Rants and 'Weekly' Raves #24 (RAWR)

kakashi: Heyahey, Squeeglets! I'm on holidays. Maybe I'll continue recapping GEoDIL. I'm also thinking about KimJi-capping Joseon X-Files. Or some Yoo-na's Street? Anyway ... we haven't added any new banners to our banner selection, so I was thinking ... anybody wants to make a banner for us? We'd love some!
Someone make a banner of Moon Shik being run over by a wheelchair! Repeatedly. #MoonShikMustDie


Everyone! Please join me in the #MoonShikMustDie movement, and tweet your inventive ways for Myung Hee to kill him, often by wheelchair. No, Lois, I am not going to create a contest. 
Lafer:  Haha. I'm bummed because Dramafever stole my last contest idea right out from under me. Do we have a spy among us?
Sorry, but I've stopped watching. I decided that 16 episodes is enough. I enjoyed this, but clearly not as much as so many others. But please, people ... discuss! Still good? Still da best?

Jerkyll, Jed, and I

Shuk: We need some plot progression. STAT.
Ack, there is so much terrible in this show, it's hard to see the truly good stuff. Both Episodes 5 and 6 did well in my book by focusing on the romance, which is definitely going to be fun. Somebody expresses her love for your alter ego? Wow. So he is jealous of himself? I like that. In fact, that scene during which Seo-jin tries to hack into Robin's phone ... hehehe. That was hilarious. But Seo-jin is quite mean, don't you think? Sadly, the writer is one of those that cannot write good female characters. Hana is a cliché-disaster when she stops being boring and bland for a second. I have a hard time watching her and an even harder time taking her seriously. Also, I hear the show needs to save money? Get rid of Woo-jung/ Hyeri. She must be one of the worst idol-actors we've been exposed to for a while. Just NO.
I haven't watched this week's episodes yet, but I love what you're doing with the names.

Kill Me, Heal Me

Shuk: Ah! The feels! [flailing around] Despite the episodic screeching, this is my favorite pairing so far, out of everything I'm watching, SK or Thai. Poor DH, hanging onto her like a lifeline to his sanity, and she telling him exactly what he needs to ease his heart.  Of course, if she was a REAL psychiatrist, her Career Dissipation Light would be going into overdrive. I'm writing this at Episode 8, and I can't wait until we meet Nana!
Well I have seen through episode 10 and finally am 100% invested. Okay 98% because I'm STILL so traumatized by the screeching bug-eyed crazy woman that I live in fear of her returning...but man, the fight between Do Hyun and Se Gi is epic, Yo Na is freaking hilarious - EVERYthing Ji Sung is doing is amazing...and now that Oh Ri On is showing his real face (which is bad ass and NOT a fool at all) ...yes, oh yes.
lafer: I really love this drama. 'Nuf said.
Shuk:  Okay, I've caught up on the episodes.  Poor Spike, eight year old emotions in a hot body. But, no matter how much he wishes it, he can't survive that way, even if DH was gone forever.  And I think he knows it, which is part of his temper tantrum. I want him to have a happy ending too, dammit! 
I dreamt the other night that I started to watch at episode 9 - and loved it. My father was watching with me. Should I ask him whether he wants to have a go? He is downstairs ... oh, and wait ... has Hwang Jung-Eum done one of those tear-bag eye surgeries?! It would explain a lot. Heck, one of the main reasons for NOT starting this drama is that I get the shudders when I see her. By the way, this site is a hoot.


Cue Mary!
I'll try.... thing is, I don't how what to say about Punch. I just know it's really good. I want to know what diabolical scheme our dying ex-corrupt-but-still-evil-if-needed Prosecutor will hatch next. I want to know how the bad guys are gonna screw him over and how he's gonna kick their ass on his way to hell.

I guess it's like watching two evenly matched fighters. They are both so good at this corruption game. There's no circling around, they just go all in and fuck up each other's plans. And the lines are so cool and funny. So yeah, that doesn't sound convincing at all. I don't know what I'm doing here. @___@

Dr Frost

I've seen 3 7 episodes so far and while I think Kakashi is right and a better job could be done with Frost himself, I find the stories interesting enough, the drama is crammed full of character/supporting actors that I always enjoy, and I think the interactions between Frost and his regular human contacts are often funny. I'm also interested in the subplot between him and Lee Yoon Ji, one of my favorites. This is a very familiar concept in US TV and one I've always enjoyed. For now, I'm in.
I have finished watching. What can I say ... a lot of potential, but ultimately, not even half of it was used properly. The "False Memory" subplot - I'll try not to spoil anyone - was nicely done, but unfortunately, simply too implausible. You can't get people to either kill themselves or kill others just by implanting false memories. And even though I like revenge stories, a revenge that unfolds over, what, 25 years or something? I don't think so. What happened with this drama is kinda typical for when OCN doesn't quite get it (happened with TEN2 as well) - it wants to do a US-style procedural show with a larger story arc (like Bones, for example, or Supernatural), but the writing simply doesn't live up to that. Also, I'm sorry friend, but Song Chang-Eui? You REALLY cannot act. I would have much preferred Song Jong-Ho in the lead role.

Shine or Go Crazy

becca: Okay, I forgot to mention this show last week, so I'll put in my two cents. This show is… weird. The production values are bad (though not as terrible as the first two episodes), the writing is all over the place, and, with only a few exceptions, the acting isn't very good either. I'm enjoying it, though. If nothing else, it is very entertaining, and there are some moments that I really like. Basically, anytime Jang Hyuk stops playing Goryeo Gun and gets to be serious, I'm very happy. Also, I am actually enjoying the political stuff in this one, so I guess they're doing something right. Or at least not doing something too terrible.
It's on my list to check out because a couple people who generally like some of the better stuff I like like THIS... and that puzzles me.
I hear very mixed things, but I also want to watch! I see an opening, so next week, I'll be able to comment as well.

Persevere, Gu Hae Ra

Oh man, such a nice little show. They KNOW how to mix the pain with the funny. They KNOW. The pain will grab you in all the right ways but then they can save you (I'm laughing now even THINKING of some scenes - like the bathhouse, or the phone call...) the funny is truly hilarious.
becca: I just finished episode one, and I'm already fighting tears. I loved it from minute one, and I'm not sure how I'm going to survive this show.
UPDATE: Just finished episode two, and I've realized that this show isn't actually called Persevere, Gu Hae Ra. It's called Let's Kill Becca.

Heart To Heart

Our female lead is starting to come out of her cocoon and I find her the most intelligent of the lot. She is not only astute in assessing others but very self aware. Meanwhile, the two guys are looking like immature fools at times. The fight this week was hilarious. But I really hope that Thighs is not going to turn into an annoying, typical second lead. Wae, wae, wae do second leads, when they know the woman likes someone else, confess that they'll just keep trying harder? Please Thighs, don't become jerky! Overall, I'm still really liking this drama.
Me too, but I haven't seen this week's episodes. I completely got her confusion last week - it's as if her heart is betraying her! - but I love that she just GOES with what she feels. If she had that spunk all along, why are we here now, though? That's the piece I don't understand. She was terrified, and now she's still terrified, except she's not very terrified at all, is she.


Sleepy Hollow: Hey, another good episode! Damn, show - if you don't get renewed, I'll be sad now! They managed to have almost only Ichabbie on screen, with the occasional sprinkle of Katrina. There was so little of her, she barely managed to annoy me. Maybe it's *SPOILER* because she has "Seeds of Darkness" within? Just like Jerkyll The Jerk and I, they should stay away from CGI though.
Shuk: I cautiously lined up the episodes to see if I can really go through 10+ hours to get to a good one. Does two good episodes in a row constitute a restart for the entire season?
I am so torn now. I made my decision but now I'm wondering...
Ahahaha, no, don't watch it. If you do, just watch the last 5 or so episodes if it keeps up and spare yourselves the agony
It's not physically possible for me to start something in the middle.

Jane the Virgin: Hey! I didn't see that one coming!
I did!
Shuk: I knew it couldn't be the two obvious choices, but until halfway through that episode, I didn't know who. Well played!

The Vampire Diaries: I still can't explain why I'm still watching this, haha. Ian Somerhalder is getting "old" and his hair is terrible. The stroy is beyond boring, just cancel this already!!! It's really telling that my two favorite character are Kai, the psychopath warlock and Enzo, the psychopath vampire, who gets far too little screentime. I think I'm secretly hoping for everyone to die. 
EMPIRE. Empire, Empire, Empire. Ho mai goodness, Empire.
Not sure I want to watch. But I'll check it out! Yeah. And then, I've been ogling Hugh Jackman. A LOT. Like that:
I've rewatched ALL the X-men/Wolverine movies, Australia (obviously, see above - I LOVE that movie!!), Kate & Leopold, Paperback Hero, and Someone Like You. I will watch: Prisoners (haven't seen that one yet) and The Fountain (have seen it, don't remember a thing). Real Steel is extremely cute, but I'm not sure I want to see it again. Ah, and Scoop ... I don't remember a thing. Good or bad? Not sure I'll watch. Van Helsing? Probably not. THAT was a bad movie!

Here I Go Again...

Shuk: As if there isn't enough for me to do, becca and I have embarked on another Thai Squee Cap, this time right here with our squeeing buddies in PotUP. I haven't abandoned my own modest efforts, but my dongsaeng convinced me I can juggle three recap projects instead of two. Ngao Jai / The Heart's Shadow will be my first recap collab for 2015! The show stars two of Thailand's newest and brightest, Toomtam Yuttana Puangklang and View Wannarot Sontichai. Becca will be lead squee-er on this one. Su Su, Becca, Hwaiting!!
becca: Just for the record, I think we're crazy. :)
kakashi: Haha, becca. You think recapping is crazy? Damn. What does that make me??
I secretly claim Rut and plan many slightly depraved acts for him to enjoy. #50ShadesofTwoLips #HaDoYouSeeWhatIDidThere #OfCourseYouDid #YouAreNotBlind
Shuk: [sharpening stakes]