Birth of a Beauty - Episode 11 (A WookiCap)

My own dear SqueeCappers are abandoning me with this one! Yes, it's really, really bad. It has entered WTF-territory from episode 1, but now, it's so deep into that territory it will never find out. I'll just stare at Joo Sang-wook then. Also, I've recruited a fan to comment! So that he (and the show) get some more love. Say hi to S@ki6.
JoAnne: What do you mean, I'm here. I said I was here. Ok, I said it would be last night but I fell asleep. I hate it when that happens and it happens a lot.
Awwww, JoAnne! You're here! I know you don't watch this show tough, haha.
Lafer:  I would never abandon you! Abandon a drama perhaps, but never you!
becca: Yes, what Lafer said!
Awwww, you're here too! 
S@ki6: Hey Everyone! I'm a Han YeSeul fan and Joo SangWook fan, and a serious Seul-Wook shipper in both real life AND this show (YG's Teddy?  Who is that? So what if he clears $800K in a year?). Also, don't be fooled by the bunny-eared boy-bander (Jaehyo) in my profile pic: I'm a "she". 
Hi, Sa@ki6! *waving with both hands* Welcome to the crazy-party!

Episode 11

So there was the KISSEU! Made so much more beautiful by him calling her Sa Geum-ran right before going in. They walk home hand in hand - and are shy like schoolkids. In real life, these two people would have steaming sex, several times that night, but not in a KDrama in this timeslot. Here, they just discuss how busy they are and have a really hard time letting go of their hands.
She needs to make time in that schedule for a hair mask. My God.
How did she get that much hair in 49 days or whatever the plastic surgery time was, anyway? Magnesium shots? Yeah, I'd get some olive oil and egg yolk into that lioness mane asap.
becca (sob, she abandoned me) hates her hair.
*runs to hug Big Kahuna* I'm here, I'm here, I'm really here! And I still hate her hair!
I pondered that several episodes ago. Having just had my hair cut way too short, I need to know the answer ASAP.
They explained it in the first(?) episode. I think it was hair transplants? I don't know, something like that.
The next day, Sa Geum-ran is in the mirror. That "trick" is ... never mind. (I think the other actress is standing at an angle while Sara looks straights at the mirror.  That way, you can't see both actresses' refelctions) (it looked sooooo clumsy!). Sara admits she's scared of her new love, but Geum-ran says she shouldn't be: she has power now. Aka a job. Right then and there, Sara decides not to stay a Taster on that "Birth of a Chef" show, but become a chef herself and win that show. Why not! Look how cute he is when he gets up the next morning.
Wouldn't it have been fun if she turned out to be second chef to SJR on Princess?
I had to think for a minute what show you meant. 
I actually thought this part was kind of cute. Like a little reflection into her soul. And a little self pep-talk
Isn't she already a chef? Is she not working at Tae-hee's restaurant? Although when she would do that, I'm sure I have no idea.
Sara makes food to bring to the TV station and because she's a genius, she gets to compete as Chef. Chae-yeon is bitchy, but it's inconsequential. And oh, look! It's Yeast Man, Sara's stalker. This got old 10 episodes ago, but he comes bearing gifts: an invitation to a famous Italian chef's cooking class. 
Whateeeeeeeeeeever. If he'd brought her an invitation to a bread making class I would have thought that was really funny, considering.
I'm waiting for him to fight Kangjoon over her. It's also weird she doesn't get that a fan is completely lusting over her.
*whispers* It's because she's a little dim. *normal voice* I'm just glad he stopped counting their encounters. Or did he? I wasn't paying attention....
Tae-hee is getting the help of some top class lawyers to get Awful Granny out, but he is also very grumpy about the radio silence from his Ahjumma. Well, she's a bit preoccupied with Yeast Man right now. He doesn't know that though and starts serial texting her. I realize that this drama must be impossible to watch for non-JSW fans.
I read it reaaaally fast and I swore you said he was sexting her and I thought to myself Alright! Now this show will get INTERESTING. But no. There is this handsome face, at least.
Sara is busy protecting him by working, though how that works is unclear. Whatevs, since it's all about their Twu Wuv.
I actually thought Tae Hee got a little crazy possessive. I'd be reconsidering this relationship if I was her, which I almost thought she was doing with the looks she was giving him.
He's a needy 10 year-old. It's not news, but it's amusing.
Before he goes insane, he takes heart and calls her. But she's still too busy to talk long! She's also overheard by that Gangster Kang-joon set on her. Dundun. And then, Awesome Assistant (*heartbeams to the one character I really love in this show*) tells Tae-hee that Kang-joon has been released. He immediately knows: his Ahjumma is in danger (cause Kang-joon will be able to put 1+1 together). 
Oh come on. Kang Joon is a mouth breathing monkey with elf ears. You expect me to believe he'll figure everything out?
The only thing KangJoon likes more than hot women is money. Because you have to have money to get hot women.  So, if Sara's threatening his position, and thus his money, she's doomed.
Kang-joon does not act like a man who is in love with Sara. I mean he dumped his wife of what, 2 weeks for her, but instead of trying to contact her, he spys on her. This may go down as one of the most poorly written characters ever.
*sobs quietly in a dark corner*
When Sara is about to enter the hospital to see her mother, she becomes aware of her (human) tail. She also becomes aware of how frightened her mother is of that Gangster (it's the same guy that kidnapped her) and hides with her. The gangster almost catches up to them when Tae-hee (superman!) takes care of the dude.
He looks a bit like Jonghyun from Shinee right there. If Jjong were an actual man. And older. And not wearing more make up than a Miss Universe. (Don't attack, I love every one of those Shinee boys and this is said with affection and complete acceptance.) (Also, if Jjong wasn't just skin and bones. I want to feed that boy so badly! ㅠㅠ)
The gangster or the thug? I only know Key from memory.
That's mambojumbo for me from you two. Who? What? Why?
She's saying that JSW looks like Kim Jong-hyun.
He so doesn't! 
You don't even know who he is!
Because he really can't stand being apart from her even a few minutes, Tae-hee decides to become her manager. That's kinda smart from the writers because we'll get even more scenes with the both of them now. Tae-hee is also worried about his defenseless Ahjumma and wants to teach her self defense. He must have forgotten episode 1, in which she already threw him across the whole store. Yeah. Anyway, they end up backhugging happily. That must have been the whole point of this scene.
And they've forgotten the restaurant scene where they bonded after their tag team wrestling session. Whatever. There's a hug, I'm good.
She does remind him of her skills. 
Good thing this turned lovey-dovey because I was starting to get like - yo, stop trying to control my every move, buster. I dont' care how cute your forehead wrinkle is! I don't want to jump from one submissive relationship to another!
Best part of the episode, right here. That is, once I ignored how cutesy she was acting.
PPL makeover - Tae-hee thinks she looks good in everything. What a pleasant boyfriend! He also gets her a car (and a loan for that car). It's a PPL car that automatically brakes. He takes her perfect boyfriend to the market, a place of humiliation for her former self. This time, she's not alone (indeed not), everyone compliments her on her handsome companion and they have a load of fun. Making her happy makes him happy.
Here, have a gift that you can pay for yourself. I don't call that a perfect boyfriend. That is a Missing the Point of a Gift Boyfriend.
No, he took the loan for the car. And I doubt Korean husbands go to the market with their wives. 
Is that a Volvo? Wow, so unexpected. But I guess she needs something new to wear her "bootiful" new coats in. Although I'd like to know where she got the other new-outfit-every-day-since-I've-been-remade wardrobe.
This show is 75% PPL, isn't it?
Here is another beautiful picture of Joo Sang-wook:
Thank you
Sandwiched between two awesome pictures of Joo Sang-wook. What a great place to be!
*squeezes in happily*
They're at their happiest when the phone rings. It's Ji-hoon, letting Tae-hee know something happened to Chae-yeon. Here it comes: Remember that building Chae-yeon got? They only gave it to her provisionally and so that it wouldn't look weird for Weird Ear. Time to pretend to give it back to Geum-ran's mother! Is what the Stupid Family thought. But Chae-yeon steals Kang-joon's seal and registers it as her own behind everybody's back. It's a fail though - no building without her husband's consent. She offers him information for the building, but he cannot possibly imagine that there is information that is worth a whole building with the wonderful name "Canvas Building". He hits her a little and she runs to the hospital.
Where is a sinkhole when you need one?
ChaeYeon is evil and sophisticated, but sometimes I can't get over how stupid she is. First of all, why Weird Ear? She should've gone for an actual chaebol. Also, not going to even try to understand the twisted property law and logic in this show. Either ChaeYeon is an owner, or she's not.
I think this is where I first started dozing.
I think the thing is that they hadn't registered it under her name yet, but it was understood that they would. And I think Bad Dad really did want to give it to Geum-ran's mom because he feels bad.

That's where she lures Tae-hee, too. She pretends to be very pitiful and afraid and begs him to take her to a childhood place nobody knows. Wait ... are we entering the angst-phase? Nope! Man, that woman really tries hard to capture her "oppa". What a bitch. Tae-hee is less than not-at-all interested.
I enjoy this particular not-following-the-trope decision the writer made, to be fair.
The rejection was satisfying. ChaeYeon cried actual tears, okay of frustration, but still.  She deserved to cry.
I was starting to cry tears of frustration, too, at this whole pitiful attempt of Chae Yeon's.
Watching her throw fits is mildly amusing, though.
Sara is alone at home. Worried and bothered because Tae-hee isn't home yet. But she's not alone for long, because Kang-joon cometh! Enraged, after finding out which man she spends time with. He's very calm though and creepy. He also lures her out of the house and quickly searches her room - and finds. A whole box full of information on him. Sara should be kinda glad he didn't find the basement with the little toy train. Just when things are about to get dangerous, Tae-hee also arrives (hurting his shoulder in the process). Well, I guess your secret is kinda out.
What's that green thing behind him?
I think that's a toaster. 
I thought he'd seen them together once before. Or maybe it was my mind filling in one of the endless holes in the plot.
He... okay, sorry, but I actually don't care enough to explain. It wouldn't really change anything, anyway. Joo Sang-wook looks good.
Evil Han aka Yeast Man comes up with a new useless plan: he'll be the one to bust Grandma out of jail. To look good in front of the directors. Somebody should tell the writer that putting someone in prison and then getting them out via the same person doesn't really create a lot of tension. Anyway, there's a very pretty staredown between the two Han half-brothers. Which leads to nothing.
This whole thing started because Tae Hee got ALL the looks.
Pretty much, yeah. And because WhatsHisName's mother roofied their dad.
The weird heavy music kind of threw me. It was like they were trying to drive the plot with music. Honestly I think they'd need a steam engine to drive this plot anywhere.
I enjoyed seeing Evil Grandma fuming uselessly. If she were a real person, or if I cared about her as a character, of course I would be outraged to see how helpless she is against him. But I don't like her, and she isn't real, so it's fun.
Back at the Mango House, Sara treats Tae-hee's bruised shoulder with ice and love. They vow to protect and love each other. He really wants to hear her say she loves him. Unfortunately, he falls asleep before he does. And believe me, I'm fighting against sleep SO MUCH right now!
I hate those kind of undershirts. SO MUCH.
Oh, this scene was so romantic! I don't think I had so many drama feels since Woobie My Wuv shoved Jongsuk against a wall in School 2013 episode 7. 
It was cute. The more tired he got, the more tired I got too, though. We were perfectly synchronized...
*yawns* Is it nap time yet?


How can anyone write so messily? My kid tells me better stories than this. And since I just fell asleep over the last sentence, I'll leave it at that. 
I didn't watch this one but surprisingly it does not prevent me from providing appropriate commentary. Don't you agree? We could play a game: you put a bunch of pics in here, I won't watch the episode but I WILL write the recap. Let's see how close I get.
Yeah, it's a mess. But the whole premise of the show - magic plastic surgery, dead yet missing, married but not married etc - is a mess, so, as long as the villains get what they deserve, it should all wrap up nicely. And the leads' chemistry makes me want a romance of my own, though less complicated than theirs.  
It's such a weird show. Really terrible, but really enjoyable at the same time
It's like a medley of adorable couple moments with really bad angsty moments that none of us care about thrown in. Not sure this makes for a good drama. Actually, I'm positive it doesn't!