We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 3)

The Mermaid is over (I'll not lie, I'm glad), people are sad, but there's always the CheeseCouple. The CatCouple? The LTECouple? The PaboPabo Couple? Man, Rim needs to learn how to filter before he speaks.
JoAnne: Please someone for the love of God tell me what LTE stands for.
Mary: I just Googled (Long Term Evolution) but I think they're called LTE because they're so fast. Hahaha. Also, my brain is fried from the cheese, I can't come up with a jeob-worthy meaning for LTE.
Yes, LTE is the super fast (4G) cellphone technology. It's all about speed (and there's a lot of funny ads for LTE stuff on Korean TV, you sometimes see them in cable shows!) 
JoAnne: Yes, but for me they will be the Let's Touch Everything Couple.

Episode 3

RimKim ordered sushi! I want sushi too! Give me! She already calls him oppa. I mean ... "already", since they're married and stuff. She has something for him and tells him to close his eyes ... she will hit him, right? is what he thinks. Hahaha. Hey, in all honesty? I think I'd hit him pretty quickly too, the doofus. But no, she goes and gets her special-special alcohol out, then one with all the roots in it. The one she got out against her mother's wishes. Oh. Korea.
JoAnne: One of the things I love about Korea is that everything they consume is 'healthy' according to them.  It's so cute of them to insist, and to even turn alcohol into a health tonic.  (Yes, I'm well aware we did that, too.) Except for ramyun, of course, which - gasp - makes faces puffy.  I have yet to reach the level of skill required to look at someone's face and immediately know that they had a sodium-laden snack food the day before. I live for that moment, I do.
Mary: It IS obvious in some people though. I think it happened to Hyori a lot in Family Outing!
becca: I once ate ramen really late at night, and the next morning, someone said my face looked puffy. I blamed allergies, but I stopped eating ramen late at night after that.
The stuff smells awful, but they pour a glass - and then, Rim gets out a waterproof marker, to mark how much they drank, on what date and "with Song". He doesn't believe that this alcohol will stay in that weird glass for long and I kinda think the same. He also goes right in for a "love shot". Why not.
JoAnne: Will this be the first time we end up squeeing as much about the girl as the boy? Because oh my goodness, she's adorable. Look how she drinks!
becca: I absolutely adore her! Especially because she gives as good as she gets. And I die every time she gets scary and they play "Eye of the Tiger."
Mary: That song cracks me up too. ^____^
Miss Flustered calls out that this is too fast, but he a) thought she brought this along so that would happen and b) asks her whether she thinks he just holds hands when he sleeps. She totally likes this sly dog that he is. They drink, it's strong. She struggles for air - and he puts raw ginger into her mouth. = Kim hits Rim.
JoAnne: They act like they've known each other forever.  They are either variety geniuses or we have a true connection here.  I'm dying!
becca: Either way, they're totally comfortable and having fun.

They both think they've "been caught" by the other person (like as in ... enticed?) and clearly, the best way to solve this is to have another drink. That stuff looks outright toxic. A new mark is drawn, because Rim is neat like that. He also keeps a household budget, ever since 2011. Oh, man, they're flirting.
JoAnne: We are essentially watching the best blind date ever.
becca: I'm trying to stifle my squeeing. It's hard.
When he says "should I show you my saxophone", I knew exactly what JoAnne was thinking. *grins* He starts playing Moon River for her. The look on her face is ... she loves it! Ah, yes ... I've fallen in love with men just for playing instruments before. I know exactly what's going on with her.
JoAnne: He's not horrible.  And I love Moon River.  And she's done for. She shouldn't even bother trying to resist, at this point.
She gets to have a try (and that means he has to get really close to teach her) but cracks up at his comment to "pretend she is pooping" when she doesn't use her stomach muscles enough. She is very untalented and even breaks the reed. She gets to keep it though. To remember his lips. *hand curl*
JoAnne:  You know that sort of electric 'pull' you feel toward someone you are immediately attracted to? I think they feel it. And I think he's going to find reasons to be get really close to her a whole lot.
becca: *fanning self*
Mary: He touched her lips trying to position it properly and I deyed.
He really DOES embarrass her every chance he gets, doesn't he? They go out for coffee. They discuss the apartment, which they both like, well, her a bit more than him because there is no bidet. He wants to take wedding pictures soon and would particularly like it if she wore a miniskirt. Devious man indeed. And please notice his CAT with CAP T-shirt.
JoAnne: I am too busy staring at his biceps and Adam's apple.
Mary: I'm distracted by his pompom attachment mic. I want one. Also, every time he mourns the lack of bidet, I go online and google how to ship stuff to Korea again. So far, I've been able to lock down the exact address of SM C&C and found a bidet that installs hassle-free and also I found some cat costumes in the pet store near where I work (that's for Khunnie's Omma). Also found an accurate estimate of the shipping cost... Nope. I'm not obsessed, just a very very weird fangirl.
When a car comes, he does the old "be careful"-trick to get himself out of harms way, but then does a NICE wrist-grab to drag her along. This is too fast again for her, but he says: didn't we shake hands on our first meeting? So let's shake hands like this - and he locks fingers with her to hold hands. Before this is over, the poor woman will have lost all her wonderful virtues.
JoAnne: First he does a thing that makes you laugh, then he does a thing that shows you he's got some awareness, then he does a thing that makes you swoon.  This is a formula that works. If she weren't married to him, she'd be dating him.
becca: Have we just given up trying to remember that they're not a real couple? Because it's only been a day, but they feel like a real couple! *swooning*
I think he's a bit shocked at his own forwardness? They decide they'll drink the whole bottle of weird alcohol (I hope they're not serious!) because ... just because his hands are warm after drinking?
JoAnne: I wondered about his comment there, but I keep getting twisted up because of the possibility that NONE of this is real.  In my preferred version: He's generally this cheesy kind of guy but takes a bit more time in real life. (I mean, he has cats, marks liquor bottles, and keeps a budget. He only LOOKS impulsive.) He is a bit surprised by how much he likes her right off the bat, but he's going with it. My less preferred version: he's exaggerating for the cameras.
becca: But you can tell that he DOES like her. But it's a TV show. But it doesn't SEEM fake. But... I'm so confused. I want them to get married (for real) and have adorable human babies and live happily ever after. But it's not REALLY real, is it? Dammit, Show!! Whoever thought up this concept is an evil genius. >_<
Mary: I think he's a genius dork. He knows it's weird but he doesn't bother filtering because he knows exactly when to toe the line. It lessens his Dork Factor but also increases my This Guy Is Smart Factor. (Just please don't turn out to be a woman-beater, Rim. T_____T)

Is he a bit drunk?! He gets even weirder than usual in that café. Okay, she is acting weird too. Touching his "broad back" and all. He does seem to enjoy her company though, doesn't he? And then, he ruffles her hair ... awww. It's his protective instincts, he tells us. They fool around some more until he says "we'll become Dumb and Dumber" and she says "PaboPabo Couple". Hahaha, yes. There's a little bit of extremely silly in you two.
JoAnne: If they're drunk, the level in that bottle is a lot lower than shown.  Two shots wouldn't do this.  Unless...they're drunk on love.
becca: Don't get my hopes up!
But what is that? Rim's at the hospital! For something that was wrong with his nose. Not THAT kind of wrong. The really medical kinda wrong. She comes to visit him, all dolled up. Dragging a HUGE gift basket along too. He is actually glad she comes! She dolled up like this so that he would fall in love with her - but not if she has lipstick on her teeth, he says. Mean. I think he has that weird social disorder when people just blurt out everything that pops into their heads. Filter, Rim, filter!!!
JoAnne: I think he's one of those people who have to control affection by teasing, because the intensity is hard to handle otherwise. It's self-defense.  They still express it, but they also tease - it's like a pressure valve. Different from horrible little boys in grade school.
becca: This is true. I'm a bit like that myself, and there's more teasing in the beginning, while you're trying to figure the other person out. Then you think about it later and can't stop kicking yourself.
He's pretty alright, actually. Also quite unbuttoned. Oh, he likes her ... she's totally his style!
JoAnne: She is completely adorable. Pretty, cute without being saccharin, thoughtful, a bit of a sharp edge, some backbone, self-aware, smart, game for anything.
becca: Yes, she can hold her own against him, that's for sure.

They share some fruit and chat about their lives. He winks at her after the first really cheesy line from her (about how she could not enjoy a company dinner while he was wasting away at the hospital).
JoAnne: I am officially Lafer. I do not think their behavior is calculated in any way. Scripts out the window! This is real! I will go down with this ship!
becca: Great! I am taking this as permission to do the same. They're too marvelous to resist!
Mary: Gaaaah! That wink was totally calculated! Like, he had to stay quiet and think how to respond to KSE's sweet comment about the "How can I enjoy the dinner when my hubby is in the hospital, sick?" Wifey deserves lots of love for putting up with this genius dork.
And then, we learn he couldn't pee after the surgery. Even though he drank all night long. The only thing that helped? Laxatives. And then ... it gushed out. Yeah, Rim. Filter.
JoAnne: LMAO because he tried to be polite and describe it as pee, which is somewhat less offensive than poo - but he already broke that taboo talking about his burning asshole the other day so what was the point? And her comment about not knowing how to respond:  'What was I supposed to do there? Ask him if it hurt coming out?'
becca: *headdesk headdesk headdesk* Rim, Rim, Rim. Why must you always ruin the mood by talking about your business end?
Mary: Butt his business end got him lots of love in his last drama! YOU MUST LOVE RIM'S BUSINESS END. YOU MUSSSSSST. PRECIOUSSSS....
He asks her to shave him. Oh. Hm. She does it, but is scared of hurting him. As she should be! (He has beautiful lashes. But not a lot of beard) It would be quite erotic if he didn't ask: "Should I shave your leg hair for you?" in the middle of it. WTF, man.
JoAnne: His arm wasn't broken, he could have done this himself. This was totally foreplay. And since I am well aware of just how erotic it can be to have a man shave one's legs...well...his offer to return the favor in future didn't spoil the fun for me as it did for you.
becca: I thought it was pretty smooth of him. Also, did you see his stubble? Brings back memories of Nail Shop Paris. He's looking more and more like the old Rim these days. I keep seeing glimpses of beautiful Kei!
Mary: This scene was so sexy I can't even. Like, I feel underneath the hamming it up and dorking for the camera, there's actually some real attraction/sexual tension. Add to that the tension from doing a possibly dangerous (hurty hurty) activity like shaving... I'm sorry. I keep looking at his uhm... family jewels expecting some indication of his "nervousness". Oups. Sorry. Jeobbing has corrupted me.
After the ordeal, he lies down a bit and holds out his hand ... which she grabs. Embarrassed. But ... she starts stroking his fingers!!!!! He feels comfortable, he says, as if they were an old couple. That, she doesn't like, cause old couple = no spark anymore. That's not true, indeed, and Rim tells her how it feels: like the comfortable warmth from smoldering ashes. STRIKE, man.
JoAnne: They are so gonna do it. Or at least kiss off camera. She may want to be a virgin til she marries. Is that much of a thing in Korea, where they marry so late?


Hm. This is interesting. I can't help but ask myself what is scripted, what is not (fully) scripted, what he comes up with himself and what they're told to do. Like, i.e., that she should shave him. Or that stuff at the end about being lovesick. I'm sure they'll keep me guessing!
JoAnne: I wondered about the shaving.  Because it was totally WTF...but also very very suggestive, you know, in a sexual way. For a TV to ask them to do it would be surprising.  Maybe LATER in the show, but this early? But the little winks and finger rubbing things seem very natural.
Mary: I'm surprised they let them do the shaving. I think KSE didn't know it would feel that uhm... sekshi. Rim though, I think he knows. I think this is the variety version of WTFParis where he knows exactly how to hook your kokoro and by god he's gonna do it, too. Filters be damned!

Somebody on twitter said the other day that WGM is like watching ONLY the OTP of a drama, and that sentence stuck with me, because it makes sense. But I also have to think about how no OTP ever was that frank and open about liking each other - these lines would simply not work in a KDrama. No lead would be that weird - so manly and yet so clueless at the same time!
JoAnne: It feels very familiar to me, in the sense that we know people like this in real life and have experienced (or watched others we know) respond to that sort of immediate attraction and connection.  Their obvious happiness mixed with a bit of cautious disbelief is completely realistic. I see him totally into it and her trying to hold back a bit, which also makes sense. It's often the girl who is cautious in these situations in real life - she generally has a lot more at risk both socially and biologically.
Mary: :D This is like watching the OTP of a drama in that one episode where they're still giddy and drunk in love and there are no threats of meddling mother-in-laws or corporate mergers in the horizon. Then stretch that one happy episode into lots of episodes and you get this show.

I'm not 100% sure she really like-likes him. I'm not sure she ever will. He is like a bulldozer and she definitely isn't like that. A bit more subtle would be better, I think. He is too comfortable with her, like the best of buddies, the kind you tell everything, including that you couldn't pee for a whole night. Rim, what are you thinking?!
JoAnne: I think I said it last episode, that I can see her being bowled over by him  and then eventually DISLIKING him for the very things she's horrified/charmed by now.  Long term I think he would need to tone down the teasing a bit - it's something people can get tired of if it's constant.  She seems like a well-brought up girl who welcomes the occasional chance to let down her hair, but that doesn't mean she wants to throw all propriety to the wind either.
becca: He may settle down as they get to know each other, though. He seems nervous to me, which is probably why he says such outrageous things. If he can get over that, I could see her really liking him. Because he does seem like a pretty stable guy underneath all the goofiness. Or maybe they'd just be good friends - I could live with that, too.
Mary: I just want Jo Boa to come guest in this show, please, Variety Gods!