블러드 Blood - Episode 9 (A FakeCap)

Yeah, alright, this continues and so do we. By the way, how's the soundtrack for this thing? Fakecapping with the sound off has clear disadvantages...
JoAnne: They use a lot of moody old fashioned vampire movie background music, which is always funny. I haven't really noticed the OST though, to tell you the truth.
Shuk: The music keeps jumping out at me, more for the mood whiplash than anything. But there have been some interesting choices.

Episode 9

The truck of doom never fails, does it? Well, it does: if the one doomed is a pampire, who survives anything. Rita witnesses the healing power of the pamp and even sees him in his vampire form - if she can see that far. Can we get rid of the bandage now?!
Yes, that was pretty much just a Truck of Alarm. I am sure she saw him clearly, yes. Now what? She's already predisposed to sympathy, I think, since she read that medical theory about vampirism.
I'm pretty sure she saw the transformation. She looked startled and interested and horny and frightened all at once, she was just holding it in really really deep inside.
Ji-sang hurries over the zombie patient, but first has to deal with the driver of the truck who is completely traumatized and probably thinks he's crazy. Pamp Boy brings the patient back to the hospital, where Rita catches up to them and shows concern for him. He's bleeding after all, yes. Security comes running but we all know that these guys are Jae-wook's people.
Ooooh, a showdown! But what can he do? If he fights all of them, the secret is out. Also - when she asked him if he was okay he made me laugh - he said 'you of all people know that I'm fine' - it just struck me funny at the time, the way he said it. As if he were acknowledging publicly that she has some deep connection to him.
Haha, zombie patient actor is acting well.

Ji-sang gets quite vicious towards the slacker-guards, but Rita holds him back and they take zombie-patient with them. They have a little silent stare-down, but afterwards, he voices his anger towards her. Why is she endangering a patient? She's not her bitchy self, though ... she's too rattled by what she witnessed. He notices that she might have noticed. She doesn't notice that he might have noticed. It's a recurrent pattern.
I hadn't noticed. Also, I have to say that she's displaying basic common sense here and he should be grateful to her - where's his calm, rational approach these days? If he's been living in 'hiding' his whole life, you'd think he would know better than to invite trouble. I guess concern for his patients trumps personal safety, though. That's good, right? I mean, it's good to be that kind of person.
We could also just call is "very bad writing".
His turnaround is rather abrupt, almost too quick to be believable.
Jae-wook gets the phone call that zombie patient has been rescued. He doesn't like that. He's in the sex-chair though. Later, the not-boss vamp comes to report about what happened. I wonder why he even bothers and doesn't just run? He knows he is going to get killed for failure, doesn't he?
Yeah, someone has to pay for this.
How will Rita deal with the new reality of her life? By going into a dark corridor and collapsing on the floor. Why not.
It's a lot to process. I think we can cut her a little slack. Wait 'til she finds out he's Forest Boy.
But last time she collapsed with those shoes, she couldn't get back up. What if she's stuck there all night?
At home, Friend has analyzed the pee-drug. You know that strawberry taste? It was all a lie. There is none. He was totally duped by Jae-wook, who, Friend begins to suspect is a Pad Poy. And most likely a lying liar who is using homeless people for very nasty things. Oh my ... is the pee from the homeless people in the end?! That's disgusting.
It's not from homeless people. It's from CHILDREN (WTF!!!!) Children haven't built up antibodies and immunities that would cause problems for vampires.
Better them than me. And I'm almost as confused by the SqueeCap as the script. We seem to keep jumping scenes, chingu (I group things, Shuk, so that I don't have to write one little bitsy sentences all the time. I like solid blocks of text).
Scruff and Ji-sang have reached some kind of truce ... they will now both research vampire graves. Why not, everybody who finds one is allowed to dig them up and research them, they belong to everyone! Scruff suggests that Ji-sang should take off the bandage, which looks increasingly worse for wear. There is a danger of infecting his brain, too - and we can't have that. Pamp Boy must stay smart and alert. In turn, Ji-sang suggests that Scruff could shave. No!!!! We don't want him to shave! 
Ok none of that ever happened. But they each at least know the other isn't a bad guy. Bromance can't be far.
They just need to agree to work together. But that won't happen until we reach double-digit episodes. [sigh]
As feared, Jae-wook is now onto Scruff. Oh no. Not scruff :(( Ji-sang, go protect him! We want that spin-off and that happy end with Rita's Friend! To calm himself down, Jae-wook trips on the pee ... not on the sex-chair though. too sexy for you, Korea?! At home, Ji-sang (the idiot!!!) throws the pee down the sink. All those wonderful drugs ...
Yup, they're aware that Scruff is looking into things, but for now at least I think he's safe. They are overly confident about Uncle Evil's protection, maybe.
Rita, who like so many Koreans doesn't put on any PJs, wakes up feeling extremely unwell. Yes, she was standing outside for a bit in high-heels ... no wonder she caught a cold. Still, she's tough! So she goes to work (thanks, doctor, for going to work being ill. Very responsible). Ji-sang immediately notices her bad state, but she declines any offer for help. Such a tough woman. Tough. Tough.
Ridiculousness. If she's sick she should be home in bed. Bad Ri Ta!
Well, yeah, given the way she performed the surgery when she was perfectly healthy, if she's sick while trying to operate, might as well warm up the ovens at the mortuary.
Bad cancer patient is bad - bad cancer patient wife is sad - girl of bad cancer patient is even worse. And I realize that I don't actually want to see a drama set in a cancer hospital. Yeah, yeah, I know, the stakes must be high to at least give Jae-wook's action some semblance of good, but still. Intern Girl talks to sad bad patient girl, but how do you cheer somebody up who is going to lose her father? Well, you can't.
You really can't.
Okay, acting sick is a bit too much of a challenge for Gu Hye-sun. I hope she goes to bed soon. At this point, I want to voice my disapproval of how KDrama treats flus. It's true that many people die from it, but that's only a small percentage. Most people are completely fine after staying at home for a day or two. Patients are starting to show first symptoms of ear infections now. Rita! I told you to stay home!
She should have listened to you. The patients have tinnitus. We will learn that soon.
I think writer-nim has decided to add some Animal Farm shenanigans. The damned IP ward has only been operational for a few days at best and they are already revising the procedurals? "Two fangs good! No fangs baaad!"
In her fevered state, she phantasizes about undressing Ji-sang ... starting with the bandaid. But that phantasy is brutally interrupted by the memory of his miraculous recovery from a fatal car accident. Too much to deal with right now? Yes. And there's a doctors conference anyway.
Rather than watch her act for a minute longer, the writer decided to employ flashbacks to indicate that she is reviewing the events of the past few days. Assessing the situation. Mulling over the possibilities.
Great, so we can rewatch previous bad acting. Yay.

Surgical Jesus tells everybody that he wants to be reassigned from being a surgeon to being a lab rat. Because he has a panic disorder - he can't operate anymore. Jae-wook just sits there, shaking his head. The other doctors are stunned, Rita is angry. Go get treatment, you wuss! She shouts. Well, no, she doesn't shout, cause she has no energy, does she.
Ji Sang confesses to the group that he is suffering from a panic disorder related to his time in Kechenia. The lie surprises both Ri Ta and Jae Wook. Ji Sang asks for the understanding of his colleagues, which he gets. Rita will perform all his surgeries for the next while, and Liar Game Doctor says they can ALL chip in and help each other out. It will be a real boost for morale! Also, you're totally watching with subs (I'm not, but English translation of medical terms pop up now and then :).
I have to admit, it's a smooth move on the part of Pampire.
Intern girl hears that the girl cancer patient is on the roof. But no, she doesn't want to kill herself. She just wanted to sit on the ledge. What a relief! But how to give hope to a young kid who has a very bad form of cancer? Will this drama provide us with the answers?
The patient made me laugh - when Intern scolds her for sitting there because it's dangerous, the girl yells, 'I have LIVER cancer!' as if to say 'Heights are dangerous? Pfffffffffft.'
Show-down between Jae-wook and Ji-sang! With words only, unfortunately. Had you given me your sex-chair, Ji-sang says, I would have taken the stupid pee-drug! But you had to just be super possessive about it,  didn't you? See, that is the big difference between you and me: I share. You don't. You will die alone on your chair, while I will die surrounded by many friends and many chairs. I win.
They argued over whether his precious drink was REALLY qualified to be described as coming from 'non-GMO free range humans, ethically raised, and purchased at a fair price' because the free range humans were not of legal age to consent. Additionally, Ji Sang questioned Jae Wook's carbon footprint because the supply wasn't local. Ji Sang really believes farm to table is the future of food.
Just you wait and see, just you wait, snarls Jae-wook angrily. Good thing that Jae-wook is much too interested in Ji-sang's genetics to go against him.
Just the idea that VampDoc sees himself as a benevolent person to these poor starving children that he fairly pays for, is just... not even.
Administrator is checking up on Jae-wook, cause she's sure there's something so not right about him (has she hired a private detective?). Well, unfortunately, Jae-wook is far from being dumb - he already knows that one of the doctors is working for the Administrator. And now that Doctor starts to suspect that Jae-wook knows.
Private detective hasn't been addressed although I assume she has one because she knows a LOT about Jae Wook - but she DID convince one of Jae Wook's doctors to spy on him - only he right away told Jae Wook, of course. No one who works for Jae Wook ever deliberately risks their neck to go against him, and for good reason!

Rita demands access to the homeless ward, but no, she can't go in. Lucky for her, Jae-wook appears and lets her in. They visit the zombie patient together ... he is not doing well. He has a rash all over and breathes much too quickly.
Ah, what was it... some weird virus he picked up, I think they said, and it caused this terrible reaction to the medication he'd been given.  And yet, they've quarantined him, despite bad reactions to medication not being contagious in any way, shape, or form.
VampDoc says his temperature is high (40C / 104F), but they aren't cooling him in any form when that is is higher than an Ebola infection. She should be suspicious.
Scruff and Rita Friend have a debrief. It's one of many - he has now refocused his energy on her, since he can't have Ji-sang. So they know there's a virus and they know that this virus is responsible for seemingly turning people into what is commonly knows as "vampire". Medically interesting about this virus is the ability of these people to heal really fast.
So, Scruff has always had this information but just now really began to look into it? At the moment, he has no clue it's connected to anything else. He is just checking out his dad's stuff, and Friend is doing some of the digging for him. They're both very excited to be able to prove that vampires are real. You know, for the science of it.
Rita steps in on them and they quickly hide all evidence of their research. Come on - just form your team of Four already. We know it's going to happen. Rita knows they're keeping things from her - and she tries to bitch herself into their club. Scruff is weary ... not only is she Uncle's "daughter", she also sleeps with Ji-sang. I don't! she screeches, but you know how it is with these kind of denials. They never sound sincere.
They discuss this 'virus' that the homeless man is said to have. Scruff is surprised to learn that Ri Ta has concerns about the treatment the strange doctors are giving the homeless patients, and then he is very pleased to learn that for Ri Ta, what matters is right or wrong: the fact that this is her uncle's pet project means little to her.
Is that belief gonna hold up when she finds out Uncle is Shaky McShakerson The Evil Monster?
And look who's here! Pamp Boy. Who knows exactly what is going on. Just then, Rita sees the remnants of what was written on the white board ... Vampire. Time for a tete-a-tete with friend. So you seriously believe in this bullcrap? Rita asks. Believe, believe, says friend, this is not about believing, we have hard scientific facts! But you're not allowed to tell anybody, alright?!
Finally, Pampire wants to join the party. Let's fight these other doctors! Let's save our patients!  I want to be on YOUR team! Scruff is pleased.
By our powers combined, we are Captain Bruise!
In the meantime, sad cancer patient is being told to leave the hospital, because they don't have any money anymore. But here comes Ji-sang, to save the day. Are you crazy?! He asks, what kind of hospital is this? Is money all you care for? He stays here! And he will be saved! He will also save the nun! Everyone! Without going over the the dark side.
Pretty close! The hospital has a rule that says if the treatment prolongs life but will not cure the patient, at a certain point it's just pointless and they will stop treatment.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Sad Cancer Patient, SCP Wife, SCP Daughter, Fangirl Intern - they all protest and ask what if the doctor says no. Hospital Drone says usually it's the doctors who make the recommendation - at which point Ji Sang comes in to make things very clear. No one contacted HIM. And if 'anyone' would like to live to see another day, they won't bring this up again. Sad Cancer Patient is staying, Sad Cancer Patient will continue to receive treatment, and that is the end of it.
I like his change of heart, even if it didn't come with a change of expression.
And finally, Rita is being told what this is all about ... bones and graves. Skull and bones. Secret societies! It's a very exclusive club, this being a Vampire.
But do they have Pudding?
They have a secret handshake. 
The information is too much for her and she collapses. Her flu has now reached that critical criticality level where her life is in jeopardy.
And so of course, they send her home alone, to recover alone. Friend did confess that they were researching a virus that could make people vampires, but of course, this was all in the past. There are no vampires NOW, or they'd be everywhere, sucking everyone's blood.
There's more bonding with intern girl. Wow, they have chemistry! Well, she has chemistry with herself and the screen and he is just there, but ... well. He gets a phone call from the nurses next, because of those weird cases of ear infections among some of the patients. That's not all though ... they also start behaving oddly aggressive and weird. Kinda like apes at the zoo.
Fangirl Intern wants to know why Ji Sang tells other patients just how bad off they are, but he's much gentler with the nun and doesn't tell her she's going to die. He says that's because other people need a lot of time to prepare for it and get stuff off their bad consciences, but Sister Sylvia is pretty much ready to go. And then, she asks him for a favor. She wants him to buy her a meal. He tells her he doesn't like dishes made with flour, nothing spicy, salty, or greasy. And then adds 'nothing with more than four legs.' Okay, that leaves out the mutant stew, I guess. Or maybe he meant bugs. No bugs.  'I don't like noodles, flavor, or bugs.' (and caterpillar kimchi) Also, the patients have tinnitus, some are displaying a heightened sensitivity to light, and then there's that one that looks like a creepy rapist trying to scare his victim/identifier on the other side of the one-way mirror.
It's a new attempt to make the drug work, but poor Vamp Doc ... how much longer will you live? Jae-wook's smile becomes more and more cruel and I think he wants to snack on you soon. But first, it's time for Uncle Rita to go have a look at the lab facilities and to have a peek through the microscope. Amazing progress! Soon, the drug will be ready for him.
Actually, the bad doctors are having a good day. Some how or other one of the drugs administered is very very successful at ridding the body of of tumors or other foreign material. Like their humanity? Jae Wook is proud to show it off to Uncle Evil and uses the happy atmosphere to ask for a favor, which we don't hear.
Rita is in bed, still able to make phone calls though, to her friend. Who is preoccupied with life and stuff. She doesn't come to help and Rita's condition gets worse and worse. I think she's about to die. CAN SHE PLEASE STOP ACTING. But look who has come to visit her? Pamp Boy! Friend sent him over, cause she's so preoccupied and he is not, seeing how he is no longer Surgical Jesus.
Yep, he's delivering the medicine that Friend can't since there's a medical emergency at the hospital. Not with the homeless patients, with a real patient, so one we haven't seen and don't know anything about.

She opens the door (though she is barely able to) and he says you look terrible and that color is making it worse. I'm coming in. He has a good look at her impressive house and thinks, wow, I'm lucky, she's really rich. He then tells her to palli palli go into the bedroom and lie down. He puts her on an IV drip. Leave now, she demands, I'm going to be fine.
Pretty much. I don't think he cares about her money, but the rest of it was very accurate.
He called her Gollum. I giggled.
But clearly: no. Feeling her temperature, not removing his hands for a looooong time, he connects with her on a deeper level. She removes his hand and asks him why he is so kind with her. She is ugly, short, and much too loud - there are better women out there. He says nothing ... doesn't she feel the connection between them that fate has spun?
She asks why he's taking her temp, actually, and he says he's not: he's cooling her down since his hands are like ice. They are, she agrees. And so is his heart. (awwww) She confesses that it's not a cold making her sick, but anger and frustration. She is very angry and frustrated with him! And since she's now drugged, she wants to ask a question: Does he always transform like that? 
He's More Than Meets The Eye.
Oooooooooooooop! She knows, he knows she knows, she knows he knows she knows. It's all out there!  But there is still the matter of their fated youthful connection.  
He wants to know why she hasn't said anything until then and she admits that she was afraid he would attack her and drink her blood.  He is offended - does she think he's a monster? To tease us, the two adults repeat a conversation they had as children in the woods - the youngsters talked about forest ghosts and the adults talked about supernatural beings, but it was close enough that Ri Ta complained of deja vu. She asks, and he tells her that he's been this way his whole life, and so he lived quietly in a forest with just his mother, where he was comfortable but very lonely.
He tries to trigger her memory by asking her how her parents died, but she doesn't want to speak about it. The memories are still too painful. But from the way he talks, she realizes that he ... he was that boy in the forest. That saved her from the bad CGI wolves.  She cries after she has found out and then loses unconsciousness from the drugs he has administered. Gently, he brushes the hair from her face.
He does tell her their story. He says he was always alone until one day a pretty girl dressed in pink showed up, dressed very inappropriately for the forest. The girl wandered around and got lost and then was attacked by wild dogs, but he was nearby and saved her. He was really scared, but he really wanted to save her, so he tried despite his fear. Ri Ta is watching with teary eyes (she looks cross-eyes this way) and he gives that little smile that makes him sort of cute, and then she sort of smiles too and says she really wishes this wasn't a dream she was having because it would mean that she finally met the boy who saved her. Ji Sang watches tenderly while she declares that in her life, just once she wanted to meet that boy. Oh for Pete's sake, you have a COLD. You aren't DYING. Although she certainly falls asleep like she's dying. And then Ji Sang is all 'Awww, you're pretty when you're unconscious and can't be annoying, lemme touch your hair', but it's not creepy at all, it's sweet.
Vampire Boss has his once-per episode appearance (I hope your salary at least pays your bills, man!) and gets a lecture from Ji-sang. They now need to move on to the next stage of their plan and kill the doctor spy. Doctor spy dies in a parking garage. Once again, I'm thinking that this kind of brutality is not necessary.
Although I'm grateful that they didn't run him over because that is SO 'last week's episode', I notice that they just moved from cars to garages, so... limited imagination.
Cow goes moo. Dog goes bark. Doc goes splat. I think I heard mention of a pojangmacha truck next week, just for a quick changeup.
Scruff is doing overtime again. Is it a new breakthrough in his research? Luvvy-Friend, in the meantime, is hacking into the Taemin hospital computer system. He sees what Scruff is seeing - and he realizes that Scruff is being monitored.
Is that what he realized? I wasn't sure (believe me, and I have no clue :) I thought he was just pinpointing where the data was being accessed at the hospital. It also looked to me like Scruff might have noticed a connection between his Vampire Clipping Album, some pages he's got online, and the test results he was holding in his hand.
Not sure the significance of the scene. It's probably just another They know that I know that he knows that they know.
When Rita wakes up, Ji-sang is still next to her, sleeping upright in a chair. Or rather, not sleeping. She is much better, which is visible by the redness of her lips. So ... he is that boy, isn't he. And he is a vegan? How does that work? Well, he says, I already told you I like chocolate. Meat? I don't need that. Meat stinks. It's bad. It's bloody. Blood makes me sick.
He was sleeping. She tries to kick him out and he asks for five more minutes. Aww, he's already comfortable at her place. She does feel better, she does wonder if it's a dream, and he refers back to that time when she told him her forest story and tells her if she's going to remember things, remember them correctly. (I have to go find that spot in the last episode because I totally didn't mention it and it needs to be mentioned.)
He teases her about the embellishments she has added to their first meeting story. I thought that was cute. Maybe because she barely talked through the sequence,
She realizes they have a problem, because she? A total meat-girl. In fact, she likes raw meat the most! We'll over come this, he says - together. Okay, she answers. Let's try. And she gently touches his face .... and rips the bandaid off. Actually, she doesn't. DAMN. Disturbing their tender moment, Friend runs in. No, it's not what she thinks! No! Friend runs out anyway.
She's just really happy, and he is, too. It's too damn cute, those tiny smiles in those pissy faces.
Best scene in the series so far.
Later, Ji-sang drives Rita to work. They are a bit awkward, you know, how young lovers sometimes are. But now that they know they're fated, we'll be fine. Unless we ship Ji-sang with Intern Girl. THAT ship will not sail.
Oh, Ri Ta will eat THAT child for lunch. They're still smiling teeny smiles and sneaking peeks. He says she needs more rest, she bitches about having to do her work plus his, he offers to find people to help, she insists she can do it, you know the drill. Plus she tells him to get rid of the ratty bandaid since no one even really knew he got cut. He can just say it's a scratch. He says Friend saw it, and she says she can take care of HER easily enough. More tiny smiles. They're a teeny tiny little pissy team of almost in love. It's adorable.
When they arrive at the hospital, they're informed by a sign that there will be a vegan cooking competition. Scruff appears behind them and says well, well, well. Let's see what we can do here.
Uncle Evil has cancelled the Agora Conferences, the meetings where the doctors would get together to discuss treatment options for patients. Suggestions must be made one on one now. Scruff walks up and mentions how they can't even call a meeting to discuss the questionable treatment of the homeless patients now, and it clicks for me that this is the favor Jae Wook requested from Uncle back when he showed him the test results.
Two Fangs Good! No Fangs Baaad!
Luvvy Friend is still in the system - and he finds out who Scruff's father was. It was THAT doctor: the one who was his parents' mentor. Amazing stuff, fate, isn't it? Scruff simply cannot be a bad person, because he knew Ji-sang's parents. Or can he? Because he was also somebody else's mentor ... Jae-wook's. Everybody used to be one happy family.
Does not compute. Ji Sang already knew from the other day that Scruff was Mentor's son. And now Ji Sang mentions to Adorable Friend that Mentor is his most admired hero. Does not stand to reason that he'd have NO idea his parents were associated with Mentor, then, because he'd have read the published articles, which include pictures of his parents. And also does not stand to reason that he didn't know about Jae Wook's connection, for the same reason. So right from the start he should have known who Jae Wook was. Sloppy writing.
Remember Rooftop Prince? Where the past sister-in-law link showed up like 10 times throughout the run but Prince Lee Gak only 'figured' it out in the second-to-last episode? The two writers are Related By Red Herring. Sloppy writing.


Fascinating episode in which nothing unexpected happens again, the sex-chair appears but isn't used, and Ji-sang finally finds out that he isn't alone.
I dunno. Did you know that Jae Wook had a sex chair at the office?  I didn't.
He has them EVERYWHERE. The man knows what's good for you.
Remind me not to borrow his car and adjust his seat.