Birth of a Beauty - Episode 7 (A WookiCap)

They got it. They're showing us almost only the Cutie Couple. Which consists of Joo Sang-wook to 50%. I had to find out this week that he was in my hometown in May this year. He was quasi where I work. Goddamit. All my biases come to Switzerland ... will I EVER meet one?!
JoAnne: I sincerely hope so.

Episode 7

What could be the worst to happen to a very enamoured closet-lover? Yes! The suggestion to “sleep together”. Well, the in-laws are taking up all the space in the house, so of course, Sara has to sleep in Tae-hee’s room. Like … in his bed. OMG woman, you’re truly clueless! Pulling some “hierarchy”-bullshit, he gets her to sleep on the floor. At least. Why is he hugging his pillow close? Is he afraid of something? Anyway, he can’t sleep. Sara does, but she has nightmares of her horrible accident and tosses and turns as she sweats a river. He guesses correctly what’s going on in her dreams - and puts her in his bed.
Lafer: Yes! This is what this show needs to be all about, 24/7.
Yes, all awkward and pining Tae Hee, clueless sweet Sara, all the time!
It’s 3 am and Tae-hee is disclocating (do you mean relocating? Or was he doing some chiropractic work on Ji-Hoon? - ahahaha, yeah, I guess I mean relocate. Or dislozieren in German) to Ji-hoon. Who wants to know about the psychological analysis. And guesses rightly that Tae-hee is in love with somebody. Like … a lot. And the initials on his phone (A J M) that Ji-hoon saw point to the following name: “Ahjumma”.
becca: Ji-hoon serves very little purpose, but I find him very amusing. And the way Tae-hee sat there all huddled up like a defensive little boy - cute!
He is SO adorable it's ridiculous. I know the brother from somewhere and it's making me nuts.
Said Ahjumma is jerking awake in Tae-hee’s bed, thinking she crawled up in her sleep. Lol. She steps outside in search of him, only to overhear her horrible in-laws talking about Chae-yeon that they “dislike” more and more. Shouldn’t she be their obedient servant, since they gave her the Canvas Building? Ah, right. I forgot about “the conspiracy” thing. Oh, and it gets much uglier .. they talk about how they just used Geum-ran because of that land. At that time, Fuckwit Husband was in debt and unemployed. He is a friggin Gold Digger! And vile at that. Sara looks ready to kill someone.
Lafer: Actually, I appreciated the spelling out of this unlikely relationship, but for her to hear it like this was really sad.
So much useful exposition in this episode.
Wow. No redemption. None. That family is disgusting. I feel bad for their not-Bad Dad, but of course most of my sympathy is for Sara/Geum Ran.
OMG, she HAS killed them?! They are lined up on the sofa, mouths hanging open. Poisoned? Alas, no. She just put sedatives in their food, to make them sleep for about three hours. And she gave them food that will upset their stomachs. She takes Tae-hee to their house - it’s revenge time! Time to become evil herself! She goes in and completely trashes the place. Tae-hee keeps telling her what kind of laws she’s breaking, but she doesn’t care. At the end of her rampage, she leaves a message on the mirror: “I know that you killed Sa Geum-ran”. There is a moment when Tae-hee starts cheering her on, realizing how cleansing it must be for her to let her rage go free.
Lafer: I love how, even when she's poisoning the in-laws, she has such a sweet, naive way about her. Bravo, Sara! And all of them passed out on the couch - too funny.
This scene went from bizarre to hilarious to touching and did it quite well. Bravo, Show
You can't help but love her. Both of the hers. Even when she was Geum Ran there's this vulnerable quality that you want to protect. I hate those people. I hope they shit themselves in their sleep.
And he isn’t done caring. He takes her to a restaurant and tells her to eat as much as she wants. Including his rice. He steps out a moment to meet his restaurant gang who Tae-hee sent into the house right after they left to put it all back in order. Nice of him. We don’t want her to go to jail, do we?
I was loling at him trying to reason with her during her path of destruction. But you really had to ignore the obvious here and not think about the fact that a clean up like that COULD NEVER HAPPEN, lol.
It made me laugh so hard, though! I love his assistant/right hand man - he's so cheery and down for anything. :)
Yeah, the clean up was inspired! I never saw that coming, but it's so Tae Hee.
Inside, she has a food orgasm. People are beginning to wonder how you can be so thin and eat so much. They start taking pictures and videos because she’s so pretty. Tae-hee comes back in and sees this - and he is a bit sad when he comments to himself that she is only truly happy when eating. I do like how they make the connection to how she pacified herself in her chubby days. But I don't quite understand Koreans' obsession with watching others eat. Afterwards, they go for PPL cappuccino. He just looks at her, still sad, and then says it’s a gift, all this food. And there’s another: he’ll get Kang-joon’s confession that he killed Geum-ran for her. So the new (?) plan is to torment him mentally, until he confesses. Sara is very happy to hear this, but Tae-hee says don’t be. Because this is his first - and also his last gift to her. He will be leaving once Kang-joon is in jail. Noooooooooo! TT_______TT He’s a coward!! I mean, she even tells him she’ll miss him once they’re apart.
I got a little breaky-heart feels at that moment. Which is good for my staying power with a drama.
He can't go!
Why does he have to go, anyway? What's wrong with him liking her? What's the obstacle between them? She's not his cousin, fake sister, father's wife, best friends girl, member of an opposing political party. He's not dying of a brain tumor, running from the law, engaged to a woman he hates who will increase his empire... what's so wrong with him just deciding he likes Sara more than Chae Yeon?
The horrible family wakes up - it’s 11am. And now, the diarrhea starts. It’s a non-event in Kang-joon’s case, because he soon appears at the office, where he is instructed by Evil Han to send Grandma to jail - he wants to expose Winner group’s corruption and make it look like it’s Grandma’s fault. YAWN. *screeching* DOWN WITH GRANDMA!!! Anyway, this is probably the most stupid plan I’ve ever heard of for a future CEO of that company, but hey! Logic and KDrama? Like fire and water. The rest of the horrible families are at the hospital because, I quote, they “can’t move because our anuses won’t contract”.
Yeah, really? If it was 16 episodes, we wouldn't need this filler stuff.
I don't even know why they brought in diarrhea. It's not used to any effect (comedic or story-wise). Pointless. Next!
I'm disappointed in you, Show. I really don't care at all about Tae Hee's real family, either, so how are you going to make me root for him and Grandma to prevail? I don't want him anywhere near her.

And then, it’s time for Kang-joon to discover the message on the mirror that Tae-hee’s guys haven’t erased. Because things are really tense between him and Chae-yeon ( this marriage is pretty much over before it had a chance to start), Kang-joon think she is behind it. Sara overhears their argument … and realizes that Chae-yeon is guilty as well for covering up her murder; and for not helping her when she saw the car go down. This is another piece of awful truth for Sara. When Tae-hee joins her at the listening station unexpectedly, Sara moves to protect him from heartache - and trashes the equipment. It’s her gift for him, she tells him. Her first and last.
That was really touching, too. She'll be having a little awakening of her own feelings, too, I'm sure.
Jung Kyeo-woon had a normal face in that scene. I was so happy! And then... it was gone by his next scene. Lighting? Or is he looking better these days, and it was filmed out of order? Dare I hope for the future??
HE has no problem withl lighting! (See below) 
Seriously, the man has a perfect face.
Chae-yeon wants a separation from Kang-joon and moves into Ji-hoon’s place. He calls Tae-hee and asks him to come over - since Chae-yeon depends on him. Well …. she should have depended on him more, maybe she would have turned out a better human being? Tae-hee promises to come, but before that, he gets the chip out of the trashed receiver … hearing it all. I guess there goes THAT relationship too.
I love how this show keeps barreling along. They don't keep secrets hidden for 5 minutes. There are plenty of dramas out there that could use a lesson or two in how to turn 10 episodes of hidden secret angst to one 2 minute segment.
I'm reserving judgment. I like when secrets are revealed quickly, but sometimes it can come back to bite you if they run out of story later on. We still have nine more episode to fill. *checks wiki* Scratch that, thirteen more episodes. Oy....
There is no f'ing way this story has 13 more episodes in it. There's like... one, or maybe two.
Sara writes a letter as Geum-ran: to tell her husband she’s alive. It doesn’t go down all too well, to say the least. And he gets a bit violent against Sara’s mother. YAWN. his evil plan? To put her into a mental hospital (and I do hope very much that’s it’s not true that you can put away a family member just like that in Korea. Chaebol families seem to like that method of disposal, aka 100 Years Inheritance). Sara also has some evilness in store for Chae-yeon: she sends her a selfie-picture of the whole family “sleeping over” at her place.
Really, Chae-yeon, this is a bit silly to get so worked up over, don't you think?
I don't understand that girl. She knew he was murdering, cheating scum. Why is she so surprised? What happened to being "cool"?
She went through the traditional KDrama personality switch that happens to girls for no reason.
The youtube clip “Birth of a Food Stuffing Beauty” soon goes viral. And the bloodsausage video of her also goes online soon after. Which is good, because Evil Han hears that there are no young sexy female employees in his security staff. The video is so popular it makes the news, which Han watches, since the first part is about Halmoni’s slush funds. He definitely should smile more often.
I'm not really feeling the love for Evil Han that you guys are, but at least I like him better chasing Sara than when he's all Mr. Takeover Bastard Son.
*muttering under breath* Let's take down the evil-faced grandma and mom....
I hate his mother. I don't really feel sorry for her being treated like trash by Grandma, but I don't really like Grandma because she treated them like crap. And Han, at least, can't help the circumstances of his birth. But he's going along with his mother, so I can't like him.
Sara is at the restaurant, very happy about her dishes. (Note to show: you can’t operate a whole restaurant alone. Even if you’re a genius chef. They haven't opened yet - she's just testing recipes before the opening). Outside, trouble is gathering: Chae-yeon is showing her ugly face once more and is bringing a few thugs over to trash the place up. Well, not with Sara though! She starts beating up the thugs, but then, two of them grab her at the same time. Enter Tae-hee! And as Chae-yeon stands there open mouthed and keeps repeating his name, Tae-hee and Sara fight side by side.
Woohoo! I was starting to get a little bored, then this happened, and I was cheering like crazy!
Kind of my favorite scene so far. I was cheering!
All suspicious at their closeness, Chae-yeon meets Ji-hoon. Who tells her Tae-hee has feelings for a woman he calls A J M. It cannot mean Ahjumma though, because why would Tae-hee meet with an ahjumma?
I don't even get why he even calls her ahjumma, unless he's thinking her former self looked like one, 'cause the current her sure don't!
I think Ahjumma is generally used for married women? 
Why can't he just call her Sara-ssi then?
Back at their place, Sara is sweet to Tae-hee and tends to his injuries from the fight. Recalling his stunt earlier, she asks him why he is good to her. Food, coffee, all this help. Even going against Chae-yeon. Could it be that he likes her? Tae-hee explodes into denial. It’s SOOOOOO abSUUUUURD that he could like her. She looks disappointed, he is almost crying —— and then, she bends over a little and sees … the result of his psychological test. “Han Tae-hee is in love with Sara”. Oh man, how will you get out of this one?!
Like I said, no moss gathering on this big stone. But you know it won't go the way we're thinking in the next episode.
I really do like how fast they blow through secrets.


DAMN, there was a lot of PPL in this episode! Are they afraid the drama will get cut and are there putting anything they can into one episode?! (there’s even more in episode 8, by the way).

Apart from that, this episode was at least 80% Cute Couple and only 20% annoying other stuff. Unfortunately, I’m already getting annoyed at the “do you like me?” - “of course I don’t”! game. It’s so boooooooooring. There is absolutely no reason why Tae-hee can’t like this woman. She’s “dead” and unattached, she is extremely sexy and wonderfully kind. Sure, she has issues, but so does he, so what’s his problem? It seems such a fake problem, I have no tolerance for it.
Push and Pull, kakashi, push and pull. With the audience, at least. And nothing makes sense in this drama, so why ask?
I stated my thoughts on this earlier. Just go back and read that comment again, because I agree 100% with Kakashi.

I guess Tae-hee will soon have to fight for his grandma (oh good grief WHY - she's HORRIBLE), which bears potential for great annoyance, too. And then, we’ll have noble idiocy, of course … from him or from her? Probably from her. She is a born noble idiot. She’ll say “I'm not good enough for him” and all that kinda shit. Bleh.
But I liked this episode, a lot! Because it had me laughing and for the first time really feeling the caring between the two. So it gets a thumbs up
There were several good moments, but I must confess that I was pretty bored at least half the time.
This is not a good show. It's a bad show with a good couple.

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