Birth of a Beauty - Episode 9 (A WookiCap)

A lot of stuff happens in this episode (I know because it took me so long to recap it). There's enough of the cute to forgive the stupid rest. Is this drama getting more stupid by the episode? I think so. Do I care? No, I don't. The Winner Group subplot gets quite some attention this week, which was inevitable. Since it means more strutting and glaring from Evil Han, I'm not even complaining about that.
His face makes me think of raw dough.
Lafer: This episode did go to new heights of stupid this week. But no, I don't care. And yes, raw dough sounds about right.

Episode 9

Chae-yeon Bitch has uncovered Sara's secret! Oooooooh, we're all scared now! I like how she collects all the evidence to support her crazy theory .... not. Whatever, show. Whatever.
I just keep marveling at the fact that she is OUTRAGED that someone would do to her what she did to Geum-Ran.
There is no evidence supporting anything in this drama.
becca: Evidence? What is that?
Time for Sara to become Korea's Monte Christo for realz! Man, her and Tae-hee are so smiley around each other, it's killing me with the cute! He takes pictures with a PPL camera to give her her new (old) identity. Graduation picture! New ID! Driver's license! Health club membership card! Her new name is Kim Duk-soon.
Because that's an enormous improvement on Sara, lemme tell ya.
These two just think life is one big barrel of optimistic opportunity. No job is too difficult for them. Except maybe admitting to your emotions.
It's sweet, the way they're ready to take on any and everything as long as they have each other.
Wearing something that looks like a used cotton ball on her head, Sara goes to HBS next to do promo work, while Tae-hee goes to save his Grandma. Man, they draaaaaaaaaag scenes out! Their parting at the door goes on and on and ooon. Chae-yeon gets to glare at Sara from upstairs and to murmur some threats. I care less than little. An epic photo shoot follows, which takes up many more minutes.
Without one bit of lie, if it's not Sara and Tae Hee on screen I go to sleep. Then I wake up all pissed off because I have to rewind to make sure I didn't miss any Sara and Tae Hee, and I always go back too far and fall asleep again.
I can't understand wardrobe on this show. This was a terrible outfit for her photoshoot. And if it was a real photoshoot, they'd have a wardrobe person for her, right? She wasn't even having a good hair day. But hey, life just rolls right along for her.
Uh... she never really has a good hair day? Unless it's up, it looks bad. She needs a haircut. As for the wardrobe, well, it's equally bad.
Because of all us totally ship him, I shall mention Awesome Assistant's awesome scene with Tae-hee next. They're at the courthouse to get some documents related to Halmoni (legality of detention review). Because they've been apart for a few minutes, Tae-hee and Sara need to talk on the phone ... sweet as sweet can. Awesome Assistant realizes something is up from Tae-hee's smiley happiness. Well, that smiley happiness only lasts so long, because Grandma will not be released anytime soon. Or ever? Cause her lawyer is a lawyer appointed by Winner Group. Dun-dun.
She's old, she'll die in there.
It's amazing how fast they got her accused and in jail, isn't it?
Thank you for mentioning Awesome Assistant! He should be in more scenes - I'm always happier when he shows up.
At Winner group, Evil Han hears that Sara is in da house and smiles happily. For whatever reason, I find him cute as a button and refuse to believe that he is truly evil. Awwww, he brings Sara a bouquet of flowers to congratulate her for the first shoot. Hahaha, she has no clue who he is!
Raw dough. I bet he smells like yeast.
I was hoping, and I'm trying, but I'm not really seeing the appeal.
Kang-joon is called to the police station to testify. He has Korea's Bill Clinton as a lawyer, which is a good thing, because Bill Clinton knows how to stall. At the broadcasting station (which is also the Winner Group HQ and all sorts of other things), he runs into Sara. He seems a bit suspicious of her, right? But then, his dick gets the upper hand again as he fondly fondles her hand (gross!). Later, he even tells his wife that he is in love with Sara. He wants a divorce!
Maybe Chae Yeon will try to kill him. Oooh! They could kill each other!
Are we seriously to believe that he has fallen in love with Sara, whom he's spent all of about 10 hours total with?
Love? No. Lust? Definitely. It's his defining characteristic. Also, I like how Kang-joon was able to flat-out tell his lawyer to bribe or threaten if that's what it takes to make the investigation go away, and Korea's Bill Clinton didn't even bat an eyelash.
Oh, but here comes a total twist (not): they never got really married since he still IS married to Sa Geum-ran. Who is declared missing, not dead. (So... technically, Sara could sue him for adultery, right?) Hm, that'll be a slight problem for Tae-hee, right? Chae-yeon has had it with the serial adulterer and vows to become "more cruel". Of course, she's now not going to tell him about Sara! Good! I mean ... we have episodes to fill. She vows to destroy Sara at her happiest moment though. She stole that concept from Come, Jangbori! Moonie always used to say that!!
I miss them.
Knowing this drama, she'll spill the beans in a maximum of 2 episodes if not sooner.
Sara is back at the Mango House (which isn't called Mango house, but I don't care) and her hand gets treated by Tae-hee. There's thorns in there, from Evil Han's bouquet. It's all Chae-yeon's fault, don't ask for details, please. They're sweet for several minutes, especially after they find out that both of them worried about the other. Unfortunately, their moment is once again interrupted by phone calls.
Mango, Mago, something like that. Who cares.
The writer has us all figured out. It matters not what crap he?she? throws at us, just follow it up with overload cuteness and we'll forget we even questioned things.
I think it would be funny if Chae-yeon has a change of heart later and she and Sara become besties. Why not? Everything else is crazy. Let's have some fun.
It's Awesome Assistant (Choi) for Tae-hee: he has found out that Kang-joon is behind Halmoni's arrest - doing dirty work for Evil Hand. And Tae-hee also finds out who Evil Han is - his half-brother. Whom he remember seeing at his house when he was a kid.
Sooooooooo don't care. Yeast Man is bo-ring.
And it's the Friend for Sara: she has found out where Mother has disappeared to. Operation Bust-Mother-Out begins! Problem is, Kang-joon also goes to the hospital! Right before Sara is discovered by our villain, Tae-hee grabs her and hugs her really close so that Kang-joon doesn't see them. No, a hugging couple in the hallway of a mental hospital wouldn't be conspicuous at all.
I am still trying to figure out how he got there before Kang Joon.
Does he have some kind of superpowers? He's always where he needs to be.
He's the Flash!
He drags her home and then shouts at her for not telling him about her Mother first to get his help. But she has a point: They'll part soon. She'll be on her own. She needs to stop depending on him. Sad, but certainly not a bad idea ... only that it hurts Tae-hee to hear her say this. He shouts that there might have been something between them, and maybe he flirted a bit. But that's over now, since they'll be strangers in the end. Ah, you fool ... it was you that told her to part, you idiot. Can this please be all the angst we're getting? Thanks.
I want more tear-away pants, please. Do they come in a nice pair of cotton boxers?
At this point in the game, I wasn't even feeling angsty. Come on Tae Hee, grow up a little, please.
She cooks him a make-up breakfast the next day... but he's gone. To rescue her mother!
So she does something for him ... see his Grandma! And tells her someone is trying to get her out.
Of course, they're soon over their little quarrel.
The hospital rescue seriously blew my mind. The fact that Tae-hee puts on a doctor's coat, opens an unlocked door to Mom's room, hands Mom some clothes and says let's go--and apparently they do. Obviously Kang Joon didn't use the same place as the wicked Mother-In-Law used in 100 Day Inheritance.
He's new money. That place is probably very exclusive.
Because of the Broken Heart Syndrome, Tae-hee can't go near her (seriously, show. There's a limit to the WTF I can take). So Sara agrees to help him get a message to Halmoni! How to do that? Bake a round kind of bread, the kind she gave him on his birthday! That dough has to be kneaded together, of course. Loooots of finger touching. It's quasi finger-sex! Friggin KISS ALREADY.
Great now EVERYBODY smells like yeast.
I'm still in awe over the ridiculous hospital break-out and lack of details on it. But follow it by many (really--many, many) minutes of hands kneading bread and adorable looks between the OTP and once again, we could care less about the complete lack of believability of this story.
He did that blink-blink thing that makes him look like a tiny little boy again. So cute. Also, I read, "help him get a massage to Halmoni," which confused me. And made me wonder if Alex would make a cameo.
Armed with bread from the PPL oven (that could not have been more obvious, come ON this is getting ridiculous), Sara goes to see Halmoni again and tells her that her grandson Dong-geul is alive. At the same time, Tae-hee goes to the Winner Group's Headquarters and demands to see Evil Han. As Dong-geul. He isn't let up to him, but luck wants it that he comes in that very moment, strutting in formation with an armada of underlings. Haha. And even more haha when Tae-hee tells Evil Han that he is Dong-geul ... and Han turns around without a word and struts on. I love you a bit, Evil Han!
I actually had to admire that bit, too. Tae Hee is not very bright sometimes, for a genius.
Why in heaven's name would Evil Han even entertain the idea of a dead person claiming to be standing in front of him? Oh, right, writer seems to think this is the conclusion everyone jumps to ala Chae-yeon.
Pfft. Did you see the way Halmoni acted like a sweet little old lady? Not. Buying. It. Show. She and Evil Han's Evil Mom are a match made in heaven... or hell? Anyway, I want them both taken down.
Tae-hee is now chased by security, but since he's a genius, he just sets off the fire alarm. And what do you use in case of a fire? Exactly! The stairs. Where Tae-hee is waiting and grabbing Evil Han for a little tete-a-tete. Release grandma, he says, and I'll disappear quietly. Rattled, Evil Han calls for a meeting of the board - to confirm the next CEO.
So what? If he's the CEO and the rightful heir comes along, the board just says nope, bye, you're not it, he's the guy we've been waiting for. Right?
JoAnne, are you blatantly disregarding the rules and keeping your brain with you while watching this show? It will only cause you frustration, my dear.
Oh, is that why my brain has been shorting out? Thanks for clearing that up. *unhooks brain until the episode ends*
Tae-hee has to make a hard decision: shed his anonymity. Embrace his painful past. Find his parents' killer (who conveniently dropped a golden watch that time of the explosion) Sara says: don't worry. We'll do it together! We'll be strong! KISS ALREADY.
Psst...offer them money
That watch has held up really well, considering he must carry it around with him to whip out at an opportune moment. You'd think being a genius and all, Tae Hee would have investigated to see who it could have belonged to. I mean they were so nice to leave such a big clue and all.
He couldn't investigate! Because heartbreeeaaaaaaak.
Because there is evidence that Kang-joon hospitalized Mother against her will, Kang-joon soon is arrested. And we still have 8 minutes to go on this episode. Seriously, can't they keep to 60minutes max?! But we have the Board of Director's Meeting to get through first. They have clothing banners on the wall in the board room ... strange. Han is coming, strutting. And remembering all the humiliation he had to go through at the hands of Halmoni.
I admit, I feel bad for the boy he was and I can understand his resentment. Dammit. But I don't feel sorry for his mother.
I actually thought the mother looked older in the flashback scenes.
I feel bad for Evil Han, too. And you all know how I feel about Evil Mom. *hisssss*
Also near: Tae-hee and Sara. At the front door, he stops ... breathing heavily. But she takes his hand, lovingly, and tells him that she's with him.
Maybe he kissed her off camera, Kakashi, and that's why he's breathing hard.
Can someone just stop for a minute and explain to me why Chae-yeon is leading the meeting? Isn't she an announcer? My daughter is an anchor and reporter, and I can tell you she's never been asked to run a board meeting.
That threw me, too, but I've been told I shouldn't try to think while watching this.
They completely forgot about the anchor/broadcast thing. It's just gone away. Unless it's Sara's new show now
The only candidate for the next CEO is .... Evil Han. So ... he just sits down on the CEO spot? And there's his nameplate already? I wouldn't invest in this company. Elected by default? But look who's here (holding hands with Sara)? He steps inside (alone) and shouts to hold on. He is Dong-geul. He has proof in form of an old photo with him as boy.
Well that would hold up in ANY court, of course.
This drama skips all relevant details. It's like Elizabeth Montgomery* is watching from above and just twitches her nose and voila - people are miraculously remade, break-ins are unbroken in minutes, locked up people walk out of mental hospitals, you become a CEO just because you want to.
That is EXACTLY what it's like.
We don't see how things continue, cause next, we're in a park and Tae-hee comes running, shouting happily. He did it! No Broken Heart Syndrome! He revealed himself as Grandson! And it's all due to her. In fact, he cannot live without her anymore. He needs her. They can never separate. And ... HUG! And in his head, he says that the strength to do difficult things in life comes from love.
That escalated quickly.
17 years of Broken Heart Syndrome, gone in a instant. Hallelujah! Where's the kiss? 
I was coaching him all through this scene, but he wasn't listening very well. Ah well, some progress is better than none at all!


Squeeeeeeeeeee! So much cute in this episode! Their chemistry is daebak! If only the script ... ah, but never mind.
Don't dwell on it. You'll only be bitter, and it's bad for your digestion.
If I think about the storyline of this drama, well, why bother? The writer certainly doesn't. But the OTP? One of the best ever.
In a drama full of silliness, I'm impressed that the OTP actually has one of the healthiest relationships I've seen in drama-land. I suppose if you're only going to get one thing right, though, that should be the thing.

*I am really showing my age here but for anyone who has seen reruns of the show Bewitched, you will get my reference.
I loved Bewitched. So so much.