We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 6)

T-shirt making and a deboner dinner is waiting for you, people! Also, we finally get to see the cats again. I wonder whether they keep them there all the time, even when they're not filming?
JoAnne: A 'deboner dinner' brings to mind a very different picture than what I actually saw...
becca: We already know the PD is keeping all the good stuff to himself. Of course he isn't going to show those appetites being satisfied. 
Mary: The PD is a she. I bet she's keeping all those extra footage in a secret basement. Next to an altar dedicated to Rim.

Episode 6

The FondueCouple is unwrapping the Jaelim-T-Shirts! Which would fit an elephant. Are they XXXXL? So-eun wants her name on there too (right you are, girl!). Stickers? Write it on? Ah, no! "Lipsu"! He wants to put permanent marker on her lips for that?!
JoAnne: He's just being silly though, right?
becca: Yeah, he is. I'm 99% certain.
Rim. Seriously. And then, he makes a mark on his shirt with that marker. You doofus. That stuff they have to decorate their shirts is pretty cool though. Rim gripping the shirt with his perfect teeth so she can cut the sleeves off is pretty cool too - buahahaha.
JoAnne: I loved the noise he made when he saw that little mark. It becomes apparent that there will never be a 'Crafting with Rim' show.
becca: Which makes me sad because suddenly I think that could be a very fun(ny) show.
Mary: This concept could work. Someone send this footage to Na PD. He knows what to do to people with such adorable pitiful cries of despair.
Awwww, So-eun. You're now taking pictures of him? And she finds him cute. He indeed WAS incredibly cute when he did that. You noona-killer, you! He also hints a lot that he wants her to take her clothes off, to lie down, go to the room, etc.
JoAnne: She's becoming desensitized to it, though.  She is no longer as truly shocked as she used to be.
becca: Yes, it's nice to see her rolling with it and giving as good as she gets.
Aaaaaand ..... doofus drops a patch full of glue onto his shirt. At the wrong spot. Doesn't look too bad though, don't worry. He wants her to do it for him though (she doesn't). When he was at school, people would do stuff for him, he adds slyly. She gets a little jealous, certain that it was the women, right? But he was at a boys' school.
JoAnne: I'm guessing she should still be jealous.
becca: Of course! This flirtatious nature did not blossom over night.
She wants to turn the music on - and he starts singing.
JoAnne: He wasn't all that bad, but I do have to say he is the corniest of corny people.  SO DIFFERENT than his cool man image, it still surprises me to remember how he used to look in my eyes.
becca: I liked his voice! More singing, please!

He suggests they write something on the back, like ... Ol-Khun couple? Oltakuna couple? (er ... I don't get this)
JoAnne: I don't get the word play in Oltakuna either.
becca: My subs explained it as meaning "Oh~ They got it all!" in addition to being a play on Olla and Khun's names. I do not vouch for the reliability of that, though.
Rim messes up again, this time, he just runs away and lets glue drop onto the shirt. I don't know, mary ... don't you want a husband who's a bit more ... handy? They then sign the shirts ... well. Maybe they're both really untalented. Good.
JoAnne: He is handy, though. Just not at this.
*comes back guilty* Oh, you mean he's good at hammering and screwing and grilling and all sorts of manly stuff. Not the gutter-y kind. I iz sorry.
Oh. they're wearing the stripe-trousers! He touches the stickers and says: "You're inside my kidneys. My stomach". (Nam has a fit) (I like when Nam has a fit. A couple more fits and I might crush on him too.) Rim confesses that he feels kinda guilty that she put on his weird trousers ... "he broke an angels wing". awwww.
JoAnne: Someone said the kidney stomach thing was from Lovers in Paris?
becca: No idea. He really is ruining her one episode at a time, though. And I don't mean that in a bad way at ALL. It's fantastic.
Mary: The "You are here" *touching body part* is from Lovers in Paris. Team Lee Donggun 5EVAH!!! They parodied that in You're Beautiful too. 
And then ... she gets all kinds of touchy with him! Hey! Woman! And ... Picture time. They're cute. And somewhat more at ease with each other?
becca: I noticed that, too. It set off a few squees, I can tell you.

They get the cats out - Olla excuses himself almost immediately. Rim pokes Khun in the cheek and Kuhn almost bites him. Bravo, Khun. (I LOVE him so much. *strokes screen*) (I don't. Cats like that: cute, but a pain in the ass.) Perfect timing: the cat tower is delivered! Only ... it's about 1 kilometer long and wide?!
JoAnne: That thing is HUGE.
becca: Do they have ROOM for it??
They assemble the monster and Rim is HOT while doing it. He is an expert driller. (I bet.) Hahaha, Khun always looks so pissed off! I like that cat. And Olla is just massively overweight. (The fluffiness makes him look even bigger.)
JoAnne: See, handy! And sexy as a bonus!
becca: I bet he's handy in other areas, too. *wink*
Now, Rim has his wife in the bedroom though. Only she isn't in the mood, really ... he is once again talking about that photoshoot another couple got (he wants one too?), so So-eun offers to take pictures of him. Which isn't what he wants - together, of course! It's not gonna happen though.
JoAnne: Don't they do that always though? Isn't there a wedding and a honeymoon? Why are we 6 episodes into We Got Married, but there's no wedding?
becca: Yes! Dear squeeglets who are familiar with this show, please explain! Why are we not getting this cuteness?
Mary: And where are the mission cards? I heard there should be mission cards? Or is there too much footage to be milked from this couple that they don't bother telling them what to do anymore? Because if that's the case, I'm having hopes again that Rim will actually install a bidet AND make it entertaining. If an enterprising fan ever sent him one.
Other couples cover themselves in rose petals, but Rim will cover himself in catnip. The result is a picture she totally likes; it's like "he is unemployed". Bravo. Haha. By the way ... his arms are really something. Yum.
JoAnne: They are nice. And I do like her quick humor and the way she uses it to deflect his cheesy salvos.
becca: Now that she's gotten over her shock, she's much quicker to take the wind out of his sails, which is great. The power dynamic is becoming more balanced, I think.
They go out, without stripes but with Jaelim Shirts. He takes her hand. No being sneaky anymore! She asks if he normally likes skinship (come on - do you really need to ask this?!) and what kind? Kissing! (is his answer, but he says popo, not kisseu. Boy).
JoAnne: He's keeping it PG, sort of.

He teaches her three versions of skinship (walking while hugging) and he finally gets her to link arms with him. What does "she has weak feedback" mean? Give the woman some time, Rim.
JoAnne: That translation made me laugh. It works, but it's weird.
becca: It's cute. He wants to know what she likes and wants!
Over looking at the menu, being considerate with each other, they start stroking each other's hair. (Pfft. The way his head bobs! He really is a big cat.) She really is all over him this episode! She wants to know what kind of girls he likes and why he didn't ask/wonder about her appearance in those questions they had to write to each other. Because he looks at their heart, he says. And the first thing he looks at are the eyes. Does he like chubby or skinny girls? He likes her, he says. As long as he has her, why would he care? STRIKE.
JoAnne: Strike? You think that was a bad answer?
Don't you go bowling? 
becca: They said that in the show, too, right? My mind immediately went to baseball - where it's a bad thing. So I was confused too, until I remembered bowling.
Mary: I have no recollection of this happening. Too much squeeing?
She's the cute type, he tells us. Her eyes are pretty. Her smile is pretty. Wavy hair looks great on her. He wants to bite her cheeks. And he is addicted to "the drug that is her smile".
JoAnne: How would that not work on anyone?
becca: I cannot stop staring at that gif up there. It's mesmerizing.
Mary: When he said "I want to bite those cheeks", I heard Hani speaking. The way they both said it... hahaha!

At the restaurant, she isn't saying much about him, but she does give him an appreciative look. He touches the lips on his shirt to her cheek and then kisses it. Nam dies. So does everyone.
JoAnne: I sincerely believe that even if there were no cameras there, they'd be acting about like this. He'd be flirting hard, she'd be playing it coy, with the occasional encouraging response.
She keeps asking him about his love for skinship and he says: at his age, he has loved before. You don't say Rim - you're not a virgin? Oh, but So-eun claims she hasn't (loved). But now she is! exclaims Rim.
JoAnne: The concept of not having dated seriously by the time you're in your mid-twenties is pretty foreign to me so I have a hard time believing it. I mean, sure, sometimes you get someone who's really shy, or has unusual circumstances that mean there just weren't any suitable partners, but for the most part?
becca: Maybe it's not the norm, but it's not so strange to me. So-eun's young, and she's already been an actress for about ten years. She's been busy. Maybe she's just saying that to protect her image, or maybe she really hasn't been in love. I find both equally plausible.
Mary: Seems normal to me. :/ I can give you the names of 50 women I know right now (including myself)! It's not a foreign concept here. Maybe it's the same in Korea? :D I'm not saying they're all prudes. I'm just saying it's very possible she sounded like she took acting seriously. Maybe like becca said, So-eun was just too busy.
He has forgotten his kid-chopsticks at home, so she gives him a lesson. He gets it immediately - what's the reason he couldn't do it before? We don't know, do we?
JoAnne: Fat fingers.

He keeps asking what she likes about him. Like with everything, she says she needs time to think about this. That's her character. While she thinks, will he says what he likes about her? "Words can't express what my heart feels", is his answer. Who else keeps looking for the little Nam-picture to appear when he cheeses it up good?
JoAnne: Oh, me. I am loving his reactions so much! He throws himself around on that couch like he's a pillow!
becca: Yes! Just rolling around like an embarrassed kid! It's become a highlight!
Mary: They are the best! I love his reactions! It's like man-squee! Like there's a koko inside him wanting to go to Rim, and Nam is trying to fight it.

He tells her he likes it when she smiles. It makes him feel like he has some kind of purpose in the world. You saw that in a book, right?!? she asks. He says he hasn't! Does everything sound like a pickup line to her? But no, he says these things to make her smile, he says. She is touched by it. I understand why. Her turn now. So ... she likes that he is doing things with her. He isn't too obedient and he is fun. Is that all?! Tell him already how hot he is!
JoAnne: Honestly. Would it hurt to acknowledge it? It's not like it's a secret - everyone thinks he's handsome!
becca: Heh. But after all his sweet comments about her smile and her personality, maybe she doesn't want to look shallow? Trust me, dear, no one would think that of you. We understand.
When the chicken wings arrive, he puts on a glove and debones them for her. They taste "upgraded", she says. Yeah, the taste of plastic gloves. Haha. He's an expert deboner and I know this sounds completely wrong, haha.
JoAnne: I prefer my meat bone-in. Ha. Also: does not apply to chicken.
When she wants to remove a piece of onion from his face, he constantly tries to ... bite her fingers? He is totally like a cat. Mary, this man needs human company!
JoAnne: That man needs sex. (HAHAHAHA)
becca: This was the part. This was the part that made me explode. Jilly woke me up with a gif of the finger-biting early in the morning, and then I watched the episode before bed that night. So basically, I spent the whole day in the gutter.
Mary: HOLY GODS ABOVE THIS MAN IS SO PLAYFUL. And they're only eating chicken, for chrissakes. Can you imagine what he would do... somewhere else?

Mary: Y'know I believe So-eun is single. But Rim? How can that man be single??? HOW??? IT DOES NOT COMPUTE.
More food arrives, they talk about gaining weight. She says she never gains any weight in her upper body, hasn't since primary school. haha. She doesn't get why he finds that funny, but then says she still has it where it needs to be! Haha. AAAAA cup? She gets back at him when he links arms for a loveshot and she calls him pervert. He spews his drink all over the restaurant.
JoAnne: That was hilarious and excellent timing, KhunOmma!
becca: Told you! She's stepping it up, and we're all loving every moment of it! Especially Rim!
Mary: I saw previews of that 10x before I finally got to watch. She totally WAITED for Rim to start drinking before calling him pervert. heeheehee~ I love her.
They continue eating, I get really hungry, and he says "keep feeding me garlic because I'm your slave". Seriously. Where did you hear that slaves in Egypt were fed lots of garlic for energy?!? She heaps garlic on a spoon and wants to feed it to him, but he says what should he use all that energy for? With her? Hahahaa.
JoAnne: When he said he wouldn't let her go home tonight I died laughing!
becca: This whole restaurant sequence is pure gold, I tell ya.
Mary: Lady PD be like: "Screw missions. Just put a camera everywhere. And get me a 24/7 live feed to the bedroom cam! Stat!"
He friggin eats the entire spoon. OMG he'd stink.
JoAnne: I like garlic, but that is a LOT of garlic. Although they did mention it was elephant garlic which is a more mild variety, I think.
becca: *busy staring at arms again*
Mary: So does elephant garlic... energize your elephant?


Did this episode feel a tiiiiiny little bit less spontaneous to you too? Or are they just more familiar with the setup now and are starting to manipulate the camera?
JoAnne: They just seemed a lot more comfortable with each other, to me.
becca: That was my sense as well. I'm sure they're being told to do or maybe talk about SOME things, but I think the words and reactions are honest. Or as honest as anyone would be in front of a camera. They've gotten more comfortable with each other and seem to be falling into a rhythm. I found this episode thoroughly enjoyable.
She was 100% more touchy this episode and seems to be getting used to him and his cheese. I felt a bit sorry for him fishing for compliments. She could have said that he looks handsome! Or that she likes his smile, too. But who know, maybe propriety forbids her to comment on his fine physique?
JoAnne: I think she just wants him to keep working for it.
becca: I can get behind that.