블러드 Blood - Episode 8 (A FakeCap)

This is getting better and better. The tension is unreal. It's probably the surprise of the year!
I'm tired of the band aid. There better be a tattoo under there.
Shuk: It's a tattoo of a pair of lips, two punctures, and script that reads "I Love You Mom"

Episode 8

Emeeeeeergency! Homeless guy ... is bleeding all over. It's really gross and reminds me of Ebola. Thanks, show. No bloodlust (which isn't bloodlust but wussiness) this time, Pampy? Yes, here it comes ... but Rita, who realizes that something is wrong with the Pamp grabs his hand ... and he calms down. Little does she know that she has a special gift ... Healing Hands!
#JaeWookMustDie  Also, I had to laugh at that expression on his face.  It's like he's never been touched by a woman before. I dunno, maybe he hasn't. Maybe it's always been Luuvy and Friend. Or possibly he just didn't know that she could calm him down like that, but whatever.
The weird angelic music when they touched hands was weird...and, um angelic. And clearly I watched it with DramaFlu subs because Pampire called for the Hematoma Department. But somehow terrible subs make for bearable watching. 
Here comes pale Vamp Doc and hands Ji-sang a chart. The man has a rare allergy, she says ... when he eats too much Kimchi, he gets internal bleeding. The hospital staff didn't know and gave him a whole plate full for lunch! He likes it so much, which is really tragic ... It's cool that the doctors don't care at all about all the blood that is now all over the bed. It's only the blood of a sick man. Duh! Outside, Rita has a little fit - she knew those nurses for good for nothing! How could they have missed a Kimchi allergy?
I think what they said was that he was given a medication that had this unfortunate reaction due to an underlying, undiscovered condition. See what I mean when I say they are TERRIBLE researchers?
They called it a unknown virus, but given the hangeul language, it almost sounded like "unknown Vampirus". And I loved the fact that the patient is bleeding profusely with a potential compromised airway, appears to be having seizure activity, and three doctors are chatting away like they are discussing their next tee time at the Death Doctors Country Club. Oh AND discussing the possibility that he's highly contagious while standing next to the bed that's covered in blood- and snot-covered linens.
At the lab, there's now four suspicious people. Lets call them The Suspicious Four. They are annoyed at the nurses for the kimchi incident, but they also realize that something else is going on ... they just can't put their fingers on it yet. They do suspect that these people are testing some kind of drug on the poor people, but what? Doctor Scruff tries again for a "date" with Ji-sang, but he is still resisting. I don't know how he does it - Scruff is hot!
Well, he's at least room temperature.  They were sitting around putting two and two together about the whole situation over in Homeless, and coming up with pretty close to four. These rebels aren't dumb. Well, they may be just average in intelligence, but hey - in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
I like that.
Ah, now they have isolated the blood-spurting patient. It's not like infectious disease spreads or anything ... Also, all that blood turns Jae-wook on big time ... and he starts fondling Vamp Doc's cold cheek. She freezes in horrid anticipation ... Jae-wook is known for his exquisite but strange taste in the bedroom.
She is scared shitless of him. I can't remember if this is the first or second time he trots out his 'I'll give you this mistake, but the next one won't be forgiven.' speech. In not so many words, he basically tells one underling after another that he can take them out of this world pretty quickly. I think this is the second time we're hearing the speech. First one was when the first patient had to be disposed of.
Did I just hear a truck engine turn over? And so-called isolation is a shower curtain. Where's the disposal gown and mask and gloves? And why am I back to talking about a show that uses gamer dice rules for hospital personnel behavior? Roll 3d6 and anything below a 17 denotes complete stupidity,
Here, Ji-sang has granted Scruff a little tete-a-tete on the roof - nice of him. It's little but better than nothing! Scruff confesses that he really, really likes his hair ... and his nose. His lips! The pallor of his skin. Ji-sang is a bit taken aback, but Scruff says it's okay. He understands. He will wait patiently. *swoon*
Aww, he's cute when he smiles. Scruff is wearing Ji Sang down, slowly but surely.
Second Generation buddies. Yay!
Rita is talking to Miss Administrator about all the weird stuff going on and how it's possible that an allergic patient gets fed kimchi - and Administrator almost tells her about her Uncle. But only almost. Cause this is a freeeeging long drama of 20 episodes. Uncle (does he have a new haircut, by the way? He's looking good!) has come to check on the progress of the drug tests. Jae-wook says it's going reeeaaally well, well, everybody is dying or being killed, but they'll get there. I'm running out of time, says Uncle. Hurry the fuck up. Or you'll lose your cozy job, you smiling bastard.
Yeah, that's pretty much how it went.  Lots of talk about trust, misplaced trust, shit or get off the goddamn pot, cold day in hell, twisting in the wind, that kind of thing.
I'm pretty sure hackles were raised too,
Outside, Uncle runs into Rita - who is quite fired up. What's happening in the hospital? Why is she not in on the secret? She will run it soon, she should know! You are right, says Uncle, but now is not the time. He even gets a bit angry at her whining and shouts at her to be patient. It's so not like him! It's the illness speaking.
It's too soon after Lady Admin had a go at him.  He's feeling defensive about his special project.
The three completely redundant and useless doctors are in the leisure room, discussing sports car. Liar Game Doctor got himself a red one and praises its benefits. One of the others swears that GOLD is the color to get and the third doesn't have an opinion because he likes riding his bike.
Liar Game Doctor was promised by Jae Wook that when he leaves, he is going to put Liar Game Doctor up as his replacement - and hey, he could really use some support keeping people in line around here, by the way. So at this point, Liar Game is so far up Jae Wook's butt that you can barely see the toes of his Crocs, and he's just here blowing smoke.
I'm sure our Greek chorus of cardboard doctors are good for something, but for the life of me I'm not sure what.

Pampy Boy is thinking ... thinking hard, which gives the production a chance to use about one minute of flashbacks. Suddenly, girl intern appears in front of him and offers him a Müesli Bar - he looks so weak. After resisting a bit, he takes it. Why so gruff all the time, Pampy? She lingers and thanks him very much for giving her this chance - she is trying hard and will try harder. He so doesn't give a shit. But he says a few nice words to pick her up, which makes her giggle and blush ... and Rita gets her first little jealousy fit, cause she's walked in on their conversation.
That is EXACTLY what happened. He compared her to an unusual bug, which freaked her out, but he meant it sincerely - she is a rare breed. He was totally charmed by her, I think. Ohhhh, maybe SHE'S an evil vampire.
Maybe she's the Queen Vampire, and Auntie Admin is her assistant.
Uncle Rita is with Administrator and tells her to stop tattling and snooping. This is HIS hospital and whatever is going on in it is his responsibility. She looks shattered and almost cries. Very emotional, this one. Hey, I'm not saying top managers shouldn't be emotional. In fact, it's probably good if they are.
I don't blame her - he was completely over the top. Told her that she shouldn't think that just because she'd been there for years that he'd forgive anything, and she should back the F*** up because it was none of her business. She's just an employee, and if she pushes the issue the next step will be a formal reprimand. Which, ouch. Because clearly she doesn't think of this as just a job or think of him and Ri Ta as just co workers.
His meanface is really mean, especially when she is the only voice of reason in the upper echelon of the staff. But Uncle doesn't exactly want reason, now, does he.
Dad Patient crashes and can barely be saved. The end is nigh for him. Ji-sang stares at him and thinks how sad the world is ... all this sickness, all this suffering. What if doing weird drug experiments on people can make all this go away? He asks the little girl what she thinks and she says yes, drug experiments are fully okay - if only they will save her father. Ji-sang has to think about this long and hard as he comforts the little creature.
Nah, this scene is like in the Grinch when his heart starts to expand because little Cindy Lou Hoo gives him an apple or some such thing.  The little girl was saying how sad she felt because her dad was in so much pain and that it would be better for him to just let go, but he can't let go because of her. She overheard people on the ward saying that, and it made her feel really bad and guilty because even as little as she is (next to exact quote) she knows it would be better for her father to die, at this point. 
Poor kid. I admit to feeling a bit of feeling towards the show because of that little girl.
The girl cancer patient is still SO MUCH pissed she has cancer, she throws her food around. Rita struts in and tells her that the piranhas are already growling from hunger. That shuts her up momentarily. But what really will be growling soon is this girl's stomach!
The little girl wants to die and is refusing to eat. Ri Ta is calling her bluff.
She's an orphan with uncaring relatives, which I guess is sad, but she's a little biatch, which balances that. Or skews it to Pillow Suffocation Mode.

Intern girl thinks Rita is really cool - she wants to be like her when she grows up! Hence, she follows her around and asks her where she buys her clothes. Time for bitchy Rita to come out again, just in case we were starting to think that Gu Hye-sun had actually toned down that whole entitled-bitch thing! How dare someone lowly as her ask where she gets her clothes?! She can't even afford to step into a store like that! Forgeeeeet it.
Substitute 'look at Ji Sang' for 'buy fancy clothes' and you have it right.
The evil nun speaks to Ji-sang about finally taking that stupid bandage off, because it's so obvious it's fake. Also, she is interested why there is not a single hair on his face. None. Nada. Zip. Is he even a man? Of course he is, he retorts and if must be, he can prove it. But then, he remembers he sparkles when he is naked, which stops him.
And we are now the snake, consuming our own selves. The recap directs the comments which influences the recap. I love it! Plus I don't really remember what they talked about but it was something which further solidified Ji Sang's innate humanity and strengthened his desire to remain so.
"Death is a doorway. Think before you knock on it."
Jae-wook joins Administrator outside - she is staring at the hospital. That's never a good sign. He asks whether she would like to paint it a different color? Purple, maybe? She isn't thinking about that, she tells him ... but about the greatness of this thing and the greatness of what it will be ... if people do not destroy it. As her voice turns sharp, the smile is wiped from his face. Yes, I mean you, Professor, she says. Stop messing with my beautiful hospital. Secretly, however, she has decided to leave and travel the world.
Not leaving. Throwing down a gauntlet. She has always protected the hospital, and she will always the protect the hospital, and he's just some fancy pants fly by night and she will take him DOWN, brother, oh yes she will take him DOWN. Plus, the tree was a gift she received from Evil Uncle on her first day of work, and when he gave it to her, he told her he wished that she would work there for as long as that tree would be growing.  Awww. He totally tapped that, back in the day.
Maybe it's time for her to branch out. Just saying. She is going to wield the sword that will behead his ambitions.
Ji-sang's affliction is so great, he doesn't even dare enter the operating area anymore. This has to stop, Doctor - or you'll no longer be considered a surgical Jesus! Rita sees him linger and pushes for answers ... again. But he can't tell him. He simply can't.
She is absolutely lovely in purple with her mouth shut. Also, she knows he's 'ill' and she wants to help.
Rita, who is wearing extremely high pumps, is sneaking up on her friend in the lab. Friend is doing pamp-grave research for Scruff, but it's a secret mission and that is why Rita cannot know. You'll no longer be my friend, says Rita! Ha, says Friend - fine, I knew you had something going with that Pale One, that why you don't need me anymore, right?! That makes Rita laugh, cause yes ... when she thinks of being piggybacked, she feels a certain ... something fluttering in her chest.
I think...this might be where Friend confesses that Pampire was asking about Ri Ta.
At least she wasn't eating there this time. [shudders]
Ji-sang's little Helper tells him that there is no drug for him anymore ... he is trying different things, but he cannot promise. Anyway, they should really go on a holiday soon! To the beach, to Colombia, where there's sun, fun, and nothing to do. But Ji-sang says he can't - he feels that he must stay.
Yeah, Friend and Luuvy were providing options for the next move, but Ji Sang is gonna stay. We knew he would.
Jae-wook is sex-chairing!!! OMG, finally ... well, there are other people there (so he is just sipping some wine), Vamp Leader for one (great role you got there, man) and a much intimidated woman, but we don't see her face! Hmmmmm... He explains to her how children are made and he explains that Ji-sang is a miracle, cause he has survived that drug despite all the odds. He is the next generation. Then his phone rings and he smiles - it's Ji-sang.
At first I thought it was some strange woman we didn't know, then I thought it was her from the hospital, and now I can't remember who it was, but yeah, he does say that Ji Sang is the first (and only) pure Vampire, born from Vampire Parents.  That he is, in fact, THE mutation of the virus, since Jae Wook ahd been trying over and over for years to get little Vamp Babies from all kinds of combos of people and vamps.  He also says that Ji Sang is actually mutating right now, and that his full potential is unknown to everyone, including himself. Plus, he's the only vampire ever who has never used blood.
In Sanguino Veritas. But, for the record, it seems stupid to tempt the boy into drinking your ShukPlatelet Cocktail, and thereby destroying his value as a pure vampire. But he's not exactly firing on all cylinders. Must be the sex chair.

Rita is in a bookstore ... looking at vampire literature. Ahahahaaa, yes. I was wondering how long it would take her ... but she's a scientist! Cannot think silly things! Cannot! Move awaaaay from that book section, move away! Well, she ends up buying the whole store, cause she's rich like that. And as she reads up on vampire lore, she must admit ... it kinda fits. Kinda.
Good thing she didn't know that The Boy in the Forest was a vampire, huh, or she'd be a quivering pair of ovaries about to explode right about here.
Ji-sang has come to Jae-wook's place again, the others are gone. Either you let me on the sex chair or I'll scream, he says. Anyway, he is ready to try to drug again. Please. The smell was totally revolting, but Ji-sang knows he needs that stuff. There is no other option. Ji-sang looks at a bag of pee-stuff and thinks that he would prefer if it were pink. And as his Friend is testing the substance in his lab, Ji-sang fondles another glass. Another looooooooooong scene during which Jae-wook is staring out of the window and Ji-sang may or may not drink the stuff. What is holding him back? The length of this drama?
Ji Sang tells Jae Wook he needs to stick around for a couple of days and could he give him just a few days supply, pretty please? Jae Wook is stupid and unsuspicious and provides him with several bags.
Friend finds out that someone from the hospital is accessing the secret information on the graves! Yes, it's Rita's friend. Ji-sang goes to confirm ... oh shoot. Are they onto him??! While Rita Friend goes and gets him a glass of water, he checks out her research ...  Scruff is trying to get access to the special ward, but he is no longer allowed in. Will that stop him? Of course not! Scruff is awesome!
How on earth does a hospital prevent the Chief of Bruises (isn't that Hemotoma, Shuk, a bruise?) from entering a hospital ward? 
Yes. And my soul is black and blue from watching this. And what's with the evil spinet music any time those graves are given air time? I feel like I should be seeing the Edward Gorey Opening Theme to "Masterpiece Mystery".
Jae-wook gets the surprise of his life when he sees Rita walking into the operating room ... and not his new prodigy. Ha, suspicious! I guess Ji-sang hasn't taken the piss-drink after all? Jae-wook wants answers and goes into the spacious office. Why is he not back in the operating room? They need him and his superior skills there. Humans are rubbish. Vampires are the future!
Pretty much.
Ji-sang finds Rita all alone in the leisure room (as so often). He thanks her for taking this one off his shoulders - and promises to give her something awesome in return. Don't worry, she says - I'd rather not get too close to you, weirdo. Last time I hooked up with a boy, I woke up in Thailand, on an elephant. I'd rather stay professional, you know, colleagues. But when he walks out after that, she regrets her bitter words bitterly.
Funny, because she does say he owes her and she wants information as payback and he does say no, he'll give her something better. (Body fluid exchange? For scientific purposes, of course)What could be better than information, Ji Sang? Get with the program! This is the information age! I think this is also the point where she tells him her childhood forest story, but as she recounts it she exaggerates it: double the number of dogs, triple the length of his leap, and it ends with his compliments and kisses, all of which make Ji Sang laugh, and each of which he questions. If I were her, I think I'd have noticed his response.
Ji-sang has made the connection between Rita's Friend and Scruff - he realizes that Scruff is the key (and his deeestiny). But it's not yet time for them to hook up. Not yet. 12 episodes to go!! Which is crazy.
TWELVE?  Really?  I think Ji Sang is trying to figure out if Scruff is good or bad.
The patient in solitary confinement is doing quite well! He is smiling again and talking and there is no more blood. Vamp Doc inserts another syringe into his drip. Which turns him into a zombie. Nice. Time for him to go. They have a no witnesses policy.
She tells him he's doing so well, it's time to go out. What fun thing does he want to do? He wants to eat, he's so hungry, he says. She tells him he deserves something delicious and asks him what he wants, and I know it, in that split second before he replies: Blood Sausage Stew. She tells the poor guy it's okay for him to leave but he has to go through that secret side door for some reason. Whatever, he's in a trance anyway.
Soondae is better than a Flying Wallenda with a side order of Mitsubishi tire tracks.
When she gets a chance, Rita tells Ji-sang that she wants to talk. She has even bought him burgers and fries and a soft drink. It's a peace offering (uhm, for what? Have I missed something?). Well, she can't know this, but he is a vegan. Oh cool, she says, I've always wanted to try being a vegan. I particularly like vegan chocolate! Ah? he says - that's my speciality. Well, it isn't, but his friend is quite good at it. It's a white lie, so I guess it's okay. Fine! Invite me! she says! I'll come! I actually like to snort chocolate up my nose.
It's his goodbye meal, but she's too busy to take him somewhere nice plus she doesn't actually care all that much. So says she. She wants to talk to him, but he has no interest in talking with her, really. And oh by the way, he's decided not to leave. But thanks for the soda.
This is where she talks about the 35 CGI wolves and the 190cm tall boy that saved her and taught her tonsil hockey.
Scruff is working late ... a knock at his door - it's Ji-sang. Scruff gets his hopes up, but no, Ji-sang just wants to hear why he is doing research am pamp-stuff ... and produces a photo that shows the same friggin grave! Boys ... it's time to hug it out. You know you want to.
Oooh, they are suspicious of each other now.  
Mr. Zombie is let free by Vamp Doc! He takes the stairs ... and leaves. Unfortunately, Rita sees him ... and runs after him. When she grabs his arm to stop him, he pushes her aside. She falls to the ground and shouts for help, cause ... uhm, she can't get up? Yeah, it's those high heels. They're shit.
Zombie:  Soooooooooooooondae, sooooooooooooooondae
Scruff and Ji-sang are comparing pictures now. Scruff is "how do you know about this? Are you a bad guy?". Believe in me, says Ji-sang, I'm not. It's a charged moment, that's why he doesn't pick up when Rita calls him. But only the first time. When he hears what has happened, he runs through the hospital and outside.
I always like a "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" moment.
Ji Sang thought he was the one who put up the info on the secure website, but Scruff never did that, and if it was there it must have been there for a really long time. Scruff ends up telling him that his father was the doctor back then, but I don't recall Ji Sang explaining how he had the picture in return.
A hooded vamp (the last survivor next to Vamp Leader who never gets any lines) is waiting for our patient ... and throws him onto the street, as a truck of doom is approaching. But here comes Ji-sang! He looks at the truck - at the defenseless man - sprints, throws the man through the air - and is hit by the truck in his stead. Boom! He flies through the air and hits the concrete like ... a sack of concrete.
I loved the cartwheel. I wonder if he did his own stunts. He did NOT stick the landing. What is UP with vampires who have to cause car accidents to kill people? What kind of vampires are they Vegan?
They got a good discount at the local Enterprise Rent-A-Deathmobile but they want to make sure they still get their money's worth.
Rita just got there and sees him lying there, like a broken doll. But he doesn't stay down for long ... as she watches in stunned silence, Pampy gets up, blood streaming down his face. Pamped. Will he heal? Will he?
Only his director knows for sure.
I can't believe we aren't even half-way through the projected run yet. [sobs]


Can we make Scruff the protagonist? I like the mystery that surrounds him. It's kinda like a spin-off, you know? Blood - the Scruff Chronicles. It shows him and his adventures after he leaves the hospital broken-hearted because nobody ever loved him. 
Aww, you don't think he and Friend will get together at some point? I like her. I like him. They would be cute together.
I would just like him to survive, relatively unscathed.