Rants and "Weekly" Raves #20 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Rawwwwwwwwwwwwwr who's ready for 2015? You? Me? No. I'm going back to bed. I'm actually really out of whack right now and need to get situated, drama-wise, because I have no idea what's coming when or how much longer I have for what I'm on, and I keep sticking things in the middle and just watching straight through, or watching movies. That's what vacation for near three weeks will do to you, I guess. But I'm back at work now, and it's time to get serious about the dramas!
Lafer: Oh, is that what it takes to get serious about dramas? Going back to work? Ain't never going to happen, then. And if my boy Ji Sung fails me, well, I can't even ..... the thought is too depressing.....
kakashi: *Sigh* ... I've had a toughish start into 2015 too ... so much work! So little motivation!!! And I'm not doing well, drama-wise. Like... not well AT ALL.
Shuk: [happily watching lakorns without a care in the world]


JoAnne: Oh, boy. Oh geez. Oh wow. There's just not enough good to say about this OTP, together or apart. The rest of the folks ain't shabby either...but I'm calling this one for sure a classic couple, to be mentioned along with Coffee House, etc. 
kakashi: So ... you're saying I should watch it? I just can't get myself to watch anything these days!!!! It's a REAL slump. They scare me. And make me depressed. Because when they happen, I start thinking "what if I'll never get into a KDrama again"? And that would be TERRIBLE.  
Shuk:  I'm saving this one for a marathon, mostly because of my intense disappointment at the endings of recent KDrama fare.  
becca: This is the only current show that I'm not behind on. So much squeeing and badassery!  
kakashi: I am watching. But I'm not anywhere near gush-level yet, sorry. And y'all know this is a KBS drama, right?  
Healer thinks you're full of shit


JoAnne:  The King and Queen of Adorable are doing a really great job of being adorable and tugging at my heart here. Again, a drama that surrounds a really strong OTP with a great bunch of secondary characters. I am particularly enjoying Kim Young Kwang's arc and character growth. He's doing well and shows real potential with emotional range. (Not exactly a surprise. As I recall, he was convincing in White Christmas, and then again in Nine Times Boys or whatever that sweet show was called.) I like (and suspected always) that there was more to Mom's story than we were shown. I never thought her face reflected only coldness or disdain. I also like that the show isn't just going to ride on this little twist, but really make her work for redemption.
becca: I fell behind after they shifted away from Hyung's storyline. I still like it a lot, but I'm watching at a slower pace.
Bum Jo is calling you RIGHT NOW
Bum Jo, you can call me aaaanytime you want. *winks*

Pride and Prejudice

JoAnne:  Another strong show, I think, although I only sporadically have strong feelings about squeeing re Choi Jin Hyunk or Giant Puppy. I can squeal about that baby boy all day, though. Chan-ah! Come to Mama!
becca: That baby boy is the cutest! Well, him and the kids in Legendary Witch. :)
Can I have him?

Valid Love

JoAnne:  Yet another terrific offering for us. This feels like a movie. It's shot well, acted well, written fantastically well. I so love that they show the complexity of all these relationships and haven't (so far) taken a black or white only stance on what infidelity can do to a relationship - to ALL the family relationships - and that they dare to lead us toward a thoughtful consideration of the reasons WHY someone might stray without automatically painting any side as 'evil.' I am also thoroughly enjoying the frenemy-like courtship between the brother and sister. Someone on Twitter floated the theory that Tae Hee and Carpenter Kim might turn out to be half-brothers. My head explodes. It also immediately comes up with 'brenemies' which I intend to use in my next comment.
What is: Scene that will never appear in this drama?

The King's Face

JoAnne:  I'm behind, but don't take that as a lack of interest. These brothers really are brenemies, whether they want to be or even know it at all. It's going to break me, the end, I think that might be why I'm going slowly. Seo In Guk just wants his family to get along and to be able to live a quiet life with the woman he has loved since childhood. Every time his heart gets stomped on I die a little from that face.
becca: *sigh* I finally made the choice to drop this one, since I've been behind for weeks anyway. I initially liked it, but it kept skipping over the things I was really interested. For once, I wasn't sighing to get on with it already - I was actually saying, "Wait, go back! Can't we explore this a little more?" The show moved so fast from plot point to plot point that I never had a change to get emotionally invested, and that makes me sad because Seo In-guk is acting his little heart out, and I want to care so much more than I do.
He wants you to care

Kill Me Heal Me

Lafer:  I really want this to be good. I really NEED this to be good. But so far there have not been enough subs to fill in the blanks. Always the optimist, I will try again tonight. I think once I get a better grasp of what is going on, I'll be entertained, right? Because what could be bad about Ji Sung, 7 ways? OK, don't ask.  
Shuk: I've skimmed the first two, and OMG, Ji Sung with guyliner?? Yes please! It's still too early to tell if I'm in it for the long haul, but right now it's on the radar.
Lafer Update: Finally watched 1 and 2 with good subs. Yes, I am onboard. No doubt about it. With the exception of the female lead, it's one even kakashi could like! And the guy-liner - swoon.  
becca: She's so screechy! I'm worried that the corporate politics will take the spotlight later on, but until then, I am thoroughly enjoying the craziness.  
ShukUpDate: Oh yeah, I'm in. I'm getting a fresh bottle of soju for this one.

Oh boy, he's trouble

My Daughter Seo-young

becca: Several people on Twitter have recommended this drama, so I finally started it last night, and I'm loving it! For shallow reasons - like Park Hae-jin (he looks amazing in this drama, and I already love his character) and uh... Lee Sang-yoon! (I always have to think to remember his name; he's just Ha Woo-jin to me!) - and also for non-shallow reasons. Four episodes in, the story is touching and entertaining. I like the way that the relationships are portrayed - particularly the strained one between Seo-young and her father. These two have a lot of emotional scars, and I look forward to seeing them mend their relationship, even though I know it won't be easy.Lafer: I think this was one of the highest rated weekend dramas ever. It started in first place and stayed there its whole run. I really enjoyed it, but I marathoned it and it does get looooooong. And you kinda sometimes really dislike Lee Bo Young (Seo Young). A lot. But it is by far my favorite weekend drama.

Heart To Heart

Lafer: I watched the first two episodes of Heart to Heart, and if it's crazy you're after, it's a good place to start. Apparently the male leads are Pie and Thighs, names I was not familiar with but readers may know them and may want to check them out. I'll put a few more episodes in before making any decisions.


JoAnne:  I watched a bunch of Japanese stuff over break: Rurouni Kenshin (yes!); Kyo wa Kaisha Yasumimatsu (holy crap that Hiroshi Tamaki wow where have I BEEN I must watch all the things), and now Sapuri (Kame, my sweet boy). A colleague working here in the US with me who is normally in Tokyo has recommend something called Bitter Blood with the guy from Rurouni Kenshin, so that should happen soon, too. It's available complete on DF, so that makes it easy.
Shuk: I've been sporadically watching TWDrama Aim High  which isn't bad but isn't really good either.  I tried Jerry Yan's Loving Never Forgetting, but with short hair and oddly distorted features, he doesn't look like my Jerry. Wae?? Too distracting; can't watch.

Shuk:  Thailand continues to dominate my watch-time. I'm halfway through the 2011 serialized "Suparburoot / The Gentleman of Chutathep", 5 rich and stalwart (and pretty) young men falling in love in 1960's Thailand. I watched it for Grate Waringtorn (the eldest), but I'm working my way down.  It's a total of 55 episodes, but each story is 10~13 episodes so it can be taken in small bites. I also finished 2004's Roy Leh Sanae Rai (bitter only child falls in love with poor honest beauty).  My biggest happiness was getting the final subtitles completed for Leh Nangfah / Angel Magic, a spin on Beauty and The Beast, except Beauty is a spoiled rich girl who turns into a blue parakeet sundown-to-sunup.  The lead male is a cutie with lots of shirtless and shower scenes. Plus Beauty gets to sleep on his chest every night! I'm looking forward to a happy marathon sometime in my future.
lafer: On another note, I got outed on a Nam Goong Min/Hong Ji Young message board by someone who recognized my name from here. She requested that I do a little recap on them. I'll have to see if they end up being the couple of my dreams or making me forever swear off of We Got Married. To be continued.......
Shuk: You recapped Roommate S01 really well, at least, until the corporate asses ruined the chemistry. Can you do it again?