!) The man gets another slap in slogs Yoo-na's jaw before the President's wife manages to hold him back, giving Yoo-na enough time to run away.

kakashi: To be angry at the relatives didn't even cross my mind. No, but Mi-sun?! Go and DIE A THOUSAND PAINFUL DEATHS!!!
becca: I'm mad at ALL of them! Except Yoo-na and the wife of course.

Yoo-na thinks so too. She calls Mi-sun a really terrible woman. Mi-sun doesn't defend herself and just offers to take Yoo-na "somewhere fun".
kakashi: I want her goooooooone! Diiiiiieeeeee!
becca: I repeat: Anywhere with you, Mi-sun, is not what I call "somewhere fun." *crosses arms grumpily*

Chang-man is eating samgyupsal with Curly and his wife in their home. (Now I'm hungry!!)) The atmosphere is very cozy as the couple congratulate him for staying as their neighbor AND escaping the horrible job. Chang-man plans to find part-time restaurant work while studying for the civil exam. They toast on their sojus when someone knocks to interrupt their party. It's Gye-pal, looking for Chang-man.

Curly's wife (I keep forgetting her name too) stage whispers to Chang-man to be careful and not let Gye-pal in (yup, like the kid nobody wants to play with). He'll see their semi-party and ruin the mood! Indeed, the moment Chang-man comes out, Gye-pal smells the samgyupsal. Haha. He tells him to go to the colatec and fix the sound system. (Argh, this again?) Chang-man doesn't want to go, especially late at night. But when he hears that Da-yeong and her classmates are practicing for the play and can't find an available electrician, he agrees to help out anyway.

Gye-pal squeezes himself inside (THAT!) when Chang-man goes back to say goodbye to Curly and wife. When wife tries to feed Chang-man one last samgyupsal wrap before leaving, Gye-pal pushes him away and opens his mouth to claim it. Haha this guy is just annoyingly unaware about how annoying he is (didn't you have a kid like this in school? I think everybody has one). Curly and wife talk about the same topic and he tells her that even Gye-pal's beloved dogs are just forced to wag their tails to be fed, not out of affection.
kakashi: I can't give this guy any hugs, cause I despise him, but ... somebody should hug him.
becca: Someone, yes. But not us. Definitely not me. *hides behind Chang-man - sneaks in a back-hug while she's at it*

Mi-sun takes Yoo-na to a posh noraebang with bar boys(?) I dunno what to call it. Mi-sun seems to be a regular customer. Soon enough, the staff present 4 guys to their room. Each guy introduces himself in a cheesy way to get Mi-sun to pick them. One talks about a hot night with the "noonas", the second shares he's the pretty boy who got into JTBC's second interview (heh), while the third bares his abs bragging he's fresh from army duty.
kakashi: I don't know about you, but this scene was VERY very uncomfortable to watch. So degrading.
becca: And it gets worse. >_<

Yoo-na doesn't even spare them a glance until the 4th one talks without flourishes and just promises to make their night comfortable. Oooh. Is Yoo-na interested? Too bad Mi-sun singles him out for his plain, countrified ways. She derides him for looking older than he claims then orders him out of the room.
kakashi: OMG she is so fucking mean this woman.
becca: He was the only decent guy in the group. I was hoping he and Yoo-na would just go drink in a corner and ignore all the ridiculous people.

Now it's time for Mi-sun's usual game! Swimming trunks game! She orders the remaining guys to strip at her signal. The last one to be in his skivvies is out. PWAHAHAHAHA What makes this better is how Mi-sun keeps squealing in laughter and slapping Yoo-na's shoulder while she just looks blankly at them with this "I'm so 100% done with these people" face.
becca: She is horrible. These guys have no pride. I'm uncomfortable.
Later, Mi-sun is partying and karaoke-ing with her boytoys. One of them pulls Yoo-na's hand to get her to dance, earning him a laser-beam of hate from Yoo-na. Pfffft (she is so me. I could NEVER party with these boys. Never). Your abs are no match for our Princess! Also, how did they film this??? I bet Kim Ok-bin had a hard time keeping a straight face.

At the colatec, Chang-man finishes fixing the sound system. He tries to leave but Da-yeong's classmate urge him to sing a song since he's holding the mic anyway. Hehe. Awww... Chang-man sings! Chang-man sings! What a fun person he is for going with the students' teasing. ^^ The only bad thing about this is I think it makes Da-yeong fall for our Teddy Bear ajusshi.
kakashi: He sang so beautifully ...... *wipes away tear*
becca: I know! *hugs Ajusshi*

They invite him for some beer and pelt him with questions about working at the colatec. Ah, but he already quit, he says. When they ask why, he looks concernedly at Da-yeong and refuses to discuss it. (Aww, he's such a gentleman.) One guy jokes maybe the ajummas like to grab Chang-man's ass. Chang-man kindly explains that the colatec isn't a seedy place. Just a good, affordable place for the old people to dance and mingle. Uh-oh. You just sealed Da-yeong's crush by defending her family's business, I think.
kakashi: Seriously, there cannot be a single woman who isn't crushing on this guy, right?!
becca: *looks around at all the adoring faces* Nope. Except maybe Mi-sun, but if she ever starts making eyes at him, I will personally bury her upholstered ass! (see: her flowery suit. Whose couch did she have to kill to make that thing??)

Mi-sun and Yoo-na drunkenly walk out of the noraebang/bar place. They both ignore President Jeong's calls. (Who also ignores his wife's calls.) They move to a pojangmacha for some noodles. Mi-sun feels guilty when she spots that Country Guy drinking by himself in the corner. Yoo-na actually tells her, "wow, so you CAN feel bad for others too". Haha. I like honest, drunk Yoo-na.
kakashi: Is it really guilt though? I am wondering. It's like you've kicked a puppy off the sidewalk into the street, then see it limping around later.

Mi-sun goes over to apologize. Yoo-na stops her, she's drunk! But like all drunks, she refuses to listen. She approaches Country Guy and says sorry for kicking him out. Country Guy says that's just how it works. The customers are there to have fun, so they should choose someone fun to be with. Then he asks if noona enjoyed her visit?
kakashi: He is cute but he will not end up well.
becca: For a moment, I considered shipping them. Then I remembered we hate her.

This makes Mi-sun more guilty, and now she wishes she spent time with him instead of the mindless antics she had with the others. Country Guy then asks that she pick him next time. And (haha!) Mi-sun, The Pro, points out that a good player should ask to have fun RIGHT NOW. Is she going to end up teaching him how to be a proper gigolo?
kakashi: Well, his current behavior works quite well, I'd say.

Later, we see that Yoo-na already finished her noodles alone while Mi-sun is laughing and chatting with Min-gyu (Country Guy). She shakes her head at her unni and bangs Mi-sun's bag on their table, saying she'll go home first.
becca: Poor Yoo-na. She gets thrown around and slapped, then dragged all over town by Mi-sun all night. I'd be pissed.

Chang-man sees her coming home and asks where she's been. She answers in banmal for him to mind his own business. He tells her how he almost moved away today but managed to stay anyway. Not because he wants to stop her crimes, but mostly to always know where she is. (I think it means, he doesn't want to lose contact with Yoo-na.)
kakashi: {HUUUUUuuuuuugs}. Both of them, actually.
becca: *approves of the hugging*

Yoo-na raises her voice and tells him to stop this cheesy shit or he WILL get a beating, and from her own hands at that. It's both a threat and a sincere warning that guys like him shouldn't like girls like her. Because if he meddles in her world, he will seriously get hurt. (Awww... Yoo-na. How lonely she must be that even her Dad is gone. And the only guy she probably likes keeps asking her to stop the only thing she knows how to do.) Yoo-na enters her room and reads Mi-sun's text about sleeping elsewhere tonight, further driving in Yoo-na's loneliness. Although, to be honest, I think Mi-sun is lonely too, despite having lots of men.
kakashi: I think I've said it before, didn't I? Everybody in this show is very, very lonely. Except for Chang-man, who is just there, becoming part of everybody's kokoro-circle just by being there, doing his thing.
becca: I think he'll become the glue in this make-shift family, though. They've lived together for awhile already, but he'll be the one to actually bring them together as people who care for and support one another. Maybe? *is hopeful*

Next morning, Yang-sun unni is distributing fliers (and cursing at those who won't take them, haha) when Chang-man shows up looking for Squad-leader Bong. LOL Bong doesn't recognize him at first but greets him enthusiastically when Yang-sun reminds him that Chang-man was the one who posted their fliers at colatec. Turns out a couple of large groups came over immediately after that.

Chang-man asks to talk to Bong and they relocate to a park. He asks Bong for some "life advice". Bong admits he's not exactly the best role model, asking if Chang-man even KNOWS about his past. Chang-man answers in the affirmative. Except his source is some blog about Bong and his love story. Haha.
becca: Aw, you're so cute, Chang-man. *hugs*
Bong winces at that embarrassing article, but it's relevant to Chang-man because it talks about how Bong "pulled out his wife from the pits of criminal activity". Bong lectures that there are two types of thieves: [1] those who can be reformed, and [2] those who cannot be reformed. He feels lucky that Yang-sun was the type who can change.

Chang-man asks, "Then what type does Yoo-na fall under?" HAHAHAHA Bong's eyes grow as large as saucers before he answers... "the type that's hard to reform". (Haha is that a third type? Or just a really nice way of saying the second type?)
kakashi: I am happy to say again that I quite like Bong in this. The dad-role in Jangbori is not for him.

He tsk tsks at how Yoo-na's dad cut off his own fingers to warn his daughter, yet after his death, Yoo-na went right back to stealing. Because the more skillful the thief is, the harder it is for them to stop this life.
kakashi: I'm still afraid Yang-sun unni could have a relapse. It really makes me uneasy!
becca: Stop making me nervous!

Chang-man wants to know if there are other options. Bong asks him if he likes Yoo-na. Chang-man answers "Yes" without hesitation. He adds that at the very least, he would like to help her stop stealing. He sits up straighter and holds Bong's gaze. Bong sizes him up then agrees to form a "special investigative unit" with him where the two of them will exchange intelligence about Yoo-na. (Uuuh, guys, I'm pretty sure Yoo-na is smarter than the two of you combined. At least, when it comes to street-smarts.)
kakashi: *nods vigorously*. Not a good idea, I think.
becca: Pfft. But they're so earnest! It's adorable! *hugs both of them*

Yoo-na meets up with Hwa-suk and Nam-su. Hwa-suk skips over to her and gushes how she was unable to sleep after Nam-su's call (Nam-su, call me too! - Rim! Rim! Mary is doing it again!!! - See! THIS is why I'm not adding monograms to the towels until the marriage is registered! So fickle!) She was too excited at the prospect of working with Yoo-na. Nam-su reminds her that she isn't in yet. She has to pass the test.
They chat while looking for a suitable testing place. Yoo-na asks how her power works. Does she check her fortune before leaving the house? Hwa-suk says yes, and she saw that today is a lucky day. She asks if Yoo-na checks her fortune too, but our cool Yoo-na says she just relies on her skills. (Yoo-na jjang!) Nam-su calms the overeager Hwa-suk and instructs her to find a target. She must tell them how much is the estimated cash in the wallet. Then Yoo-na and Nam-su will move in and steal it to confirm.
kakashi: What I like about this is that they totally believe in Hwa-suk's supernatural abilities.
becca: They're pickpockets. I figure superstition probably comes with the work. Like baseball.

Hahaha! This Hwa-suk character is a hoot. She sits twisting her head and watching people pass by. She spots a well-dressed ajumma and tails her, which is the signal for Yoo-na and Nam-su to follow. Hwa-suk confidently tells them it's 320,000 Won. 6x50,000 bills and 2x10,000 bills. (Ha! She predicts the bills?! Why would she do that??! O___o) Yoo-na marvels at her sight and Hwa-suk says it could be slightly different. Anyway, they get close to the ajumma when she stops to taste some free drinks. Yoo-na steals her wallet, easy-peasy. (I noticed my giant lunkhead Nam-su always acts as the giant shield while Yoo-na steals. Hehe.)
kakashi: He is quite untalented, right? :)
becca: Untalented? He makes an excellent shield! *admires his size*

They walk back to the car to check the loot. Nam-su warns Hwa-suk to think seriously and not just answer on a whim, but she doesn't budge. She insists it's 320,000 Won and tells them to go ahead and check. Yoo-na looks at both of them before opening the wallet... end of episode 7.
kakashi: OMG! What a cliffhanger!!!
becca: What's in the wallet??? WE NEED TO KNOW.


Aaaaargh! Is it 320,000 Won? Is it??? We HAVE to know. Tell us, Show! Before Yoo-na's bra and Chang-man's boxers dry up on the Awkward Shared Clothesline of Love. (HA! *high-fives Mary*)
kakashi: This was such a good episode!! Wait, do I say this after every episode?
becca: Does that make it any less true? No.