블러드 Blood - Episode 3 (A FakeCap)

(Un)fortunately (?), more than 900 people have read our previous posts. Much more. So we'll continue this (ad)venture here (for the time being). I'm almost hoping for this to be as bad or worse as last week's episodes. I also realized I need to step up on the fakeness, because we were really not even close to being fake enough. So this is what I'll do ... I'll watch without sound and subs this time round, but take into consideration "spoilers" I have seen on twitter.
I'M SO EXCITED. Nothing you can come up with is going to match the WTFness of some of the dialogue from this episode. (Also, Cass said we could put her awesome video in a BloodCap!)
Shuk: [whimpering]
Lee Jae Wook has a bad reaction to a new face lotion sample

Episode 3

Remember the incredible cliffhanger from last week? Yes! The chewing gum things were fake, Park Ji-Sang is vamping out in the operating room! Long nails and all (interesting fact: they don't pierce the surgeon gloves).
Perhaps gloves also come with a reservoir tip.
Lee Jae-Wook smirks from above: This is all his doing. He wants Ji-sang to turn to the dark side. Ri-ta, not yet but soon Ji-sang's love interest (cause he saved her in the forest many years ago and that means you must marry), is happy to see her "enemy" falter. It's super embarrassing for our celebrity genius doctor to fail like that. My god, he even drops the scalpel.
I can't believe that a doctor would have no qualms about putting a patient's life on the line to play tricks. Then again, I suppose, canon rules of vampires state they  consider themselves above humans anyway, right?
Just in time (before his true identity is discovered), Ji-sang excuses himself and runs out. He really needs to go take a dump. Good save! But what now? He goes into his room again and gets himself ... another chewing gum from his safe. Almost. Cause he remembers he got a NEW supply from his little friend and helper this morning and is smart enough to go for the new stash. The effects kick in - he operates flawlessly, pretending his little stool problem is resolved. Lee Jae-Wook is not amused. He was so close!
Who chews chewing gum like that? He puts it into his mouth like it's chewing tobacco, except that goes in your lower jaw. Looking at it now, I think he's piercing the capsule with his canine, maybe.
Ji-sang struts through the hospital and runs into Lee Jae-Wook - who lectures him about the necessity to always go to the toilet before starting to operate. In case of diarrhea or fecal incontinence, take Loperamide or Tricyclic antidepressants! It's easy. Ji-sang isn't listening, because he is SO angry.
How dare that man instruct him on pooping habits!  No, actually, the poop conversation comes later.
He struts to the roof, where he has an aaaaangry phone call with his little friend. His face twitches weirdly and yeah. I get why netizens got angry about him being angry. Then, all energy leaves him as he collapses on the hospital roof and almost cries. So sad. So lonely. He's just a boy like you and me.
He was benting! Can't a poor bempire bent sometimes? So stressful. You just don't know.
You know, though, he really shouldn't bark at the one person who understands and keeps his butt in dry ice bedding and Vitamin V capsules.

Lee Jae Wook: God, I am handsome  /  Bempire:  This is what frustration looks like, I think

When he's mustered enough strength and courage to go down again, he runs into Rita Bitch. Of all people. She's wearing that expression - yes, THAT one - that makes you want to smack her.
That would be ALL of them, so far.
Botox acting?
And she goes: I can lend you diapers for next time, if you want. I have really good ones. He stays fairly calm, all things considering, and says thanks, but I've got my own. Anyway, out of my way, you annoying brat. I'm your superior and you better kiss my a$$. And, ah, by the way ... you've got spinach between your teeth.
Nope, poop conversation is still to come! I think she accused him of suffering from an anxiety disorder and announced that she'd be submitting a request for a full work up to include a mental health evaluation. Can you just...do that?
It's nice to know that a doctor who is not assigned to a patient, and who nearly f**ked up her own patient's life the day before, somehow has the right to shove a CURED board stick up someone else's butt, Nepotistic NeoNazi.

She: Lisp, mumble, mumble  /  He: Spock-like put down

Hospital administrator woman tells Lee Jae-Wook that they haven't been able to buy that particular water that genius doctor Ji-sang order. He says no problem, he'll deal with it.
Close.  She tells him that Ji Sang has requested access to a restricted area in the hospital database, and Jae Wook agrees without hesitation. This surprises her but Jae Wook explains that rules are for the little people. People who are special, who stand out above the rest? Rules are not for them.  They might as well have run a ticker across the bottom screaming in neon:  Villain Manifesto Here!!! [She also tells him about Ri Ta's request and I'm relieved to see that the reaction to that is amused laughter.
Rules? I laugh at your silly rules!
Uncle Whateverhisnameis is visiting Rita - such a kind person, a true philanthropist! He even brought her her favorite candy. But wait ... can Kim Kap-Soo even BE a kind person?! I don't think so. 
Me neither, although I had no clue for a while, here. Maybe not even until next episode. 
He was the nice makgeolli winery owner in Cinderella Unni. Okay, he liked calling his kids Bratty Rascals, and they ended up with psychological scars, but that doesn't make him a bad person, right?
He tells her to be strong and grow under Genius Doctor's guidance. She'll be able to be a wonderful doctor, and save many many people in the future. Awww, uncle, she says, you're so kind to me ... what would I ever do without you. We see that she's cheerful and nice when she's not bitchy. She's only bitchy because she's insecure. Awwww.
Little bitchy Princess Pain In The Ass.
At Ji-sang's home, Friend & Helper analyzes the chewing gum of (almost) doom. What he finds is shocking ... somebody has fiddled around with the DNA in there.
Pampire Gum: Do you know who you are chewing?
I liked all the sophisticated equipment. Without any PPL stickers that I could see.
Somebody KNOWS! While all this is going on, Ji-sang is chilling in a tub of ice (yeah, his body temperature is 3 times higher than ours), when Luuvy rolls in. He wanted to have a look at the pampire's reproductive organs, cause he wasn't sure whether they have any? He is interested in things like that. Ji-sang isn't showing him though.
He hasn't come to terms with shrinkage.

Hearing what his Friend has to say doesn't please Ji-sang - but at least, he knows he needs to be on guard now. He also gets a tamper proof new chewing gum case. Luuvy is still interested in the organs, but they send him out of the room cause they don't want to deal with a pervy robot. I hope Blogger doesn't think this is a sexually explicit picture.
Anybody else wonder how Puuury would do if the robot had an elbow?
Luuvy:  You want a firm grip and a steady rhythm. Works every time!

We're at a sinister underground facility with Lee Jae-Wook. It's a laboratory in which they do vampire experiments. I think they saw Vampire Prosecutor 2! Yeah, it inspired me too!! It also explains why they have super vampire Kwon Hyun-Sang on their team. There's a female doctor who is really pale, so she is probably a vampire too. There's a bunch of other doctors, too. Test subject XYZ wakes up and has seizures. And bloodlust ... he wants to bite the beautiful and capable doctor, but she sticks him with a needle and he dies. I'm impressed, but Jae-wook isn't ... this is going too slow. He wants to rule the world already!
I think the makeup is left over from The Walking Dead Season 3. But I have to say Ji Jin-hee has a way with a frown and an eyebrow twitch.

Ji Jin Hee: God, please help me to remember the paycheck. I can do this.

Ji-sang is doing some hard thinking at home - he looks blue right now, because he has eaten too much asparagus.
He's sad because now his pee will stink?
A quick cut, and we're at a bar (also blue), with Rita and her friend (also blue from too much alcohol). You know how many actors play drunk really really badly and they annoy you A LOT? Yeah. Two men show interest, but Rita is putting them in their place and tells them to take their clothes off * if they want anything from her. Her friend is suuuuuper embarrassed about that. Rita passes out very dramatically. It's to show us that she is, in truth, kinda cool.
*Not really, but what she does do is just as embarrassing to her friend. I wonder if we will ever learn her name? What we do learn in this scene: Ri Ta has an interesting drinking habit, well-known to her friends. She insists that any man interested in her demonstrate his physical prowess by first leaping across the room in one bound, and then going outside to wrestle the neighborhood dogs. Somebody's got it bad for somebody.  One might almost say she imprinted. Ahem. 
Silly Tipsy Undeniaby Poorly Inebriated Dumba##. Are we supposed to feel empathy or amusement. Because I just feel slightly nauseous at this point.
It's the next day and Ji-sang is checking the CCTV to find out who entered his office. The security guard is that chubby guy from Age of Feeling!
Interesting. That awful beard wasn't a stylist's choice?
Of course, the camera malfunctioned and the video is compromised. It's a dead end, Pampire. After that, he doesn't strut for a change, but sneaks. He is suspicious of everyone now and even grumpier than usual. Suddenly, he sees a guy that tries to enter his room - a security guard! But he was only trying to see how easy it was to get into the office. He claims.
And Security doesn't really seem to care about all the security breaches: CCTV, electronic door locks, safes. Maybe the guards should go back to their behind-the-counter jobs at the local GS25 store.
Rita and three male doctors have a break. They discuss diapers for doctors - each has their own favorite brand. Some are soft, some are not, etc. You get the idea. Suddenly, Pampire appears - they fall silent immediately. It's an uncomfortable silence and he says "stop blabbering all the time and do something useful for a change, you wastes of space. And anyway, I know the best diapers so shuddup". After he has left, they curse him.
Yes! This was the poop conversation. The whiners sit around complaining about his lack of surgical balls, rushing out like that. They all agree that even if you are a fountain of diarrhea, you should not leave your  position at the surgical table. Ah, says Young Pampire, but then would you not have to reprimand that doctor for shitting on the floor? How would you word that? Then, yes, he wonders how they have time to sit around, when they have patients just waking up from surgery.
This show just loves showing fake doctors doing fake non-doctory things. It would be cheaper in the long run to just use cardboard cutouts of doctors and just put a stethoscope around their necks for the 3-D effect. My surgeon was right there when I woke up after extubation. And he didn't smell like coffee and crullers.
Consultation time - Ji-sang is seeing a patient with a bad hepatopancreaticobiliarymaxosis tumor. It's almost impossible to operate. But only almost. Ji-sang could do it - but the risk is very high, so he really doesn't feel like it. He doesn't say that yet though, but sends the people out. Without hope, they're ready to die. Especially since Ji-sang was extra gruff and mean. Thank goodness for Rita, who sees them and gives them hope by just being there.
If you are awake and her patient, she is very caring. If you are unconscious, she acts like you don't exist.
I wish she didn't exist. Is it too late to replace her with a cardboard cutout? I would prefer bempire end up with the new resident. Can we try a netizen petition?

Pampire: You're very sick, you should leave.

Hospital Administrator is with Uncle WhatshisName ... oh, they're old lovers! That's exciting. You know, the kind of old love that is like a sleeping vulcano? Yeah, that kind.
You think so? Maybe they'll get infected together and wander off into a Pampire eternity.
The administrator talks about the chosen indigent cases: all of them are senior alone and penniless, placed in a separate ward away from the rest of the hospital and strictly under the Director's purview. Woow, that was so subtle, that I would never think "human fodder for Operation VampVirus". Amazing, writer-nim! All sarcasm intended.
She is concerned for him ... he isn't well. And he isn't taking care of himself as he should! He quickly takes his leave, because he has a pain attack. He barely manages to escape into the staircase and take some instant pain killers. Well, not instant enough.
Dammit! Another Korean citizen succumbing to AFHS (Always Fatal Hand Syndrome) - not to be mistaken with the Alien Hand Syndrome - where's the telethon for these sufferers, huh?
"Lift A Finger to Give Them A Hand" campaign. Or is it "Lift A Hand to Give Them The Finger"? I forgot.
The nurses complain about the pretty doctor with the long neck - he's such a dick to them. And completely immune to their charms! How is that possible?
Round head on a long neck, and I cannot even call him penishead, because Shuk is using that in a different recap and we must be wary of accusations of plagiarism. Author gives permission. I've come up with something better on my Scruff Cap. When the first year residents come walking, they cheer up though. Such a merry bunch! They have to suffer under Doctor Paler every day, they joke, but they're still breathing. The nurses really have nothing to complain about. Just then, new patients come in - a group of homeless guys, dirty and smelling. They're super exited: They have signed for a new experiment aka clinical drug test!
SO CLOSE. They're there to have all their medical woes addressed, for free. Or so they think...
Now they are bashing the nursing profession. Nurses are taught to handle any and all types of people regardless economic strata and hygiene. The head nurse is right, and the other nurses are poorly executed caricatures. But what should I expect from this entire thing.
At the secret underground facility, things are getting interesting ... the hooded vampires have turned up. They are there to remove all the traces and all the witnesses. Bye, bye staff!
Front Guy is this story's Hunky Henchmen. Also, he always appears to be sad and sort of questioning. I think he is perhaps a sensitive pampire who will part ways dramatically with Lee Jae Wook. Which of course means he'll die. Sad.  Back guy is the Joker, if the Joker were Korean, a pampire, and perhaps not quite right in the head.  I mean, look at him.  I think his belfry is missing a few bats.
The pale female doctor has joined Jae-wook at one of the doctor powwows. And I've come to the conclusion that this entire hospital recycles about twelve doctors. And SSDD with the medical conference: Pita snarks and toes the party line, lone dissenter gets public setdown. And Grand Plans Get Publically Announced. She tells them that she is dying ... dying of a special and very rare type of cancer. But she believes that the doctors here can save her. Haha, says Ji-sang, what a charade. The doctors? No. HE can save her. Only him. He knows that SUPER risky procedure he wold like to try. Don't be a fool, says Rita in her snippy way, I can do it much better. Doctor Scruff on the other hand says you're all a bunch of morons. I'm outta here. You're all fools, says Jae-wook. HE can save her. Because he has been developing a very powerful drug - he just needs to test it on some willing human subjects.
Nope, nope, nope.  She's part of Jae Wook's team. We speculate that she is a pampire as well. Since this is Korea, it's fairly safe to assume that she carries a torch for Jae Wook and will resent Ji Sang for being the child of the woman Ji Sang loved.

Quick! Is her hair gold, or black?

Outside, Doctor Scruff tells Ji-sang that he finds him kinda cool and would like to have a drink with him ... sometime. Ji-sang smiles! Twice! Yes, he fancies the other dude a bit too. He doesn't buy any bullshit - and he really isn't friends with Rita, quite the opposite. Ji-sang thinks to himself that it's good to have allies.
Scruff did indeed make friendly overtures, but Ji Sang rejects him in favor of living as a mysterious genius. Plus, how to explain Luuvy if he ever comes over for dinner?

A nun has entered the hospital - Uncle Whatshisname knows her personally and helps her into the bed. She is unfamiliar with hospitals and procedures and really afraid, but both Rita and Uncle talk to her kindly, to dispel her fears. The doctor treating her is Ji-sang, however. All the friendliness leaves the room immediately when he enters - but the nun really likes him anyway. Such a young, beautiful doctor!
Uncle Potentially Evil really does seem to have a long standing and friendly relationship with this woman, as does Ri Ta. Do we have a possible first?  I don't think I've ever seen an evil nun in a drama before.  And if she's friendly with Uncle and HE is evil, shouldn't that mean SHE is evil as well?
Nah. We all know that, in the end, Poor Little Pita never knew her uncle was a partial undead with an urge to perform wilds inappropriate experiments in a quest to live longer. Personally I would only have accepted VampVirus in my late 20s/early 30's. Now? I wouldn't want to spend eternity fat and old. Plus, she's holding a rosary in the CT scanner.
Her MRI shows a Klatskin Tumor, a cholangiocarcinoma occurring at the confluence of the right and left hepatic bile ducts. Yup, it's baaaaaad. Good nun will not make it much longer. Rita pouts ... it shows she is sad. She starts discussing what to do with Ji-sang, but she's too emotional. This nun means a lot to her. She'll do anything. Rita even almost cries. This nun is like a mother to her. This makes an impression on Ji-sang - he realizes this woman has true feelings.
Ji Sang might be touched by this. Or he might just be trying to mimic her facial expressions but ends up looking weird. Don't worry, though! It's not a sign of bad acting. Her facial expressions actually ARE weird. Okay, maybe it's bad acting on her part.
It's just gas from too much kimbap.
We see in a flashback that this nun helped Rita when she was little - after the horrible occurrences in the forest, during which she lost her parents. Have faith, the nun said. You will find the light and the bite. She didn't understand what that meant at that time. Yeah, how could she have.
How can any of us understand anything, really?
[rummaging in the refrigerator for a snack] What, I'm out of Waldorf Salad? Waeeeee?! Oh wait I'm recapping. Child actor is the most skillful in this entire boring sequence... oh yay! Oranges!

In his office, Ji-sang tries to access his computer - he still can't though. DAMN. He hates those complicated passwords! Knock, knock: who's there! It's Jae-wook! He wants to be friendly and asks what that signed baseball is on Ji-sang's table? Just a memorabilia, says the pampire. Hey, does he like baseball? He'll take him sometime! the older doctor says. He can get really good tickets. He'd really like the younger dude and him to get along. Yeah ... Ji-sang will consider it. Why not shake hands on it. They do ... and Ji-sang feels ... feels ... something. But what? Well, certainly a stiffness in his arm, but that can't be the only thing, can it?
Oh, Jae Wook. That was such an obvious and awkward attempt at making friends.  Ji Sang, you are right not to trust him. Plus, he's dressed like a waiter at a wedding. I mean, come ON.
Is he testing Jae-wook with the handshake, or has he really forgotten all the meaningful glances that have been pinging between the two of them like flashbulbs at a Girls Night event with Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and the Kardashian girls?
Uncle Whatshis and Jae-wook have a nice meal together. They're discussing whether there should be a fountain at the entrance of the hospital, but Uncle thinks it may be dangerous. What, if patients fall in? Who will take responsibility? When he holds out his hand with a cup, it shakes a lot! Yup ... he's doomed. Politely, Jae-wook looks away. And he thinks to himself: what a wonderful world. And: just found myself another test subject, hehehe.
There is no longer any doubt that Uncle is Evil.  He knows that Jae Wook will be using the poor to conduct experiments. In fact, it is happening at his request! Because he is sick, and he should be able to do anything he wants to find a cure because he is rich and therefore more important.  The only thing we don't yet know is whether Uncle Evil knows about the pampire part. Ooooh! Maybe he has ALWAYS known. Maybe he sent The Blue Man Group to kill Ri Ta's parents.
At least this Plot-Inching tete-a-tete is in a restaurant with real and not paper walls. That's a nice change.
Ji-sang has finally remembered his password, he's in ... but he cannot open any of the special files! No access rights. Yeah. His Little Friend cannot help him either ... maybe Luuvy can? They know that the secret is there, right there ... the secret about that secret grave in Romania, where all that pampire virus stuff was. The grave of all graves, so to speak.
I think he was probably just looking for porn.
He might have been looking for a downloadable copy of "Dracula: Dead and Loving It".
At the secret underground facility, the massacred doctors are discovered by Jae-wook. His hooded vampires stand there all "oups, sawry". It was one of them that went all crazy, the youngest, dumbest. He really has to work on his control. Jae-wook just smiles a bit and says "try to be less messy next time". He waves his hand towards one dude ... he's visibly afraid, but then steps closer.
He had a little snack as they were cleaning up.  Yes, there is at least  one pampire in this drama who likes to drink actual blood from actual humans.  How retro!
WOOOOooooaaaaah! Jae-wook goes SUPERSTRONG on him and slams him across the room as he vamps out. He then takes him by the neck and tells him to fucking get his act together or die. Losers, stupid, hooded losers. Yup, they get the message.
Blood (the drink) is SO last century.
Confused. Did they accidentally destroy the lab? Or is Administrator Veinpire just mad they took a warm red tipple before going Slaughterhouse Five on them?
After he has gone, the others also have a go at the poor slammed dude. For messing it up and making them look bad in front of the boss. Okay, he gets another chance, deliver Papmy Boy! But he better not mess up this time. One Vamp is unhappy about how things are dealt with here ... he is trouble.
Just once, can bad guys NOT wear all black? Yunno, just break the mold and wear camel? Plus, the camera work. Ugh. And now we have our VampTurncoat identified.
Ji-sang does more research on the mother of all graves, when suddenly, he hears the whale sounds again. He looks outside and indeed, there's another pampire! He runs out, jump-flies across a street, but when he gets there, no pampire. Gone.
If Ri Ta were watching, she'd be weak in the knees. Take me, you big bad pampire, take me! Oh dear. I am now afraid of the inevitable romantic scenes to come.
[throwing up a little in my mouth. It tastes citrusy]

What's that noise? Is someone spying on me while I watch porn?

At the hospital the next day, Rita hears from the Hospital Administrator that her Uncle is not well. Not well at all. Her world is collapsing ... first Nun, now Uncle. Will she lose the last people that mean something to her? Yeah, she will, says hospital Administrator - but there's still hope in the world. There are men, for example, hot, broody men. She needs to find herself one and she'll be fine.
Sort of, not really. Ri Ta is finding out that Ji Sang has documented her many instances of insubordination and is docking her half a month's pay. So petty! I love it! The administrator woman is loving it, but suggests that Ri Ta try to get along.
The hot broody man that is meant for her is in the forest - the spot they met. Is that nearby? Wow. Everything is always so close in KDrama ... he is talking to his parents, how much he misses them, how he will find out what happened ... and he daydreams about his mother and how she strokes his hair. So lonely ... so sad and lonely. Don't try to hard, she says, he'll be fine. He is a good person, and that is all that counts. And there are always women, hot, sexy women.
 Does anyone else think his ears are  weirdly fat?
Way to ruin the scene, JoAnne unni. LOL And yes, way too heavy on the bottom.
Yes, he should go on an ear-diet. 
Time for some armchairsex with Ji Jin-hee. He is sipping blood, while talking to the Leader of the hooded vamps. He tells him a sad story of a man who waited for a woman, but that woman never came. Cause that woman went with another man.
Hunky Pampire Henchman looks like he really could not give one fuck.
Oh, is that me?
Rita is going to Ji-sang's house! Friend is delighted to see such a beautiful woman - as is Luuvy, who focuses all his attention on her ass. She considers a sexual harassment case, but Luuvy wins her over with his charming personality.
Luuvy assessed and then announced her body fat percentage (disturbingly high) and went on to say that her stomach was quite flabby. He did admire dat ass, though.
Really, you desperately want someone to help save the life of the only woman in  the entire universe that gives a rat's ass that you exist, and you (1) strut into his house; (2) insult him to a total stranger and his dongsaeng; (3) stare daggers at him the moment he walks in; (4) throw your weight around as the niece of the hospital owner; (5) demand an apology for his incompetence. And the list goes on. Really the writer is doing an outstanding job in making her pathetic and unlikable. And she is doing  an outstanding job being pathetic and unlikable.
Right then, Ji-sang comes home and is surprised to see her there. The conversation has issues getting going because outside, the pampire comes back.
What does Rita want? Well - she needs his HELP. How uncomfortable for her, but he is the only one that can help her. Operate on the nun. Do it. Take the risk. She calls him names, cause he doesn't want to and he says "There's the door" - goodbye. Right then, he hears the whale sounds again and looks outside. Hearing that sound makes Ji-sang all jingly inside and outside. It's not a BAD feeling, but it's also not entirely good. Vamp alarm!!!!! He gestures to his friend who focuses a security camera on the guy ... yes. Very high temperature. Vampire. Rita is getting increasingly angry, cause Ji-sang isn't paying any attention to her and she isn't used to that at all.
So in every story ever, Pampires are cold because they are dead.  It explains why they never change. In this story, they are hotter than normal..so are they more alive than humans? Usually in these kinds of stories, cold is longevity. So why is heat not accelerating the aging process?
Tissue repair at a cellular level uses high amounts of ATP. The Krebs Cycle is the biological process of creating those energy molecules, and 60% of the energy is wasted as heat on average. So, really, vampires would need to shed more heat due to increased energy use of keeping an immortal body in tip-top shape. Of course, this would be balanced by a near-constant raging hunger, but since they aren't even exactly human any more, who the heck knows. Maybe magic? Pixie dust?
She says "you wanna go for a drive, is that it, a really fast one?" and he takes the car key from her hand and walks out. YES, he really wants to take a drive! He doesn't have a car of his own, so he takes any opportunity he gets to do a little practice. Outside, he tries to identify where the whalesound comes from exactly. Inside, Friend gets ready for the attack. He switches on protective anti-vamp lights, gets a syringe ready and a gun.
Ji Sang is trying to keep her alive (and pampires secret) but she of course interprets that as romantic interest.
In the car, she bitches about his driving. Can't you go faster? Careful, watch out! Her phone rings. She is annoyed - it's the hospital ICU. She is annoyed she is always needed. She has got to be continuously constipated, and has to bitch or she might blow up. He makes a U-turn and takes her to the hospital after that. But what is that?! Whale sound again! Pampires! He simply lets her stand there and takes off.

Ji-sang has been lured to a loooooong and empty corridor. I think he's in the Indigent Charnel House. Suddenly, he hears them again! Everybody is asleep ... but there is a a shadow! He takes pursuit, they leap across roofs (bad). And we are in another corridor, not as long, but much shabbier. There, Vamp boy (it's the one who got another chance) attacks him - and vamps out. They fight - it's brutal. (-ly bad) The special camera effects are as well. After a while, Vamp boy pulls out a blue special anti-vamp lights and burns Ji-sang.
He can barely see .. when a second pampire creeps up behind him and fires a syringe into his neck. We don't see the guys face. But we notice it's the exact same gun Little Friend readied, including the exact same syringe. Hmmm....
NO. I reject this line of thought.
But Ji-sang isn't down yet. He is strong. And so are we. Because we got through this.
Poor Pampire. He's got burns on his face, decisions about whether to remove syringes to make, AND he has to try and show some emotion. So much work!
I need to go buy some apples.


So this is a drama about drugs? That's not good. Drugs = BAAAAAaaaaad.
Sort of. Not really.  
I just want to revisit those eyebrows: