블러드 Blood - Episode 6 (A FakeCap)

So I might have fallen behind on this. A bit. A BIT. Hence my decision to simply Fakecap 3 episodes in one go. It has never been done before, but I'm all about breaking records. So, here we go. I also discovered the "Float on top" option on VLC player. I heart you, VLC developers! Cause that means I can "watch" this, write this recap and do other things next to it. Life is good.
Shuk: For some reason, my normal video player wasn't working, so I used VLC as my backup as well. It's didn't help improve the plot any, though.
((So that decision to Fakecap 3 episodes in one go? I failed :D))
I now am fond of Pampire, tolerating Ri Ta, and enjoying the story less ironically and more geekily. Of course, that isn't really true back here at Episode 6, but it's starting. Go ahead and laugh. 
Hey, I'm having fun with this too. I'm laughing.  

Episode 6

So I might have missed episode 5, but hey! I totally get what's going on. That patient with the weird bobble-head-cross-eye disease is having "an episode" - and threatens all the nice doctors with a scalpel! DAMN, is this the right moment for Pamp-Boy to go into bloodlust mode? I'd say no!
Is there EVER a right moment for bloodlust, though?
Yes? for example ... when you eat blood sausage?
SOOONDAE!!! [grabby hands]
His instincts are intact though and that's why he throws himself in front of Rita when the patient attacks. He himself is cut in the process, which leads to all kinds of difficulties. a) there is his own, tasty hot blood that's flowing and he doesn't like to admit it, but his own blood makes him the hottest. b) we all know that pampires heal inhumanly fast, so he has to make up all kinds of lies and thick bandages to disguise that fact.
Maybe he needs to keep a blood-red lip pencil in his pocket protector so he can draw it right back in. Or an emergency moulage kit.
It's a little strange but it seems like blood makes him WOOZY, not hungry.
Rita is totally on to him. Also into him?
She knows something's going on and she's definitely curious about it. Here's one of the reasons why I'm starting to like her: when she sees him struggling, she helps him. I don't think she's into him yet - or maybe she's just not aware of it because of course, their connection is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAATED, but for whatever it's worth, they continue to be a bit antagonistic toward each other and yet at every turn she jumps in to help when he stumbles.
Lee Jae-Wook is a bit disturbed about the cross-eyed man, because he has been snacking on his drugs before. Those damn drugs. How much more money does he have to spend?! Vampire Doctor is afraid she'll lose her job, but he gives her another chance. She really is the best.
LJW and his crew are running clinical trials on unsuspecting patients with pre-existing, unknown and unscreened conditions. I will join Shuk on the designated Couch of Criticism.
[scootches over to make room and offers to share bowl of Snark Popcorn] And it wasn't like the patient wasn't always saying, "I love you, soju." At least have a SEMBLANCE of a winnowing process, Vamp Chick.
The Luvvy-Friend team are concerned about those bloodlust episodes - but there is an explanation! Might it be that anti-fat-ear diet that Ji-sang has gone on recently?! It's know to have all kinds of weird side-effects. Rage (mirror-smashin, remember?), carnal lusts (his growing attraction to Rita), nightmares on the vapor-bed, etc. Friend is already really stressed out, but he promises to try to come up with another pill. That discussion takes a while, I'm summarizing.
Those fat ears are very distracting. Once seen, they can never be unseen. What's happening in the story, though, is that the effectiveness of the Pampire Pills is wearing off since Ji Sang has been using them for a long time. Pretty soon he can only rely on his occasionally pretty self to keep Pampire at bay.
Maybe, as with many drugs, the first high is the highest high. Or maybe his growing bloodlust is in direct proportion to the number of his chest hairs. Pampire is growing up! As evidenced by his hot dream on the cold bed.
Rita is confused about what she saw the other day and she decides to investigate. She investigates by confronting Ji-sang about his ears and why they look so funny? Did he have plastic surgery done on them? He denies everything - no, he is 100% real. Cheeky, cheeky her rips the bandage from his face to prove she is right! And yes, she is: there is a scar! A clear scar! He totally had plastic surgery done. He is furious and she is afraid and a bit embarrassed.
If someone paid for those ears, you know, to balance out his skinny head, it was a bad decision.  But yeah, she knows now that he heals preternaturally fast. I give them credit - she totally hasn't said the word Pampire yet, I'm not even sure she's thinking that way.
I'm not sure if she is even thinking. Plus, those stitches look like they were done with a Singer machine.
I'm waiting for the next sex-chair scene, but instead, Lee Jae-wook prays in the hospital chapel. The evil nun comes in and praises him for his evilness. He is happy she noticed - all that evil plotting, it's not for naught!
I hate it when he confuses me by seeming like a decent person, talking about helping people and shit. Whatever he's doing now, it did have a basis in decency. 
Gee, Jo, was that decency before or after he squeezed his mentor's throat into mincemeat?? 
Doctor Scruff and Ji-sang bond over fat-ear diet-talk. Scruff went through it himself and he knows how difficult it is. Just hang in there, he tells his younger colleague. You will persevere!
I thought his suggestion about fluffing up the hair to counterbalance the weight of the heavy lobes was particularly insightful.
The goatee also pulls the head forward and down, allowing more shadows on the underside of the ears and thus appearing smaller.
About that drink? Ji-sang adds ... let's do it sometime soon! The other doctors are jealous of the closeness of the two, but masks it by smiling all the time and talking really smart stuff about several illnesses. Jo Jae-Yun is constantly thinking "Damn! What am I doing in this shitty-drama! Please, tvn, make a Season 2 of Liar Games!". Ji Jin-hee comes in cause he's a bit telepathic and says: "Goddamn, yes! And please, tell them I want a role in that too!!" They sit down and talk at length about how to accomplish this.
Oh wow, I think Ji Jin Hee would be great in Liar Game... but I don't want him replacing any of the four main characters. In the story, Ji Sang again rebuffs Scruff's overtures... but there is a thaw.
Scruff is with old flame, the hospital administrator and asks her whether she knows of any good alternatives to the current fat-ear diet, which is so badly affecting his friend. She isn't very forthcoming - in fact, she's jealous. She can feel that Scruff is really interested in Ji-sang.
She's trying to convince him to spy on the researchers. I think she likes the evil uncle, though.
And she's mesmerized by the shadows under his ears.
Ji-sang beats a vending machine to pulp. Dude, you have ISSUES.
What. It's freaking irritating as HELL when you put your money in and it DOESN'T GIVE YOU FOOD.
Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. This one should have been called the "Coffee & Can't".
Security has discovered the cross-eyed homeless dudes in one of the ventiducts and are throwing him out of the hospital now. He's such a failure. That's why he's killed by a pamp shortly after. Bye bye.
He's no good for the trial because he was an alcoholic and they respond worst of all to the 'treatment', whatever that may be. But they can't leave him hanging around like that, so they kill him. So much for the Standard of Care, huh?

This was probably the most inhumane and brutal thing I've ever seen in KDrama.
I don't think Truck of Doom is covered under standard medical insurance. Unless it's a Ryder. [snicker]
Rita thinks that something strange is going on and pulls a couple of faces. At home, she is still very troubled by all that is happening at the hospital. Administrator Lady has noticed the faces and has come by to give Rita some food that will make her forget. I think it works! Rita's face is turning really nice all of a sudden. Or wait ... is it me that's on drugs?!
Or it could be that Gu Hye Sun is toning it down over all, and the character is showing less irritating sides to herself. We confirm that these women have had an affectionate, family-like relationship for many years, probably as long as Ri Ta has been living with her uncle. And I'm more convinced than ever that Lady Admin loves (or loved, and now has deep fondness for) the uncle. I do NOT get evil vibes, though.
[Munching my Snarky Popcorn] Got nothing.
The two male interns are bullying lady intern again. They're such douches, I want to stick needles into them! She may not be the brightest, but she is trying really hard. Give her a break!
I could not agree more, although I wish she didn't look like she just finished crying 100% of the time.
Since I quality-check legal paperwork, I will tell you I've never smacked anyone in the head with a folder. I have been known to kick a few shins though. But they really really deserved it.
Doctor conference. This is irrelevant except for that fact that Ji-sang can barely control his shaking hands. Boy, just learn to live with your ears! They're not that bad!!! A surgeon with shaking hands is done for. Rita knows that too - she is mainly concerned for the hospital and the patients, of course, not him. But still, she starts feeling certain feelings when she thinks of him and his hot, bothered strut.
I don't actually remember. You got anything, Shuk?
Doctor Brownnose is doing the next fois gras scalpelfest while Pampire gets to enjoy the hot-hot sun of Jeju Island. Pita tells him to eat lots of Omega-3 rich fish while he's there, to build up his libido for the time when she decides to assault have a conversation with him.
Next, they attend a conference together. She came with him because she really wanted to be with him. (see what the fish is for?) People fall over themselves when they recognize him. Rita hates it but she also doesn't, you know what I mean? When you really hate the cool person but you also really want to jump his bones? That's happening to her. His speech is fantastic. All the attention of all those people has put him in a good mood!
Oh, oh, right! Ji Sang is told to go to this conference on Jeju and he suggests that Ri Ta come, too, because she's a good doctor and all that, she was the one to find the globby things on that guy's heart. She runs into friends and is all happy because you know those medical conferences, they like to par-tay! But then Ji Sang totally steals her thunder because he's Surgical Jesus and everyone's fangirling over him.
Exactly what I said, in my KHS understated way.
Lee Jae-Wook's mood is less good - he thinks about how he can possibly become more evil than the nun! And he remembers his little sister and how horribly she died - if just he could save more people! Why is God so cruel?
This was a young patient who was dying of some incurable disease that Lee Jae Wook (while still human?) cared for. She was a big impetus for his thinking of the Pampire virus as a benefit, since it could have 'cured' her - but back then, she killed herself and it really affected him. For some reason, it also made the woman next to him try to choke herself.
I was distracted by the Amazing Changing Brain Blood Splatter mark. I might have grabbed my throat too.
The OTP is still at the conference, but like every good conference-goer, they don't attend panels but go take a walk. Not together though, because they still think they don't like each other. Fate wants it that they end up in that forest again, that forest that means so much to both of them - and after he scares the living shit out of her, they continue walking in the fate-forest together.
Absolutely loved how delicately she had to pick her way through the ground cover in those 6 inch heels.
Wait, if they're on Jeju, this isn't their forest at all. just A forest. Or did he grow up on Jeju? Is this Jeju at all? I think they're lying to us.
Maybe Gumihot transported them to his forest while they weren't looking. Anyone see any sparklies in the air? It was so much pain and anguish ago (I'm talking about me) that I can't remember what ChildPamp did to ChildPita. Did she drink his blood at the time? You know what,[waves hands to erase] never mind. I refuse to imply that I might even possibly care about the outcome.
I really wish for some action in this episode ... where are the bad pamps?!
Mani-Pedis. It's important to keep up appearances.
Nowhere to be seen. It's one of those OTP moments, during which he at least realizes that she might be that woman in pink he once saved from the bad CGI wolves. His face lights up (a bit) because the world is such a miraculous place.
But somehow, hasn't he always known, deep in his Pampire Heart? Does he only now understand that huge 'click' of the universe finally aligning, on the day they re-met?
[back turned to the screen in not-caring mode]
Ah, NOW they do what every good conference-goer does: drink! What soon follows are funny party games! Rita loses and must drink. They end up outside, she's wasted. There's a pool and a bench. And her stupid face. STOP PULLING FACES YOU TERRIBLE ACTRESS!
He was the bump on the log at that drinking game, and when everyone encouraged him to be her Black Night he flat out refused, saying he cannot drink. But then he does bring her home, and when she's not making faces she's speaking un-shrilly and they have a Moment. It totally does not matter that they are staying at the same place and have to go in the same direction, regardless.
That said, I wouldn't mind if he pulled a few faces for a change. I want to stick needles into him too. He seems uncomfortable, probably because he hasn't taken his diet-pill today and can feel his ears grow? DAMN, but what's this? He smiles!!! Yeah, see, recognizing the woman in pink whom who saved from bad CGI wolves is a great feeling.
Maybe his ear lobes contain all his powers. You know what's weird? I just had a dress moment. I'd swear his earlobes were bigger a moment ago. Right now that one on the right looks kind of normal.
Unni, are you also doing some type of drinking game?
The smile is too much for her, so she passes out on his shoulder. He feels some uncommon heat course through his cold veins. She jerks awake after 4 seconds because now it's time for him to piggyback her. He carries her around the pool 5 times, because he forgot to go to the gym today and is quite obsessed with staying in shape. Hence the ear-diet.
I give him credit. He doesn't look like he could carry a grocery bag, let alone a woman full of hot air.
Why can't she walk though? She can talk!
KDrama Law, Kashi. She drank, they need a reveal of some sort, it MUST be done while in close physical proximity, ergo: piggyback.
We need to make sure Mary has that in her lawbook.
By the time they're up in her room, she is passed out, so he puts her on the bed, very gently, and looks at her. When she doesn't speak, she is quite beautiful. He moves his hand to brush some hair from her face - he isn't feeling alone anymore. He has found his soulmate again.
He clearly does feel some fondness for her, yes. And yes, wow, all through the next two episodes I'm marvelling at how I never actually realized that Gu Hye Sun is very, very pretty when she's not smirking.
Why was the water smoking when they walked past it? If they were on Jeju Island, late February temperatures are between 5C / 40F  and 10C / 50F. And the pool is not a hot tub.
VAMPIRE TIME! Hey, I like these - they spice things up. Well, the two that messed up with Ji-sang a while ago get a scolding, I guess they haven't met for a while.What? That's it? We don't get more?
No more Pampire for you!
Vampire No Min-woo is told he has to start a new VampIdol group with Pampire as the lead. Honestly, though, I'm just confused. You tell a couple of vamps to eradicate Pampire, but tell your second-in-command to save Pampire. WTH? Oh wait, I forgot I don't care. [pulls NotCare blanket over head]
At the hotel, everybody starts awake in panic - fire alarm! But when they run out of their rooms, they see that it's one of the professors, who pressed the alarm button in his very drunken state. Oups, but Rita notices something else: the bandage is gone from Ji-sang's face. There is no scar. He notices that she must have noticed.
He notices that she notices, but I don't think she notices that he notices her noticing.
[snoring slightly]
Time to leave - he put the bandage back on. He is going to pretend that she was really drunk last night, right? While they're waiting for transportation, he gets a text from the bad pamps - come quickly to XYZ (it's the underground facility, now empty), we have something for you! Yes, they do: whale sounds and blood. Lots of blood.
I could do without the blood splashing everywhere, honestly.
Are you pampire, too?
[wakes up] Anything good?
Is this like a bee-sting? You know, if you're allergic, but only after a certain time? They flood the room in blood and Ji-sang collapses and then turns. The bad pamps attack him at his most vulnerable moment - oh no, one has a sword/stake! (You have his motivtion wrong: it's just to trim his nails and clean under the nailbeds). But what is this?! Hooded vampire suddenly appears and attacks the other vampires!
Yeah, blood actually makes him weak and dizzy. I don't know if it would be that way if he actually drank some and this is just because he's so hungry though, or if he actually has developed an adverse reaction to blood.
And he didn't smell it before. That's some awesome sealable containers! Maybe the same ones that keep the refrigerator from smelling like kimchi.
Ji-sang just stares at the massacre. The hooded pampire kills both pampires - or maybe not, who knows what the rules of this world are. But then, we see pampires face - it's Darth Vader! Ah, no. It's Jae-wook - who shows his monster face to Ji-sang. 
He told his minions to go do whatever they wanted to Ji Sang, but it was a trick - they were sacrificed deliberately so he could win Ji Sang's confidence. Added benefit: two less idiot pampires in the world.


I'm glad that secret's out, can we have more sex-chair please?
I wonder if he shares the sex-chair with friends?
Sex-chair shenanigans with Emperor Palpatine? I would give my right arm not to.