Yoo Na's Street - Episode 13 (A CatchUpCap)

Mary: Hello Thuglets! We're (sort of) back from The Land Of Evil Deadlines and trying to catch up with this lovely show. So here is Episode 13's CatchUpCap.
kakashi: I'm so sorry for not being able to press ahead with this! Thank you very mary for starting the CatchUpCaps! (P'shaw. Like you need to apologize for recapping lots of episodes for us!)
But first:


Yoo Na catches the little troll Hwa-suk and gives her a good beating. She promises to return the money. But Nam-su's good hand can't be returned, can it? (TT__TT) My poor Nam-su spends the rest of the episode drinking and feeling sorry for himself.
becca: Not good.
kakashi: This could end very badly.
Booking Ajumma can't pay the fine for selling fake viagra and decides to do penitentiary work instead. So does Gye-pal who already went in after an awkward send-off party.
becca: *shrug* Not great for Booking Ajumma. Also not great for Gye-pal, I guess, but we don't like him as much.
kakashi: Still, let's hope both don't get hurt. 

Da-yeong scores a movie date with Chang-man by pretending to set him up with a "friend" who fails to show up. They run into Mi-sun and CountryGigolo Min-kyu at the theater. Da-yeong watches the other pair acting sweet and tries to put the same moves on Chang-man. She gets rejected.
becca: *pat pat for Da-yeong* You really didn't have a chance, sweetie.
kakashi: Chang-man deserves a kick in the ass though. How dumb can you get? 
After spending a whole day watching people being happy with lovers/friends/family, Yoo-na gets lonely and drunk. She calls Chang-man. Chang-man immediately leaves after the movie with Da-yeong and fetches Yoo-na from Seom Cafe. He walks a drunk Yoo-na home. Yoo-na cries. Chang-man offers to hug her. She says yes.
becca: Because who wouldn't??
kakashi: This is very very bitter-sweet. 


Now we see more details before the hug. Chang-man says that he wishes the walk home would go on and on. Yoo-na says she likes that Chang-man is always honest. Then she cries and they hug.
kakashi: Such a vulnerable moment. She lets down her guard completely. It's awesome, but it hurts to see it, too. 

Chang-man notices Yoo-na shaking. Why? "I have to pee", she says. She tries to hold it in, but Chang-man is the one feeling antsy for her. He leads her to a couple of bushes and tells her to pee while he acts as lookout.
kakashi: Only on YNS. Buahahahaaa! 
He laughs at how absurd the situation is. Moreso when Yoo-na calls from the bushes like a kid, saying "it won't come out" hahaha. He talks her through the whole "relax and let it come out" bit, and even makes the pssssssh ssssssshhhh sound you do with babies. Yoo-na laughs at him and tries it too but she still can't pee. She says she'll just hold it in. She runs back to him and puts her arm through his and they walk back home in that manner.
becca: I'm thinking it's a good thing she's drunk. I would have been mortified.
kakashi: Who can't pee??! That's terrible! Also, I loved this scene. They both don't give a friggin damn about it. Perfect. 
Da-yeong is hiding behind her dad's car, waiting for Chang-man to come home. She sees Yoo-na and Chang-man coming home together and realizes that Chang-man ditched the after-movie dinner to go fetch Yoo-na.
becca: I hope that she handles his rejection with some maturity. My own better judgment tells me she won't.
kakashi: Mature is the opposite of Da-yeong. 

Mi-sun scolds Yoo-na as soon as she enters their room. Why did she get drunk when it was her job to watch over the cafe? Yoo-na just asks Mi-sun if CountryGigo went into army training (because she's in a bad mood). Mi-sun changes the subject and gossips that she totally caught Chang-man on a movie date with Da-yeong. When Yoo-na says she just came home with Chang-man, Mi-sun concludes that two-timing is the norm nowadays.
becca: And that makes it okay, Mi-sun? It does not.
kakashi: Still, I'm beginning to kinda find her ... amusing? I don't hate her anymore. Also, those face masks are so damn scary. 
Next morning, Chang-man works out at the park (HOT) when he gets a call from Mi-sun's phone. It's Yoo-na. She's looking for her phone. Chang-man was sure he took it from the cafe when he escorted her home. She asks him to look for it "in the trail we walked on", which makes the goofball squee at her choice of words.
becca: Heh. He's cute when he squees.
kakashi: HUG! 

He finds the phone near the bushes and takes it home in time to let the new colatec chef inside the house. Chef is here to make the colatec's kimchi (masses and masses of it!). She's an hour early so when she chitchats with Axe Grandpa and starts calling him Oppa, Grandpa invites her into his room for tea. (And orders Chang-man to go away.)
becca: *wiggles eyebrows*
kakashi: *melts from the cute*
Chang-man runs upstairs to give Yoo-na's phone, but she doesn't say thanks. She's mad that Chang-man never mentioned watching a movie with Da-yeong. He thinks it's no big deal, but she just closes the door in his face. Good luck dating Yoo-na, Chang-man!
becca: Hahah! Jealous Yoo-na is awesome! On a slightly different note, I like that she won't take any shit from him. She's a strong woman who can handle herself, and he'll have to accept that and become a better man if he wants to be with her.
kakashi: True, but she's also quite unmature when jealous. She has many qualities, but knowing what she's worth as a woman is not one of them. 
Meanwhile, Janggu Omma (the colatec chef) is being treated to Grandpa's Endless Sermon about his glorious gangster days. But Janggu Omma doesn't sit still. She tells Oppa to stop living in the past and focus on finding a way to enjoy the present. How? By dancing! She teaches Oppa a basic dance step. Grandpa complains that it's difficult, but she says it's easier than learning to beat up people. When Booking Ajumma knocks to tell Janggu Omma that the kimchi ingredients are ready, Grandpa shouts at her that the kimchi can wait. Janggu Omma is busy.
becca: I can't make up my mind about Janggu Omma. She seems pretty flaky to me.
kakashi: Word! She's weird. But not in a bad way. She also says what she thinks, which I like. And I love that Grandpa is already smitten. 
Da-yeong marches upstairs with a purpose and knocks on Yoo-na's room. Yoo-na calls out "Who is it? Chang-man?" When she opens the door, Da-yeong answers with a bitchy "I'm sorry I'm not Chang-man." Her attitude just gets worse from there as she orders Yoo-na up to the rooftop for a talk.
becca: Aaaand here it is. Seriously, Da-yeong?
kakashi: Ahahaha, she is her father's daughter. 

Manbo is busy measuring the rooftop for some repairs (doesn't he want to either rent away Gye-pal's room or even remove it? Yes!) He hears Da-yeong coming up and saying "I want to talk to you about something very private". So naturally he runs to hide and eavesdrop around the corner. HAHA (I'd kill my dad if he did that). I'm just glad we have his facial expressions to focus on for hilarity, because Da-yeong's attitude is truly despicable in this scene.
becca: Yes, it is! He, on the other hand, is awesome.
kakashi: *massive Manbo crush building up*
She asks Yoo-na if she likes Chang-man (which Yoo-na, being Yoo-na, doesn't answer right away). Da-yeong says she likes that Oppa. Loves him, even. (hahahaa, you silly girl) He's a pure-hearted Oppa who got hoodwinked by a foxy girl like Yoo-na. She orders Yoo-na to stop enticing Chang-man with her wily tricks (and her tails - ahahahaa). Yoo-na can't believe the attitude she's getting from Da-yeong and calls her rude. Da-yeong says yes, she's rude, and pushes Yoo-na for good measure. Then she grabs her hair. When Yoo-na fights back and grabs Da-yeong's hair, Manbo has had enough and runs out to separate the two.
becca: Pfft! Yoo-na isn't foxy or wily! She's more like a bulldozer.
kakashi: I laughed and laughed at Manbo's attempts to break them apart - finally slapping their arms going "hands, hands".
Cut to: Chang-man driving a very quiet Manbo to work. (Uh-oh.) (He seems depressed more than angry, awwww) He doesn't respond to Chang-man's attempts to lighten the mood and instead just asks, "Did you watch a movie with Da-yeong yesterday?" Manbo asks if it's a porn movie and if it was Chang-man who asked first. (It's an "art film", and no, it was Da-yeong who invited him.) Manbo takes a deep breath and asks the next one: "How far did you go?" HAHAHA
becca: Ohhhhh NO. *laughing and cringing*
kakashi: Dads are like that. Almost all of them. *heartbeams*

Chang-man swears that absolutely nothing happened and nothing will happen because he has absolutely no thoughts of dating Da-yeong. Manbo just tells him to shut up and sighs that it was pointless to ask. (He probably thinks that skinship or not, Chang-man wouldn't admit to dating Da-yeong anyway.)
becca: It occurs to me that Chang-man and Da-yeong would make an odd pair. And I don't think her love would last forever - she'd probably get tired of him after a while.
kakashi: Yes, she isn't in love at all. It's a crush, maybe - but she doesn't even know Chang-man. It's just what he represents. 
Da-yeong is crying in her room while getting the same line of questioning from her mom. But the Madame is interested in a different side of the story. Namely, if Yoo-na and Chang-man are actually dating. She also thinks it's a waste for Chang-man to date "that kind of girl". Da-yeong agrees with her and goes back to worrying that Manbo won't believe that Chang-man is innocent.
becca: What are you, Romeo and Juliet?
kakashi: I wonder how many boyfriends Manbo has beaten up before, haha. 

Indeed, when Chang-man opens the car door for Manbo at the colatec, Manbo warns him not to get close to Da-yeong. Chang-man refuses to answer because he doesn't even want to give credence to the idea of him dating her. Of course, it just looks like excuses to a mad Manbo, who cuts off Chang-man's blabbering with a fist to his nose.
becca: Manbo's misunderstanding is funny, though. Poor Chang-man!
kakashi: Manbo is hilarious. And because he adores his daughter, it doesn't even occur to him that, maybe, somebody could really not be interested in her. 
Big-eye Herring stops Manbo before he beats up Chang-man some more. Manbo tells Chang-man he has no right to date Da-yeong since he didn't graduate from college (hahahaaaaa). Chang-man becomes upset and keeps asking "Why is that wrong? What's wrong with not finishing college?" While I tell the screen: "Shut up Chang-man. You dolt! Stop that EQUALITY FOR ALL shit. Can't you see Manbo is misinterpreting your words as someone who wants to date Da-yeong?!?"
becca: That was pretty mean of Manbo, though. I'm not sure I could've kept quiet, either.
kakashi: He is just protecting his daughter! Granted, the means are a bit wrong.

Big-eye drags a tantrum-throwing Manbo away from Chang-man. (I LOL at the image of him raising his legs trying to kick at Chang-man while the huge Herring almost carries him away.) Manbo is annoyed when Big-eye tells him to treat Chang-man properly. His mood gets worse when he finds out that Big-eye is ordering the dance instructor (Master Park) to come to work early for extra dance lessons. The teacher says he doesn't mind teaching Big-eye, but he does seem to mind when the gangster treats him like a waiter and orders him to fetch coffee.
kakashi: All of this is funny, funny, funny. Big-eye is such a douche! 
Big-eye takes the coffees to his Manbo hyung. Then he asks if Manbo is really going to fire Chang-man because if he does... then Big-eye wants to hire him. HAHAHA. It's a good way to remind Manbo that this is a rare, trustworthy person he's treating like crap right now. Big-eye also tells his hyung to stop the "you're not good enough" talk when he barely finished high school himself. Of course Manbo didn't like hearing that. He kicks Big-eye out of his office (and Big-eye takes the coffee back. So petty these two).
kakashi: I could watch them forever. 
Chang-man is putting ointment on his wounds when Da-yeong calls him to ask if he got beaten up. He assures her he's fine with it. He understands that Manbo did it out of extreme concern for his daughter. Da-yeong is carrying a couple of huge bags and declares she hates her dad. But that she hates "that unni" most in the world. She asks if Chang-man really likes Yoo-na. Chang-man answers something like, "that's my own business". So Da-yeong hangs up. Ten bucks says she's gonna be a drama queen and make this all about her?
becca: No way am I betting against that!
kakashi: Is Chang-man getting what he did wrong though? I mean ... you do NOT go to the cinema with a girl who clearly crushes on you if you are not in the least interested! 
The kimchi-making team are busy at work. Especially since Booking Ajumma is going on a leave tomorrow. She lies to Janggu Omma that she's going on a vacation. The Madame hears everything but stays quiet about the real reason. Grandpa Axe comes limping and puffing home to interrupt Booking Ajumma's Liar Game. He came from a really far supermarket just to buy makgeolli because Janggu Omma mentioned she wanted to drink some.
becca: I understand why Booking Ajumma lied. I wouldn't want to tell a near-stranger the real reason, either. And I like Madame for respecting that and not spilling the beans.
kakashi: Awwwww, Grandpa ... 

I don't know how to feel about Janggu Omma. She hasn't done anything horrible yet. I just don't like her loud, too familiar ways. *shrug*
becca: *nodding* Yes, exactly.
kakashi: I hope she won't hurt our Axe. 
Yoo-na tries to go to "work" but finds their office lock has changed and there's a new signboard near the door. Looks like the pickpocket business has gone bust? She meets Nam-su in a coffee shop where he confirms that he closed down the business because one of their guys, Dae-gil, is in the wanted list. Because that crap piece of shitty boyfriend Hwa-suk had tattled on the police about who slashed his hands. (Boo! Fooking thieves and gangsters who have no honor! What about my Nam-su's hands, you fuckers???!?!?! Why aren't you going to jail for that?!?!)
becca: I'm disappointed in our Lost Boys. A hand for a hand doesn't seem very honorable to me. They let their rage get the better of them.
kakashi: I guess ... but ... well, in a way, I understand Dae-gil. 

Poor Nam-su asks to borrow some money from Yoo-na, because he is that down on his luck. TT__TT (How embarrassing is it to borrow money from your crush?) Yoo-na doesn't have money "right now" but promises to send him some later in the day.
becca: *hugs Nam-su* Perhaps he could... I don't know, try to find an honest job?
kakashi: Uh-oh. Yoona! Be careful. 
Da-yeong's mom finds Chang-man cleaning the urinals because the cleaning ajumma had a sudden family emergency. Madame feels that Chang-man is above this type of task, but he claims that he's in-charge of the whole colatec. And that includes toilets (hee). She keeps looking at him like he's a very perfect alien. It's so weird that Chang-man jokes she has to go out because she's in the men's toilet.
becca: Hahah! It is kinda funny, though. I think he was trying to dispel some of the awkwardness from the whole Manbo/Da-yeong misunderstanding.
kakashi: Madame might be developing a little crush of her own, though. There's something very sexy about a man in a suit cleaning the urinals. 
When Chang-man finishes cleaning, the Madame gives him some sort of special sweet rice drink. He knows that Manbo sent the Madame to see if Chang-man is alright. (Awww.) He assures her (and Manbo) that he doesn't feel mad. He understands their concerns as a parent. That only gets the Madame to like Chang-man more. She admits that she has a different opinion from Manbo. She wishes that Da-yeong will "snatch Chang-man away" from Yoo-na. Chang-man says it's so awkward hearing that from her and to please stop that kind of talk. Haha.
becca: That's sweet of Madame, but I think she does go too far trying to earn Da-yeon's approval sometimes. In this situation, she should be a real mom and help the girl move on instead of encouraging her feelings when it's pretty obviously they'll never be returned.
kakashi: You're right. But we know that she feels very insecure towards this girl who isn't hers. She tries much too hard. 
Meanwhile, Yoo-na tries to "get some money" for Nam-su by following some targets. But the first one gets on his chauffered car right after withdrawing some cash. The second target is a lady on the bus... who turns out to have only $3 in her wallet. Yoo-na trudges back to Seom Cafe very tired and still poor after a day's "work". Mi-sun takes pity on her and treats her to some jjampong takeout.
becca: It's tough being a criminal.
kakashi: A very bad day at work. Poor Yoona. 
Yoo-na tries to enjoy her free jjampong, but Mi-sun is also there to discuss "her future". She says pickpocketing is a dying trade what with CCTVs everywhere and people carrying credit cards instead of cash and the police always hunting you down. She says there's a way to earn money that's not exactly "illegal". Then she offers to introduce Yoo-na to some rich guys.
becca: That is not helping, Mi-sun!!
kakashi: She has a point though. 

Yoo-na refuses (a little bit too loudly) and tells her unni to keep all the rich guys to herself. Mi-sun seems offended at how much Yoo-na hates the idea of dating for money. Hmm... such a huge philosophical difference between these two. :/
kakashi: I wonder why we all think pickpocketing is better than dating for money? Stealing is always a sin, but if the man in question is not married, who cares? Is it because it involves touchy-touchy things? (I've started to question things too after writing this recap...)
Curly drags Chang-man to a store and tells him to choose a drink. His wife gave him her credit card and asked him to treat Chang-man. The couple are very grateful to him for his moral support and also allowing her to take a long leave to do her prison labor. Curly picks a random expensive drink from the shelf ($70) and wavers a bit before telling Chang-man he's totally willing to buy a pricey one for today. It's pathetic and sad.
becca: Aww, but also kinda sweet, right? He really does want to get something nice to thank him.
kakashi: Very sad :( 

Chang-man still chooses soju (which is even sweeter of him). They chat while drinking. Curly wishes for the justice system to allow others to do prison time for you in exchange for money. He'd gladly take a rich man's $90,000 and go to prison for one year. Chang-man argues that if that's the case, no rich man will ever be punished. Curly doesn't care. He just wishes he could earn money or do the prison time for his wife who is leaving tomorrow.
becca: I feel bad for Curly. He's powerless to help her.
kakashi: Yes. I was angry with him because of it, but I guess he really IS powerless. 
Yoo-na and Mi-sun go home in her car. Mi-sun is excited that the pope is coming to SK (he did come in August while this drama was airing). She wants love and peace to reign over the Korean peninsula so the men won't have to do mandatory military service. Yoo-na points out that she only said that because of Min-kyu. Because when it was President Jeong hitting her, Mi-sun wished for war to start so Jeong will be forced to leave. Haha.
becca: Pfft.
kakashi: Mi-sun is a child sometimes, seriousy. A child with boobs. 

They spot Nam-su's boys in the park. Yoo-na asks her unni to stop the car. The girls watch as the pickpockets steal a drunk man's wallet. Mi-sun calls the trick "Arirang" and asks if Yoo-na knows her teammates did that. Yoo-na is surprised too.
kakashi: So ... what's bad about this in comparison to normal wallet stealing? I'm not sure I get it. 
When Yoo-na gets home, she calls Nam-su to ask if he's aware that Dae-gil and Man-sik do Arirang-style stealing on the side. Nam-su doesn't answer directly (which means yes). He sighs that he pretends not to know. Yoo-na calls it despicable and just a step away from robbery.
becca: I don't really understand the distinction, here. So sneaking around and pickpocketing conscious people is somehow better than stealing from unconscious people or mugging someone? It just sounds like she's trying to justify her own actions. "Well, I do pickpocket, but at least I don't rob anyone."
kakashi: You and me both, sister. (Me three!)

Nam-su defends the guys. Not everyone is as talented as Yoo-na and can live on "normal" pickpocketing alone. He admits that if ever he becomes desperate, he won't hesitate to do it too! Yoo-na insists that there should be boundaries for pickpockets. But Nam-su, who is still looking drunk and disheveled despite his assurances earlier that he's doing well, answers back that Yoo-na can go keep that pride or whatever. Them "lesser pickpockets" need to eat.
becca: I understand that it's hard to make a living even with a decent job, and it must be even harder if you have a criminal record. But I do wonder - have any of them tried?
kakashi: I don't think so. But how would you even start? 

Yoo-na hangs up on him just as Mi-sun exits the shower. She asks her unni if she has pride in what she does. Mi-sun says no. "To live is to sin". She's surprised that Yoo-na takes pride in pickpocketing. "Rather than having pride, a pickpocket should have conscience," says Mi-sun.

Yoo-na admits that she did feel proud of the fact that after her dad, she's the best one in her trade. But lately, she's also wavering about the point of playing by a set of rules (albeit, twisted pickpocket-y rules).
becca: Very twisted, yep.
Curly and his wife knock to say goodbye to Yoo-na and Mi-sun. They say she's going on a 10-day vacation. Looks like no one outside Manbo's family + Chang-man knows that Booking Ajumma is doing prison labor.
kakashi: I wish her luck!!!

Chang-man is walking home and passes by that alley where Gye-pal recited some song and got drunk during Chang-man's promotion party. In the present, he hears Gye-pal calling his name again. It's not his imagination though. Gye-pal really is here. He says he was let out of prison due to a suspended sentence. But he wants to keep it a secret from the others. (Oh noooooooooo... this is bad. Dump him, Chang-man!)
becca: Shit. This guy is like a bad penny. *kicks him away furiously* Go get your act together, dude. I don't wanna see you again until you do!
kakashi: He plays this role so well ... *shudders in disgust*.

Chang-man takes Gye-pal to his room and even feeds him some ramyun. (Urgh. So annoying.) He doesn't completely believe Gye-pal though when he claims he got injured while playing basketball during morning exercise and was excused from labor. Anyway, Gye-pal is so annoying and imposing and doesn't want to go back to his room. He wants to hide in Chang-man's room and sleep there to, even when Chang-man says he only has one set of beddings.
becca: Chang-man, you are too nice! You have absolutely no reason to cover for him!
kakashi: He dares insist he needs to sleep in another man's room!!! Wow. Just wow. 
Next morning, Yoo-na and Yang-sun go to the jimjilbang. Yang-sun spots a rich lady depositing her diamond ring, necklace, and earrings in one of the lockers. Yang-sun then goes to the treadmill beside Yoo-na's and runs at a fast setting. When they get to the steam room, she assumes a meditation pose. Yoo-na says she looks like an enlightened priest. Yang-sun answers that she isn't enlightened. She's actually trying to purge her mind of wordly desires... but her mind is still filled with the image of sparkly jewellery. She tells Yoo-na about the rich lady's bling-blings. Yoo-na says it must be fake. But Yang-sun answers "Even if I don't recognize my husband in the dark, I can recognize a real diamond." HAHAHA.
becca: Ha! Unni really was a pro, wasn't she? But look! She IS trying to live honestly! Hey, does anyone else want to see a drama about Yang-sun and Bong back when he was a dirty cop and she was still pickpocketing? That could be fun.
Yoo-na sits up at that and asks for the locker number. (She estimates each piece to be $20,000.) Yang-sun refuses to give it to her. Yoo-na follows her around and begs her unni to tell her where the jewellery is kept. She admits she really needs money right now. Yang-sun tries to stop her, saying she won't help her. Yoo-na still insists on stealing the diamonds alone. Yang-sun agrees to tell her but she must let Yang-sun leave first before she does any stealing. Yoo-na agrees to everything. (She is getting desperate, eh? And doesn't this count as robbery now?) (Apparently not. I don't really understand these rules.)

"Fine. It's #251", says Yang-sun.
kakashi: This can't be good. 
Then next we see, Yang-sun is walking out of the jimjilbang alone. Meanwhile, Yoo-na wears some fake spectacles and stalks the locker room, searching for #251. But will she really do it?


Of course you would end there, Show. Of course you would. You wily bastard.

So what is it? Is Yoo-na right to make a fuss about stealing from drunk people? Does she think that stealing from lucid ones who can fight back or watch over their wallets make it fair game somehow?
becca: I'm guessing that thinking that way is how Yoo-na (and others in her line of work) make themselves feel better about what they do.
kakashi: Maybe there is a difference in front of the law? 

What if it was her hand that got permanently damaged? Will Yoo-na really bounce back that easily and not resort to low tricks just to put food on the table, like what Nam-su's gang is doing?
becca: My poor (untalented) boys. ㅠㅠ
kakashi: Yoona, just marry Chang-man!