Rants and Weekly Raves #14 (RAWR)

Sometimes when RL smothers you in all the messes and obligations you can forget about your guilty pleasures, what gives you joy and what relaxes you. 

*whispers* Like This Guy.
Don't let it happen! Stay strong! Book a trip back to kdramaland. We miss you. 
JoAnne: I swear I hear him in my sleep.
kakashi: Do you mean me, bcook? Well. I'm not back. This is just my ghost speaking.  
bcook: *Waves wildly at kakashi* stay strong!
JoAnne: *reaches out to the computer screen and sighs* *leaves you to wonder if it's for Belovable or for Kakashi, who is belovable but not with a capital B, and sorely missed.*

On My Lovely Girl/She's so Lovable/My Belovable

I just started watching my Lovely Girl aka My Belovable and the first episode already had me holding my sides. Did I miss the talk about the massive truck of doom scene at the beginning? SBS writer is slapping us upside the head with the most obvious of tropes 
*Spoilers* *Spoilers* (I mean seriously...singing attracts the dog which leads to the meet-cute and the "am i sexually aware of this man?" moment?) and yet....reluctantly yet... I can't help but enjoy this very obvious romp into the world of entertainment and reluctant love. Plus when Jo squees there is much laughter to be had. One cautious thumbs up.
 JoAnne: I will be the first to point out that it's very ordinariness is what makes it so terrible, and yet so comforting.  I am STILL laughing about the ghost leading him to the lane marked 'Love' which - when he takes it - leads him to the girl. I'm just not sure I was supposed to laugh there.  Anyway, this requires absolutely no thought, which allows me to  just stare at my guy happily and sigh.  Although the dead girl friend reincarnated as his amnesiac dog who barks in Morse Code would have been awesome, and I am officially dead set against a romantic involvement between Rain and Krystal. It's just not there. Put her with L, let Rain heal by helping the youngsters, and find him someone new and completely unrelated to his dead ex to love, someone that is NOT Miss 'I Have No Upper Lip'
becca: *snickers* I'm not feeling any romantic chemistry either, but who cares when Rain is this adorable? I love it when he acts all cool then turns into a dork (a really, really hot dork, of course) the minute she isn't looking. The idol stuff bores me, but otherwise, I'm thoroughly enjoying the show. Like you said, JoAnne - it's a comfort drama. And Krystal? I actually don't think she's as bad as some people seem to think. Not great, certainly, but far from the worst we've seen, right?
bcook: Gah! Why bring back memories of DrBlankFace?

On My Spring Days

Lafer: This is the only drama I'm currently obsessed over, and the only one I really have time to watch. I love it--I love the ajhussi, I love the second lead, I love the female lead, and so far, I love the story. Yes, it's been done before to some extent, but it's exactly what I need right now.
JoAnne: I'm enjoying this although it has the potential for overly lengthy sad bits coming up. Mostly what's so great is how naturally they are drawn to each other, I think, and how adorable each of them is. I feel bad for poor Prosecutor, though, because that sure is some bad luck when it comes to women.
Lafer: I, too, am concerned with too much revelation too quickly. Where will it go from here? And for doctor bro to lose twice to his own older brother - that must really hurt.
becca: I am cautiously loving this drama. I wasn't going to touch it with a ten-foot pole, but people kept squeeing on Twitter, so I checked it out and - BAM! Love. I live in fear of the day this show (might) take the same road as Summer Scent. *biting nails*
kakashi: People. Do. Not. Watch. Melos. They will make you cry. 
Lafer: That's why I love them......:)

On ReCrapping...err SqueeCapping

Shuk: I finally got off my you-know-what and began recapping the final episode of Falling In Love With (Both OF) Me. Yeah yeah, the show ended like weeks ago, but my ennui was such that I couldn't really care about it too much. Then I thought how sad it would be to leave it incomplete with only one episode left. So I chucked back a few shots and worked on it. The prelims are done, just waiting on snark and gifs. Then,,, done! I don't have any SKDramas that I am squeecapping after this TW is done.
Lafer: Sadly to say, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot recap anything. Real life has been beating me over the head recently (with a great vacation in-between) but as much as I'd love to contribute here, it is physically impossible. Unless this huge stomach I'm sporting right now contains my parasitic twin, in which case I say "come on out!" I could use an extra pair of hands at the moment!
JoAnne: *Stares guiltily at Journal and tries to drum up interest now that there's pretty much no ghosts or dragons.* (have you dropped it? I'll remove it from the list then) (No I do want to finish it.)
becca: You know, I fully intended to finish squeecapping Doctor Stranger, but I just don't have the heart to drag JoAnne and Cookie back to that dark time. Yeah. For them. That's why. *looks away*
bcook: hehe. So brave. So noble. Shuk:  Part of my inspiration to finish is my decision to recap a lakorn that has episodes of almost two hours. Since the run is 20 episodes, and we are more than halfway through the subbed version, and up to 15 on the raw, this one will done on a can-do basis.  The show is called Chasing To The Edge Of Heaven, and is a contract marriage with a twist: the modern female betrothed to the prince actually falls in love with a bodyguard. (If it's not Jo Jeong Seok though...) (*sobs* Too soon!! And YES, I know it's been two years!! >_<) Episode One is completed and posted! Here's a fanservice pic from it:

On Other Stuff

Shuk: I also created a page this week on kakashi's blog that has direct links to every recap, SqueeCap, CrapCap, KimJiCap, and RimJeob we have done here, for a total of 378 separate posts. OMG so you did!! Awesome! *claps wildly* It's located just below the banner and is called, amazingly enough, "ALL SQUEECAPS". So now you can just shoot to your favorite episode of the 23 shows that have toyed with. :-)
JoAnne: In all your free time, yes. I looked at it, it's very cool! Me, I'm just watching dramas and working and sleeping.  Oh and coloring.  I bought a fancy coloring book. And I've been collecting lots of embroidery pictures on Pinterest. I haven't done embroidery in years, but I'm about to start again.  Plus it's time to knit.  I sense a need to replenish with things other than dramas, recently, and I'm following that. Although I'm still watching a LOT of dramas. I won't say how many, it's a bit embarrassing (I'm guessing all of them - am I wrong?). Even I don't know where I find the time.
Lafer: Someone posted the link for Song Jae Rim/Kim So Eun on We Got Married and I had to take a peek. Not a good idea. This show is my weakness and not only am I now interested in that couple, but I want to go back and watch Nam Goong Min and wife. ***Keep repeating to myself - it's all fake, it's all fake**** You would have thought I'd have learned my lesson.  Luckily I may be able to save myself due to the dreaded time monster, who allows me none. You believe still?! I never lose hope!!!
kakashi: I watched this, I watched this! My first time watching We Got Married, so I can't compare, but those two?! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. So awkward, so cute, and so funny! Song Jae-rim is a bomb - mary, you chose wisely. I also know you're busy but we should probably do something on this. With Jangbori coming to an end soon, I see myself with a lot of free time and almost nothing to watch. I have room for something!  
Don't forget we have Bad Guys coming starting this weekend. We should figure out our schedule.
That's a one episode a week thing! What schedule? 

On Other Other Stuff

On another note, what is it with the new Eddie Munster style of hair on men? I'm talking Gunnie towards the end of Fated to Love You, the 19 year old guy in 9 Plus Boys, and now Choi Jin Hyuk in the previews of Pride and Prejudice. Please let this be as fleeting as last year's mushroom head! (No Like This Hair! cuz when he puts his hair up, this boy is cuuuuute.) My obsessive compulsiveness makes me want to cut that point off.
becca: So... I've been working to finish some (most) of the dramas I started but never finished this year. There have actually been quite a few that I wanted to finish but didn't for one reason or another, and I thought, "Hey! I have some time now! I should do it!" In the past week, I've gone back and finished Full Sun (a.k.a. Beyond the Clouds, a.k.a. Yoon Kye-sang Oppahjuicy Being Awesome), which is waaaaay better than its non-existent hype, A Witch's Romance - I had two more episodes to watch, and they were utterly superfluous - You Are All Surrounded, which I was really sad to say goodbye to, and Fated to Love You, which was adorable. Again, though, that last episode felt a little useless, but they were cute, so - *shrug*. Anyway, I have... many more to go. Plus a ton of current dramas to keep up with/catch up on. I'm not sure if there are a lot of good dramas lately, or if I'm just very easy to please. I have a very distinct feeling it's the latter. Yep. Definitely that.
kakashi: Now two ONE. People seem to be worried it might not get subbed. I'm not worried at all. This will definitely get subbed.