Bad Guys - Episode 6 (A Recap)

JoAnne: In which mysteries within mysteries are revealed... but not solved. Oh no. No answers for us, none at all. Just more questions.
kakashi: I didn't like this episode all too much. I actually only like episodes with loooooooots of Tae-soo. That means I REALLY like episode 7. 
Episode 6

Woong Chul is still in the warehouse, tied to a chair. He's respectful and his love for his hyung shows, but he's not backing down. He's not going to kill Jung Moon. He can sleep at night now, and that matters more than the history they share.
I have seen this before haven't I? *confused* Darn it PD-nim! 
kakashi: Yes, bcook. It's called "repetition to kill time". Anthony taught us about it! This one was far too long.  
And so Du Kwang orders the car to be brought and announces that Woong Chul will die tonight. He does offer one last chance, but Woong Chul remembers the times that Jung Moon has saved him, and his confession that he doesn't know about himself but wants to find out. Nothing is going to change. Du Kwang tells Woong Chul that their fate ends today and tells him to take care.
Such conviction! Bro-mance is strong. Clearly Du Kwang doesn't love Woong Chul as much. 
kakashi: It was a strong Woong-chul moment. He is so loyal, he will die for honor and loyalty. He gets a gangster medal! 
Take care? Take CARE? For what? The next 30 minutes before you KILL him? Something's up.
Maybe lost in translation? Maybe it's more like..."Go with God?"
kakashi: Nope, a "hint". There's hints in this drama. This is one. 

File this under WTF, also: Tae Soo is released from the police station. Putting aside that they should be wondering why he isn't in prison, shouldn't he be released to Oh Goo Tak, at least? He calls Hyun Woo, the shooting range guy. And THAT sad sack little fucker is sitting in a room with the Cruel City asshole, who says they have to strike first before 'that fellow' has a chance to do anything. At least Hyun Woo looks sad about it.
Too many twists!! (not really though, his rather obvious evasiveness last episode said it all)
kakashi: Goo-tak was at the station the day before, so he cleared it all up. Ergo, they don't need to wonder about Tae-soo. And I'm pretty sure his computer file says something about his current status. No, there's no WTF in anything my Tae-soo does. 
The rest of the gang pick him up outside the gate (oh, fine, okay.) and Mi Young fills him in - Woong Chul's GPS signal has very conveniently started up again. We see that he's in a van, presumably heading out of the city. Du Kwang is riding behind the Thug Van, and when his driver asks if he really does plan to get rid of Woong Chul today, Du Kwang looks at his ring - we learned earlier that it was a gift from Teddy Bear - and grimaces. This is not something he really wants to do.
kakashi: Maybe they had a GPS signal-stopper at that warehouse before? No? 
Cut to the Thug Van, swerving all over the road. Du Kwang's driver tries to call but of course, since the van is swerving all over the road, the other driver is not able to answer. It ends in a single car accident, of course. Du Kwang grabs a golf club before he goes to check on the passengers, I guess to protect himself in the event of zombies.
kakashi: ahahaha, no. Because he knows his dongsaeng well. Ergo knows what's going on there. 
We see that Woong Chul, cunning fellow that he is, had recognized one of the gangsters. He told an embarrassing story about the guy (yup, pissing your pants in fear and then saying it's beer IS as embarrassing as things get) and provoked him into attacking. All the other gangsters were too busy trying to hide their laughter so they were caught off guard when things got busy, and Woong Chul was able to attack the driver and cause the accident.
Uri Woong Chul is so smart.
Du Kwang doesn't find any zombies, just Woong Chul looking a little guilty. Right before he swings the club at Woong Chul's head, Du Kwang admits that a person will do just about anything to survive. Is he talking about himself or Woong Chul, though?
kakashi: Clearly, he is talking about himself! 
On top of a mountain, gangsters dig a big hole while Woong Chul kneels, hands tied, looking about as sad and resigned as a human can look. Du Kwang remembers back to being ordered to have Woong Chul kill Jung Moon. At that time, he'd asked what to do if Woong Chul said no. We do not hear the answer.
That is one biiiiig hole. 
kakashi: Ahahaha, isn't it?! It's like... dudes, maybe a few feet less would have cut it?! (by the way, there is NO WAY you dig a hole that size in less than half a day by hand) 
Kdrama magic!
Woong Chul is now kneeling in the hole, hands tied, looking about as sad and resigned as a human can look. Du Kwang orders his hands untied and throws the gifted ring down into the pit. Woong Chul picks it up, and then Du Kwang says 'bury him.' Ummm... why untie his hands, Du Kwang? You're looking more and more questionable by the minute, guy, but I'm not complaining.
The ring is actually a tiny oxygen mask (selling soon on gmarket) with enough oxygen to hold Woong Chul until the gang comes to rescue him! Such brilliance. 
kakashi: Well, it's clear at this point that Du Kwang is giving his dongsaeng a chance. Nice of him. Imagine how it would fuck up this drama if he didn't! 
Du Kwang and his driver head down off the mountain while the gangster minions shovel dirt down into the pit. They aren't even going to knock him out first? Du Kwang's car hits the turn off to the main road literally the same moment as the Scooby Gang van turns onto the mountain road. Do they not even see each other?
kakashi: It's like when the OTP passes each other and don't see the other. 
As they drive up, Mi Young announces that Woong Chul's GPS has disappeared again. It probably won't matter, Mi Young. You can practically see him from where you are. It would be easier if he weren't in a pit being filled up with dirt, of course, but there's that van, that should be a clue. Back down on the road, Driver asks Du Kwang if 'this is really okay' and Du Kwang answers that nothing that has happened so far is by accident.
What does that even MEAN??!
kakashi: Fucking unmyeong, of course. It's always that fucker fucking with things.  

What does that even MEAN is right! Is he being all Zen about life and death and fate, or does he mean that it's really ok to kill Woong Chul, or does he mean that him making it LOOK like he killed Woong Chul was always the sanctioned plan? Because I no longer think he really intends to kill Woong Chul. Do you?
I dunno dude. Coz the margin of error involved in burying a guy in soil while leading his rescuers to him via gps (funny how that miraculously came on eh?) is very high. Du Kwang is leaving his bromance up to fate.
kakashi: ... plus untie his hands, AND don't knock him out. That's nudging fate, I'd say. 
The gangster minions find Oh Goo Tak waiting in their van. Tae Soo comes out of nowhere and finishes them off pretty quickly because he's not actually human at all, he's a supremely beautiful robot. ( I want to see another remake of Absolute Boyfriend. Don't you think he looks like a guy who should be called Night?) For some reason, Jung Moon just sits in the van with Mi Young and watches.
That little head tilt and glare through the highly gelled fringe made me laugh and laugh and rewatch that a couple of times. Goo Tak is just awesome. Jung Moon has recognized his limitations. He's the brains not the brawn. 
kakashi: This is my favorite scene in this whole episode because of Tae-soo. I watched it about ten times.
He does look amazingly good, fighting. 
Speaking of zombies, we get a shot of Woong Chul's amazingly clean arm as it pops up out of the earth, followed by his amazingly clean face and rather more dirty torso. He gasps for air but manages to answer the phone left lying conveniently there on the ground. It's Du Kwang, who tells him to wait a bit, his people will be there shortly. Ok, definitely didn't intend to kill him, and must have recognized the van they passed on the turn off from the main road. Awwwww.
Korean dirt is actually a cleanser... or my oxygen mask theory was true. 
kakashi: Awwwwwwwwwwwww. 
Du Kwang tells Woong Chul to go with those people. Woong Chul is confused and wonders why, if he was going to be let off, he had to be buried at all. Du Kwang explains. There was no reprieve. The Woong Chul he knew is now dead. His brother Woong Chul is buried on that mountain. But if they meet again, even by accident, he really will have to die.
kakashi: I found this part sad. Anyone? 
hmmmm. Nope. Not a tear was shed. Dude tried to kill Woong Chul (no he didn't!)
Suddenly, Du Kwang's car is cut off by another vehicle. The driver goes to check and gets stabbed to death for his troubles. Woong Chul can hear everything as Du Kwang struggles to get away. He barely notices his own rescuers but then, in his weakened state, he asks for help in saving Du Kwang. He can't do it on his own.
So the car magically won't start?
Made by the same company that produced the ankle bracelet.
JoAnne, that was deliberately done by Du Kwang. How? We don't know. Maybe he's a genius hacker.
Silly, why would Du Kwang make the car not start, when he's the one trying to get away?
Nooooo, JoAnne! Not the car! The ankle bracelet!!
When Goo Tak asks if the reason is because Du Kwang let him live, Woong Chul responds with an earnest plea: Doesn't everyone deserve one chance to live the right way? (I shout "YES"!) The Scooby Gang accepts, of course, despite Mi Young's protests. (She would, right? It's getting a bit old though) Their reasoning is that it's better to save the bad guy in charge, if it prevents an even badder guy from assuming control. Even Mi Young agrees with that.
The devil you know eh? But didn't Du Kwang say if he saw him again he'd kill him? 
Woong-chul doesn't care!!!! He'd die for his friends. That's the kinda man he is. 

Du Kwang wakes up in the trunk of a car and has a rage fit, but I mean...who wouldn't? Back at the church, our guys come to the conclusion that it's someone Du Kwang knows and that this is the opening salvo of a coup d'etat. There are 10 'district' bosses and it's certain to be one of them.  Our guys need to figure out which one it is without alerting the others to the situation and thus inciting a turf war. They decide that 'Du Kwang' should hold a mandatory meeting where he will raise the tax he collects from each boss to 30 percent - except when the guys all get there it's not Du Kwang at the meeting, it's a cleaned up and mighty spiffy looking Woong Chul who explains that Du Kwang had a 'personal matter' and that he will speak for him. They don't all know he's supposed to be in prison? It's not like he was a bit player in their world. He is the one who made it possible for Du Kwang to take over the entire city!
kakashi: This scene was cool as is this plan. Badass and effective. Not enough Tae-soo in it, though! 
Woong Chul and Goo Tak had agreed that if one of these men kidnapped Du Kwang, they'd need to leave their right hand man behind to babysit him - so anyone who showed up with their underling was out of consideration as the culprit. This eliminates 4 off the bat. The men who were outraged by the tax hike would also be out (love how he said "out"), and the man who remained calm would be guilty - because he would know that this edict could not possibly have been issued by Du Kwang. They eliminate an additional two. The final step is to carefully observe the faces of the 4 remaining men: the man who looks distrustful and cynical will be their guy. They settle on Son Mung Gi.
kakashi: It's funny how gangsters are the same all over the world, isn't it? There's a certain gangster habitus. At least in movies. And yes, I've been reading Bourdieu.
It's a thought I've had ever since Cruel City, yes.
Why mess with gangsta perfection.
Woong Chul is certain that such an important job would never be left entirely to an underling and reasons that Son Mun Gi will be in contact with his people soon. Sure enough, we listen in on a conversation that somehow Mi Young can hear, too. The gangsters agree to meet at a particular warehouse in Incheon, and then whoever is on the phone very helpfully lists out all of their post-hyungnim-disposal plans.
kakashi: Bastards!!!!! 

Goo Tak and Mi Young will deal with Son Mun Gi and the others will work on rescuing Du Kwang. The van drives off with our guys while Goo Tak knocks on the window of a car parked nearby; it's Hot Prosecutor! HP nods at a car up ahead which turns out to hold a bunch of men (thugs? cops undercover? who knows.) holding pipes and bats. They all head into a club, where Goo Tak opts to shoot one bodyguard in the leg rather than say hello.
kakashi: This was a funny scene, because when Goo-tak lays out the plan (the two of them going after Mun-gi), Tae-soo goes: What? Only the two of you? Aren't you overly brave? Goo-tak just kinda shrugs. Mi-young also has her doubts, but Goo-tak obviously just wanted to show off in front of the three bad guys. Of course he won't go in alone!!!
That made me laugh, Tae Soo's comment!
He yells for Mun Gi, who eventually joins them. The two men sit at a table and it rapidly becomes clear that Mun Gi thinks this is just about  protection money or the lack thereof. He acts completely perplexed when Goo Tak brings up Du Kwang. The reason for that becomes clear when the three best bad guys in Korea arrive at the warehouse in Incheon. After a weapons check (Tae Soo only needs his hands (*swooooooon*), Jung Moon has a taser thingy) they do a pretty bad ass strut into the warehouse, but it's wasted. There's no one there! Oops. So is it not Mun Gi?
kakashi: Yes, it was Mun-gi. But he was betrayed himself.
That...never even occurred to me. Wow.  Sometimes I surprise myself with how oblivious I can be. So Mun Gi WAS the guy, but then his GUY became the guy, only he was planning to be the guy who killed two birds with one stone.  Makes complete sense.
That was actually one of the best double-crosses I've seen. Totally unexpected. *claps for writernim*
The doorway is soon blocked by dark-suited thugs brandishing sticks and bats. Apparently Woong Chul knows who they are and asks if this was always the plan - get rid of Du Kwang and then Mun Gi. (So is this guy an underling of Mun Gi acting without his hyungnim's knowledge? If so, then who called him? The two underlings are in it together. The underling that went after Du Kwang is the boss of this underling) Not sure really how he arrives at this. TV Magic, I guess. The three take on the many and of course, they're kicking butt so thoroughly that Tae Soo feels comfortable enough to stop in the middle and take a call. Or try to, anyway, as the phone is kicked out his hand and then stepped on as it continues to ring on the floor.
kakashi: Needless to say that I loved this scene, right?
I knew that well enough to immediately think, oh, Kakashi must have loved this bit! I wonder if you actually SHOULD watch this with your husband...
I loved this scene! I watched it twice because the look on Tae Soo's face when his phone got knocked out of his hand was just... beautiful.
We see that it's Shooting Range Cutie, calling at the behest of Cruel City Ahjussi. Tae Soo's phone is broken, though, so he can't answer. CCA tells SRC that they should make the first move. Since the first thing he did was hand the younger man a pistol, that move is probably not for Tae Soo's benefit. Why are they after him?
kakashi: Well, we just know that Tae-soo has a grudge against Cruel City Ahjussi, right? He has been looking for him all over. He probably got wind of it. It's kill or be killed in this world.
Bad gangsters thoroughly routed, one of them tries to call their hyungnim. Woong Chul grabs the phone and tells the very handsome Dong Sik that it's over; even if he does kill Du Kwang, he won't be able to take control of Seoul. Dong Sik is not quite as handsome as he ends the call with a tiny temper tantrum after promising that he's not done yet. He tells his driver that they'll bury Du Kwang and then leave the country.
kakashi: That temper tantrum was freaking scary. He should be in a monster movie next. As the monster, of course
Du Kwang takes a rest from screaming and kicking, and notices a cell phone near by. You would think the kidnappers would have... never mind (well, we see that it slipped out of his pocket as the threw him in. And remember, they trampled the phone he was using to talk to Woong-chul when they kidnapped him. But yeah, they're dumb. They should have checked for second phone). It's a lucky break, that's for sure. Next thing you know, Woong Chul is on his way to chase Du Kwang, who called the police from the trunk of the car. Whaaaaaaat? Mi Young tells Woong Chul where he can find the vehicle that Du Kwang is in, and the guys race off to track it down.
The second phone is kinda improbably though. He put his driver's phone in his pocket (and both of them forgot about it? In korea? Where your phone is your life?)...but used his real phone to call Woong Chul?
Meanwhile, Goo Tak is talking to Du Kwang, trying to figure out a way to find out which car on the road with them is THE car. Nothing ever works until Jung Moon says to push out the rear tail light. Which Du Kwang does, and yayyyyy, Woong Chul spots the vehicle... but some good Samaritan kid signals to the gangsters about the tail light, and they figure out what's going on and create a bit of a traffic jam, cutting of the Scooby van and trapping it.
*Cough* The Call starring Halle Berry *Cough*. Watch it. It's good.
Jung Moon grabs a motorcycle and speeds off (hahahaaaa, so random!!). When he catches up to the kidnappers, he swings a bat and shatters the driver's side window, which causes them to swerve and then hit the curb. That was ballsy, Jung Moon. Also, probably pretty nearly impossible to do unless you were a professional stunt rider in between classes. But whatever. Jung Moon slips off the bike and after he removes his helmet he puts his hands in his jacket pockets and saunters over to see what's what.
kakashi: So ... there a theory out there that Jung-moon himself is a trained assassin. He just completely forgot about it, because he is wacko. And yes, I made this up. But the description of the serial killers at the 5% top that Tae-soo gives in episode 7 completely fits Jung-moon: deadly and without any emotion. 
We've agreed that Psycho is in fact Psycho. But with a need to not be a serial killer? #NotAllSociopaths
The guys in the car are unconscious. Jung Moon opens the door and flips the trunk button. Du Kwang's eyes widen as he recognizes his savior, now strolling away, again with hands in pockets. Du Kwang knows what he must do. Yes, that's right, he plans to attack the kid who just saved his ass with the knife he finds conveniently lying on the seat next to the driver of the vehicle. Or maybe next to the guy in the back seat. Wherever it is, it's convenient that the force of the collision didn't, oh, I don't know... send it flying off to hide under the seat or something.
kakashi: I think it actually DID fly off, JoAnne. It's in the back seat. It flew from the front seat to the back seat. 
*singing JYJ* "In the back seat" mumble mumble "back seat". Such ingratitude Du Kwang! I mean... come on!
Jung Moon is surprised, naturally, when Du Kwang calls his name and then slices his arm. He pulls out his taser thingy and they circle each other warily. Woong Chul arrives and races desperately toward them, because that's more dramatic than actually driving right up to where they are. He wrestles Du Kwang away, pleading with him to stop. He is so determined, he even grabs the knife blade with his hand to prevent Du Kwang from doing anything.
kakashi: Seems to be a trick of him, remember he did something similar with the creepy Pipe Wrench Serial Killer? Anyway, this is the only thing I don't understand in this whole episode: Why did Du Kwan only slash Jung-moon's arm? 
That's all he could reach?
Guilt? What little morals he has left prevented him from (literally) stabbing him in the back?
Jung Moon listens incredulously to their conversation, especially the part where Du Kwang tells Woong Chul that if HE had just done his job, Du Kwang wouldn't be forced to do it for him.  Woong Chul begs, but Du Kwang insists sadly that he doesn't have a choice... and then gives up immediately. Meanwhile, Jung Moon is flashing back on all those odd moments he had with Woong Chul, and realizes that all along, his hyung must have been under orders to kill him. His face twitches as he stares at Woong Chul, who looks away with a guilty expression.
kakashi: Hm. So ... is Jung-moon angry? Hurt? Curious? WHAT?!
I read that as angry.
Hurt? He was just sliced with a knife you know.
Du Kwang is being led to the van which will take him away, which looks like it already holds the men who tried to kidnap him. Should be a fun ride. He thanks Goo Tak sincerely, and as he passes Woong Chul he offers a reminder that a knife will always stab you from behind. Tae Soo and Jung Moon look on, expressions unreadable.
Telling him to watch out for Jung Moon? Note that we still don't know who wants him killed.
Back at the church, the men sit silently in their spotlights. Tae Soo pulls out a phone and calls someone sitting a dark apartment. We see a photo, but I can't tell who is in it, and we see the phone screen, which reads 'Tae Soo Hyung' - so my guess is that this is the cutie with the limp. Mi Young announces that the escort van has arrived and it's time to go back to prison. Tae Soo gets up immediately, followed by Woong Chul.
Tae-soo knows that Shooting Range guy tried to call him before the phone was kicked out of his hand - so he was trying to find out what's going on. I wonder the same thing, in fact. See how connected I am to Tae-soo?!
Yeah, you should not watch this with your husband.
Jung Moon asks who it was as Woong Chul passes. Who ordered his death? Woong Chul doesn't know, though, so Jung Moon says he'll just have to ask that question directly to Du Kwang himself. The two men can barely look at each other... it's so sad.
kakashi: Well, Jung-moon is being totally childish. Come on, Woong-chul DIDN'T kill him, he didn't even try! He saved him!!! Why would he be angry with him? I don't get it. 
If I knew that someone was actively trying to kill you, and I didn't tell you about it, how would you feel toward me?
Grate...ful? Well it's not like there was much you could do about it other than make me incredibly paranoid.
Once the guys have left, Mi Young confronts Goo Tak. How does he know Du Kwang? Turns out she checked Du Kwang's phone and that phone call? It wasn't made to the police. It was made to Goo Tak directly. Goo Tak, of course, does not reply.
kakashi: I'll be damned! O____o
*starts singing* "In the back seat"
Next thing we know, Mi Young is with Commissioner Nam, tattling. Nam is disappointed in her. Why is she coming to him with this? Is she still wondering why Goo Tak picked those three? He puts her in her place and reminds her that she knows only what she needs to know, not necessarily all there is to know. Then he goes on to say that the master won't die just because his dog bites him, and that if a dog wants to kill its master, it should wait to bite until the master's dying moment. Until then, it should wag its tail and play nice, so it CAN wait around for that right moment. So wait, then, who is the dog? Is it Mi Young and this is all a trap to catch Goo Tak at something? Is it Nam, working an angle against someone higher up?
kakashi: We're all dogs, JoAnne. All of us. 
Speak for yourself guys! *scratches furiously at her ear*

We see in a flashback that Du Kwang hesitated to make the call, and Goo Tak hesitated to pick it up, both aware that contact brought with it certain risks. But what, exactly?
kakashi: Isn't it kinda weird that the most powerful mob boss in Seoul knows Goo-tak's private number?! I'm pretty sure both don't want that connection known. 
Jung Moon sits in a dark cell, looking at his slashed arm and thinking back to the news that Woong Chul was supposed to kill him.
kakashi: Sexy time with Park Hae-jin! It's the equivalent of a shower scene, so be grateful.
Woong Chul lies on his cot, thinking about Du Kwang's warning that betrayal is always unexpected.
kakashi: A bit less sexy than Hae-jin. But still.
And Tae Soo sits in his dark cell, staring at his own picture of Jung Moon, and remembering when he took the job. Or took it again? The flashback shows him in prison staring at Jung Moon, remembering back to when he took the job. I think. Because isn't that the same hallway and man that we just saw him talking to in last week's episode, which resulted in an overnight jail stay in the recent past? He crumples the picture and wonders to himself who it is that has been waiting two years to kill Jung Moon. Yeah, that still doesn't really help me figure this out.
kakashi: It's two times he was asked to kill Jung-moon. Once when he was in prison with him and then once again in that hallway, after which he had to go to prison for public violence. 
Some body reaaaaalllllyyyyy want's this guy dead.
Flash forward to a night in the future. A van waits outside a prison wall. Goo Tak rides shotgun, Woong Chul is driving, and Jung Moon is in his customary passenger spot. No one is talking, and then Goo Tak asks what happened that night with those two and Du Kwang. When Jung Moon says nothing happened, Goo Tak doesn't buy it; he says it's like a knife is hanging between Jung Moon and Woong Chul, and it makes people uncomfortable. Jung Moon agrees that's exactly it, there is a knife. Woong Chul looks at him sadly in the rearview mirror.
kakashi: Still bearing a grudge? Tsts. 
Tae Soo arrives (Being SEXY) and wants to know what this case is. Goo Tak informs him that they found Im Jeong, otherwise known as Cruel City Ahjussi. Cut to Tae Soo practically bouncing down a hospital hallway, grinning in delight: Im Jeong is dead. Tae Soo views the body in the morgue and there's no smile on his face as he asks Im Jeong's corpse why its there.
kakashi: I don't think he was grinning in delight. In fact, I found this a very complex scene with very good acting (and yes, I watched it several times, because ... Tae-soo). In fact, when he was walking down that halfway, Tae-soo was smiling at how weird fate is. When he entered the morgue, he took a small moment to actually look at the corpse - this is no meaningless death for him. And I think it actually pains him - for a variety of reasons. First, because this man is his teacher. Second, because he now doesn't get to ask the questions he wanted to ask. Them being: 1) who wants Jung-moon dead (Im-jeong was his first handler, so he was the guy who told Tae-soo to kill him the first time) and 2) why Im-jeong lied to him about giving money to that woman. That question would have been followed up by a load of violence as well - remember, Tae-soo vowed to kill Im-jeon in front of Goo-tak. In fact, he begged him to let him kill him.
I agree that his mood shifted when he actually saw the man.
Begs the question...who killed Im Jeong? His dongsaeng? I thought it was a trap at the beginning. Im Jeong just pretending to be dead so that he could shoot Tae-soo when he walks up to identify the body. Yes I have watched waaay too many movies. Yes, I am quite cynical. 


This episode was good, because it moved the over-arching plot forward quite a bit. We answered SOME questions... but found a whole lot more of them. And this episode was bad, too. Badly written in places, badly directed in others. The characters were pretty confusing to follow at times and the plot relied heavily on coincidence again. The segues were absolutely terrible. Let's hope this clears up soon, as our guys are still a lot of fun to watch and I don't want to get pissed off and lose interest just because the writer/director are having some issues.
kakashi: *shrugs* it did make sense to me! Du Kwang never wanted Woong-chul dead, so he made sure he'd be able to get out of that grave and he made sure Goo-tak and the guys would be there to pick him up. The gangster boys were underlings acting against "their fathers", as Woong-chul told us. What else? 
Oh, I understood that well enough, I guess. Definitely the bit about Du Kwang being torn. The second guy, though, I didn't pick up on that as a betrayal of Mun Gi.

As it stands, we have a few mysteries: How are the three guys connected to Goo Tak? Who wants Jung Moon dead, and why? (I have a pretty good guess at this moment) You do? Who? We don't even know who he killed! (His parents? Why?) How are there so many head shots of Jung Moon out there in the world? Is any of this connected to his parent's deaths when he was a child? Who is Nam really after? IS Nam a good guy? Is Goo Tak? Did Tae Soo murder his lady love's husband? Did Jung Moon kill ANYBODY? Who's this new prosecutor, and what's his deal? What did Cruel City Ahjussi do to Tae Soo? (We know that: he promised to send the lady money and didn't) Did Cutie kill him? (Why is Cutie sitting in a dark apartment and doesn't answer Tae-soo's phone call?) What about that guy that Tae Soo swore he'd kill? (He swore he'd kill Im-jeong; he also need to kill the other assassin, if they ever meet again: name is Jeong-seok) And why did Tae Soo turn himself in? (out of guilt, we know that) I'm sure I forgot something, but anyway, my point is this (yes: how do Goo-tak and Mr. Big Mob Boss know each other): they better start ANSWERING some of these questions, not adding more. We're running out of time! (well, we're a bit more than halfway now. If they don't come up with new riddles, I'd say we can still get there) WHAT IS GOING ON?

Tae Soo was angry at CC Ahjussi before he found out that the money wasn't going to her. Why? And Tae Soo turning himself in...he didn't do it right after he killed Ladylove's husband, we know that. Whose blood was he wearing? I always assumed he came from a murder, but maybe it was just a fight.  And I'm not entirely sure we know it was guilt that put him there.
Tune in next week for more questions with Bad Guys.