Squeecappers' Worst of 2014

Welcome to Part II of our not-review! First came The Good, now for the bad. Wow, picking just three bad ones was ... difficult, right? There were so many! One drama clearly wins in this category. Congrats, Dr. Stranger!

SqueeCappers' FLOPS


Luckily, I haven't watched many flops, because I don't watch many things these days and am quite ready to drop them if they irk me. Unless I'm recapping them. Therefore, the biggest flops for me this year were:

Surplus Princess: I just hated that drama. Everything about it, in fact, even Rim. I hated the story, the characters, the whole over-the-topness. I'm probably the only one that thought shortening it was a good thing. Cause it meant: less gifs and pictures.

Birth of a Beauty: (yeah, that's technically still going on, but hey, it's hardly going to get any better!). Joo Sang-wook owes me one for this, seriously. I mean, he is HOT and beautiful and everything, but the script? Oh god. Somebody save me.

Can We Love: This one was the biggest disappointment of the year. It started off so well! And it turned so goddamn bad! I hated it so much. I think I still do! I might need therapy. In fact, it's the one drama that taught me what a recapper's hell feels like.


There are shows that are just bad, and I drop them fast (if I can.) Then there are shows that turn bad, but I've gone far enough that I need to see them through. It's an illness, I think.

Dr. Stranger: No. Just no. This show had a few really good things going for it (Park Hae Jin, Kang Sora, Lee Jeong Suk, and their stories) but it ignored those things to focus on the weak link (Broom - is she or isn't she?) and it was just stupid, stupid, stupid. It could have been fine. It could have been fun. It could have been good. It just wasn't.

Age of Feeling: Sigh. We started with a cast just absolutely overflowing with memorable characters and a story with an epic feel - too epic to be contained, as it turns out. Focus (and beloved characters) were lost abruptly and that early promise fizzled, never to be regained. Still, can a show that gave us Aka, Aoki, DogNose, Mo Il Wa, Jae-Hwa, the Dobi Gang, Shinichi (and that's just for STARTERS) be all bad?

She's So Loveable: I could cry actual tears over this disappointing mess. This was My Beloved's comeback! He acted his beautiful heart out! But even My Beloved can't save a show full of actors who are either boring or miscast or both.  They had Alex and Rain, and never let them sing.  They dared to think Krystal could stand with RAIN. No. Sorry. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.  Now - rework it so that Rain remains her oppa and she and L are the cute little couple? And a cameo with Kim Tae Hee at the end, meeting My Beloved cutely (to show that he is now healed of his heartbreak and capable of love again?)  That would have been a much better drama.

Honorable mention goes to American Boys over Flowers because... well... ah, I can't stop laughing. Trust me. All-time Bad Hall of Fame material.


Night Watchman's Journal:  Even JoAnne's awesome cartoon-panel style couldn't save this one, and as much as I love Jung Il-woo, it couldn't sustain my interest past the single-digit episodes. The premise was exciting, the execution was... boring at best.

And I have to agree with JoAnne and the American BoF. It was bad bad bad, and on top of that, truly awful.


I don't watch bad shows. Sometimes I get suckered into watching bad shows because the writer kept showing hints of brilliance and I'm an eternal optimist. (No really I am)

Dr. Stranger: I'm still not sure what this show was about. I think everybody in the cast was confused. Writer didn't know, camera man didn't know, Broom really had no clue. I guess I have to thank this show for showing me that Kang So Ra (maybe) can act, bringing back the set of lips that is Lee Jong Suk, introducing me to the nose that is Park Hae-Jin and reminding me that Ahjusshis can be Hawwwt! (Also not to trust anybody with last name Cha)

Night Watchman: Or Crouching Tiger, Shrinking Dragon. I have never dropped a drama so fast.

Emergency Couple: I wanted so much to like this drama. Choi Jin-Hyunk was in his first leading role, I'd finally get to see Song Ji-Hyo outside of Running Man....but nothing. I had no inclination to continue past episode 2.

I don't think American Boys of Friends deserves a mention. It should never be spoken of again.


There have been some very bad shows this year. Very bad.

Doctor Stranger: Three little words are all I need to sum up my feelings about this show: Bless. Your. Heart.

Fall in Love With Me: *sigh* It was so cute and fun in the beginning, and then about halfway through, even Aaron Yan's beautiful neck couldn't entice me to keep watching. (Seriously, his neck is a work of art.)

Birth of a Beauty: Is this the worst drama I've ever watched? It might be. Summer Scent was more fun than this! Heck, even To the Beautiful You might have been better than this! This is a shake'n'bake drama: throw a bunch of tropes into a bag, shake thoroughly, half-bake, then serve to your horrified guests with a side of Pillsbury biscuits.


The problem here is that I have now wised up and if I don't like something, I just stop watching, often after one episode. Dropped dramas outnumbered watched dramas by at least 2 to 1, so there was slim pickings. 

Angel Eyes: This is a classic example of when the child actors and story starts off with a bang and the adult actors can't keep up the momentum. While I adore Lee Sang Yoon, I didn't find much of the adult story line believable for some reason (which is OK in a comedy, but not in a melo.)  I'm not really sure why I finished it, (uhmm, did I say Lee Sang Yoon?) but I know I really didn't like it.

The Woman Who Married Three Times: Wow, what a disappointment from my favorite writer. I persevered to the end with this and was SO mad that I did. Seriously, Kim Soo Hyun writer, that was the third marriage? That was crap.

Birth of a Beauty:  I'm taking this for the team, and actually found it adorable and quirky with leads I liked in the beginning. But now - it's turned almost torturous. It could have been a fun 12 episode drama, but even the gorgeous Joo Sang Wook is losing his appeal as the absolute asinineness (that's a word, right?) of the story keeps going and going.