Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 49 (KimJiCap)

Oh dear, get ready to be shaken, people. This is a very emotional episode, in which some people try to prevent a certain truth from hurting a precious little kid, while others just cannot stop digging. No, Jangbori doesn't go out quietly. It'll first take us on an emotional roller coaster that will leave us shaking and crying. Goddamn you crazy show, I love you.
JoAnne: Do they not know we are MOTHERS, Kakashi? I want to kill everyone who makes that little girl cry. (Do you think they'll hit national drama status with 40% before the end?)
kakashi: I haven't seen the ratings for this weeks episodes yet. It's very possible, yes

Episode 49

BaDIL melt-showdown! She begs to be told whether Min-jung is Bi-dan's true mother - but Moony shakes his battered head at Veggie, ever so slightly ... no. Don't tell her. It will be bad for Bi-dan. Does Veggie GET IT? I am not sure. She may stay quiet this time, but unless she disappears to the land where the pepper grows (that's a German saying), she's a liability.
JoAnne: Your gif scared me I wasn't expecting Moony to move. And I am very, very tired of BaDIL's shrillness (yes. She doesn't do angry well). Veggie needs to be hit in the head with a pumpkin, hard. As many times as it takes to knock her permanently silent. (So is there a story about where the pepper grows?) (I'm not sure - it's just a far far far away land)
At the house, where the mugwort grows, Shady Servant has fallen on his knees. It's truth time! Jae-hwa establishes that Shady has never sent Bong2 a text message, asking him to split from his wife. Bori is introduced as Eun-bi - and Min-jung is revealed as Prime Evil. Shady is then taken to Bi Sool Chae - he has some things to mend! And some confessions to make.
JoAnne: I feel bad for him. He was a simple fellow, and he never had all the information.
Moony has taken the black box evidence to Bad Dad: also in the office are the two Jae-brothers. The evidence is crystal clear (and the car was indeed parked perfectly), Min-jung pressed the button. Bad Dad asks for time so that his son can get the divorce and they make plans to get custody of the child once it is born. Jae-hee seems to recognize there's no way out anymore, so he even thanks Moony for trying to save him. Sorry, Jae-hee, too little, too late!
JoAnne: Why is he not even spending a minute to think about the ways Min Jung has him screwed? Is he suddenly now scot-free?
At the toast PPL place. Min-jung devours a toast. I am not sure this is the best of promotions, dear toast-people - don't you know how much she is hated? She is calling the hospital, telling them to inform her as soon as Moony wakes up. Buahahaha, fooled! (And would you believe it, Veggie, who joins her at the toast PPL place, manages to keep quiet about Moony being awake and the whole Bi-dan complication) But ... Min-jung has got her hands on his wallet and on his security card. Noooooo! Will we get another complication? 
JoAnne: Beady-eyed little trollop.
BaDIL confronts GooDIL with her new "knowledge" about who is Bi-dan's real mother. Nothing is confirmed and BaDIL tells GooDIL that this is Bori's judgment call, but little Bi-dan hears the two women fight and she hears all that ugly stuff once again - of her being the reason Bori had such a hard life. What she does NOT hear is who her real mother is. Yet. See, this is what I don't get: Bori is married into a good family with a great husband - so why does her name have to "be cleared" even now? Just let them be, you evil woman!
JoAnne: It would all be left in the dust if BaDIL wasn't digging around on her misbegotten quest to right any wrongs done to Bori by Min Jung since she won't right any of the wrongs she herself did to Bori. Stupid woman with your ugly voice. Just stop.
Oh, here comes Min-jung's next attack - she makes it look like Moony gave "well-protected" designs to a rival company. Jae-hwa is smart enough to smell that something is not right - and Jae-hee plays along as well. Min-jung tells him this is their chance to get rid of Moony once and for all, and she requests to take part in the board meeting that's to take place soon.
JoAnne: Oh, please tell me they're all in on this against her please.
Hehe. At the board meeting. Hehe. The aim is to find the truth about the leaks. Min-jung is well-prepared - she presents all of the already suspicious board members with evidence that Moony embezzled a large sum of money. And falsified financial records. But Jae-hwa did his home work: it's all a lie. The ledgers are correct. Because Moony bribed the accountants! Says Min-jung. If he has nothing to hide, he would surely come here and testify? she says triumphantly. Hehe. Yes, says Bad Dad, that is why I have called him to come.
Oups. In comes Moony. Min-jung, do you feel faint? The truth is that Moony never had his own company credit card: Min-jung made one (that trick again? Min-jung! You did that before and failed, do you never learn?). Also: Moony reveals his security card and wallet were stolen on his way to the hospital. Somebody accessed the design files with those. Everybody immediately (and conveniently) believes that. Min-jung, who sees all her chances getting lost, now begs Jae-hee to say something.
JoAnne: Seriously, these people. Person A says something: everyone believes. Person B says something: everyone switches and believes. Its... um... unbelievable.
Maybe her nose grew bigger? 
But nope. Jae-hee sends her right to her deserved doom - he has no idea what she is talking about and finds her guilty of forging a credit card and everything else. The meeting's over! On his way out, Moony lets her know about the black box. Never has revenge felt better!
JoAnne: Is she seriously going to ask for help? What is her head like? It's got to be scary - her reality is completely different than ours.
Veggie has the fooking nerve to beg Bori to please save Min-jung. What the fuck. Seriously. No, no mother's love can excuse this. I really want to beat Veggie up. Well, Bori tells Veggie that it's over for Min-jung in any case: since she tried to kill a person. Yeah, as if she hadn't done enough before to go to jail. GooDIL joins them and threatens to reveal the whole truth to Bad Dad right this instance, but Veggie begs for some time - she will make Min-jung confess with her own mouth and she will have her beg. The only chance she has left. WTF NOooooooo, you will so NOT. She even gets down on her knees and bangs her stupid head to the floor for emphasis. I so hate this woman.
JoAnne: Oh give me a fucking break. Seriously. Didn't we have this same scene (minus the headbanging) two weeks ago, where she  promised to get Min Jung to confess? (YES! ENOUGH!!) Did this woman even graduate from grade school? How STUPID is she?
The Jae-brothers are putting the screws on Min-jung (sadly, no handcuffs). Jae-hee wants her to sign away all her Bi Sool Chae designs to the company in compensation for giving away the other designs to another company. I may be mistaken, but hasn't this Bi Sool Chae design business been discussed before? So it's either sign this or be turned over to "the law". Is that a threat? Seems to be, cause she signs! And Jae-hee rips the contract out of her hand, haha, and tells her she should keep away from home AND from the office. The baby? he doesn't give a damn.
JoAnne: Yes, but this time my impression is they get her to sign them over to protect Bi Sool Chae in the long run. You know with Jae Hwa involved he won't let anything shady happen to BSC.
Is that the end of Min-jung? It can't be because we have three more episodes. Three and a half, in fact. That is why Moony's triumphant smile in the corridor is giving me shivers ... watch out, Moony! Unless you pull out all her teeth, she will still be able to bite you if you're not careful! She starts crying, oh, I almost feel pity for her! She begs him to stop, to end this - for the child in her belly. Oh, but that's not the right way to make him forget his revenge: hasn't she screamed she'd abort his own child every day? And didn't she cruelly abandon her? No: she isn't able to feel maternal love.
JoAnne: Wow. Way to misjudge your audience, Min Jung.
He walks away and the camera zooms back and ... there's Jae-hee. He heard it all. And he breaks down, crying and laughing at the same time. Aw. Okay, now I feel sorry.
JoAnne: He still had some kind of hope that at least SOMETHING she told him was true, and now he knows that her entire story is a lie. Poor guy. He did love her, and she was never truthful with him.
Shady Servant Park confesses everything to Bong2. Everything= adoring BaDIL, but not desiring her, covering up the accident for 20 years, and being a bit stupid. Bong2 shouts at his wife and she is now afraid he will tell Halmoni. Because that would mean THE END of her in Bi Sool Chae. But ... no! We want to see that competition!
JoAnne: I swear, the minute she married you I stopped imagining her bending over the dyepots naked! Honest!

Jae-hwa snoops around (legally) in Jae-hee's computer and discovers the Min-jung/Moony love celebration video. Oups. Now there's your missing link ... he goes straight to the bar where his brother is currently getting drunk and demands to know about Min-jung and Moony. 
JoAnne: Ahhh, I forgot. He was the last one to have any idea. No matter, though. He loves Bi Dan so much.
While the brothers bond a bit at that bar (they'll be fine), Min-jung gets to "bond" a bit with BaDIL in the dark courtyard. BaDIL tells her that Shady has been found - they got mugwort from Halmoni too. And anyway, BaDIL is quitting this competition. They start hissing at each other like poisonous snakes - and BaDIL still wants to hear what she already knows: that Min-jung is Bi-dan's mother. But Min-jung lies her 1st child is dead - and anyway, aren't they really similar? Both are mothers who abandoned their children. Oh, but BaDIL is beyond threats and lies - if she can remove toxic waste from her child's path, she'll do anything.
JoAnne: Five years from now, the two brothers share a beer and laugh about how they fell out over eggs, and then reconnected after a scheming trollop made fools of them all. As for BaDIL and her plans, well. I have much to say about this woman. In a bit.
Yeah, like being extremely mean to Bi-dan?! She only sees the witch Min-jung in the child now and scolds her terribly for bothering her mother while sewing. And then, she says those terribly mean things again, about Bi-dan being such a burden to Bori. I wish they'd stop with that. It's so mean.
JoAnne: Like right now. That this woman - a mother - can say such ugly things about a child in front of that child - it blows my mind. How can she say she loves Bori and then turn around and be so hateful to the one person Bori loves beyond reason? If I were Bori, that woman would have would not have been treated so gently.
Jae-hwa is home ... smelling of alcohol. And not happy. He is going to ask his Bori Bori once again: who is Bi-dan's mother? Is the horrible thought he is having true? He will always love them both - but he has to know. Come on, Bori ... it's time to reveal it all.
JoAnne: Yeah, except that 'always love, but have to know the truth' - that always works out to 'well, I tried, but I can't.'
Oh god, he has a total meltdown, screaming at her to say ANY name but that horrible woman's. But, alas ... what is cannot be made undone. He shakes her, screaming some more, asking why she made such a stupid decision - and then Bori tells him how difficult it has been for her ever since she found out. She felt so used at first. But as time went by, she let go of all the bad feelings she had (Especially for Veggie). Bi-dan is Bi-dan - and she loves her. Because of who she is - not because of who her mother is. Jae-hwa is so heartbroken ... she should have told him. (Oh yes! She should have!) He is worried about his parents, about Jae-hee.
JoAnne: Sure, she should have told him. But then he wouldn't have married her.
kakashi: I'm not sure. And if it's true, she should have told him because otherwise, she just conned him into marrying her, right
Down-stairs, the useless ladies are doing what they do best: being mean. They tell Bi-dan that her parents seem to be fighting because of her and that she should go upstairs. Where she hears Jae-hwa and Bori mention annulling the marriage (come on now, you two). She remembers happy times ... Noooooooo, stop crying little one!
JoAnne: Those two bitches have earned a special place in hell. Bad Dad, do something about your witches.
A heavy-hearted Jae-hwa brings Bi-dan to school. He just stands there and sighs when she waves. Bi-dan is heartbroken that he won't look at her. And then, Moony arrives. Woot? Oh, Jae-hwa gets really angry when he sees him (*not well-kept secret: I like him best that way*) (hahahaha I tweeted about that earlier) and starts shaking Moony, also blaming him for what his kind and stupid Bori had to go through. He never wants to see his face again - ever. And no more seeing Bi-dan after one last look. But when Moony turns around to look at his daughter, she's nowhere in sight (because she's hiding).
JoAnne: I'm sorry but fuck you, Jae Hwa. Stop being a dick.
This breaks my heart. It pisses me off.

When Moony drives off, Bi-dan comes running, to look after the car. Jae-hwa tries to cheer her up and hugs her close, but she is just crying, watching the car. In the car, Moony watches her in the back mirror and thanks Jae-hwa for becoming her real dad. *takes a break from capping, sniff*
JoAnne: Sure, it's going to work out in the end, but right now, according to the story, it's not so certain he WILL be her real dad, the asshole.
Min-jung does the mugworting all by herself. Lots of heavy lifting. Lots of smelling of fumes. And suddenly... pain! Blood. At the hospital, it's confirmed. The baby ... it's gone. And she can never become pregnant again. Wow, her desperation gets to me. And then, BaDIL promises to keep quiet about the miscarriage and the barrenness if Min-jung tells her the truth about Bi-dan. And Min-jung promises to take her daughter and get out of Bori's life forever.
JoAnne: It does not get to me AT ALL. Bitch. She's only sorry the baby is gone because that was her hook into Jae Hee. 

The Rest

Very Much Annoying Couple ... well. They get about a minute of screentime.  
JoAnne: Oh my GOD go away already. *mouths an apology to Big Kang and makes the gesture for 'call me'*


I didn't always have a lot to say about this show - especially since the comment worthy stuff started to get so repetitive. But this! Show, do you know you have 3 episodes left?! So much happened again!
JoAnne: Seriously.  We've said before how crazy it is that week after week after week Min Jung would do something ill-conceived, get caught, and then barely scrape her way out of a mess, and that it would be boring if she didn't make it so crazy entertaining - and then for a tiny bit it did get a little boring and even now... it's still more of the same ol' same ol' - but they keep wrapping it in new clothes and I can't help it, I'm still on board.

Min-jung has hit rock bottom. What will she do? Will she really try to grab Bi-dan and run? I doubt that. She'll try to hold onto Jae-hee as long as possible (after the competition?), and she can only do that if she lies about her condition. Of course. She is becoming quite pitiful I think. No?
JoAnne: In a bug squirming on a pin kind of way, sure. You know what I think - her level of delusion is scary.

Veggie: just leave this show already. She does nothing but be annoying, voicing empty promises, running hither and tither to do stupid things. She is completely redundant at this point. Just like Absolutely Annoying Couple and Ga-eul and Dumb Mom.
JoAnne: Yes. She's one who does the same thing over and over and just bores me with it.

Jae-hee: I think we'll not get to see any satisfactory character anything with him. He has turned from the dark side and is ready to accept his brother's love. Good. He's a total asshole, but the show seems to have forgotten.
JoAnne: Yep they'll turn him into the insecure son born under questionable circumstances who got taken advantage of by the scheming bitch. Which he is, but he had a lot more agency than that makes it sound like. And he had plans of his own that weren't all that above board even before she came on the scene.

BaDIL: she knows she has lost. Her quest before final destruction? To remove "toxic waste" from her daughter's path. That, in her mind, includes Bi-dan. And that is very much NOT GOOD.
JoAnne: I would so be on board her mission to eliminate Min Jung. But Bi Dan? No. Stop. Halt. Abort mission.

Bi-dan: so heartbreaking. How many more times does she have to hear that she's unwanted, worse even, a terrible burden for her angelic mother? She'll need therapy when she's older. Loads of it. I'm still not sure how this show will handle the fact that genetically, she's half Min-jung. Almost everybody knows now - will she ever know? I'm not sure what would be better for her.
JoAnne: I don't see how they can keep it from her, but I suspect it will be devastating for the poor kid.

Moony: Don't tell me that was a real farewell scene?! OMG, Nooooooo! Well, if it's the ending Moony gets, it's a worthy ending. At least he's not dead. At least he gets to exit with a smile on his face and the knowledge that his daughter is in good hands. But .... nooooooo!
JoAnne: He needs more of a send off than THAT. And Trotwood needs time to pack.

Jae-hwa: hm. Now here's a potential problem. Bori should have told him MUCH earlier and things are about to blow up in her face because she hasn't. Told you so, Bori. He will of course forgive her and he has already overcome his discomfort over knowing that Bi-dan is half Min-jung (as shown by the hug at the end) - but what about his family? This will be very hard to swallow. You don't need to live in a Korean family to know that - even for me it would be pretty hard to accept that my worst enemy and sister-in-law (it is bad enough she is that!) had a child she abandoned that I am currently raising. Jae-hwa, hwaiting!!
JoAnne: Yep, when it's framed that way, it's easy to see how difficult a situation it actually is. It has nothing to do with whether people are kind or not.
kakashi: Don't hate him, JoAnne. He'll pull through. He just needs a bit of time to digest this. About one episode of time? Tick tock. Time's running out!