We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 8)

They're getting sweeter. Is that even possible? Sweeter and more sincere, somehow. He tones it down a bit in this episode, which is good. He lets actions speak. Also good. There's a wedding coming up. Very good.
Mary: I just finished watching the raw Running Man guesting of Rim. The raw Section TV guesting of Rim. And the raw (followed by subbed) WGM ep8. Don't they have that saying about kokoros? When it Rims, it purrs! :))))
JoAnne: Can there be too much Rimming, Mary? For you?
becca: I don't know if it's because I don't feel well (so I'm tired and kinda out of it), but this might be the funniest episode yet. I laughed so much, my smile muscles hurt!
[[Also, a shout-out to our LTE-Couple friends at soompi who are enjoying our pervy analytical comments about WGM.]]
JoAnne: Do we have new friends? Hi!
becca: *waves*

Episode 8

Another shooting competition! The winner gets a wish. Be careful what you wish for, people! So-eun is a natural, and Rim is really impressed. The shooting range guy (not 1/100000 as pretty as the one in Bad Guys) says women usually do better at clay shooting (that's so sexist!!), getting 16 out of 20 normally. She says she can do all 20! Rim leans in and cups So-eun's face with his hands, saying: "The world doesn't always go how you want it to". She's like, hands-off, everybody can see us! And he goes: "I don't see anyone but you".
Mary: No! Don't hate the ajusshi~ I think he was warning Rim that the next challenge is advantageous for the wifey. So he should do well in the current one.
JoAnne: I wonder if there's a physiological reason - faster reflexes or something? I'd never heard this before, so I wonder what it's based on. I assumed he meant women do better at clay than men do, but now Kakashi also has me wondering if he means women do better with clay than with targets.
becca: I didn't think about the comment that much, but the ajusshi seemed nice. His reactions to their antics were funny, too.
Ha! They're even! 80 points each. No matter what we do, he says, we're the same. He hugs her close at that and ... she doesn't even protest. Hahaha. Yeah, cause it's so futile.
Mary: So-eun! Guards up!!! Your pervy hubby is attacking full force! Or did you change your mind and you're joining us now?
JoAnne: I really enjoy how physical and natural he is with affection. I think to a certain extent she's a fairly demonstrative person as well, and that in this, as with other things, they are well-suited despite her attempts at 'propriety.' Nothing he does ever actually even verges on inappropriate behavior - holding hangs, hugging, touching hair - all very acceptable in almost any social situation.
becca: That's true. At first it was surprising because they were strangers, but now that they've seen each other more, it's not that strange for them to be hugging, etc.
What next? Shooting clay! No those are much bigger guns and of course, Rim gets a fright again, ahahaa. She is cute!! So happy that she hits most of them. She is briefly worried she might have to join the army for being so talented at shooting.
JoAnne: Alright girlie, lets not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? You had a good day. Actually, that sort of bragging reminds me of your boy over there!
It's his turn! After some struggles with the ear protectors, he gets the knack of it too. Only: she's so much better. He demands she hold the gun herself next time (shooting range man is helping her cause it's so heavy). They start the competition. Bang-bang-bang - they're even! He compliments her on keeping up so well this time. Doesn't she always? No! Not when it's about keeping up with his feelings!
JoAnne: Hahahahahaah, he takes every chance!
becca: I laughed my head off at this - mostly because Nam was covering his face with his hands, like he Just. Couldn't. Take it.
The competition continues and ... she wins. 4:5. Ahahaha, he keeps really quiet at that. She took it very seriously! In private, she admits to feeling a bit bad about it - going so completely against being a coy female.
Mary: Screw being coy, she needs to win. Although, she'll probably wish for Rim to stop being too touchy. Whereas me... I'd wish for the opposite. Who wouldn't?
JoAnne: I might have to quit her for being a fool, then.
becca: So-eun's too smart to waste a wish like that.

Mary: Rim says he loved seeing her look so serious though. And I laughed at the scenes again because when Rim is shooting, So-eun is observing (so she can correct her stance and stuff?) But when So-eun is shooting, Rim just looks at her. Haha.
JoAnne: I always thought she was a cutie but now I really like her, because of this show. She's a feisty little thing who works hard and has a real competitive spirit.
becca: Agreed, she's pretty awesome. I love her strong personality.
Next, they're going fishing! They get shrimp as bait - and worms. Gigantic ones. She refuses to touch them (who can blame her!) and goes and gets pliers from Rim's bag for it. Putting several of them on the hook doesn't bother her at all though. Yup, she's no sissy. She wants to use worms, not the shrimp. Those, she wants to eat later.
Mary: Haha. I saw the shrimps and thought it'd be a waste to use them as bait too!
JoAnne: Hahahahah no false 'girliness' here!
becca: Wow, she really went after those worms. Get 'em, girl!
Rim thinks he's caught something but, ahahaha, he just is entangled with another guy's fishing tackle. So-eun cracks up laughing. And she realizes Rim totally lied: he is not an expert fisher. "Darling", Rim says, "I caught a human!" He's such a sweetie-dork.
Mary: She was taking pictures of him when he ran back all proud of his catch! Did you see? Did you see? So-eun-sshi, please tweet those pics. T_____T Thank you very kamsa~
JoAnne: I noticed that!  She's having as much fun as he is.
becca: *rolling around laughing*
They're waiting for a fish to bite, but ... nada. He takes the opportunity to be sweet and cheeky. He has brought coffee for her since he's noticed that she drinks 4-5 cups a day. Americano. So-eun confesses to us that she doesn't drink that much at all. Ahahaha. Wrong kind of research, Rimmie? But she drinks it anyway, for him.
Mary: This is gonna be a problem, isn't it? She's too nice to tell him that he's wrong. And he's too proud of himself for making loads of coffee for her. :O He's like a puppy. (Except when he's being lazy and sexy. Then he's being a cat.)
JoAnne: So then where did he get the idea?
She takes out her mobile phone and since they don't have speakers but she would like to listen to music, she tells him to sing. He goes ... "bounce, bounce" (a song by Cho Yong Pil). She doesn't like it. Poor Rim.
Mary: Hey, that song was used in Surplus Princess. Heehee~
JoAnne: I liked that song when it came out, it's fun to hear it in shows. I spend a few minutes hoping that the Pervy Princess comes to the wedding.
becca: Oh, pleeeeaaaase, can that happen?
And still nothing is biting. He has a heat bag with him - which he is going to keep, since he thinks he's getting cold easier. She has one too though. (And then he switches theirs, saying his is warmer. You just wanted to give her yours, didn't you, Rim? Didn't you? *nudge nudge, wink wink*) He also has stick-on patches and wants to put them on her - and gets really excited when she says you have to stick them on your skin. His comments: Ah, sly. Ahahaha. This was solely your doing, man! It's you who is sly!
Mary: Sly and single. Catch him!!!
JoAnne: If his personality, at least, is genuine here? I think he might be something of a catch. Fun, affectionate, thoughtful, but a man who shows a side that is also careful and responsible. I'm not sure how SMART either of them are...
He pulls his backpack close and starts fiddling with something that she absolutely wants to see. He says he made it himself and it's ... a bracelet! A couple bracelet! It has their names on it and ... a skull. It means: until we become skeletons - love me. That's so sweet. I might have tears in my eyes. She totally likes it - especially the skull. And he's so happy that she likes it. Awwww. She says they might as well do WGM for 50 years and never do dramas again. You know what? I'd watch this.
Mary: She only said she liked the skull in front of him... but during the interview she didn't like it. Haha. So-eun, stop being too courteous. Or Rim might start buying you lots of skull-related things. Just like with the coffee. 
JoAnne: Yeah I 'm still not wearing things with skulls on them. But then again, what is she supposed to say? Oh thanks, but I don't like skulls? That's rude to say about a gift.
becca: Skulls. He's such a boy. *giggling* Honestly, though, I would probably wear a bracelet with a skull on it.
I like skulls. Rim! See? The others don't fit you. And hey, if you turn the skull, there's a heart!!! 
Alright, one more go at fishing! I mean ... the PD could really put something on their hook for show, no? They do one hook with a tons of worms and want to do the other with shrimp as bait. When she reels his in to prepare it, he naturally goes behind her to help. And WTF is that??! It's a ring!! He put a ring on?!
Mary: If you like it... wo-oh-oh. Wo-oh-oh. Wo-oh-oh. Oh-oh. --- WAIT. I just remembered, he was proud about getting the measurements correct. And he said his size was EXTRA LARGE while fitting the ring on his thumb. *giggle giggle* I just remembered something I read in soompi.
JoAnne: Are you just realizing why I keep talking about his fat fingers, Mary?
It's something he prepared to catch her. "So-rim"-rings. Does she think he came here wanting to catch fish?! Ahahahaaa. (YOU SMOOTH PERV.) He also recorded himself over days telling her about the couple rings he wanted to make for them. (YOU CUTIE.) Aahaaaa, he got the bracelet for free at the ring-making place. Wow. he really made them. I'm impressed.
JoAnne: I thought all his 'off-day' videos were cute, with his sleepy, unmade up face, always lounging around on things trying to take naps.
becca: It was adorable. And the rings make up for the skull on the bracelet, right?
Since she's duly impressed herself, he is happy: they may not have caught fish, but he has caught her. Mission accomplished.

They're having something to eat afterwards and are discussing their (upcoming) marriage. Marriage at a temple? Nope, she even threatens to hit him. And does, lightly, on the cheek. He likes it. (*pencils in notes for Oppa's "preferences"*) (*spit-take*) They decide on a short, simple ceremony - at which he sings and dances. He doesn't take that last part seriously.
JoAnne: He just wants her to touch him, Mary, he doesn't care how it happens.
She expresses some insecurity to his real personality, which, hm, is interesting. So you are really getting interested, yes? Since he mumbles something about a guy inside and another guy next to that, she muses that he might have multiple personality disorder. Yeah - but all of them like her. Awwwwwww, the cheeeeeese! A man has many rooms in his heart - but she is in all of them.
Mary: *calls the lock-pick* Oppa, I need to be in at least one room. I can stay in the drafty one facing the West!
JoAnne: Funny, I thought you'd have requested the overheated one at the southern end of the hall...
becca: Rim: "The guy who like you this much, and the guy who like you THIS much." *spreads arms wide* Me: *laughs head off*
She says her shoulder hurts from the shooting earlier and he demands to see whether she has a bruise or not. She really should undress for him one of these days. I'm sure he'd run away.
Mary: HAHAHAHA. Remember the crotch-grab? (Or the "panty-line grab", for the shy ones out there.)
JoAnne: Perhaps a massage is in our future.
becca: They've mentioned it before, so it must happen. It's Chekhov's massage: if a massage is mentioned in the first act, it must happen at some point.
So what is her wish for winning the shooting match? He suggests she should wish for him to kiss the back of her hand, for example. Not something that obvious, she says. (Hahahaaa, what?) Ah, she knows now!! He has to sing and dance at their wedding! Told you you should have taken that more seriously. Ah, no singing: just dancing! A dance appropriate for a wedding.
JoAnne: So, what then, a waltz or something?
becca: More like solo performance, it seems. Heeheehee.

Good that he has a month to practice. He thinks this will forever be a dark part of his history since he cannot dance at all.
Mary: And he hates gym class, he says! And remember he admitted to being totally not flexible during the action scenes in Age of Feeling? JoAnne, this does not bode well, right?
JoAnne: Oh, this means comedy gold, coming up. I cannot wait!
becca: He actually seems really nervous about this and said even when his show was cut, he wasn't this anxious. And then they showed a little clip of him practicing! Oh, this is gonna be GREAT.
What a glorious possibility to crack a joke at her height again though! He sings that wedding-love song (no idea what it's called), using it to say he's loving all 153 centimeters of her. When she's 163. And hurt again, at least a little.
Mary: It's Kim Jongkook's Loveable! The original line goes, "From head to toe, you're so lovable"... but Rim heeheehee, he changed the second part to "You're ____ centimeters."
JoAnne: Kick him, So Eun!


There were many really sweet moments in this episode. He gets that cheeky gleam in his eyes when he watches her and he is obviously out to please her. When she saw the rings - WOW that was so great!!! - and reacted just like he expected her to react, he was very, very content. Apart from that, she often had the upper hand in this episode, which I like. She's a sassy, smart girl and it's good for her to be in the driver's seat. It suits her personality.
Mary: There isn't much Nam! That makes me a little bit sad...
JoAnne: No but I was glued to that corner of the screen with one eye, waiting for him!  And yes, I think the ring bit was really cute. She was genuinely touched, he was genuinely pleased that she liked it.
becca: I'm telling you, I think this show is breaking Nam. There were only two major reactions from him: when he covered his face, and then at some other point when he was cringing/laughing so hard, he almost fell out of the frame entirely. Be strong, Nam! We love you!

JoAnne: I saw a paraphrase of a portion of a conversation he had with the MC on SNL where he said that WGM was all business and intimated that he does not actually have feelings for her and that made me a little sad. It's ok if he doesn't, but how not wait until they're done with it to say it?
Mary: I saw that too! :D It was a lie-detector test and the sensors went wild meaning: he was lying. *wiggle eyebrows* Don't worry, Jo. Your love-dar for behind the scenes chemistry is still perfect. ^____^


Peeps said…
So fast?!

SoRim must be getting more addictive or you guys just have more time now. I LOVE IT!

Thanks for the squees!
Anonymous said…
I've never been this addicted to a show before, I swear this couple are gonna be the death of me....how can I be shipping a WGM couple for real!! I even opened a soompi account just to spazz. The girls there are crazyyyy l"love them". Oh I saw mary came to the soompi forum too...lol
Ginger Curry said…
Love reading the recaps!!! Thank you!
momo said…
Actually, that soompi "article" was BS. The quote was taken from a sketch in which SJR is supposed to meet his girlfriend's father. While she's out of the room, the dad goes gangster on him and interrogates him about his WGM relationship; if he tells a lie, he gets an electric shock.
Widi said…
I admit to reading the Soompi forum too. Can't help it.

This episode, so much cute. It's really awesome that he made the couple rings and bracelet himself. So much cheese, too, which I love. I squealed and laughed so much my cheeks hurt.

I hope So Eun will try sneak-attacking Jae Rim oppa. It's always cute when he gets a fright like that. Twice already. I wish I was there. I wish Mary and I was there. Mary, are you into sneak-attacking people? Kekeke.

@Mary & JoAnne: Fat... what? *put hands over face* Anyways, now that I though of it, he seems a bit... submissive at times. Is it because it's So Eun? She' s got so much fighting spirit in her that I think he can't help but submit to her. *think of other things*

I think Rim doesn't really care much about looking cool. He's always being all dorky and free-makeup-y. But why is he always lying around? He's a total cat! Loves lying around, loves to be petted.

Anyways, does anyone know if there's subbed cuts of Rim's SNL clips? That skit... I don't really need subs to understand... all fans of Korean variety must be familiar with words like yadong (*snicker*)... and the rest of the skit is pretty self-explanatory, but I don't get the last part... and the part where his eomma gives him stuff. What are those?
EmmaLee said…
I have to stop lurking now.... :) I love this show so much that i can feel my own obnoxiousness about it. Also I hope a future date has them dressing their cats up and having them re-enact scenes from Boys over Flowers and Surplus Princess (the only shows of theirs I have seen) because I think that would be super funny....and she already has all the outfits (and the cats naturally have the fur for Gu Jun Pyo). Additionally, how can they make one date into 3! episodes!!! If they have that much great footage I want to see it all. I am sad that the men they were with in the next episode are some music? group. I was hoping it was his friends in real life (like how they have that super awkward scene where the boyfriend pays for food for the girlfriend's friends) because I would love to see how he acts around people in his real life so I could feel even better about thinking that he truly likes her.
Also, she wanted a best friend boyfriend and all the high fives and fist bumps seem to make that a real possibility. I would like her to do something thoughtful for him because I think it would mean so much to him (or not if he is faking,. ugh, I am so conflicted).
mary said…
Hehe kakashi is so quick ^___^ we seem to be recapping only a few shows lately too, and this one is only 20mins per "episode", so it's easy to <3 RimKim.
mary said…
Huihuihui I opened a soompi account for Rim too. But I'm more of a lurker. :))) say hello to the soompiers for us~
mary said…
I just saw the (unsubbed) SNL episode! Haha~ so it was a scripted question and answer and also fake lie detector test.

But, don't the guest hosts also have a say in making the skit? Maybe Rim himself wanted to put that part in to hint that he has some real feelings for So-eun. hehe
mary said…
> Mary, are you into sneak-attacking people?
I am. I don't think I can manage with Rim though. He will probably hear my kyaaing from miles away and be warned accordingly. When I get to Seoul, I will squee from so far away, he'll have time to get a restraining order.

> I don't get the last part... and the part where his eomma gives him stuff. What are those?
Which last part?
The "stuff" omma gave him were just tissues to uhm... wipe himself. (I think)
mary said…
But he looks jealous about the "young ones", maybe it will still be a funny episode. ^___^ And there are lots more eps to come, I'm also hoping for RL friends so he can't hide his feelings in corny lines. Huahuahua (or if he's still cheesy, we'll know for sure)
Kakashi Sensei said…
call me Lightning Fingers! Hehe. It definitely helps that this is not 60minutes, yes! And this one was subbed extremely fast, too. I have the most time on Sundays, usually
Kakashi Sensei said…
but still, let's hope they'll not do this until their 70 years old
AutumnBliss said…
Actually there wasn't a fake lie detector. It's just lighting, sound effect and of course your boyfriend's excellent acting skills...hehe
EmmaLee said…
I am sure it will be funny and I will watch it 546 times like I have all the other episodes! :) And re-read your re-caps 354 times as well! :) I keep trying to argue the case that there are real feelings involved with my poor husband and teenage son, who could not care at all and who keeps saying, "they are actors, acting in a show" which I totally follow up with showing him clips of the show. Do people usually stay on for a year? Also he keeps asking her to call him! Would they please just text in real life or something? I need to stop basing my emotional well-being on this dang show (especially since it is on only once a week!)!!! ;)
hella said…
Those guys are actually So Eun's friends from 5urprise! They were in that web series After School Lucky or Not together. It's short and zany and well worth the watch. I love So Eun and Rim and 5urprise an uncomfortable whole lot. I'm so excited for next week I just can't *unhinged hysterical laughter*
Widi said…
> He will probably hear my kyaaing from miles away and be warned accordingly.
Pwahahahahahaha! Don't worry! I'll gag you! Hahahaha!

> The "stuff" omma gave him were just tissues to uhm... wipe himself. (I think)
I knew it! I was just too lazy to zoom in on the stuff. But, hey, I saw there's protein shakes too? What for? I know he drinks that in real life, but....

> Which last part?
Did he send the wrong message to his eomma? A link to a yadong? Yeah, this message part I'm still confused about.

Anyways, it's really funny. If he was ever afraid of getting typecast, now he shouldn't feel so anymore. I mean, this guy will rock the rom-com world! Even more than what was offered in a glimpse thru his Cheppu-nim character!

I'm a bit concerned about his image, though. He's breaking typecast possibilities, in a HUGE way. Potential in-laws might be focusing on this exaggerated part of his personality(?). Not enough to rival Shin Dong Yeop, of course, and Shing Dong Yeop managed to snag that PD, but still.... LOL.
Widi said…
Oh my God, I just found the first SoRim fanfic that's actually rather good. *squeal*
ne-koi said…
Widi, allow me to explain that last bit (after watching a 2nd round in a more conducive environment... keke), if you've seen the beginning, Jae Rim received a link about 'yadong' which turns out to be a vid about baseball (야구 활동 which reads 'yagu hwaldong' and in short, 'yadong'), not the yadong his mum was thinking. At the end, he received another link about 'yadong', and thinking it's another innocent vid about baseball, he forwarded to his mum to explain all the misunderstandings she had about him, but that vid turns out to be a real porno vid. Haha. Hope this clarifies!
Widi said…
Thanks! That totally confirmed my initial suspicion. I could totally hear the sounds of a woman when his mom opened the link, I just don't know why he sent that and what exactly the conversations were like.

Rim totally nailed it. However, I still have some concern, LOL. It was too shocking even for me to find out what he could really be like in real life as opposed to his previous characters.
ne-koi said…
Lol, then he would be a totally healthy hawt young guy. Dun sweat it.
mary said…
Ah! I totally forgot that's Seo Kang Joon in the preview! My that web series was crazy hahahaha
mary said…
@Widi, here is the subbed version of the skit. It also subs some of the post-it notes so you can get why the mom gives Rim that stuff. ^___^
Caitlyn Burton said…
So anyway, I love the pics and gifs we get on these recaps. So much pretty Rim!
Alinka said…
Really???!!!!!! Links pleasee aaaaaaaackk *spazzing
Widi said…
Okay. I've had enough in my hands already. Waiting for the subbed videos is already so taxing. LOL.

<3 Thanks!!! I forgot to check for the subbed version. Thanks for not only reminding me but pointing me to the link.

I still have a few things that need clearing up. 1) Why did his mom write on the message "be strong"? To fight his urges? 2) Protein shakes so he dedicate himself to exercising rather than following those urges?

Anyways, I can't wait til the next recap. From what I read on the Soompi thread, you're in for a surprise! I'm telling myself not to download the raw video, as an exercise of patience. But a few other things on the thread have got me so giddy. Too much feels for my tiny kokoro.
Widi said…
Oh shoot. I can't find it anymore. T.T

This is why I should've listened to my hunch and save the link. And I've cleaned up my browser history too! T.T

I'm so sorry. I'll get back to you once I find it. Fingers crossed!
Widi said…
Let's see if you have better luck. It's only a prolog and 2 chapters, to be continued. I remember one of the chapters is titled "The Kid". Rim is in Vegas for a poker tournament, and he's in it to destroy someone.... I've a feeling this is about revenge of some kind. But I might be mistaken. Anyways, he wins the first round. As he goes back to his hotel room, he meets a girl who's been chased by the security guards, who then proceeds to throw them off by grabbing him and... kissing him so they'll think she and Rim are just a normal couple doing... a normal thing. Aaand he saves her, sort of, by doing the same thing in kind when the guards are doubling back. So, keywords being Song Jae Rim, Kim So Eun, fanfic, poker, the kid....
Widi said…
Oh thank God I found it. Wow that was fast. I forgot that I stumbled upon it on a Facebook page dedicated for the couple. So I went back for it. Have fun reading it!

mary said…
@Widi, re: SNL skit, the whole story I think was Rim being caught doing "questionable things" and his mom assuming he's watching porn or jerking off. Then his mom just cheers him on and lets him do it. That's why she just smiles at him and gives him tissues and health drinks. >____<
Widi said…
@Mary: I thought the smile was a bit sarcastic. If she just cheers her on, now that's even funnier.

Rim proved to be the carefree guy that we see in WGM. I can't wait to see if So Eun ever mentioned his SNL stint.

Anyways, didn't you read the Soompi thread? OH MY GOD!