블러드 Blood - Episode 7 (A FakeCap)

Another super-exciting episode. Yes, I'm not kidding you! It is! It really is!
JoAnne: Ok well we know I'm liking this little doofus of a drama, but I don't trust you.
Shuk: [gulping back a couple of soju shots]

Episode 7

After Ji-sang gets his turned ass kicked and is almost killed with an iron stake, Jae-wook reveals himself as vampire to Ji-sang! What's his evil plan? Probably experiment on him. I do get that urge - I really want to stick needles into all of them. When Ji-sang sees Jae-wook's face he is extremely surprised. Ha! says the older guy, you didn't think I could do that too? We're the same! I could be your father! Maybe I even am!
Lots of discussion that is ALL LIES YOU LIE JAE-WOOK YOU LIAR about how he was soooo surprised when Ji Sang showed up with his pampire self and he couldn't reveal their shared fate because he was trying to find out those OTHER pampires, the totally bad ones that he is CERTAINLY not part of, no sir, he, Jae-Wook, has lived a lonely lonely life all alone.  For 40 years, so apparently he'd like Ji Sang to think he was infected as a toddler, because he isn't a day over 45, Jae Wook isn't.
The fight scenes reminded me of Puppet Fight Theater from the Night Watchman's Journal, with bloody plastic instead of soji rice paper. Well, it is the modern age and even monsters have to adapt I guess.
Do you have a remedy against fat-ears, Ji-sang asks with big eyes, filled with hope ... but there is no time for such trifling matter. Quickly, Jae-wook spills gasoline on everything and burns the poor pamp boys. It stinks a lot, that's why Ji-sang walks away.
Jae Wook is very busy doing the big savior hyungnim thing where he shields Ji Sang from the ugliness and takes him under his wing, all baby-bird/big bird.
And he juuuuust happens to have a jerry-can filled with the one thing that can destroy The Infected Ones. Coinkidink Alert DefCon 2!!
Jae-wook misses his sex-chair ... but the kill made him happy, too. He takes his disciple to his secret abandoned church - and tells him that he has been watching over him for years, hoping he would turn into a strong supervampire. The next generation. The hope of all vampires.
More lies from Jae Wook. Those vampires that he totally did NOT know used to hang out there, but he only discovered that this VERY day, my oh my, the coincidence.
Whups, I mean DefCon 1.
While all that is going on, Rita is still wondering about the wound and the bandage and the plastic surgery and the weird unmoving face and the smile. Her friend thinks she's thinking of about a little adventure she had with "that guy". Tell me, tell me, she goes ... was it "that" small? But Rita says she doesn't kiss and tell, pretending something did happen when absolutely nothing ever happens in this drama, not even sex-chairing anymore.
Ok you made me laugh, but it was nothing so risque - just Friend thinking out loud that maybe Ri Ta has a tiny baby bit of a crush on Ji Sang, who is a cool namja, which makes him a hot namja.
Were they trying to be subtle with the huge Christmas Tree-Topper Angel on the book case? And the Tree Of Life on the oddly placed end table not at the end of anything?
The vampires are still walking around in the abandoned church. Jae-wook is telling Ji-sang that he would be very happy if Ji-sang helped him clean this place. Professional cleaners are so expensive! It would  mean a lot to him, Jae-wook continues - this is the church in which he first set eyes on his love. Ji-sang's mother. But Ji-sang says no way in the world will he clean! He is much too delicate and has a dust allergy. But then, he sees one of Jae-wook's sex chairs ... and he gets quite interested. What is this wonderful structure?
If I cannot stop giggling I cannot comment.  I think the only thing that happens here is that Jae Wook invites the younger vampire over to his place that evening.  (And yes, of course, at that point, the sex chair.)
And the whole "your life story is my life story - I think we may even have the same mom!" BS.
At the hospital (yeah, at least somebody needs to be working), Doctor Scruff is doing research. And he realizes that the particular way in which the drugs are administered into the homeless people is very peculiar - in an old book of ancient lore, it's described as devil's-needling. Quietly, he goes to check on one of the patients ...... but there are no marks. No marks at all. There are security cameras though (hidden ones) and now, security knows he has been snooping. Which means that Jae-wook will know soon too. No! Not Doctor Scruff! He is one of my favorites. Don't kill him!
I like him too. Remember how we liked the Chief in Emergency Couple? (no, cause I never watched that) He kind of reminds me of him.
His ears seemed to have recessed.
Actually, we were talking about Vamp Boy's ears the whole time :D 
Ji-sang was only allowed to look at the sex-chair, not touch it. He complains to his friend about it who promises him to build him his own.
It's better to have your own sex chair, yes.
Absolutely, so you can decide on microfiber, leather, or something more fluid-resistant like latex.

More Rita, more wondering about the weird dude with the self-healing properties and the low temperature. He himself can't sleep because he worries about what she thinks. I really like all these little tricks to fill 60 minutes. I recognize them cause of Anthony.
That bed doesn't look all that comfortable. What about sexy times to come? How will they manage?
Dislocate to the floor? 
Soap. Slippery makes it better. Err, so I'm told. [shifty eyes]
At the hospital, Jae-wook and Ji-sang meet in the hallway - it's a bit stiff and awkward, cause they can't really high-five and go "Hi there, Pamp!". After a short while, Ji-sang begs the older man to be allowed to use his sex-chair. But he won't let him yet. He likes that he has that kind of power over the younger man.  
Anticipation heightens the response. Something like 99% of sex happens in your head.
Next, Ji-sang meets Rita, who is checking on a patient. She acts really awkwardly and leaves without a word. He is sad their blossoming friendship is now un-blossoming and damns his fate of being awkward around people all the time. If only they'd see him sparkle!
He's truly glorious when he sparkles, but it only activates when he's nude. This means only Luuvy and Friend get to see the glory.
If I know Pervvy, there's is probably a Youtube video posted out there.
Rita goes to see the (evil) nun (Rita doesn't know she's evil though) and as always, the woman gives her great advice. Don't worry too much about the pale man - just check his vitals again. Thoroughly. From Rita's friend, Ji-sang finds out that Rita really hates fat-ears. He is mortified! His simply don't get any smaller!! He drowns himself in work after that, to forget his sorrows.
He is asking Friend questions about Ri Ta... can a confession be far behind?  Now he has confirmed that Rita's parents died, surely sympathy for her plight will tip his boat into the Sea of Love?
Depends on what's floating.

One of the homeless guys keeps complaining about feeling cold - but his temperature is normal. Are the drugs working? Is he turned into a vampire! That would be good, cause Uncle Rita is getting worse and worse. Soon, his hands will fall off completely. Administrator Lady sees how bad he is and worries deeply.
It would be nice if they actually did tell us what the experiment WAS in the Poor Ward. Uncle Rita is getting worse, yes. Not in an existential way, either.
Next on this drama, they drag a mean brat girl into the hospital who keeps hitting the nurses. Rita tells her what's what. Behave or we will feed you to our hospital piranha, she says. I am sure this girl will play a role again in episode 8, that always happens in medical dramas. I totally see through them all.
Oh Great Omniscient Sensei, will this end with tiny fat baby vampires who have totally normal ears? The girl has liver cancer and she is PISSED about it.
I personally would not want to antagonize the people who will be using sharp objects on me when I am anesthetized. 

Ji-sang is checking on the soon-pampire homeless dude, who is quite happy to be of such great help. So ... JoAnne, sub-watcher: WHAT is the story under which they're selling this to the hospital?! Homeless people being treated for what??!
They won't tell them anything, they won't share records, they won't even let the doctors treat their own patients. And it will soon become clear that they don't actually know what they're doing, either. So we know nothing. My assumption is that they are trying to create vampires, but that's stupid. They could just BITE them. Or who knows, just share any kind of body fluid, because they haven't talked about that other than to say that the virus can be transmitted human to human. So keep guessing, because it's bound to make more sense.
Wow, JoAnne unni, I want to live in your fantasy world! It seems quite logical.
Ah, hospital corridors, perilous places ... another awkward meeting between Rita and Ji-sang. He takes her into one of the leisure rooms, for a frank talk. So, whazzup? Does she really hate his fat ears that much? Yes, she says. They're horrible. Horrible. Horrible! Also, she hates that he lied to her. He could have said that he got plastic surgery! Why hide it? Everybody does it! Be proud! Wear it like a crown!
Aww, a slightly touching moment. He confesses to her that yes, he has an illness.
He's been Kicked In The Butt By Love.
He grabs her hand ... and puts it on his neck. To feel his hot, bothered pulse. Can't you feel my heart beating for you, he says? Don't be a cold bitch! I need somebody warm in my life. His sincerity gets to her and tears fill her eyes. Awwwww, such a beautiful moment. Until she takes the bandage off his cheek and says "explain THIS, you weirdo". But he just smiles and takes the bandage out of her hand. Rattled, she stares into the thin air.
He won't give her details, but he does satisfy her curiosity about his cheek - yes, he heals fast. It's part of the disease. Because sure, a side effect of being sick is the ability to get better faster. Okay. But hey girl, Ri Ta, give him credit for very polite wrist grabs and hand captures. Maybe it's just Healer but I'm totally into hands these days.
Time for a short intern-interlude. Such nice fillers. The girl gets to show her natural, superior skill - but the dumb uptight boys don't get that she's 100000 times better than them.
Maybe she'll push them off the building when she becomes a vampire. Because so far, vampires in this drama crush necks and push people in front of cars, but they don't actually suck their blood.

Time for another surgery and I can't blame Ji-sang for feeling apprehensive ... will the drugs work?! Actually, NO. The bloodlust is so big, he can't even go near the operating room! From upstairs, Jae-wook is watching him struggle with interest. Hey, nice arms, dude!! Right when Ji-sang is about to rip a nurses throat open, Jae-wook intervenes and saves the day. I think he is totally not evil.
He's TOTALLY fucking evil. He WANTS Ji Sang to vamp out.
He is so evil, we have to call him Eeeevil.
He calls Liar Game doctor, who has also prepped up and tells him to step in. Genius Surgeon has another explosive diarrhea issue. Rita who hears that narrows her eyes in suspicion. Is the weird boy sick?
It's just that he hadn't included diarrhea in the list of issues he was facing.  Can't blame him, really, nothing turns a woman off sexy times like the hint of loose bowels.

Jae-wook is very fatherly and understanding with poor rattled Ji-sang. Those urges are okay, he tells him. It happens to us. I have something for you! Is it the sex-chair, the sex-chair, the sex-chair?! Ji-sang demands to know. Not yet, says Jae-wook. It's something that looks like urine but isn't. Just try it. It tastes like strawberries.
Well, when he first offered it, Ji Sang said no. But now here's Jae Wook sleazing up at every moment of weakness, offering the good stuff.
Well, you have to admit, from Pampire's point of view, VampDoc is cool as a cucumber while he's jonesing for some AB+. So he's probably ready to reach for almost any lifeline.
Rita sees Ji-sang walking in the corridors and runs up to him to ask how his stomach is. It's okay to have bowel movement issues, she says, don't feel embarrassed. Ji-sang wishes he could tell her what is going on ... so much. So so much.
Because it's so much better to say 'I crave blood' than 'My bowels are out of control.'

Administrator tells Doctor Scruff about Uncle Rita's hands - and tells him to have a close look at what those weirdass new pale doctors are doing. She even has a spy!
I like Lady Admin. She's getting pissed, and for all the right reasons.
I hope she has a pressurized bug sprayer filled with holy water somewhere, just a little something something for those annoying insects.
Ji-sang is in his black batman car (he only rides that at night) and thinks about what the kind older vampire told him. He is on his way there! Immediately, he sees the much superior version of the sex-chair in the apartment. But no! He can't go on that either. Yet. You can just see how much Jae-wook enjoys torturing the young man, whose desire for the sex-chair is palpable.
It's clearly a domination thing. Completely inappropriate among co-workers, tsk, tsk.

You must learn how to control your urges, Jae-wook tells him. And we have to do something about your fat ears ... but later. For now, I have to show you something. He puts in a code into a huge safe, open it ... and reveals his ... (waaaait for eeeeeet)
It's Rita's friend eating Ramyun in the lab when Doctor Scruff comes in. (Yuck, Eating someplace where there is a high possibility of aerosolized body fluids in the air?? Not to mention all sorts of other types of contamination, and ramyun juice flying off the ends of the noodles onto the microscope. Stupid stupid hospital people. You might as well lick the tabletop between slurps for a little added flavor) He wants to know, does Rita like Ji-sang? Are they going out together?! Yes, he is clearly jealous when she hears that they might have ... you know ... Rita's friend thinks "oh shit, now two men are after Rita and none are after me!". What she doesn't get is that Scruff isn't interested in Rita at all. He makes her look things up in a big tomb - and she discovers an old photo. Of ... him? Oh. So he is the son of the mentor that Jae-wook and Ji-sung Appa had? JoAnne? Help?
Yes, he is the child in the photo. What an amazing coincidence, no?  Scruff and Friend are going to do some digging of their own. Yayyyyyyyyy because this means they're going to be part of the Scooby Gang, which of course we knew anyway, but you see how the allies are drawing in?  Lady Admin, Ri Ta, Scruff, Friend... and I'm thinking at some point they'll rally the three stoogesdoctors but if not them then certainly at least some of the nurses and the one whiny girl intern. Pampire will have SO many friends!
But how many are redshirts? Is Sidekick gonna die by the throaty-crushy hands of VampDoc?
Yes! Jae-wook reveals his frozen not-urine. Ji-sang stares ... what is this madness? It's a miracle drug, says Jae-wook ... it will make him lose ALL blood urges forever. As long as he regularly takes it. Sure, he'll get a sex-chair for himself, yeah. But later. For the time being, he takes out some pee and a syringe and gnelty nudges Ji-sang to go and try it. In his head, his latest, uhm, let's call it orgasm, alright? Or urine-orgasm? Is that wrong? plays.
Okay so not pee, blood. With all the red blood cells removed.  That way you get all of the good nourishing stuff you need, but you don't smell like half-rotted steak.  And living on this has the added advantage of regulating your body temperature because it basically gives you a very bad flu and fever that you just learn to live with.  It also helps you not make whale noises so you can go undetected by other vampires unless you're distracted and lose control a bit - like what happened on the first day when Jae Wook was speaking to the auditorium full of doctors. Except hello, Jae Wook, you just said not too long ago that you spent your life a lonely vampire with no one around except for recently, when those bad guys showed up.
Wait. Is that a refrigerator full of me?? Are my 132 units of platelets turned into some type of Vampy Extasy??? And I don't even get to keep the chair I donate in. [pout]
You see it in his eyes: he is totally addicted, he can only think of his next shot. Ji-sang is weary - what will this strawberry urine do to him? Will he emit strange whale sounds, too? Will his ears get even fatter?!
I think at this point Jae Wook was assuring him that this blood was responsibly sourced from totally non-GMO free-range humans who were farmed ethically and paid a fair price for their labor.
They got mine for free, dammit. But I do spend three hours in the special chair, with Netflix and a 5-dollar gift card to Starbucks, so that's something.
At the hospital, the homeless guy is shivering violently. His eyes are bloodshot. Is he turning? Sooooooo thrilling.
I like the red around his eyes.
At the sex-chair lair, Jae-wook has grabbed a glass. One ice cube, two, three, four, five ... that's a lot of ice, man. It's not a good sign, usually, if you need to put that much ice into a drink ... cause the coldness takes away the taste. Was it a lie? The strawberry taste? Ji-sang stares ... Jae-wook pours. In the glass, it looks like a watered-down whisky.
I wonder if it's roofied.
Jae-wook is praising the great effects of the drug, over and over - and slowly pushes the glass towards Ji-sang. Who slooooooowly reaches it... sloooooowly... his mouth is watering ... he grabs the glass, lifts it to his lips .... and ...........
CUT to the batcar. Damn, what's with these stupid cuts of late, show?! Ah, he hasn't taken the drug. He put it back down. The taste or rather the smell really was off. Jae-wook looks stunned. How could the young Pampire resist this great stuff? Ah, he thinks ... he simply needs a sex-chair of his own. The drug without the sex-chair - it's only half the fun, obviously.
But...it's gotta be good if it's made out of me!!
Jae Wook cannot understand how Ji Sang is holding out. Because he's GOOD, man. And you are CORRUPT.
Rita is at the hospital church, praying... she needs guidance. All those "sinful" feels. Oh, she is even crying. I'm not sure why? Cause Pampire heals really quickly?! That's a good thing! Her Uncle comes in and tells her that yes, the world is a sad place - but no, she shouldn't cry. There's the power of love and the power of love will make things right. Not for him though, cause his hand goes into a massive shake-attack. Rita doesn't see.
It's the memorial day for her parents. Since she's a career woman, she can't be bothered to do that altar of food thing. (Plus I suppose it matters that that is a Buddhist thing (right?) and she's in a chapel with a manteau on, so she's Catholic for sure.) Instead, she and her uncle come to the chapel and say prayers and talk to her parents a little bit.  He says he has to come because he needs to take credit for what a good job he's done raising her and she laughs, because she knows she's a snobby little snoop but basically has a good heart.  It's clear that these two really care about each other.  She's going to be sad to find out her uncle is in the League of Evil Enablers, but not as sad as she will be when she finds out that the Church frowns on Human/Vampire marriage.
The next day, at the hospital, Ji-sang goes to Jae-wook's office to ask when his own sex-chair will be delivered. Jae-wook is in no mood to humor him. Take the drug or no sex-chair! he proclaims. Let's see who wins this battle, says Ji-sang and leaves.
Jae Wook can't understand why Ji Sang refuses to take advantage of his friendly, no-strings-attached, totally altruistic offer of free blood in unlimited quantities.
I like that Pampire told him diplomatically to pack sand.
He is with the sad cancer-patient with the sad kid - trying his best to be a humane doctor. He fails. Rita is behind him, giving him the evil eye. She is really conflicted right now. Should she hate him or should she love him?
He's decided to leave the hospital since his health is compromised, and Sad Cancer and Sad Cancer Wife are pleading with him to just stay and help them, but of course he says no and Ri Ta is highly incensed by that.
You could tell she was incensed? I thought she was insensible. She knows he's having issues, even if she thinks it's just his intestinal track.
Jae-wook goes to see the Administrator - to complain about Ji-sang. He really isn't performing well. He should be suspended or punished. And all those special deals he has? Like the water and the snacks and all that? It has to stop. No goodies if you don't perform, understood?
Ha, the reality is so much better.  They're basically drawing battle lines.  No love lost between these two.  You know what would be awesome?  If she turned out to be Queen of the Vampires and he had no clue right up until the moment when she ripped out his heart with her bare teeth and then ate it in front of him, smiling, while his body shriveled up like a raisin and he screamed like a little girl.
I like the way Jo thinks, but I'm guessing since the back door doesn't work, she'll find a window. That is one determined lady.
Rita and Ji-sang are in the leisure room again. It's time to get it all out! Who are you, she asks ... WHAT are you? A human? An animal? I am who I am, he says - a boy once, now a man ... almost. I feel what other people feel. I have a phone like other people and it rings. It's an emergency!! The homeless patient ... he is crashing ... and bleeding violently from his nose and ears.
Run, Forest Lovers, run!


Where are the friggin sex-chair scenes?! Come on, drama, that was the best stuff!
I like it when Ahn Jae-hyeon does his little almost smile. He looks kinda cute then. I like it that they turned down Gu Hye-sun's crazy overacting. When I say "I like it", I mean it like when you're sifting through mud to find a gold nugget in the river and you find a pebble that is kinda round, but not fully, but you see that there are pebbles in the mud and some of them could actually be round. You give up on the gold though.
So it's like you're Saki and this show is Wang Wook, except you never liked him in the first place?
It's very hard to comment on this right now because it's a week old, no pictures at the time of writing, and you're confusing me deeply between what really happened and what was made up and WHEN it actually happened.  (I knew that would happen. I completely think our April Fool's version of Age of Feeling is the true story half the time.) 

Anyway, I went back and changed a bunch of comments because it became clear I was ahead of myself, so if I accidentally spoil any of you, in the words that Jae Wook would like very much to say to Ji Sang:  Suck it up!  (No, actually, I would apologize. I love you guys, and I don't want Mary making a SqueeBrief that you can use to mute me.)
More crappy unrealistic right-angles-to-reality hospital procedures in this episode. But I'm glad that at least we moved a little bit in this constipated plot.