Dear Santa ... (our 2015 KDrama Wishlist)

Dear Squeeglets, anything you want from Dramaland in 2015? This is the place to wish for it!!
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Lafer: Can I say that I really just want secret hidden hours where I can watch stuff that don't count against real time? (Santa says NO) If not, here is my list:

Dear Santa,

Please bring me an awesome relationship drama with the great heart stopping feels of Coffee Prince, the edge of your seat cliff hangers of The Princess Man, great realistic dialogue like Childless Comfort, characters with just enough dysfunction that you feel their pain like Que Sera, Sera, a few surprising twists like That's Okay, It's Love, believably great kissing and skinship like I Need Romance 2, and really, really good writing. I'm not too particular on the leads, as long as they are someone I can understand the attraction to and have amazing onscreen chemistry. Tropes are outlawed, though.

Please bring Song Joong Ki back from the military looking more adorable but manlier than ever, and have him pick a drama that showcases his great acting but also requires him to wear sunglasses, skinny jeans and a long black coat. Oh, and please make the character be absolutely swoon worthy.

And please, Santa, make Nam Goong Min and Hong Ji Young announce they are really dating at the end of their stint on We Got Married. It can happen, right? Because, yes Virginia, there IS a Santa!


bcook: hmmmmm. Lemmi take a crack at this.

Dear Santa,

I don't mind the tropes so long as the story makes sense or the show is aware of its trope usage but please please bring me a show where the leads have such good chemistry that it makes my toes curl and gives me goosebumps and makes me wonder if they're secretly dating in real life. I'd also like a show where the second lead gets his/her own happy ending (with another person!! None of this happy with my life bull doodu). Sorry Santa, didn't mean to swear but that sheet annoys the crap out of me.

Where was I? Oh yes. Also Santa, could the drama have some kisses in it? Like real kisses, maybe even tongue? And could the kisses actually happen as part of the story and not a contrived situation? Also could it be without 360 degree camera spins? That stuff makes me dizzy.

Finally a drama with Uri Choi JinHunk as lead again and no over the top PPL would be kinda awesome. I have forgiven you for the "toy car that drives" debacle of 1993 but you do owe me. I'm counting on you.

Dear Santa.

I won't bother you about Song Jae-rim again, because the Drama Gods already got that covered. To avoid overlapping of wish assignments, please just focus on a Liar Game Season 2. I promise not to learn lying tricks from the show, since I know you hate lying liars.

Speaking of lying liars, my little sister, who looooooves kdramas so much and totally did not spend the whole of 2014 watching EXO videos on Youtube and is therefore updated with the latest and best from dramaland, also wishes for Bad Guys Season 2. I just love those boys so much and want more of Evil Gandalf Goo-tak and Psycho and Big Bear Woong-chul and Taesoo. I think it's a pity that a team of characters with totally separate talents and charms will just be forgotten after 11 episodes. I think they need more seasons to live onscreen.

Oups. Did I say "I"? I meant she. She loves that show. Very mucho. She asked me to ask you that. Since she's very... uhm... busy. With important things.

Also, a twitter chingu and I have put a lot of thought into this (like, 8 tweets over 15 minutes), and we want Paksa's new drama to go like this:

Paksa is a CEO who gets assassinated by an unknown group. His bodyguard saves him but he still ends up with severe injuries. The bodyguard dies and donates his heart to Paksa. Paksa wakes up with the heart that already loves his secretary (Kim So-yeon of IRIS) because the bodyguard loved her.

But it turns out that KSY and the bodyguard were the ones assigned to kill Paksa. So now Paksa has to fight off both his badass secretary AND his feelings for her.

PS Please add lots of guyliner. This is the highlight of the show.

PPS And a rooftop. There needs to be a rooftop because Yoon Hyun-min is joining this show and we need them to go up to the rooftop and be all hot and bothered.

Thank you, Santa.

Please be real.



Dear Santa,

I also have plans for the reunion of Baksa Adeul and Cutie Soo, joined by Kim So Yeon. (My plans are better than Mary's plans.) In MY drama, Baksa and Cutie are in the witness protection program and So Yeon is their handler. (He had to get a new heart after Min that Fuck shot him.) The three of them somehow end up solving crimes everywhere they go and sometimes this puts them in danger of running into people from their old life... so we get to see the old gang, too ... BUT they make friends with Oh Goo Tak and his boys (his beautiful awesome GOOD BOYS) and they band together into one big smash of awesome crime fightingness.

Beyond that, Santa, all I really want are love stories that curl my toes and make me cry that do not rely on stupid made up drawn out conflicts for angst.. .and a Season Two of Liar Game, Three Musketeers, and Bad Guys. With the Heartless City crossover, please.  

Oh! Also! A good drama for My Beloved with a woman I don't laugh at.

Oooh, and something good for Aaron Yan and Puff Guo again.

And for Mary and Rim to meet and fall in love, and for Kakashi to finally successfully stalk a K-actor in Switzerland or that she at least gets her Ten-Three.

Thank you, Santa.  Merry Christmas!

Love, JoAnne

P.S. I know you are real.


Dear Santa.

I want TEN3!

your kakashi =゚*。:゚+High(→㉨←)ハ(→㉨←)Five!+゚*。:゚+
... kay, okay, you're right, of course I want more. I also want Bad Guys 2, but only if it's just as awesome or even more than Season 1. None of that "we-don't-really-know-how-seasonal-dramas-work"-crap, hear me? You did manage to mess up Vampire Prosecutor 2 and the writing on TEN2 ... well. That only got a 5 out of TEN. Oh wait, what am I saying? Am I blaming Santa for messing up things in KDrama?! Shit. I am sorry, Santa!! I know you're not writing these shows, but pass this on to the responsible people, yes?

I also want Kim Ji-hoon in a GOOD drama, preferably not a weekend drama? If it happens to be a weekender, maybe one that is only 20 episodes long? Just make it good. He isn't just funny and pretty, he can really act, so please let him. I would also like Jo Dong-hyuk in a drama, in Bad Guys 2 would be awesome, but maybe another? Just one drama a year is not enough. So ... one with awesome fight scenes? Actually, I want a whole drama with awesome fight scenes. Why not pair Jo Dong-hyuk and Lee Jun-ki in a sageuk?! à la Arang and the Magistrate. Or a gangster drama like Time Between Dog and Wolf?! Let me feel those Heartless City feels again, please! 

Finally, there's a few people whom I'd like you to force to return to the small screen: Number one would be Song Il-gook. He is cute as the father of his triplets, but come on ... we want a drama with you!!! Number two (which will SO never happen) would be Kang Dong-won. He can be a villain if he wants, I don't care. Movies are great, but so short!

That's it!

Dear Santa,

Despite my reservations (see the comments section below), I've decided to sneak my own letter in here. I'd like to have all my bases covered, just in case. You understand, right? Now that that's out of the way, let's move on to the important stuff.

At the top of my list this is year is a good, solid, addicting, heart-pumping sageuk. I'm talking The Princess' Man kind of sageuk. All year I've been hoping for another sageuk to sweep my off my feet and keep me tuning in with baited breath, but it hasn't come along. Then again, I haven't gotten around to Three Musketeers yet, so maybe that one will do it. Just in case, I want season 2. If not for me, then for all my drama buddies who love it.

Next on the list: please give Lee Soo-hyuk a lead! Preferably on cable. I've been watching, and I know tvN loves him just as much as I do! I mean, have you seen the way the film him? They love 'im, too! Also, let it be a good drama. I'd like to check out the show because I like it AND because he's in it. Not just because of him.

I'm adding another request for Liar Game 2 and Bad Guys 2. These things need to happen! Oh, and Ten 3. Because I love Big Kahuna, and I want her to be happy.

Finally: less chaebols in drama land please. I like seeing normal people going about their lives. I understand that chaebols are a good way to sneak PPL in, though, so if I have to put up with them to see a decent drama, I guess that's okay. Just remember that it's not my first choice.


P.S. I really do hope you're real.

Dear Santa,

Can I add one tiny thing to my list? I think it will probably be on a lot of lists, written here or held close in secret hearts:  Can you make it so that the end of Choi and Prejudice clearly shows us who is good, who is bad, who is working with ChoiTeam and who is working against?  

Because I have NO FREAKING IDEA and I'm terribly afraid this is a drama I should not have watched while multi-tasking. I keep going rewinding every week, trying to parse out the clues, but I gotta tell ya, Old Man...I am completely at a loss.  

Help a girl out, won't ya? Oh, and I am SO up for a Jo Dong Hyuk/Lee Jun Ki deal.

Love and kisses,