We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 13)

Mary: It's the after-wedding episode where "nothing" much happens. If you count So-eun initiated sweet skinship "nothing", that is. Our couple just hangs out and kicks butt in the closeness department. It makes Rim very happy. Though he still complains at the lack of closeness of their lips because he's a cheesy perv like that. (Hey, be glad you were paired with So-eun and not a highly-chaste 100% concentrated virgin idol!)
JoAnne: If I had a nickel for every 'nothing' that happens this ep I'd...have a bunch of nickels.
kakashi: The same amoung of nothing happens as usual, I'd say. They might have to think of something to up the ante soon. We're all getting too comfy with this.  

Episode 13

We continue from Rim's "Find Your Wife by Hand" game, where everyone cheers that he knows So-eun's hands confidently. Now it's So-eun's turn to play the same game, but with Adam's apples this time. Huehuehue... excellent excellent *rubbings hands gleefully*
Is it me or does this seem like it could be a little... hmm... maybe a bit of a turn on?
I did find the actual touching a bit daring, but I guess that's why Mr. Gold Jacket was there to feel the apples with her.
becca: Yes, having an ajusshi right there does take some of the excitement out of it, I'd imagine.
Ha, I noticed that too.
This may be news to you, guys, but I hear this show is scripted? Like ... entirely?
If so, I like the script. This fictional story is cute.

First up is Nam! She touches his neck for a short while and immediately declares that's not her hubby. Second one, she also immediately says "not him". Third is Kang Joon's which she declares to be too big (go ahead JoAnne). When she gets to Min-kyo's she can't find an Adam's apple. And she starts laughing because "this person needs to shave".
While I might not like the scripted persona of Kang Joon in this highly edited and choreographed television program that we all know has no basis in reality, I am still deeply appreciative of the Kang Joon puppy in general and hey, if So Eun can't handle his big Adam's Apple, well, I can.
He has the most beautiful ... eyes, yes. 
The host leads her to the last one, who's supposed to be Jae-rim, but switches their places so it's the same person. So-eun touches him and laughs that it's the same person. She finally gets to touch Rim (not there! you pervs) and just nods "Hmm.... okay".
She knows her husband's body. (Just how often has she touched his Adam's Apple that they didn't show us, huh?)
They practised that scene until she finally got it right. "Touch me again! Again! No .... again!"
The host asks her to eliminate the guys and she calls out "Uncle Min-kyo". kekeke. Then she says that the last one is her hubby. The host makes Rim stand right in front of her so she can see who she "chose", but while she's fumbling with her mask, she can already tell it's Rim from the way he breathes. Hahaha! Score one for couples who aren't averse to getting close!!!
What I love is how free and spontaneous this drama is, allowing the married couple to interact completely naturally and without direction or interference from anyone. A totally organic experience.
Ahahahaaaaaa, yes.
Rim says during the interview that he's happy, so happy that his wife can spot him like that. And if she wasn't wearing a skirt, he'd pick her up and spin her again.
The girl has to spend half her life wrapped in a blanket. Add two inches to your skirt, So Eun!
That's so Korean, those short skirts. Never any bosom, but you almost see the panties. Cause that's not naughty at all.
Ah, this is still part of the third game. So they only get 3 hearts for this. One she sticks to his neck, the other to his kidney because Rim says "you're in my kidney too" then the host begs him to stop please. Hurhurhur.
They do seem very couple-y, for all my joking.
So that's Lovers in Paris again? Or what show was it? We've heard the joke before.
It's familiar, but I can't place it. Anyway, they're cute.
Yes to LIP, he joked about it in an earlier WGM episode!
The fourth game is a test of strength. The host will sing a song, and everytime the word "honey" comes up, Rim will do one push-up while So-eun sits on his back.
I really thought Rim would have better jokes during this...
Well, wow. Push-ups are hard as they are! He did really well! (and he took off his shoes to have a better toe-grip)
Yes, well done, Rim!
The host does a test reading a sentence with three "honey" sounds in it, which the couple passes. So now it's time for the actual song. He chooses song #69323: HONEY.
I really like Gold Jacket. He should be a regular.
Him and Nam? Yes. They should just follow RimKim around all the time.
Also, Nam stands up to help sing and dance to the song. It sounds like a trot song with lots of jagi-ya, jagi-ya. Which Rim and So-eun manage to pass. And can we just say we love when Eric Nam took over the singing and the NamCam Nam was rubbing his ears?
Nam needs a wife!  Get the man a wife! We demand a wife! And a fake wedded life!
He is the cutest little cutsie, really. But there wasn't half enough of Nam in this episode.
Nam! I'm single!
Anyway, the couple gets a pass after the chorus. So-eun says in the interview that she used her legs to carry her weight. Rim says likewise. He was thankful to his wife for lifting her butt. Pffft. He gets a silly grin on his face when he says, "she's so light".
I adore how thrilled he is with everything about her.
I think he is like that with everything. "Oh, look, I have found this special bidet cleaning brush". *studies it intensely* - *Grins happily*.
I like people like that, who find so much joy in the little things.
I'm a little thing. Can Song Jae-rim find joy in me?
The host asks for some sample aegyo from Rim before they give him the results. So he does a really cringe-worthy, "please raise your spoons for us!!!" Which gets the guests laughing. Then he raises his spoon and goes all Mo on them, "raise your spoons if you want to leave this wedding hall". HAHAHAHA
I wonder if So Eun ever wishes he'd pull a Mo on her.
His aegyo wasn't too bad though! I was reaching for some diapers to put on him.
Everyone raises it. They get the flight tickets. Rim kisses "it" (I think it's So-eun's hands he was kissing), they giggle at each other, the end!
Oooh honeymoon coming!
They're not all that far from me at the moment!

After the Wedding

So-eun and Rim are walking in the streets, it's night. She says she can't do "that" again, it's so tiring. She means the wedding + reception, you pervs. Rim repeats the wedding host's joke: that's why it's called reception or piroyeon (피로연) which sounds similar to tired or piro (피로). Heehee~
Koreans are very punny. They are a people after my own heart. Playing with words is my favorite, favorite thing.
Only problem: I never ever get their puns, unless someone translates them for me.
Yeah, but that's our fault, not theirs.
He says he rented a car because he wanted to go somewhere quiet where they can talk. (Pffft talk my ass) And look! It's a... mini-camper? On top of a truck? So-eun is touched at the purplish-pinkish mini-camper with flowers and stickers of their faces on the window. It's their wedding car!
I kept thinking of Scooby Doo, though.
Hahahaaaa, they put it onto a truck because they can't drive it themselves! (At this point in time, I want to say something. It really bugs me that he always pretends that he comes up with these ideas, i.e. this mini van or the wedding bouquet, etc. Come on! We all know that's not true) (They probably tell him to say that.)
He doesn't have the higher license required to drive it (he took the test but failed) so it has to be transported this way. They get into the front seats and chat on the way. He takes out something, oh, it's his "failed level 1 license test". Even the studio hosts are surprised that you need that license to drive a camper van.
So am I.
Anch'io. I also think it's a little weird that you get a "failed level 1 license test". Is it a document that states that he failed?
It's probably his test score, not a special document.
Hey, did Ahn Gil-kang have a license then? His Tayoyaki truck in Surplus Princess....
Focus, Mary.

Anyway, Rim is sad he didn't pass. And I just realized he took the test VERY recently to drive this camper van he planned to take his wifeu places to. Awwww.... So-eun cheers him up. She likes it this way. It's like they're shooting a drama. Haha! When they pretend to be driving but the car is just sitting atop a truck bed? Like in that scene in Rooftop Prince???
They're just so ridiculously cute and happy to be with each other, doing whatever.
Maybe they just get paid really well. Sorry, I'm not very romantic today!
You too? I'm not really feeling it, either.
So-eun starts acting like she's actually driving. They make a fake story right then and there. Rim asks "Where are you taking me?" "Shut up and follow me", she says. Rim complains that this is kidnapping, then So-eun goes, "do you want to eat or date?" And these two dorks, these two acting dorks, burst out in laughter. Hahahaha they're so cute!
And again, I can't remember what it's from :(
Oh yes, isn't that another "One Fine Spring Day" reference? I'm pretty sure it is. 
Nope! If memory serves, it's a reference to I'm Sorry, I Love You. Hence the little picture of So Ji-sub down there. *points*
Ding dong ding for becca! :)
Rim recaps what they've done so far that day: making bouquets, entertaining guests, (So-eun: wearing that dress!) She says they had to pull all her meat up to her chest and tie her up tightly. Hehe~ It does sound tiring. And now they're going somewhere else to film more lovey-dovey stuff! Rim, after a threatening glare from So-eun, declares that So-eun has it. The curves and all. She totally does! And they "high-five" and hold hands after that.
They are each other's biggest fans, in the end.
I get tired by just thinking about it.
OMAYGAAAAAAAH they talk random nonsense but I don't follow because she closes her hand over his and rubs her thumb over his hand. Rim keeps cool, but during his interview he notes that So-eun is getting more close to him now, leaning on his shoulder and stuff. Only his lips are off-limits to her, it seems.
It does seem very natural now, very affectionate and genuine. I keep wondering what happens when they run into each other somewhere in the future, when the show is over. Do they just naturally fall into the very touchy skinshippy relationship they have now, or do they revert to normal politeness levels? And he keeps talking about his lips. I wonder if we're going to get a kiss sometime...
If this were a cable show at 11pm, maybe...

So-eun says that she's gotten used to the skinship so it feels natural to do that now. Though sometimes she catches herself and is surprised at how much she's adapted.
I'm sure your mother isn't happy, girl! 
So-eun releases Rim's hand and laughs about Min-kyo, whom she praises as very funny. Rim says he is, he is (so proud of his hyung haha). But don't think I didn't see how he immediately moved his hand away like he's so conscious at the loss of contact. And how So-eun gently put her hand back on his arm. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.
Maybe I'm nuts but I actually think SHE initiates most of the casual, affectionate, going through the day skinship. He's there for the big gestures, but she's the one always touching him in some small way and then he reciprocates with the hand on the back (one of my personal faves, actually) or the offer of a hug.
Well, yes - but I think it's completely normal for two people who are comfortable with each other. If you're a touchy person. And she obviously is. As said, feeling unromantic today.
Romantic or not, it is nice that they're comfortable with each other now.
They talk about Min-kyu's stubble, and So-eun reaches over and touches Rim's neck EVERYWHERE. Talking about his stubble too, etc etc. Get a room. GET A ROOM. Gawd. Then they hold hands again while they discuss the Very Important Topic of So-eun's hands and how Rim was able to tell in detail which is his wifey's.
She acts like she OWNS HIM. Which she totally does, and he is thrilled about it.
I was a bit embarrassed and almost covered my eyes!
She was stroking his chin like he was a kitty. And yeah, he likes it.


Rim starts chopping wood for the grill, he does great on the first try. (Duh! Those arms! Look at those arms! Oh, wait. The jacket is hiding them.) So-eun praises him, which puffs up the dork, and now he talks sageuk-like. "Yes, madame!" "You're the woman! I'm the lumberjack!" He also makes some joke about regretting going outdoors. Which in my innocent mind meant, "I should've prepared an indoor, in bedroom event instead".
It takes more than strength to split wood, you actually have to know what to do. I'm impressed.
I went and watched wood-splitting videos on YouTube. Very interesting. 
I think he was joking about them being the fairy and the woodcutter, from the folk-tale. Javabeans wrote about it here.
So-eun asks to try cutting wood too, and I was LOLing, expecting her to do better. But she seems a bit scared to raise the axe really high and ends up just plonking it lightly on the wood. Teehee~ Still, Rim finds it cute that his wifey is game for these things. She's game for anything, except kissing.
If he ever gets a kiss he will explode.
He'll be dead scared, I'm sure. He's more words than actions. Also, there's a YouTube video of a woman who splits wood. It's not about strength. It's about the wrist flick. 
Rim opens his bag and brings out blankets and hand-warmers for So-eun. He also says there's some fish cakes inside the van if she's already hungry. And a fish bread maker. So-eun gets up excitedly to check it out. Rim moves to the other side of the van and opens the window. Haha~ So-eun says she feels like a food van ajumma. So Rim starts ordering things.
I love that they fall in with each other's games so quickly.
Quite obviously, the van was constructed like that. In fact, I think it might have been a food selling truck! It's certainly not a comfy "let's lie around and hold each other's hands" truck.
Food! So-eun ajummah, feed me, too!
They are dorks. Cute dorks. I love it when they roleplay like this naturally. It just looks fun. The second "story" they make-up feels dirrrty to me.
Because these are two healthy young adults who should be boinking like rabbits.
Rim: Agasshi, are you grilling alone? Kim: Wanna grill it together? Me: HAHAHAHAHA you perrrrrvs
She'll grill his sausage, alright.
LOL Kakashi chose the perfect pic for "grilling sausages"
Then Rim pretends to pay via credit card (for a $1 fish cake), and So-eun ajumma threatens to hit him again. Later, So-eun says how her Liar Game director was talking about a new movie project, which So-eun volunteered for. But Director-nim says the role is for a larger woman. So-eun says how she offered to eat all the snacks she sees and the leftover pizzas and hamburgers at night. Rim says don't mind that, he'll just do all the work from now on.
Oh, Rim.
So-eun doesn't take that as a sweet gesture. She challenges him, "does that mean you won't like me if I'm 100 kg?" Rim says it's okay. But there's no cheesy "I like you however you are" line. So-eun keeps cornering him about his opinion on 100kg girls. Rim laughs and hedges, he says it's not easy reaching 100kg.
On what planet, dude?
Don't challenge him. He'll try it out to see who is right. 
So-eun says in the interview that she's sure now that Rim likes pretty girls (why wouldn't he!!!). She saw in his eyes how he refused to answer her question, and it disappointed her. Meanwhile Rim says he KNOWS the answer So-eun wants, but he's not gonna give it that easily anymore. Operation: Be A Push-and-Pull Namja has started. (Really, Rim? You're doing this AFTER the wedding? Haha) (That is hilariously backwards!)
So then the answer is he would, hahahahah... but he's not going to give her the satisfaction of an answer. Pain in the ass!
Fishing for compliments isn't nice either! I'm on his side in this.
They taste the fish bread So-eun made. Rim makes a face when eating it again. He says the flour isn't done yet. So-eun offers to redo it, with more sweet beans this time. He praises the generous ajumma, who just asks him to please pay with cash this time. Hehe.
Tell her you don't have cash, Rim, but that you are willing to work it off.
How can flour not be done yet? 
Maybe it wasn't mixed properly, so there are still clumps of flour.
They ad lib another drama scene again. About a food van girl who has to earn money for herself and her dongsaeng. Rim asks what he can do, and So-eun goes the direct route with "do you have money?" Haha. Rim says he's going on a business trip, does wifey want a present when he gets back? "You" says So-eun. PWAHAHAHAHA the studio hosts LOL too. Rim stomps his feet and goes full-on aegyo "Of course I'll cooooome!" Nam looks resigned. So-eun has become corrupted by the cheese too.
Nam, I love you with all of my heart.
Not enough Nam.
Never enough.
Rim starts taking pictures of So-eun, which is just awww......
Why no uploading to social media, huh?
I don't think he actually uses that Twitter account. Someone from his agency does it.
They sit by the fire and talk about the "gift" given by the wedding host. It's a band you use to tie your legs together. Like for 3-legged races. So-eun says it doesn't seem difficult. Cut to: Jonghyun-Yura couple stumbling and Nam Goong-min being dragged by his wife.
You know they're going to ace this, right?
Awkward Couple is so awkward. #FAIL
All I'm going to say is that when Rim pulled that out, I was not thinking about three-legged races.
So-eun grabs the band on the ground but her hand passes between Rim's legs. HAHAHA. Rim asks her where her hands are going, and I thought, "Where it should have gone 13 episodes ago! Pabbo!"
I giggled like I was 12 when he protectively cupped his manhood, and then thought 'wonder if he had to hide anything?' And Mary, I do think grabbing his balls on the first date might have been a bit much.
I told you he is shy. He'd probably run away screaming if she REALLY touched him.
I have to agree with Kakashi on this one.
Anyway, Rim ties their legs together and they stand up cautiously. He puts a blanket around them. They count and start walking... and they're in perfect sync! They say it's meaningless and a piece of cake. HAHAHA. The studio hosts laugh that it's nothing for this couple. So-eun says they should do something different then, something more intense! Rim gets all up in her face to ask what she had in mind. Kekekeke.
You could tie her to a bed for starters, Mr. Rim.
We used to play this game at kid's birthday parties! I mean the leg-thing. Not the kissing thing. 
During the interview, he says he could walk home like that with So-eun. Then he asks the PDs what if they tie their hands together instead? Haha~ I think Rim has the same magic wishing powers as me (namely: keep repeating what you like and someone will give it to you). Maybe we'll see them with tied hands soon?
Tie their necks together until they kiss, dammit.
There's other things they could tie together, too. 

Hey, you know I watched the Shin Sung-rok and Shin-young couple recently and they had a date where their hands were tied together! I want to see RimKim like that. They should also go to a theme park and ride all the scary rides Shin couple did. I wanna see Rim panicking and screaming as he clings to So-eun.
Yes, now here is the (ugly) truth: Mary is totally in love with Shin Sung-rok. Hear that, Rim?! She tweets about him more than about you!
LIESSSS! *right-click* *save gif*
Rim takes out a telescope. So-eun takes a turn and Rim of course puts his face on the other side, so she only sees his nostrils. Pffft. They can't seem to find a star (it's a cloudy night!) Rim insists he saw one, then takes So-eun's face in his hands and goes, "Oh! There it is!" HAHAHAH NamCam shows Nam not knowing what to do with his hands. Should he cover his eyes? His ears? It's a big problem for him, watching RimKim couple... his pain is our gain.
I was pretty certain I watched this whole thing but now that you mention it, I saw him bring out the telescope but not what they did with it.
I do wonder what happened to you, JoAnne. Do you blank out often? Do you find yourself in weird basements with blood on your hands? Are you Jung-moon from Bad Guys? 
I am a good girl. I AM.
Pfft. I've read the squeecaps.
Rim finally finds a star, but complains that it looks the same with and without a scope. So just like that, they pack up their camp and go home.
Sleep tight, friends.


Hurrah for close couples! But I don't like evil Rim. Evil Rim, please STAHP. It looks like So-eun will act out the part of a "meek" housewife next episode. Will it last? Can Rim stomach to order her around?
If they're roleplaying with costumes, can frisky be far behind?
So ... how long does a couple usually stay on WGM? I mean ... will we get really old recapping this?
This is a really good question, and I've never gotten a clear answer.
I'm with Nam on this. Please. Someone. Make it stop. O______O