Yoo Na's Street - Episode 17 (A GettingThereCap)

Mary: Robbing robbers! Sexual frustrations while hanging laundry! Grown men bonding over dolls! Trolling Chang-man with rain! What's not to like? Get all your laughs now before in case the dark times come soon. Hehehe
JoAnne: Hey there... don't think I've been in this room before. Don't worry, I'm not staying.
kakashi: Hey! In here, red is MY color. And mary, what are you saying??! Dark times?! Nooooooooo!
becca: Look look! I'm bluuuuueee again!!!!
Like this


Yoo-na and Yun-ji push through with Operation: Rob the Jimjilbang Robbers! Yun-ji is in-charge of scaling the pipes outside the target's apartment while Yoo-na knocks on the front door, pretending to be from the local government pest control.
kakashi: Wow, Yun-ji is pretty awesome. And how did they film this?! It looked very real.
becca: I like Yun-ji, so of course, I'm worried that she'll disappoint me. Also, I couldn't stop thinking that it was a bad idea for Yoo-na to go in there. The girl's seen her face before!
She tricks the girl into letting her inside and distracts her with horror stories about large roaches she killed in the apartments downstairs. (And butters her up by saying she looks like Yoona of SNSD. LOL) Meanwhile Yun-ji tiptoes toward the bedroom and searches for the robbers' cache.
She friggin walked RIGHT through that apartment behind that girls back!!! I mean ... one little sound? She would have been caught.
I would never make it in this line of work.
Just when Yun-ji is about to leave, the aunt and her partner come back and order the kid to open the front door. Yoo-na "accidentally" knocks over a pitcher of water, giving Yun-ji time to escape via the balcony. (Heh, she's so cool. Me I'd just scream and panic and jump out the window.) Yoo-na even takes some time to give reminders to air out the insecticides before eating and some bullshit like that. But once she gets to the stairs, she runs like hell and into the waiting getaway car.
I was so nervous!!!!! Get ooooooouuuuut!
Just in time too, because the aunt opens the bedroom door to find the mattress slashed. Cut to: Yun-ji and Yoo-na gushing over the expensive watches + jewellery they got. Hehe. (Damn, YNS using EXO's Overdose as background again.)
I knew you'd know what this (Terrible) music was! *feeling proud of mary*
Was there music? I completely missed it. Maybe because I was staring at all the baubles. There was a LOT, and it's making me nervous.
Aww... but the poor girl (Han-jeong) is now crying and being lectured by her aunt and "uncle". She keeps calling Yoo-na "that pretty government inspector" while describing what happened, which just pisses off her aunt more. Being on the wanted list themselves they can't report the robbery to the police. Uncle Thief swears it must be a team of three experts. He vows to catch those robbers... and ask them to teach their secret techniques. Hahaha!
I hope he means it. Nothing much happens in this drama, but there's this sense of possible doom all the time ... please don't have them chase Yoo-na!
If someone stole all that from you, wouldn't you chase them down? *bites nails*
Speaking of reporting, Yun-ji wants to pull over and call the cops down on the jimjilbang thieves. To make sure they're locked up and can't come after them. Yoo-na orders her to drive on and not be so vindictive. They already got the loot. Yun-ji is impressed at Yoo-na's principles and says now she understands why Hwa-suk idolizes Yoo-na. (Boo! That troll!)
Yun-ji, I'm sorry I ever doubted you! You're extremely cute. And capable.
And badass! But I'm still worried!
They stop by a secluded place to inventory their loot and I LOL at how Yun-ji hangs the jewellery on herself while they're making a list. (She's too nice! Too cheerful! I'm scared!!!) There's a weird PPL-like moment for an appraisal device which they use on one of the diamond rings. Yes, I'm sure the thieves in South Korea are watching Yoo-na's Street and rushing to place orders for that device.
Hahahaaaaaaa, diamond-maching PPL! That's what this was!!!
I'm imagining women going out to buy that thing so they can appraise the jewelry their boyfriends and husbands give them. "What? Fake? You scum!!"
They celebrate over dinner (in a weird restaurant with wall-to-wall screens showing... a river?) The two girls compliment each other on being so calm. Turns out Yun-ji took some calming meds before the job but was afraid to tell Yoo-na in case she freaks out too. And Yoo-na admits she was also scared as hell but didn't want to disturb Yun-ji's game. LOL
I heart them .... *hugs*!
I've missed all the hugging in these caps. *joins group hug*
Yang-sun unni calls Yoo-na just then to ask when she plans to do the job. She's shocked to hear that it's over. (Is that a hint of bragging in Yoo-na's face when she says, "Sorry to tell you, but it's already done"?) Bong catches the tail end of their convo and wants to know what's up with Yoo-na. Ha! You're all too late! It's already done! The Bong Yang-sun couple eat dinner together and argue over who should marry Yoo-na. Yang-sun says she doesn't want to be Team Chang-man anymore, because his record is too clean. She quotes Bong's pick-up line while they were dating, "The clearest water has no fish, slightly muddied water is best". HAHAHAHA.Bong interprets her thoughts as wanting Yoo-na to marry a thief, so they can go on thieving happily ever after. She tells him it's because Nam-su is a good kid who's totally fallen in love with Yoo-na and begged her to help him. Of course the argument ends nowhere but with them fighting pettily over the side dishes.
Oh dear. I don't like that Yang-sun is abandoning the Chang-man ship! The Chang-man ship may be annoying from time to time, but otherwise, it's truly great!
Heehee. I'm just amused by this. I want to see them both running around trying to be matchmakers and spoiling each others plans at every turn. So funny.
Back to Yoo-na and Yun-ji. They make plans to look for a dealer to buy their loot. Yoo-na tells Yun-ji to keep it for now and she looks at Yoo-na with puppy eyes, touched that she'd trust her with so much. (Yeah, Yoo-na is special. We love her. Get in line!)
I think ... I would have run. That looks like a LOT of money !
I would at least be tempted. Then again, knowing what happened (or almost happened) after Hwa-suk betrayed Yoo-na, I'd probably be too scared.
Gye-pal drinks alone at the rooftop, recalling what happened earlier that day. He stood outside Mi-sun's room and heard her fighting with Min-gyu. She caught him walking hand-in-hand with a noona, he claims it's a customer and he has no choice. She calls him a lying liar about not showing up for dates and also about her credit card. Which he promised to return after his training but never did.
Were we right about him all along?!
I thought I'd be happier. :(
Min-gyu walks out and Gye-pal sees him shaking off Mi-sun as she pathetically asks him to say, even after that fight about women and money. Mi-sun asks (more like scream-orders) Gye-pal to chase after Min-gyu, despite his injured back. Gye-pal manages to catch up to him before he gets in the car, but Min-gyu pushes Gye-pal away and tells him not to meddle in other people's business.
Don't hurt our Gye-pal, you male vixen!!
Kakashi, what happened to us?? I thought I was the one who cared about Gye-pal, and you were the one who didn't care!!
Back to the rooftop in the present. Curly comes up and tries to make small talk with Gye-pal. But he's in no mood for chatter. When Curly gives him the worry doll, he scoffs and throws it back, claiming his problems are soooooooo huge they can't be solved with stupid stuff like that. (Aigoo~ poor you. You're the only suffering person in the world, right? ... NO. You ass. If I were Curly, I'd push Gye-pal off the roof. Just sayin')
It was a funny scene though. Funny-sad. Gye-pal ... he just can't be more like a human. 
Gye-pal further insults the gift by saying he'd rather people give him dog food instead. Or that Curly give the worry doll to Mi-sun. Curly says he already did. This puts Gye-pal in a fouler mood as it confirms that the worry dolls are bullshit. His lady love is still suffering.
He has a point there though.
Just accept the gesture, Gye-pal!

Anyway, we switch to the colatec where Grandpa Axe is dancing with a different granny this time. When a new song starts, he asks for another dance, but then his eyes roll up and he collapses. After Chang-man leaves with Grandpa in an ambulance, Manbo blames Herring for booking Grandpa with dance partners.
He collapsed from exhaustion?! A dance overdose!!
Grandpa regains consciousness inside the ambulance and asks to hold Chang-man's hands. He wants to give his final words. He tells him about the secret stash in his room where he keeps his $2000 savings. Chang-man shakes his head and asks the EMT about Grandpa's vital signs. They are actually returning to normal. LOL. Chang-man then asks Grandpa to please continue with the money secret... and Grandpa pretends to be weak again to avoid answering. Heehee~
Oh dear. Axe .... *HUGS*
Hahahaha! Now that he's out of danger, Chang-man is enjoying teasing him! *hugs both of them*
Yun-ji drops off Yoo-na in front of Manbo's house. But someone is watching! It's one of Nam-su's kids! He reports to someone that Yun-ji is hanging out with Yoo-na. *dun dun dun*
Excuse me? Namsu??! What are you doing!
This can't end well, can it?

Yoo-na finds Mi-sun getting ready for "work". She finds out that Min-gyu brought abalone porridge for Mi-sun and praises the guy a little bit (she's trying!). But Mi-sun is not in I-love-Min-gyu mode right now. She says all men are just thieves, out for themselves. (But are you really that different, Mi-sun?) Then she leaves to entertain a customer waiting for her at the cafe. (Damn, I kinda pitied Mi-sun here. How she has to go there and drink and smile despite being sick and having fought with her "boyfriend".)
When did it happen that we like Mi-sun? I like her!
I do, too, and it's confusing me! She's still frustrating, but I don't hate her like I did in the beginning.
Nam-su calls Yoo-na, asking why she's hiding from him. Haha! Remember last time when Nam-su fought with Chang-man and she told the boys to stay away from each other? Anyway, Nam-su heard that Yoo-na met Hwa-suk recently so he wanted to warn her to be careful. (Because you loooooooooove her???) He wants to meet tomorrow for lunch, but Yoo-na says she's busy. He asks for the next day then, but she makes another excuse. Haha! He tries to be serious and tells her how sad he is, but Yoo-na tells him to drop it. (Poor guy....)
You forgot to mention that he is HALF NAKED and doing push-ups. Who calls someone when they're half-naked and doing push-ups?
I don't get it, either, but maybe we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Looking at abs is so much nicer.
Me! I'd call someone when they're half-naked and doing push-ups!!! Oh wait... you meant the opposite...
Chang-man, Manbo, and Curly carry an "unconscious" Grandpa back to his room. Curly and Chang-man fuss over Grandpa but Manbo says to stop it. He knows when his hyung is pretending. He says Grandpa is probably ashamed about passing out like that. He ushers everyone out. And hey, Manbo is right! Grandpa pops up as soon as they leave and goes to check that his hidden money is safe.
Will he put it somewhere else? He should!
I would.
Madame sees Chang-man and Manbo hanging back to talk about something. Talk leads to Gye-pal's hospital fees, which Manbo offers to pay back to Chang-man. Ah, but the Madame already paid it. And she says so in a prickly manner, which Manbo notices. (See, he's not entirely hopeless about these things.) Anyway, Chang-man says he inquired at the prosecutor's office and learned that Gye-pal can apply for installment payment of the $3,300 fine he owes. Split over 6 months, he only needs $550 per month which he should work for all by himself. So Chang-man proposes that the colatec hire Gye-pal back as a part-timer.
Awwwwww... Chang-man. You sweet meddler.
Kakashi, I am currently looking at you like you're an alien. Seriously. What's going on? Are we in the twilight zone?
We don't hear Manbo's answer, but Chang-man does run happily upstairs and even tells Mandu the dog that he comes with good news for Gye-pal. He finds Gye-pal passed out drunk on the bed. He lights that mosquito-killer thingy for his hyung and tucks him in. Even putting his own worry doll under his hyung's pillow.
Awwwwwwww .... this was VERY sweet. And Gye-pal's sad sighing in his sleep .... awwwwww. Becca, is your ice-cold heart warming up just a tiny little bit?
I did really like that scene. Very simple and sweet. And for the record, I don't hate Gye-pal! I was the first to voice sympathy, and you two called me crazy! Now I'm just not interested, is all. I want to see him actually doing something instead of sitting around and moping.
Next day, Aunt and Uncle thieves are in the library, searching for past news about female robbers who scale pipes (they figured out the gender based on footprints). They are scaring me at how smart they are. T____T Han-jeong the girl is outside the library, eating snacks because she gets headaches after reading too much. (Hah) She suddenly remembers "that pretty unni" was the same lady who approached her when she was stealing the diamonds in the jimjilbang. (Noooooo! Stop being smart! You're supposed to vanish into insignificance like most dramaland plot points!!!)
They are scary! And that "uncle" gives me nightmares! 
His eyebrows are weird. :\
Gye-pal sees Yoo-na hanging laundry in the rooftop and cheerily tells her the good news: he's back to working at the colatec! Chang-man comes up to call Gye-pal for breakfast. They invite Yoo-na who declines. Chang-man sends Gye-pal off first. "Wait a moment" he tells Yoo-na. Then he walks toward her with this really intense look in his face. Yoo-na freezes when he stops in front of her and reaches out a hand to caress her cheek..... but the hand goes to her hair instead. He picks something out and yells, "DOG FUZZ!" like a dolt. Then he smiles at her and leaves. Yoo-na swings her laundry at the clothesline. LOL is that sexual frustration?
I read it as "Goddamn, why does this man make my heart beat so much"?. It's a defensive mechanism, I'd say. She likes him. Liking somebody makes you vulnerable.
I was holding my breath, I admit.
Curly waits outside Chang-man's room. He awkwardly congratulates Gye-pal about getting a job. Gye-pal is also in a making-up mood and thanks him for the worry doll. Chang-man proudly says "I did it! I put that in your pillow!" Gawd, how old is this guy? Hahaha~ anyway, the guys bond about dolls and become new friends. Chang-man serves them hangover soup (that looked weird 0___o) and makes a 1/5 Goo-tak length speech about friendships and new beginnings. They praise his smartness and proclaim he will end up working for the National Assembly. (Assuming he passes that civil service exam which he ALMOST NEVER STUDIES FOR NOWADAYS.)
Oh, you're right!!! Go back and study!!!!
Yes, please do! Don't get stuck in this life!
Yun-ji leaves her apartment and is tailed by another of Nam-su's boys. She senses someone behind her and slows down, pretending to do some window shopping and forcing the tail to walk past her. In truth, she checks the reflection and confirms that it's Man-shik. She manages to lose him and calls Yoo-na to talk. Over lunch, Yoo-na asks why she didn't just turn around and confront Man-shik. Yun-ji says if Nam-su's gang found out that she knows it's them tailing her, it'd be too embarrassing for them. LOL. She says they're kinda dumb, but they're nice guys after all. Yoo-na says she'd rather associate with smart, evil people and warns Yun-ji not to be close with good but stupid guys. (OMG she's so mean hahaha~)
It was lovely to see the boys again, it's been a while! 
Aww, that was pretty sweet of Yun-ji. She gets a hug!
Y'know I wonder why Hwa-suk's team had to attack Nam-su and his boys. Of all gangs, I think theirs are the weakest, dumbest, least threatening group. (Though we love them for being too untalented at this pickpocketing thing.) I don't think they were the kind of rivals you'd have to worry about...

The girls go into a tangent about how the soup is so good because the restaurant is in the family for three generations (OMG I want that soup!!! - Then the PPL must be working!!). Then Yun-ji talks about Japanese clans who deal in stolen goods, and are also "honorable" about it because they've been doing it for generations. She gives Yoo-na a really good piece of meat and asks "Unni, what did your grandpa do for a living?" HAHAHAHAHA. Yoo-na sees through the question and shuts her down. Only her and her dad are thieves. kekeke. She also tells Yun-ji not to worry, since she's meeting Nam-su later and will ask him to stop sniffing around Yun-ji.
Madame, Da-yeong, and Dong-min (and his friend) go to a resort to have fun. ^^ Da-yeong laughs at Dong-min and his antics, and the Madame notes that this is the first time in a while that she smiled. She says it's beautiful, and to "use that weapon, don't let it get rusty". They talk about love, which Madame claims is more difficult than hate. Because all you have to do is ignore someone you hate, whereas loving someone means always wanting to see them. She says she loved Manbo because he was so strong and also nice to her. (Da-yeong does a "Nam" and shivers at the cheese. Hehe - Nam! I want a Nam! Actually, I'm listening to his new single right now. It's been on repeat for about an hour....) Da-yeong says she used to hate her step-mom but have now come to love her more than she does her own dad. Madame urges Da-yeong to marry as soon as she graduates. And to not let a prime husband material like Chang-man be "stolen" by the "fox from 2nd floor". Of course that just gets Da-yeong to like her stepmom more. Meh. Whatever, you two.
But this scene was very cute! We know how important it is to Madame to be liked by her "daughter". I am so glad they're bonding.
Yes, yes, but stop encouraging her, Madame!
Chang-man drives them home from the resort. The Madame asks him what Yoo-na does for a living and he answers "distribution logistics". HAHAHA. When they ask him to explain, he bullshits something about the transfer of leather goods like bags and wallets. HAHAHA.
That was hilarious. Chang-man is a quick thinker!

While driving, Chang-man gets a call from Yoo-na which he puts on speakerphone (NEVER do that!). She asks him to take down her clothes and underwear from the rooftop since it looks like it's going to rain. HAHAHA! Chang-man is embarrassed and drops the call. Madame and Da-yeong ask him if he does this stuff normally for Yoo-na, to which he says no. Absolutely not. This is the first time she asked this. Pffft!

Yoo-na calls right back. He tries to ignore it but Madame tells him to go ahead and pick up. Yoo-na sounds pissed about being cut off, "Are you suddenly mad that I'm asking you to get my laundry?!" Chang-man tries to whisper that it's not like that. He would bring it down anyway. Meanwhile, the ladies at the back just exchange annoyed glances.
So there's no other way than to take that phone on speaker, right? He doesn't have a bluetooth device thingy. Oh dear. So embarrasing. So funny...
Best. Scene. of the episode. Soooo funny!
I feel bad for Chang-man here. :( I don't feel like Yoo-na loves him very much...
Oh, but she's bossing him around! I think that's a good beginning. She probably doesn't know how to be sweet and stuff.

When they get home, Chang-man tries to carry their bags but the Madame tells him to hurry up before the rain starts. He tries to play it off and say he's not gonna run upstairs just to follow Yoo-na's orders. "Oh! It's raining!" says Da-yeong as she wipes something from her cheek. Chang-man immediately looks up, but Da-yeong was just bluffing. Hahaha!
How mean! How funny!
Chang-man turns serious and asks if they're making fun of him. But Dong-min raises his palm and goes, "Oh! It's really raining!" Chang-man looks up worried again, but it's another joke. HAHAHAHA Poor guy. The girls and Dong-min get their bags and go in after giving him scathing looks.
Have we recently said how good this drama is?! It's really good. The timing of this double-joke was perfect.
This whole scene (including the car ride) was pure gold.
Later that night, Yun-ji drives Yoo-na to her meeting place with Nam-su. She's practicing Japanese language with audio lessons. Yoo-na tells her to stop that, she will teach her the 3 Japanese phrases their "profession" needs to know. 1) I never saw it. 2) I was not there. 3) I don't know anything.
HAHAHA! She leaves her a reminder to "study hard" before she gets off the car.
I like hearing Kim Ok-bin speak Japanese. She has a lovely voice.
*girl crushes in secret*
Yoo-na finds Nam-su already drunk in their pojangmacha meeting place. She gives him the stink-eye and asks, "What are you even living for?"
I know you like him, mary, but Nam-su is really getting on my nerves these days. Get a grip! Girl never said she liked you. Tough luck, move on.
Poor boy. He's really spiraling at this point.


Aww... don't be mean, Yoo-na! Why are you mean to your namjas? Poor Nam-su got his source of living stabbed and his crush is drifting further and further away from him. Kdrama heroines have gotten drunk for less problems than that! Nam-su doesn't even have the promise of a piggyback ride by a hot chaebol to console him after. Though if that consoles him, this would be a Very Different Drama. Huihuihui (Where's JoAnne? I miss her when my mind is like this.)
What do you think, would she dirtify this recap too? Is that even possible?
Dirtifying these recaps? It's definitely possible!

I'm worried about Team Jimjilbang. I don't liiiiiiiiiiiike that they're even hunting down Yoo-na. Can't an officer spot them already and take them in? Maybe that upright one that refused to hand Yoo-na over to Bong?
I am very much worried about them, too. They have skills. Yoo-na isn't careful enough!!