Yoo Na's Street - Episode 14 (A CatchUpCap)

The law catches up to Yoo-na this episode! Or does it? Chang-man swoops in and finagles a "stay-close-to-me" deal in the process. And Nam-su is NOT happy.
kakashi: I'm pretty happy though.


Yang-sun gives Yoo-na the locker number 251 and leaves the sauna. Yoo-na dons some specs for disguise (*snort*) and looks for the locker. But when she finds it, there's a girl using the locker itself. Yoo-na asks the kid what she's doing (LOL, you have the gall). She says her mom asked her to get some things.
kakashi: suuuuuuuuure.
becca: *raises eyebrow*
Yoo-na calls Yang-sun to tell her that the locker number was wrong. But Yang-sun insists otherwise. Just then, an announcement sounds over the speakers of the jimjilbang, asking the customers to stay put while waiting for the police. There's been a theft!
kakashi: Damn, that's a lot of money. Can I have it?

Yoo-na calls her unni again and tells her to look for a young looking girl who may have just exited the sauna. Ack! But that girl and an ajumma with her already walked past Yang-sun a couple of seconds ago! Ruuuun! Yang-sun chases the two and manages to recall their car's plate number.
Meanwhile, Yoo-na lines up to exit the jimjilbang. When the police scans her ID, they ask "Kang Chun-ok" to come with them for questioning. Yang-sun who's waiting worriedly outside the jimjilbang sees Yoo-na being escorted away together with other "suspicious characters". She tells Yoo-na not to worry and she will take care of things.
kakashi: Oh, so Yoona's realy name is Chun-ok? That's ... unexpected.
becca: We already knew that, though, right? Isn't that what her dad called her?
kakashi: Oh. Maybe I should pay better attention or watch more than one episode a month? 

(Shit shit shit. The one time when she gives up her pride to steal things AND doesn't even manage to get it, she gets nabbed.)
((Hey, but I'm glad we know she didn't do it. If she had, I'd be on needles!))
Chang-man and Curly walk Booking Ajumma to the bus station. She leaves some domestic reminders to Curly (like asking to store their kimchi in Chang-man's fridge while theirs is broken, and sharing with Chang-man so he'll have someone to eat with). She asks Chang-man to take care of a regular granny customer at the colatec. If you don't find her a dance partner, she just sits quietly by the side and leaves.
kakashi: Awwww, she babbles. She is nervous. Poor Lady ....
becca: The Curlies can be annoying, but they can also be so sweet and tender.

Chang-man and Curly comment on how despicable the grandpa customers are. Coming in to the colatec and only looking for pretty dance partners, even if they're so ugly themselves (LMAO). Chang-man promises to find dance partners for the lonely granny.
The bus arrives. Booking Ajumma and Curly do heart and saranghae signs to each other even as they're tearing up (I was tearing up myself TT___TT). When the bus leaves, Curly declares that his wifey is strong and can definitely survive this ordeal. If a wimpy man like Gye-pal can do it, then his wife is even stronger!

Ah, but... well... Gye-pal actually didn't survive prison labor. Chang-man admits he couldn't say it in front of Booking Ajumma. But he tells Curly all about Gye-pal going home too early and claiming that he got injured and sent out.
kakashi: Ah gawd, I forgot about him...
becca: *SIGH*

The two guys go straight back home. Grandpa who's practicing dance steps while watering the plants sees them coming in. (Cute!) He tells Curly to visit his wife regularly even if it's just a 10-day stint. Then he asks Chang-man how much the colatec's entrance fee is ($2) and if, maybe, he can get in for free. Hehe. Chang-man says sorry but everyone pays the entrance fee, he promises to take good care of Grandpa though.
kakashi: Is that a lot for him or is he just being stingy?
becca: I think Grandpa is living off of his social security or something, which probably isn't much.
The two guys go upstairs. Curly confirms that only the two of them know that Gye-pal is hiding in his room. They find Gye-pal lying down wearing a sort of brace. He weakly gives his hand to Curly but Curly is having none of it. He wants Chang-man to report Gye-pal to the police. He's 99.99% sure that Gye-pal is faking it.
kakashi: Like everybody! He is also suffering way too much. So annoying!
becca: Next! Let's move on to something else, please!

Gye-pal (I said "NEXT," Show!) takes out a medical certificate. Chang-man reads it and confirms that it's spinal disc hernia. (ouch) Curly laughs that it's "prison-break-itis" HAHAHA. When Chang-man explains that Gye-pal has to go back inside after his back is fixed, Curly concedes that fine, there's a 0.01% chance that Gye-pal is telling the truth this time. (Pfft!) Gye-pal asks about Curly's wife and he tells him that his devil's mouth has no right to even speak Booking Ajumma's name.
kakashi: What do they do to the people in labor camps?! 0____0 All of a sudden, I'm afraid for Miss Curly.
Downstairs, Madame is calling around. Da-yeong has gone missing!
kakashi: Ack, missy is having a hissy-fit?
becca: Missy is pissy?

As Chang-man drives Manbo to work, he asks if Da-yeong contacted Chang-man last night. No, she hasn't. Manbo orders Chang-man to call her right now, while he is listening. But she cancels Chang-man's call too, which seems to frustrate Manbo more. He lost his "last" hope of contacting his daughter. He orders Chang-man to take the day-off and look for Da-yeong.
kakashi: Have you noticed the tiny trace of a cute goatie on Manbo? I have a crush.
becca: *squints* I see a shadow of a moustache. Not bad at all. (And I say this as someone who generally dislikes facial hair.)

Chang-man puts his foot down. He isn't an employee of Manbo's family. He's an employee of the colatec. He refuses to go traipsing around the city to look for a runaway daughter. If Manbo has a problem with that, then he can fire Chang-man any time, he says. Then he goes inside to work, leaving Manbo blustering again in his wake.
becca: Laying down some boundaries! Progress!
kakashi: Manbo needs a hug! 
Chang-man comes across the DI dancing with the chef (and teaching Big-eye the steps). He turns off the music and orders the Chef to go back to the kitchen and work. He also scolds Teacher Park for listening to Big-eye instead of to him. Then he tells off Big-eye for not taking lessons in the appointed time and troubling the colatec's employees. Teacher Park leaves, embarrassed, and Chang-man goes to his office. Big-eye bad-mouths him while the Chef defends Chang-man. But when he's out of sight, they go back to dancing anyway.
kakashi: Haha, they were afraid of him though and she said she'd just listen to the song and not dance. A pissed-off Chang-man is a sexy Chang-man. But no hugs for him.

Chang-man gets a call from Da-yeong. She says she slept over at a friend's apartment in Ilsan. She's currently in Ilsan Lake Park (!! it looks like that place in Heartless City!) and is acting all lovey-dovey and wanting to meet Chang-man there. Chang-man tells her to stop the yapping and go back home. Haha. She gets teary-eyed that he's all business and doesn't want to coddle her. She ends the call and feeds the fishes. (I resist the urge to push her in and hope that kois have a piranha gene somehow.)
kakashi: First love ... sigh. Just silly. and extremely annoying.*pushes*
Yang-sun follows Yoo-na into the police station but she's not allowed to have visitors. Yang-sun is upset that the police is treating Yoo-na like the suspect already just because of her three convictions. The policeman says well, she IS a thief, so she's being treated like one.

Inside the police office, the other investigator is commenting that Yoo-na has so many fake names. But he knows all about her and her pickpocket father. He says the jimjilbang incident was totally not Yoo-na's style. And LOL Yoo-na answers back "Of course it's not my style because I didn't do it." He also treats her like a sure suspect and tells her to wait there for the forensics team's report on fingerprints.
kakashi: He's kinda hot though. Couldn't help but notice.
becca: I'm noticing that you're very appreciative of the fellas this episode, Kakashi.
kakashi: You're on to something. 
Mi-sun closes their room and prepares to go to work when she hears someone groaning in pain inside Chang-man's room. She goes in and finds a strange man who is NOT Chang-man barely able to sit up. LOL She doesn't recognize Gye-pal and he can't move to face her or speak properly because his back hurts so much. She gives him some painkillers. (Ha! He tries to take them from her hands but she puts them in his palm.)
kakashi: He is a pain in the ass and has a pain in the back and I guess I'm starting to feel a tiny weeeeeny bit sorry for him, since I also have a backache currently.
becca: While I'm back to annoyed. Why is he on my screen?

Mi-sun offers to call Chang-man or the Madame but Gye-pal doesn't want to "bother" them. He says he'd prefer to die right there, alone. (WHATEVER. He's totally milking it.) Mi-sun assists him outside to her car and drives him to the hospital.
kakashi: Oh, wait! He has a totaly crush on her, right?
becca: A massive crush, yes.
Meanwhile Axe Grandpa is inside the colatec, watching lots of couples dancing. Chang-man sees him and tells him to eat or dance and enjoy his stay. Grandpa says he isn't that good a dancer yet, but Chang-man points out the lonely Grandma that Booking Ajumma endorsed to his care. The one that no one wants to dance with.

Grandpa Axe is kinda picky too. He asks if there aren't other partners available? But in the end he agrees to dance with the Grandma as a "self-sacrifice". Gawd, I didn't like Axe Grandpa in this moment. Which makes the next part awesome.
Chang-man approaches the Grandma to invite her to dance with Grandpa. She looks and bows in Axe's direction and he tips his hat to her. But when Chang-man asks her to stand, she whispers something to him and leaves. Chang-man goes back to Grandpa and says the Grandma had something urgent come up.
kakashi: Oups. I felt REALLY bad for Axe, even though he truly deserved it. Haha, lonely Granny is quite cool.

Grandpa Axe walks out. He's mad at Chang-man... for lying to him. He asks for the REAL reason Granny refused to dance, and Chang-man admits that Granny says he looked too old. Granny is 75, by the way. To which Grandpa scoffs that she's such a spring chicken, to be choosy about dance partners. HAHA. Anyway, Grandpa goes home and Chang-man couldn't do anything about it.
kakashi: That must have hurt.
Manbo sees his wife eating a quick lunch. He chides her for not calling him. But she's in a hurry, it seems (she's also a bit unfriendly to him). She has to go meet Da-yeong's friend who knows the other friend who lives in Ilsan. Then she has to go try and fetch Da-yeong. She doesn't look Manbo in the eye. I think she's blaming him for Da-yeong running away. When Chang-man passes by, he greets her and she greets him back normally. Then Chang-man gives a slight bow in Manbo's direction and leaves. Haha. Manbo is mad at this kind of treatment from his underling, but Madame tells him to just let it go.

Chang-man goes to change the toilet papers when he gets a call from Mi-sun. She tells him all about Gye-pal and how the doctor was suprised that he could hold in that kind of pain. (A herniated disc is VERY painful. So this achievement puts Gye-pal in the "As badass as Paksa" category.) Looks like Gye-pal didn't say anything because he didn't want to burden Chang-man.
kakashi: And yet, nobody likes Gye-pal. Poor guy.
becca: I gave him a chance. We practically made a deal! He'd go away for a while and serve his time, and I'd feel sorry for him. But he didn't hold up his end of the bargain!
Anyway, Mi-sun tells Chang-man about the doctor's findings. Gye-pal has to be admitted. She goes inside to say goodbye to him. He looks so much in pain that she pats his hand. He cries. Haha he says it's from the pain, but I dunno...
Yang-sun waits outside the police station for her hubby. Yey~ here comes ex-squad leader Bong, dressed in a suit. He says he can't return to his place of work looking shabby, after all. But first! A question: did Yoo-na REALLY not steal the things? Yang-sun says yes. Yoo-na is innocent. But Bong wonders why she was waiting outside and Yoo-na stayed. Yang-sun can't look him in the eye. Haha. Bong, you don't know how close Yoo-na got to taking the diamonds. But anyway, Yang-sun manages to look at Bong and say plainly that Yoo-na DID NOT steal the jewellery. With that, Bong is assured and goes inside the station.
kakashi: Yoo-na is really lucky she didn't get any closer to them ... but I do hope that this incident will shock them both, as it shows how close you are to jail in this line of work.

He starts out okay chatting with the investigator about his hoobaes who are all in different sections now. They exchange business cards and he chides the young 'uns for not paying a visit to his noraebang. Then he tells the investigator that he's here to take Yoo-na away. The hoobae says they have to wait for the fingerprint results. Bong insists that Yoo-na has been trying to live quietly and promises that he will "vouch for" Yoo-na. But the hoobae says, "Come on, sunbae-nim, your name isn't exactly a good recommendation here". Bong is speechless at that. I don't know whether to hug or slap this investigator for being steadfast in his job but so biased against Yoo-na.
kakashi: hahahaaaa, Bong, you poor fool. He was all "here I come", but to them, he's just another not-so-clean ex-cop. Haha.
becca: I say we hug the investigator! He's doing his job!
kakashi: *Joins eagerly*
Chang-man goes to the hospital and checks Gye-pal in to a semi-private room. Gye-pal is touched but turns out this was the only room available. Haha. Chang-man is gentle with the patient but also strict in that he NEEDS to inform his family (aka sister), because no one else will shoulder the hospital fees for him.
kakashi: He is quite strict, uri Chang-man. I like that.
becca: He's toughening up. In some ways I like it, and in some ways it worries me.

Chang-man's phone rings. It's Bong who passes the phone to Yoo-na. Chang-man flips to discover that she's in the police station. He asks if she was caught red-handed. LOL. Poor Yoo-na. The one time she didn't actually do it, and everyone's making a big to do about the matter!
kakashi: She may play all innocent, but hey, she was about to do it, too!
becca: Exactly! The only reason she didn't steal it is because someone else got there first!

Anyway, Yoo-na asks-- no, orders him to hurry up and come to the station, because no one else in her circle of acquaintances has a clean record. Only Chang-man can sign the waiver for her early release. He asks if she likes that fact about him? That he's "clean". Yoo-na says yes. Chang-man lights up and says ok, I'll be there soon!
He goes back inside to say goodbye to Gye-pal. But first, Gye-pal has a final request. Please tell Mi-sun that she saved my life and I'll never forget it. And to feel free to drop by if she wants to hang out. HAHA. (Poor sod) Chang-man tells his hyung to stop dreaming, but he will pass on the gratitude part. Then off he goes to fetch Yoo-na!

The investigator checks his ID and makes him put his thumbmark on a form. Chang-man stops in the last step and asks the guy, in front of Yoo-na, what will happen to the guarantor if Yoo-na runs away? The policeman says of course Chang-man will have to take responsibility. Chang-man looks meaningfully at Yoo-na and she assures him that she won't run away. Hahaha~ he keeps repeating that she should always stick to him from now on.
becca: You'd like that, wouldn't you, Chang-man? *wiggles eyebrows*
Manbo drives his wife over to Da-yeong's friend's officetel. The plan: she goes upstairs and asks Da-yeong to go down. But there's a catch: she doesn't want Manbo forcing his daughter to go home. What she wants is for Manbo to reach out to Da-yeong. Manbo says he doesn't know how to talk to his kid, but the Madame just tells him to man up and work all the more harder to be a proper dad.

(Madame is so awesome here.) She also wants Manbo to apologize to Da-yeong. He doesn't understand why a father has to apologize to his daughter, but Madame says that if you're wrong, you apologize. Parent or not.
kakashi: Sure, it is wrong to be violent. But in essence, he wasn't so wrong. I say that as a parent.
becca: I feel sorry for this poor gangster who can't seem to understand basic human communication. And I love him.
She finally goes upstairs and talks calmly with Da-yeong. She says when she was Da-yeong's age, she was working to put Gye-pal and another sibling through school, so it's old enough to be an adult. Therefore, she also won't force Da-yeong to go home. All she wants is for Da-yeong to go downstairs and talk to her father. Whether she goes home or not, she can decide for herself.
kakashi: Yes, she's awesome!
becca: That was great. You see why I like her?

Madame escorts Da-yeong downstairs. Haha~ OMG Manbo is like a kid who doesn't know what to do. (he is really cuuuuuute. I want to put him in my garden) (like a garden gnome?) Madame takes the key, she will hang out at a friend's place nearby and leave the father-daughter to talk. Da-yeong begs her not to leave, but she wisely says that Manbo will feel too shy to open up if wifey is there to hear it.
Manbo invites Da-yeong for some beer. She thinks about it... then asks for soju instead. Hehe. The atmosphere is less awkward as they pour drinks. Da-yeong asks about Manbo's job as a shoeshiner, she heard it from Big-eye. Manbo shakes his head at the gossipy crap that comes from that guy, but admits that yes, he used to shine shoes for a living. That was also how he first got in jail. For stealing the customer's shoes. He went to jail the first time he stole shoes. So he didn't finish high school.
kakashi: This is maaaaajor bonding. I really didn't expect this!
becca: It's about time!
But Da-yeong also heard from Big-eye that Manbo was quite smart. He aced and topped the tests inside the juvenile detention center. He could've been a doctor! Manbo laughs and says that maybe he could, if only he had the money to finish his studies. Da-yeong then asks that, knowing circumstances can't be helped, how can Manbo look down on Chang-man? Who's also hardworking and smart and even honest?

Manbo is mad that they're talking about Chang-man again. He asks if Da-yeong will go home immediately once he allows Da-yeong to date Chang-man? She downs a shot of soju before saying that yes. She will go home if she's allowed to date that Oppa. Manbo downs a shot of soju too then says, "I'll never ever accept you dating Chang-man. So go back to your friend's apartment and don't go home." HAHAHAHA
kakashi: Awesome. Hahahaaaa, really not what I expected.
becca: Heeeeee! This is a really good scene for these two. I hope we get more father-daughter bonding.
Chang-man and Yoo-na go to a chicken-beer restaurant for dinner. Chang-man guilt trips Yoo-na for not being grateful. He's trying to bring up her worrisome lifestyle. Yoo-na tells him to not worry then, but with Chang-man's wheedling she admits that she'd be sad if she did get jailed and he stopped caring.

Yoo-na gets a phone call and leaves the table. It's Nam-su! The police called him too, trying to get him to trip up about their sauna job. But of course there's nothing to say because they or she didn't do it. Out of the blue, Nam-su asks "Is that Chang-man you're having dinner with?" HAHAHA. Yoo-na says yes. Nam-su sighs and admits that that makes him feel bad. He also asks her to tell Chang-man that he feels bad.
kakashi: Oh dear, here it comes.
becca: On another note, I can't decide if I'm going crazy for Nam-su's messy bed-head look or if it's driving me crazy. Either way, I want to run my fingers through his hair, so I guess the reason doesn't matter too much.
kakashi: There's a lot of people in Kdrama right now that need a haircut. *looks over at Bad Guys*
When Yoo-na goes back to the table, Chang-man's first words are also: "Was that Nam-su?" When Yoo-na says yes, and Nam-su knows that they're having dinner, Chang-man feels energized. He wants to invite Nam-su over! Treat him for beer! (WHY??!) "Stop showing off", says Yoo-na. PWAHAHA. She receives another text message, this time from the investigator. The fingerprint results show that she's innocent (such a close call...). Yey~ Chang-man perks up at that news and admits he was a bit worried. Now that they can rest easy, Yoo-na takes him to Bong's noraebang, since Bong invited the two earlier.
Bong and Chang-man sing a loud song and goof off. Yoo-na leaves the room for a bit and hears Yang-sun talking to the jimjilbang's office. The CCTV shows that it was a "Mother-Daughter" gang who did the job, and said gang was actually notorious nationwide. Yoo-na asks for the plate number of the getaway car. She doesn't want to involve Yang-sun in her "revenge", so she's going to hunt the thieves down with Hwa-suk. (Tsk tsk tsk... careful, Yoo-na!)
becca: She's coming BACK???!!
kakashi: Evil dwarf. 
They go inside to watch Chang-man's performance. :P It's kind of a sad song about wanting to forget someone (so beautiful). The song plays as they walk home and take a taxi. Chang-man takes Yoo-na's hand. (SHE DOESN'T TAKE IT AWAY!!!!) Also, waiting in front of Manbo's house: Nam-su. AAAAACK!!!
becca: Dun dun DUUUUNNNNN.
Nam-su smiles when Yoo-na gets off the taxi but that smile turns into a frown when Chang-man comes out right behind her. Chang-man greets Nam-su enthusiastically. A bit smugly, in fact, since he came from a "date" with Yoo-na. He says he misses his pal, Nam-su. (LOL WTF - Yes, WTF!! Don't be smug, Chang-man!!) Yoo-na tells him to stop with the stupid comments. But Chang-man insists he misses Nam-su and extends his hand for a shake when he knows full well that Nam-su's right hand is all wrapped up from the injury.

Chang-man says Yoo-na and him had a great time and he wished Nam-su drank with them. Fine, says Nam-su. Let's drink. Right now.
kakashi: Uh-ohhhhhhhh...
becca: Ack. Make them stop! This can't end well!


You guys, stop with the posturing before Yoo-na kicks your collective butts.
kakashi: Hahaha, but Chang-ma's posturing is kinda cute and nice. He is so un-aggressive...
becca: Sure, that's what you say NOW.... *grumbles*

So Gye-pal is actually very sick? But... I still don't pity him. His attitude is still unrepentant. Hmph.
kakashi: Right? Even when we know that he's really ill, his whole attitude just pisses everybody off. It's his whole being, in fact!
becca: Again - *SIGH*
Da-yeong, Da-yeong, Da-yeong... your points about not discriminating based on educational background are good. But you're still a bit of a brat about wanting Chang-man to like you when he already likes someone else. Parental consent or not, Chang-man doesn't like you, and that's that.
kakashi: Yup, she has some growing up to do - do it fast, please! And without Chang-man.

Applause for Madame this episode, who knows more about parenthood than Manbo, the actual dad. Her street-smarts and toughness also works well in this episode. Because we see how she refuses to be a timid wife who just watches from the side when she knows hubby was the one in the wrong.
Yes. She's good.
becca: I could not love the way she handled that situation more if I TRIED.
Next episode is the tissue episode! I can't wait! :D
I have no idea what that means but I can't wait either!
becca: I'm recapping it! Can I wait?