Name that Gif -- A PotUp Trivia

Hi Squeelets! Tired of whiling away the hours on Google, while refreshing the page every 15 minutes to see if new episodes of your favorite squeecaps are up? Here's a fun little game you can play against yourself to see how many gifs you recognize. Because really, who doesn't get satisfaction out of saying "oh, oh, oh, I know that one!" even if you are the only one who hears it? Most of the gifs are from PotUP, but there are a few random ones thrown in at the end. So as not to ruin it for the others, you can list in the comments how many you get + ones you had trouble with. Answers will come in a future post.

Happy Guessing!







12 A + B




17 A + B
6 - train station
SOAW Tango 2


trot wood said…
I got them all except for #10, 11, 12A 12B. I couldn't see #23. Oh, and #15 still makes me laugh out loud even though I know I'm not supposed to. This was great. A meeting got canceled so I'm in my office, and then I find this posted. It's like you guys knew!
lafer said…
I think 23's gif is too big. Shuk, we need a redo!
alexe said…
11 : I'll never forget how the girl was able to run with those high heel , platform shoes !
21 : That tango scene is a major hot moment in K drama . I remember every moment , having watched it many times .

Thanks for those souvenirs .
Kakashi Sensei said…
trotwood! How can you not know 12B! I mean ... you do recognize him though?
laos7 said…
I died at #14, one of the best gifs from that crack show!
B Sherman said…
I haven't seen several of these - in particular, what is #20? It is so cute, I feel like I want to watch the drama now.
CM Shukmeister said…
I can't seem to reply to comment. Stupid slow internet.

B Sherman - #20 is a 2012 KBS drama starring Kim Kang-woo and Jo Yeo-jeong, and is the reason I decided to get my tragus pierced. :)

lafer - In regards to #23, I could try to make it smaller, but the drama is from 2002 and I can't find it in HD, so any degradation in fps might render it hard to see.
oozzeee said…
where's 25 from?

Funny tidbit, I know majority of the gifs posted not because I have watched them but because I have read the recaps you made of them...
lafer said…
25 is a trick question! It's from a 1987 American fairy tale, but the gif was actually used in one of the recaps so I decided to throw it in!
lafer said…
Can you tell me which episode it's from? I'm assuming 1 or 2. I have it in HD so I could make a smaller one. Love that scene!
trot wood said…
One of my favorite movies of all times. "As you wish . . . . . ."
Caitlyn Burton said…
Aw man, there are about 8 that I don't know! I need to start watching more dramas, clearly! The ones from the shows I haven't seen i only know because of this site, lol
riina said…
I have no idea about 4, 20 (except for Kim Kangwoo! I would recognize him anywhere <3) and 22 (and 25, I though it might be Monthy Python x) ). Number 6 took a bit of though but number 13 I was really puzzling over. Is it from Doctor Stranger?
Manin said…
I know some of them! Think I know about 13 of them. 2 are not showing up.. A couple of the others I feel like I should know but cannot place anywhere.

Also hello there smoothest lap pillow technique ever!
CM Shukmeister said…
Manin - that's one of my gifs! And one of my favorite dramas that year. It wasn't real popular with the viewers, though. Kang-woo was a cutie-pie through the entire series!
Anonymous said…
12B is hottie Kim Ji Hoon isn't it but i still don't know which drama is it from? i also don't know 10 and 12A but 11 is from Heartless City/ Cruel City where our Baksa Adeul saves his chick, my favourites are 15 (Song Jae Rim), 16 (Kim Ji Hoon), 20 ( Kim Kang Woo ) and 24 (Cha Seung Woo), i also liked the others but these one stood out the most to me, also can someone tell me which drama number 22 is from?
Peeps said…
I stared at gif. #8 for a ridiculously long time...
Kakashi Sensei said…
yes. Kim Ji-hoon, of course! Just find out what recent SBS dramas he's been in ... ^___^
hint: it's one we've been ranting about A LOT last year
Anonymous said…
It's too cute ❤_❤
Manin said…
What show is it?
Anonymous said…
18 ..... kittie....