The Answers to our Name That Gif Quiz

Have the answers to that ever important question - where are these gifs from? been keeping you awake at night? Has the suspense been killing you? Well, suffer no more. Here they are! If you got them all right, you are to be congratulated. Since this is a collaborative effort, I bet none of us here on PotUP knew them all. Am I right, ladies?

Flower Boy Next Door
Witch's Romance

Ful House Thai
Cunning Single Lady (craziest random thing in a drama, ever)
Can We Love?
Alice in Cheongdamdong
Flower Boy Next Door
Who Are You? (And where are you? I want to see you in more dramas)
Three Musketeers
Cruel City
Goddess of Marriage

Dr. Stranger
When a Man Loves
Nail Shop Paris
Golden Era of Daughter-in-Law
Inspiring Generation
Bride of the Century
Ten 2
Haeundae Lovers
6 - train station
Scent of a Woman
SOAW Tango 2
Autumn's Concerto (Taiwanese) 
Winter Sonata
 Best Love

And finally the great classicThe Princess Bride (although I wish the clip had shown Billy Crystal!)

Hope you enjoyed it. Come back and join us for another quiz!