$_)@*$%^_ Witches Romance Ep 16 (A Finally Final Cap)

Shuk: We have finally reached the final episode. Once this is finalized, we can start something else. Kill Me Heal Me? Or wait for Blood? Both seem like they might be crack(d). Anyways, it's time for the tie-ups and final sweetness before we say goodbye to this 2014 noona romance.
JoAnne: I'm still on the fence about KMHM, but I do kinda like it now whereas before I was NOT impressed. Blood just better be a snarkfest, or it's going to be incredibly boring. Both leads have a rather... hmmm... 'low blood pressure' approach to acting.
kakashi: This is catharsis. Finishing something that finished so long ago ... it must feel good, no?
JoAnne:  Meh.
Shuk: [sigh]


Shuk: Our couple is snuggled together in a sunbeam. They are both fully clothed, though, which I always think is a bit of a cop-out. He brushes her hair off her cheek as she wakes up, and they smile sleepily at each other.  She’s a bit embarrassed over their cougar activities, but he’s all for an … err … morning walk in the woods.
JoAnne: Ahhh, the joys of a new growth forest. Not enough time for the underbrush to get really thick and tangled.
kakashi: So what were those activities exactly? Brushing dandruff off each other's clothes? 
Shuk: Afterwards, he hustles some breakfast, accidentally dropping her purse and scattering the contents. The envelope with the Global Challenge Program paperwork falls out, and he scans it. He realizes that she’s been chosen for the internship overseas.
JoAnne: I wish they wouldn't call it an internship. She's almost 40 for pete's sake. Call it a fellowship or something.
kakashi: The kitty cat is out of the bag. Urgh, the tension, I can't even. 

Shuk: A short time later they leave for work hand in hand, and he doesn't mention it at all. Ji-yeon tells her fishcake bestie the good news over lunch. Na-rae is surprised she isn't more excited, but in reality, Ji-yeon is worried about the time and distance away from Puppy.
JoAnne: I know Kakashi will have something to say about that, but it is natural for people to have concern over long-distance relationships.
kakashi: I have said it all. Long-distance relationships, the ultimate romance-killer in KDrama ... next to amnesia, terminal illness and bitchy 2nd leads. 
Shuk: Dong-ha is in a daze at the lab, mulling over what he saw. He decides to call Yong-sik about the internship, and our photog is happy to give him the skinny: the competition is fierce for the two positions they allot every year. His ladylove had been trying for several years to get chosen for the program.
JoAnne: Of course, he's an ass if he prevents her from going, and she's an idiot not to go. Even as a foregone conclusion, it's a tough decision to make in your heart.
kakashi: Not really. You can go visit every other month. Come on. It's for a year, not for eternity! 

Shuk: At work, Ji-yeon talks to Director Shekshi, advising him that she is declining the Global Challenge Program position. She cites that her real goal is to become Editor-In-Chief of their periodical, which she can achieve only by staying in South Korea.
JoAnne: Which might make sense, if that were the actual reason.
kakashi: She's an idiot and I'm soon going to destroy her face in the pictures cause she's reaching Polar Bear annoyance if she's not careful. 

Shuk: There is rumination on the bench as Dong-ha thinks over Yong-sik’s information. Cutie pops up for a bit of comic relief. Dong-ha mentions he’s dressed up to rove for girls, not a job. Cutie mumbles something and heads out, but not before Dong-ha calls him awkward and guilty.
JoAnne: Maybe Cutie will pop up for a minute in KMHM - he could be a source for Omega or something.
kakashi: Isn't he in something new, at least soon? It's hard to keep track for me these days. 
Shuk: Turns out he’s visiting Eun-chae the Intern with yummy refreshing drinks. Office Girl shows up, and tries to wrangle one of the drinks with some snark, but Intern snatches it back for Oppa. Cutie lights up when she calls him that, especially when she heads off with a saucy wink. Even sour drinks are sweet now!
JoAnne: They are cute together, though, aren't they. I liked this guy in the original, too, but the girl was a terrible terrible person. I'm glad they let her be okay here. Polar Bear used up all my dislike.
kakashi: Don't mention his name too frequently!! 

Shuk: Mom is sighing around a garden of gerberas, reciting sad poetry. She leans down to sniff a rose and hears a familiar voice continue the poem. Awww, Director Shekshi has tracked her down. She switches to coquette mode, which any woman can do on a dime. She begins to walk away, but he stops her with a serenade of “You Are So Beautiful” and a bouquet of blue Lenten roses. The joints are creaking as the hearts are beating.
JoAnne: Nothing a little lube can't take care of.
kakashi: Yes. Let them use lots of lubricant in the future. 
Shuk: It’s night and Ji-yeon is just getting home. Dong-ha waits on the steps for her, wondering why she didn’t let him pick her up from work. She says that Photog is in a tizzy about him switching from aimless part timer to med student and the son of a hospital director. Dong-ha smiles; imagine how he will react when he finds out he’s Lady Ban’s Lover.
JoAnne: Aaaaaaaaaaaand now I have uncomfortable images of flower wreaths and... man bits.

Shuk: Dong-ha gets serious and asks her why she didn’t tell him about the exchange program. He’s disappointed she didn't confide in him but from her point of view it doesn’t matter because she’s not going. He’s puzzled, since it is something she’s wanted for a long time. But in a quiet voice she tells him:

“Would you go? It was tough arriving where we are; what happens if we drift apart while I’m gone? It’s a terrific opportunity, but you are important, too.”

Shuk: He just pulls her into a hug. I wonder if he’s overwhelmed by her quiet declaration, or saddened that she doesn’t trust his steadfastness.
JoAnne: Maybe he's just copping a feel.
kakashi: I'm just annoyed at this again. I was when I watched it, too. 

Shuk: Dong-ha has spoken to his father about the woman he loves, and they need to share a meal together. She’s nervous, but he assures her that his father will love her too. She's nervous, though, since his father is so charismatic (yeah ... a good reason to be nervous). Dong-ha assures his woman that she's got the goods, too. He gives her a smacking kiss and pushes her towards her door, waiting for the lock to engage before leaving.
JoAnne: He really is just a complete love, isn't he, but why why WHY is he hearing that lock from the wrong side of the door?

Shuk: At the office the next day, Intern is being talked to by Mooney for making a mistake in a story. He handles it very well; you can't recall the magazine, but you can issue an online correction and print one in the next edition. He ends the conversation on a positive note, impressing Ji-yeon a little.
JoAnne: Okay fine he's not a complete ass.
kakashi: Yeah, if you run out of a story to tell 5 episodes ago, you at least have time for a little redemption.
Shuk: Ji-yeon can't decide on a meet-the-father-in-law outfit. Her bestie assures her that like father, like son. So he must be kind and gentle. Ji-yeon scoffs; her impression is laser eyes that miss nothing and major charisma. Na-rae picks a bright-colored outfit, since old people like bright colors. LOL
JoAnne: *looks down at hot pink lounger*
kakashi: I have nothing against bright colors.

Shuk: She is fidgiting at the dinner table; Dong-ha tries to soothe her, but just then Doctor Dad shows up. He is blunt. His son has about eight more years for school and residency, without a lot of time to date. Can a successful reporter wait that long? She is also blunt. She will not wait for him, since she has her own goals and life, she will walk with him, but he reaches his own goals as well.
JoAnne: Nice talk which does not address the issues at all.
kakashi: Yeah, why would she have to wait?! Just take what you can get right now. 

Shuk: He tries another question. Is she okay hanging out with an immature child? (ack, pleeeaaaaase) Ji-yeon smiles while Dong-ha protests. She agrees that he can be immature at times, but he is solid and dependable as well. The air eases and they have an enjoyable meal.
JoAnne: Plus she's not the most adult person all the time anyway, DAD.

Shuk: The pair heads back home, and Dong-ha gripes that his lady threw him under the bus. She banters that he also heard that she will walk with him and cheer him on. He gets jealous when she wonders why 'he' hasn't called, but she's waiting for her photog's contact.

Shuk: They surprise Intern, who is sitting on the bench outside their places. She is equally surprised that they are together, and Dong-ha wastes no time going into boyfriend mode, hugging Ji-yeon and asking Eun-chae to spread the news around TroubleMaker. Ji-yeon is embarrassed.
JoAnne: Cute cute cute now go upstairs and act like ADULTS.
kakashi: This is fucking cable after all! 

Shuk: Intern is equally embarrassed when Cutie tries to hustle her away. Busted. Dong-ha can’t resist; he compliments Cutie on his tight clothing and his cologne designed to entice “that certain innocent worman”. And Cutie gets all cute and confessional and kissy.
kakashi: *is still at tight clothing*.
Shuk: So they double date dip at the local café. The boys do their usual bromance bickering while the girls make their own snarky comments. Cutie whines that no one is on his side. The fun is broken with a phone call from Photog. Yoon-sik has a clue on a scoop, and Ji-yeon takes off to meet up with him and chase it down.
JoAnne: Where it falls apart for me a little bit is that she's fine with him, but when I see her with a bunch of people his age... it just looks embarrassing.
kakashi: Good point. From what I hear, that often is a real deal breaker in real-life age-gap relationships, too. 

Shuk: Cutie sighs that his bro is left in the lurch. Intern says it’s her unni’s destiny, and that she wants to become a reporter with a recognizable and trustworthy style all her own. This gives Dong-ha pause.

Shuk: It late late late at the office, Ji-yeon is finishing her draft. She saves it and sighs, then pulls out the Global Challenge paperwork. She sighs again and heads out the door. At the bottom of the stairs she sees lights on in the work space. When she walks in, a photo slide show begins.
JoAnne: Oh yay! I love slide shows!
kakashi: You do?

Shuk: It’s a chronicle of her life. Dong-ha narrates, from her baby beginnings to her biggest stories and her thirst for justice. She smiles at him as he steps out from behind the bookcase. He’s very happy that Reporter Ban is his girlfriend, and he hopes she will continue to tirelessly work for the latest news and be a passionate reporter. She nods. He tells her what it in his heart. Accept the internship, and he will support and cheer her on while he walks beside her for his own goals. It’s almost exactly what she told his father. Her eyes get sparkly and moist, and she lightens the mood by asking how he compiled the slideshow.
JoAnne: So really, I just assumed she decided she would go based on the moment when she said that to his father. Having her still not making a decision at this point seems false.
kakashi: It's called "dragging things out". 

Shuk: It turns out Moony is a wealth of information about every story the magazine had ever published, including all of her work. He invites himself to her place, ostensibly to check up on the fish. He can’t open the door though, because she changed the cipher combination. He knows right away what she changed it too, though. In front of the tank, he promises to take care of the fish, visit her mother for a meal every week, and do everything he can to make sure she doesn’t worry about home. He comments that she hasn’t gotten any packages recently; has he now seen all the stuff that was delivered? She giggles as they play the “Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine” game and head for the bedroom.
JoAnne: Thank GOD.
kakashi: Take care of my fish and goodbye. 

Shuk: Everyone is at the conference table at TroubleMaker the next day, and Director Shekshi announces Ji-yeon’s internship to England. He also announces the new Editor-In-Chief, based on Ban Ji-yeon’s recommendation. It’s Moony! Everybody cheers. When the two of them are left alone, he asks her why. Ji-yeon is straightforward; he knows the company inside and out, from the furniture to the history. This will make him a great Editor. Also, meet a good woman and date, and she will be back in a year.
JoAnne: At which point she'll take your job you poor sad sack.
kakashi: Yes, but we'll not get to see it, so I'm good. 

Shuk: Mom is helping Ji-yeon pack, loading her suitcase with food. Mom is worried; her daughter’s boyfriend is wonderful but so young, and what’s going to happen when he is surrounded by cute college girls? Ji-yeon trusts him, and the two settle down for mommy/baby snuggle time.
JoAnne: Their relationship was really refreshing for me in this drama. Just enough trope to be KDrama, but still somehow cute and modern.

Shuk: It’s time to head for the airport, and she tells Cutie to keep an eye on her man and give her the skinny on any girls that might be playing for him. No lover’s quarrels please! Cutie drives so the two of them can hold hands in the back seat, and they make side bets about how they will keep in touch. No wait, Dong-ha is driving and Cutie’s in the back seat enjoying all the sweetness. What?
JoAnne: Huh?
kakashi: Yeah.

Shuk: Let’s do the Time Skip agaaaaaiiiiinnnn. The hyacinth has bloomed, and Dong-ha has finished his midterms. Cutie shows up to take him to a resort to relax from exam stress. Dong-ha doesn’t want to go, but Cutie wants him to lend respectability to his pursuit of Eun-chae. Plus, he’s been down recently, since Ji-yeon hasn’t contacted him in over a week. So, it has come to this.
JoAnne: In this day of texting/snapping/instagramming/facetiming/vining etc etc etc, that long without news is pretty unheard of.
kakashi: It's for dramatic tension, JoAnne. 
Shuk: At the resort, Cutie and Jap Chae have one room, and our sad skinny guy is in another. They decide to head out for some food once they unpack. Dong-ha tries to reach Ji-yeon by phone, but she is still incommunicado. At the restaurant, our beta pair show off their couple shoes. FILA PPL!! Dong-ha scoffs them as childish, but has a flashback to those crazy pink golf shirts. Back in the present, the pair’s aeygo makes me feel like I need a shot of insulin.
kakashi: It's gonna be over soon, hang in there. 

Shuk: Over dinner, Intern compliments our Med Student on yet another scholarship. Dong-ha has a sour look on his face as they continue to cutely feed each other. He remembers way back when sharing fruits with his noona. She wipes some juice off his face, and he gripes that she isn’t shy about touching a man’s face. What if in England, James, Paul, or Smith wants her to wipe off their face. She calls him crazy but soothes him with a kiss and a lap snuggle.
JoAnne: His jealous face is always so cute though.
kakashi: Yes, his cuteness is what got me through this in the first place. 

Shuk: He checks his phone – still nothing. After eating, they decide to go for a walk and tell him to go back to his room, before quickly disappearing down the sidewalk. He sighs that the trip is no fun, and tries to call his woman one more time. He morosely makes it back to his room. But when he opens the door, Ji-yeon pops up, with wine, candles, and a big welcoming smile. But there’s no smile back. Instead, he snaps at her for worrying him for over a week. He strides over until they are face to face. Does she know how he feels after seeing her all of the sudden…?
JoAnne: I have one guess, and it does not involve the wearing of pants.
kakashi: Wow! She's here! Who saw this coming?! 

Shuk: He enfolds her in a big hug. …He’s happy. And she’s happy he isn't angry. He says he’s missed her! But before he can say anything else, she stopped him. She wants to say something first. “I love you.” Dong-ha is speechless as she continues. Before, she would only parrot back the words after he said them first. But this time, she wanted to take the lead. Aww, major moment of closeness!
kakashi: Incredible progress. 

Shuk: Cutie and Intern are still strolling together; Intern wonders if Med Student is feeling happy right now. Soo-cheol says, of course, he knows this since he has a lot of experience with girls…..whups. He does a quick backpedal and manages to extricate himself out of that little faux pas.
JoAnne: Oh come on Cutie, it's not like she doesn't know.

Shuk:  In the other room, our canon couple are enjoying some well-deserved snuggle time and catch up on each other’s lives. She chides him for his arrogance at his outstanding grades; she mentions how the England magazine loved her so much they wanted her to stay.
JoAnne: Well, he can do an internship with the NHS, right?

Shuk: Her voice gets sleepier as they talk. Director Shekshi wants to see her immediately after arriving back in Seoul, but she’ll meet him later. Dong-ha offers a summer break trip to Jeju Island. When she says nothing, he looks down – she’s sound asleep. He chuckles and hugs her tighter as they both drift off to sleep.
Shuk: She finally meets the director for a meal, and he’s brought his girlfriend along!  Ji-yeon’s eyebrow almost hit the top of her head, when her mother shyly scooches over to her boss. I guess it’s time for everything to be out in the air.
JoAnne: Such a cute couple though, I love it.

Shuk: The older couple promise to never argue again. Ji-yeon’s eyes narrow; did they start dating before she went to England. Haltingly, Mom says maaaaaaybe…. [shifty eyes]
kakashi: I thought she knew?

Shuk: She meets up with Fishcake Mom to gripe a little about her mom’s romance. And to play with the baby. Na-rae believes that after raising Ji-yeon by herself, her mother deserves a little happiness.
Shuk: Ji-yeon pow-wows with Director Shekshi. She has decided not to return to TroubleMaker, since she doesn’t feel comfortable having her mom’s boyfriend for a boss. She puts her mother into his care as her way of approving the relationship.
JoAnne: What? No angst? Just 'oh hey, you did this, so I'm gonna do this, and it's cool' ?
kakashi: As it bloody should be. 

Shuk: She has an interview with a periodical publisher who is impressed with her work in Great Britain and is willing to hire her on the spot. After the meeting, she power-struts her way between the towering walls of the corporate jungle. She promises herself to continue moving forward, but at a slower pace so she can enjoy the journey as well.
JoAnne: Stop and smell the fishcakes, in other words.

Shuk: Dong-ha is eating with his father and talking shop. He mentions the scouting offers that Ji-yeon has been receiving, and how crazy busy she has been. Doctor Dad gets down to brass tacks; have they thought about settling down and marriage and family yet? After all, women like stable relationships. Dong-ha hedges a little.
JoAnne: Dad, have you met Ji Yeon?
kakashi: Ah, but you don't understand, JoAnne. EVERY woman wants that. And if you don't, you're probably not a woman! 

Shuk: Later, the pair is having a little face-to-face fun aeygo bed time. Except, they are actually at a furniture store. They get chased out, after decided it wasn’t exactly right for them. We get a montage of them playing Mall Rats.
kakashi: FILLER. 

Shuk: There’s a time skip, and we see both mother and daughter Pretty In Pink. Ooh, is this the marriage? They both cry as talk about how much they love each other. Mom leaves, but all I can think is how Ji-yeon can balance on those impossibly-high stilettos.
JoAnne: I remember how I felt about this the first time I saw it. I was irritated, truthfully. Don't jerk me around!
kakashi: Well, at least someone gets married, right? 

Shuk: Dong-ha pops his head around the door, then pops back. The comes in with cheese – she’s so beautiful, he thought it was the wrong room! My my my, he is a tall drink of water in a skinny tuxedo. She complements him on his appearance and they walk arm-in-arm out of the room.
JoAnne: He looks nice in a suit though.

Shuk: The Fishcaker Family is at the ceremony, along with the Cutie Couple, the TroubleMaker Team, and of course, our Adorable OTP. A smiling, dating Editor In Chief is the MC. It’s the Director and his Dame! Ji-yeon’s mom is the bride! Dong-ha and Ji-yeon smile at each other as she touches her necklace.
JoAnne: Not that I mind them getting married, it just wasn't what I was expecting, so now's the point where I begin expecting something else to happen here.
kakashi: It's the drama trying to be cheeky ... and failing quite miserably. 

Shuk: Cutie is singing! Wait, does Yoon Hyun-min sing? I guess he does! Plus, he’s awesome dressed all in white. Dong-ha catches the bouquet.
JoAnne: I know before he acted he was a ballplayer.
kakashi: Oh, white pants. 

Shuk: Our favorites are wandering through a garden together. Mom and Shekshi Stepdad are spending a one-month honeymoon. So when will they have their long Jeju weekend? Ji-yeon laughs, and Dong-ha pouts. After all, he would go with himself if he asked himself to go to the island.JoAnne: I really thought it would be a double-wedding, at least.

Shuk: He stops short, refusing to stroll any longer. She tries different tactics: the demanding reporter, the pushy cougar, the slap-threat. Nothing. She goes into cutesy attack, starting out with major fangirling, then hearting. He laughs and finally gives in, reaching her in about 4 strides with those long, long, tuxedo-clad legs. They promise to go to the island.
JoAnne: Long. Thirsty.
Shuk: He also asks when will they get married. After all, is there a law against marrying a student? And she’s rejected three proposals. She denies this. She didn't reject them, they are only postponed. She’s firm that they will wait until he graduates. He affectionately calls her a mean witch playing hard to get.
JoAnne: WHY? Why wait? WHY?
kakashi: I think it's to educate the kids that are watching this? Like: don't get married before you graduate? 

Shuk: Final inner monologue. He will protect the woman who walks beside him, and not be ashamed to dream. She is no longer afraid to love; perhaps they may not marry but, even so, they love each other the best way possible. They kiss and smile, before going back their play. The end.
JoAnne: WhatEVER.
kakashi: It's finally over. WOW. 


Shuk: [fall back exhausted] Although this show captivated me when it first aired, it 'stickiness' ratio unfortunately wasn't' enough to prepare me for squeecapping the last two episodes. Next time Jo does this, I'm flogging her with a jjajamyeon noodle, heavy on the black bean sauce.
JoAnne: Or you could just have looked the other way, like Kakashi did. No but seriously, thank you. I just could not. I honestly don't know why. As for the ending: I get it. I got it in the original, too. But I can't help that I wanted them to have the understanding that marriage wasn't necessarily the be-all / end-all, and then STILL give us the wedding.
kakashi: This drama went downhill fast for me after Polar Bear entered the picture. There was only anger, no suspense or tension at all. Please, Korea ... stop making dramas that are 16 or 20 episodes long if you don't have a story to tell. It's just painful. 
Shuk: Is it time to continue recapping Night Watchman's Journal?  Or maybe just get a Brazilian.  I think both would be equally excruciating.