Ngao Jai (Shadows of the Heart) - Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

becca: Before we get into this episode, I do want to make something clear. I enjoy this show! Actually, I'm pretty hooked on it - sometimes the only reason I stop watching is because I've caught up with the subs. When I stop to think about what's happening onscreen, there's a lot of snarling and gnashing of teeth, yes. But if the show isn't exactly good in terms of character consistency or any semblance to reality, it is at least highly entertaining. And our main couple is extremely messed up, but somehow… I'm still rooting for them. Especially when our hero isn't being a jerk and our heroine isn't being an idiot.
Shuk:  I agree. With many lakorns, the characters behave in ways that, in my culture, stand an excellent chance of arrest. Still, even for the canon couple, karma bites them in the end, and that is always satisfying.

Episode 6

May is out for a early-morning stroll through her garden when vermin shows up.  Once she spots Goon, she starts to walk away, but he begs her to listen to him. She’s too soft-hearted; she stays.
By the way, I put in the first picture just because the film location is so darn pretty!  I want to spend a month there just eating oranges and sniffing flowers.
Goon apologizes for hurting the two people he loves the most. May coldly tells him that it can all end, then. But he wants to do something more to atone; he promises to get over her, and love her like an older brother. She’s happy if he does this, and finally tells him that she has always seen him this way. Ouch! She goes on to say that her mother and brother love him too, and thanks him for his kindness to her family. The ultimate Friend-zone. Stings, doesn't it, Evil Goon.
Get him AWAAAY. Please! And, dude, I have seen your idea of love, and it is NOT brotherly.

She’s back in her bedroom waiting for her husband; she sees the eyeglasses on the nightstand. When he comes, she’s ready. How many fingers am I holding up? Two! But wait, Watit’s eyesight is so bad that even close up, he should not be able to see her hand. Oh Snap!
Details, Rut! Details!

Quick-Thinking FakeWheeze tells her he’s got contacts in. In order to stop her questions, he crowds in and offers to show her the lenses up close and personal.  LOL, that’s enough to have her back off.
If she's not going to do it, I volunteer to have a look. I don't mind, really.
 At breakfast, Koon shows up and apologizes. He promises to back off. Fake Watit asks May if she wants them to be closer. That gets her enthusiastic affirmative. The two men shake hands, and May joins in as well. That probably kept them from squeezing the bejesus out of each other.
I think it was about here that I stopped and said, "Oh. So she's an idiot." This refrain continued throughout the episode.

May gets a phone call from her mother. Flower Mom says the truck isn't working and they need assistance in their delivery. Ah, so Henchman fiddled with Flower Farm truck, and not any of the vehicles at Citrus. Naturally, Goon is quick to offer to help her. Naturally, FakeWheeze is quick to ride along. But Watit’s severe pollen allergies are well-known, so he is forced to inaction. She promises to be back soon, and Goon can’t help a little smirk when they leave. How is Rut going to fix this?
*sobbing* Why is she so stupid, Shuk? Why would she ever let herself be alone with him again? What is WRONG with these writers??
The horrid housekeeper gives us our once-an-episode Ovaltine PPL, happy that Janpeng witness the two men shaking hands. That means they've made up and are family again. Except that May and Angkoon have been gone together all morning.

Naree tracks down FakeWheeze and asks him how could he allow them to putter off? But with his ‘allergies’, what can he do? Under his breath, he hisses at his little brother for such an inconvenient weakness. Naree warns that he is allowing the tiger to roam freely over his domain. FakeWheeze admits the two cousins reconciled that morning. Nasty Naree admits that she trusts Goon to be good, but that Maytinee is shameless in her pursuit of Goon, and will definitely rekindle their relationship. Biatch.
What the hell, people! May was attacked by Goon - not the other way around!
Rut decides to call May, but unfortunately she left her cell phone at the breakfast table. Does he call Flower Farm?  No, he calls Goon. Who naturally doesn’t answer. They are finally done with the deliveries, and it’s time for Flower Boy to go to school. Goon offers to drive him there, but, nope, it’s getting late and May wants to head back to Citrus Farm. Goon plays wounded friend; does she not want to spend more time with him because of Watit? Without missing a beat, she answers in the affirmative; she normally has lunch with him and doesn't want him waiting for her. Goon, really, do you need a neon sign?
Grrrr. He is so sleazy. He makes me so mad.

Nevertheless, he tries again. How about he drops Mai off at school, then they can head back to the farm. She’s unsuspecting and agrees, if they make it quick. So off they go to the college.
This is so dumb.

Once they are on campus, Mai hops out to say his farewells.  Goon promises the boy that he will come every day until their truck is repaired. May doesn't feel good about this, but her brother is happy for the future assistance.

As they drive off, I’m thinking, is Goon going to play the “I ran out of gas” excuse to delay going back to Citrus Farm? Nope, but he conveniently forgot that he was supposed to meet with the farm agent. She decides to head back on her own then, but he convinces her not to do that. FakeWheeze calls Goon again, and again he ignores it.
Rut tries another cell phone, and this time Goon answers, but the moment he hears FakeWheeze’s voice, he hangs up. Rut swears under his breath; if those two are teasing him, May is going to get it. Why is the fault of the one you can’t get in touch with, if the one you do contact decides to disconnect? Typical Stupid Male.
Stupid stupid stupid! All of them! Where is Tippy when you need a voice of reason, eh?

Koon arrives at a resort, and the pair meet with an older woman named Koong. She is happy to see Goon, since she wanted to change her orders. But first she invites them to lunch. May doesn't want to, but she agrees. The matronly woman comments how beautiful his girlfriend is, but May is quick to state she is only his sister-in-law.

When she leaves to prepare lunch, Goon identifies her as a big client for their farm. May nervously wrings her hands and asks if they can keep the visit short. Goon agrees. May! Use a phone and call him! Do you really think an handshake clears everything??
Does no one around here think that sexual assault is a big deal??? I'M NOT LETTING THIS GO.
At the college, everyone is out from some type of rally. Flower Girl whines that her back is stiff from sitting too long, and her hands are red from clapping. Still, she has a bright smile and a greeting for Mai. who glances at her, but then walks away.

Now, thanks to the previous event, the girls won’t even get a chance to eat. Luckily, one of them brought snacks. Then out to the practice field, where someone is painting all the student’s faces.  It’s looks like a pep rally, but why the heck are they using sticks on conga drums?! That hurts the percussionist inside me. :(

Anyway, everyone sits down on the grass, and the rally begins. One of the girls passes some snacks to Rin; she grabs a few biscuits, then catches Mai’s eye, and tosses him the snack box. He pushes it back without touching them. She keeps pushing them his way, until they get caught. Honestly, Rin, can’t you ever learn?
They both get extra paint on their faces, and are forced to dance in front of everyone. Oh look, it’s The Grilled Chicken Song, made famous by Om-Am in “Full House Thai”!  She dances with more enthusiasm than he does, at least at first. But he gets into it, and the two do a credible job.

It’s apparently not enough punishment, and the two them end up running laps around the field. She’s in pumps, why is this even allowed? (That's a really great way to twist an ankle.) Anyway, she puffs that she had good intentions, but Flower Boy tells her that her good intentions always end up being trouble for him. And, really, he’s not wrong to say that.
Not at all.

Flower Girl slows down as a wave of dizziness overcomes her. By the time he slows and turns, she’s already passed out on the ground. Next thing you know, she’s in the school infirmary. The seniors that ran the pep rally are getting a dressing-down from a school administrator, warning them not to bully the underclassmen and force them to skip meals.
Maitree brings by a bag lunch, but doesn't stick around. Her girls stop by after he’s gone, and are suitable impressed. As Rin happily digs into the meal, her friends tell her that if she hadn't screwed it up, they might all be friends with him. Rin wonders why they think it’s too late to be friends?

One of them spells it out in small words: (1) she damaged his flowers the first time they met; (2) she got him in jail and his family had to pay a huge sum of money; (3) this most recent time, she got them in trouble at the pep rally, to the extent that she fainted and he had to carry her to the nurse’s station. Rin laughs and says with those words, nobody would want to befriend her! They agree she’s doomed, then climb into the bed with her for a group hug.
Aw, her friends are adorable. They love her, and they're not afraid to call her out on her mistakes.
At Citrus Farm, Naree is visibly irritated, upset that Goon and May aren't back yet. FakeWheeze tells her that he trusts them that nothing happened. She rolls her eyes and leaves the luncheon table. Once she’s gone, though, Rut has unpleasant thoughts of his own.
I'm having unpleasant thoughts, too. I'd forgotten how much this episode annoyed me.

May is idly rocking in a swing at the resort; Goon comments that the place has a nice atmosphere. Khun Goong tells them lunch will ready shortly, and invites them to stroll around the grounds while they wait. They make it to a villa that the owner has recently renovated, and May agrees to go inside. I think I will change her name to Stupid May, for falling in with everything Evil Goon does to her. She must have a goldfish memory. THE WHOLE THING SCREAMS OF SETUP.I'M SCREAMING IT, TOO. WHY WOULD YOU EVER BE ALONE WITH HIM AGAIN, YOU STUPID GIRL????

Evil Goon smiles evil smile, dials FakeWheeze, and places his phone in his pocket with the open line. At the farm, Rut answers. May is chattering about the furnishings of the villa. Naturally, Goon mentions the bed, and May agrees it’s soft. He deliberately sits on her hand, and Rut overhears her yelp. The rest of the overheard conversation sounds like foreplay, especially to someone who readily believes it anyway. With a thunderous face, Rut ends the call. On the other end, the resort owner shows up and leads them to the lunch spread. At the resort, the lunch conversation is light and easy.
I am disgusted. Truly.
The truck finally pulls up to then main house at Citrus Farm. Goon is grinning from ear to ear with the success of his plan. They walk in together, and FakeWheeze is waiting for them.  He seems calm at the beginning, until Good hands off the snacks for May to put away, and the two left start circling each other.

Goon ‘apologizes’ for the change in plans that made them late, but his smile is anything but contrite. FakeWheeze says there’s nothing to misunderstand, so Goon tries again.  He had a lot of fun hanging around with May all day, bur realllly, it was all work related.
Oh yeah, totally. You SWINE.

FakeWheeze takes it in stride, or at least pretends to, but he then questions all the strange machinations with Goon’s phone. Goon shrugs; phones can be such tricky things. He does plan on asking May for her assistance again. Poor Rut, he desperately wants to tell everyone he is magically cured of his asthmas and pollen allergies. Personally, I figure why not, it’s the only two things about your little brother that you’ve stuck with so far.
Yeah, why not. Let's just go all the way. Hey. I've heard split personalities are all the rage now. Why not just pretend to a second personality named Rut who has no allergies and rides motorcycles?
In the dining room, May is happily preparing fruits for a snack for the two of them, but he’s still grousing from his latest encounter with the enemy. He asks her if she had fun today; she replies in the affirmative because of Khun Goong and her kindness at her resort. Naturally, Mr One-Track-Mind thinks she’s talking about his cousin, and snarks that she probably wished it was a hotel, so she could stay overnight with Goon.
How was that fun, May? You seemed awkward and uncomfortable the whole time.

He’s spoiling for a fight. She tells him he’s way off base, but her protestations fall on deaf ears. To him, the Watit in front of her can’t perform his husbandly duties (double entendre), so she probably needs to see relief somewhere else. Isn't she just pretending to be innocent? Because if she really wants it, he will be happy to oblige. She gives him a rounding shut up slap, which FakeWatit interprets as a “Yes”.
Idiot man.

So he grabs her in for a punishing kiss. She pushes him away, and he gets two slaps for his efforts. He warns her that he won’t stop kissing her if she doesn't stop slapping him. Um, Rut, do you remember that you are NOT her actual husband, and that your role in this is as Protector, not Stud Muffin? She lowers her hand as she begins to cry, then she runs off, leaving him staring at nothing, their snack time together ruined by his NonWatit jealousy.
Evil Goon is gloating at his place. Doe he even realize how much hurt he is putting on his supposed ladylove? Judging by his smile, that’s a big no. And the smile gets bigger when Naree shows up to inform him of the big fight at the big house. She warns him, though; May will never choose Goon because she will go where the money is located. Plus, spouses will always make up. Well, that spoiled his mood, and he starts yelling at her. After all, why is it even any of her business; is she interested in him? He pinches her face, and between his fingers she mumbles, what if she is interested?
Girl, you have an inferiority complex and daddy issues. You shouldn't be in a romantic relationship with anyone right now because your judgment is all messed up. Attempted rapists/murderers are not desirable life partners.

With that, Goon pushes her loose and tells her that he will never be attracted to her. She tries to prevent him from leaving, offering to stay by his side, but he stares her down and leaves.
It’s bedtime, and FakeWatit is reading and having a snack on their couch. May turns back the bed and gets ready to climb in.  She turns and sees him staring at her with a smirk on his face. He keeps staring, so she finally gives up and grabs a pillow, intending to sleep somewhere else. Since she’s not safe in her own room, she is going to sleep outside. But he’s not going to let her sleep outside, since that’s an excuse to cuddle with Loverboy Koon. She warns him that just gets nastier every day, but he twists it around a matter of trust. If he can’t trust her then he will think even nastier thoughts.
May: Why is it safe to be with Koon and not FakeWatit? They've both been horrible to you, though in different ways. FakeWatit: Shut up and get to know the girl before you start with the judging and slut-shaming.

She tries to leave; he rips the pillow out of her hands and flings it back on the bed.  She still tries to leave, and he bodily picks her up and slings on the bed just like the pillow. He ends up trapping her underneath him, and tells that from now on, they will be together. She takes that to mean physically and starts yelling and trying to buck him off, but he tells her that she is to stay within his sight at all times. She stops struggling, but informs him she will never be his prisoner.
Note to all writers: Force and intimidation are not sexy. Tenderness and consent ARE.

He warns her that he isn't the old dumb Watit (no, he's the Dumb Rut), and it’s time for bed. With that, he snuggles in close, still with one leg trapping her. She’s pretty much stuck there, helpless, for the rest of the night.

At Veggie Farm, Mom is cleaning up Watit before supper. Over the meal, Rin offers to stay the night so Mom can sleep in her own bed; Wat nixes this, since Rin has school in the morning. He offers as well, but Mom is adamant. She wants to spend as much time with him as possible. Becca was correct in the previous SqueeCap; why don’t they have any nursing staff there? Because Mom shouldn't be the 24-hour nurse.
She isn't qualified. We need a trained professional here. What if something went wrong?
It’s morning, and Rut is up and out. He contacts Uncle to get the location of Flower Farm. May and Goon are already there, loading up on that days’s deliveries. Koon is playing nice, gently wondering why her husband thinks so badly of him. From May’s point of view, Watit has changed a lot since his accident, becoming a rude and indecent guy, and is quick to say that it wasn't Koon’s fault that his cousin is behaving this way. Koon offers to stop helping with the deliveries, but she wants everything to be normal. And Watit can think whatever he wants to think.
Here's an idea why her husband might dislike you, Koon: you tried to rape her, and you continuously taunted him about his disabilities. You're a jerk of the highest order and a few other things that I won't say.

Evil Goon plays up the martyr complex (he doesn't have a leg to stand on!!), and she offers to stay with him the rest of the day while he runs some errands.
Why, May. Why.
As you might have guessed, FakeWatit is enjoying coffee with the Flower Family when May and Evil Goon show up. He’s offered to help them out, since his doctor says he should exercise more, and he is sure the flowers won’t affect him. May snaps that he can exercise somewhere else. Her outburst shocks Mom, but FakeWatit is all smiles as he tells everyone that he bickered with his wife the night before, but he wants to be with May today so they can make up.
Ahahaha! Okay, sometimes I really do enjoy watching Rut be a jerk and mess with Goon. It's satisfying.
Goon smoothly says that May has told him everything, and that it all seems to be a misunderstanding. FakeWatit goes into Jerk Mode and asks if his wife relayed their pillow-talk too. Bad, bad Rut! Goon tells him to go home and talk it out later, but FakeWatit says to strike while the iron is hot. Besides, spouses can always make up, since they aren't strangers anyway. May’s eyes shoot daggers, but Rut turns to Flower Boy to start work.

Goon tries one more time. What about his allergies?  FakeWatit says he can just close his nose! Plus, he will make sure their truck is repaired tomorrow; if it can’t be, he will be back to assist them. He gets all handsy (not cool, bro!) as he herds her towards the vehicle, with Maitree trailing behind them. Goon stares at the retreating trio while Mom stares at Goon. Yes Mom, please help keep May away from the thug. She does ask him what happened the previous day. He tells her Watit was just being stupid; FakeWatit overhears and acts even more jerkish.
Boobs shows up at Veggie Farm with a bunch of gifts for Rut and family, but of course he’s not there. Wat and May stave her off from entering the house, telling her that Rut left for a cultivation seminar.  She still wants to meet up with Veggie Mom, though, and tries to get past them. They say she left to, so she flounces away, taking the presents with her. If they aren't there then she can’t score points with the stuff.

May is waiting by a flower stall when Mai runs by with the cart.  Since Watit isn't with him, she wonders if he collapsed somewhere. Her brother says nope, he helped lift the heavy boxes, most of them by himself, so they finished deliveries early. He hands her the day’s take, as she is startled – Watit did that? Wa-tit? Her husband?  Mai nods and heads in to put away things and get ready for school.

She offers to take him to the campus, but he tells her to stay with Watit and patch things up. Plus his brother in law gave him 1,000 baht / $30.71 / 27.07 Euro to help him. Pffft. She tracks him down, where he is making the final deliveries. She hides and watches as he manhandles a couple of large ceramic pots for one of their customers, wondering if he is working himself into a heart attack. Now she is really puzzled by this stranger-not-stranger.
Figure it out, May! Figure it out!
It’s just the two of them in the truck for the drive back.  He asks if she wants to go anywhere, but she insists they go home, so he can rest after the unfamiliar exertions of the day. Watit snipes that his wife is probably more concerned about his older cousin. She snipes back: why is trying to pick a fight? He never ever behaved this way before.

He really likes getting under his skin. He loftily says he thought the attraction was only on the part of Koon, but since one hand clapping doesn't make any noise…Everything spills out of her. She is actually worried because he has never done this kind of work, and has been exposed to pollen all morning long, and she was afraid it was going to affect his health. Is Rut touched by her concern?  I can’t tell, but FakeWatit tells her not to worry.
Rut really can't get past his first impressions, can he? Since he came to this house, what real evidence has he had that May is two-timing Watit? The phone call? Okay, it doesn't look good, but he could at least consider the idea that Koon is just an no-good pot-stirrer and she's been innocent in the whole thing.

She’s not done yet, though. He never covered his nose the entire time she was with him; in fact, she never saw his handkerchief at all. Aren't his lungs hurting? Rut is an unconvincing liar in my book. He claims he just held his breath when he was close to the plants, and so didn't inhale anything. He closes the conversation; he just wants to go do something fun with his wife today. She just looks at him with total annoyance.
Allergies don't work that way, Rut.
At school, the professor is outlining a quiz for next class that can’t be missed. He singles out Maitree, since he has missed the most days from school, and tells him to make sure he catches up on his work before test day. As the class filters out of the room, Rin catches up to Mai to remind him of her study guide, which should be everything he needs for the test. He admits he hasn't looked at it, but she keeps going. She sent him a Facebook Friend request, and asks him to accept her.

He declines, since he’s tired of her acting and lies. He knows she doesn't want a bad, stupid guy as a friend, and leaves before she can say anything.

Watit takes her to a temple, to pray for morality and beg forgiveness for carnal sins. Whups, it turns out it’s the FIFTH temple like this he’s taken her to. Wow, The Jerk Force is strong with this one.
I can't help it. I laughed my head off. This show is so weird!

She whines that she’s tired and hungry, and keeps whining as he all but drags her inside. A short time later, they are sharing kao soi, and the air around them has eased. May brings up that he hasn’t taken his meds all day now. He blows off her concern, and she mention that he blows off his health too, ever since he came back from Bangkok. He warns her there are five more temples to visit. Or should she become a nun? She certainly has the face for it.
She crosses her arms, and he finally gets a taste of the real Watit. He was romantic and gentle; he built a rose garden, played the piano for her, gave her breakfast in bed. But now he just a strange crazy person. He surprised; he did all that cheesy stuff before?

Oh snap. Boobs just showed up for lunch with her girlfriends. This can’t end well. Indeed, they both recognize that voice, although May can’t place the name. Immediately, Rut realizes the danger factor, and begs May to hurry up and eat so they can leave. She protests; there’s still a lot of food left. But he’s done and his stomach hurts, so he will wait for her in the truck.
Hahaha! Yes! Run away with your tail tucked between your knees! Oh, you deserve this moment of terror.
He almost makes it out the door when Boobs spots him and calls out. He doesn't stop, just throws open the door and runs. I'd run, too. He hides on some stairs while she looks around outside. May leaves the place and bumps into Boobs, now recognizing her as the loud-mouth woman from the spider flower farm in Mae Haung Saun. Boobs wants to know if she was with Rut in that restaurant. May scoffs: Rut? The farm owner and Screechy’s boyfriend? Boobs accuses her of sleeping with that boyfriend; May is taken aback. No, she is her with her husband, and Screechy can think whatever she wants to think.

May tries to walk away, but JaeBood grabs her arm. May kicks her leg; Boobs grabs her hair, and the catfight is on! Rut watches from upstairs, and winces at the behavior of both of them. Boobs tries to strangle the younger woman, but ends up with her face plastered against a bistro table while May twists the table cloth around her head. By the time she untangles herself, May is gone.
Atta girl, May!
Rut is leaning against the truck, a newspaper over his head. He tells her he was overheated waiting for her. He asks how she is from a moment ago, and she pounces on the statement. Did he see her wrestling with that squeaky-voiced woman? Before he could come up with any plausible, a shoe flies past them. Boobs has caught up! May is ready for Round Two, but Rut hustles her into the car, and they take off before Boobs makes it to the parking lot.
I wish this show was funny more often. They do funny well.

The couple is back to driving in silence, but FakeWatit clears his throat to ask a question - what did she and that woman talk about? May was surprised he noticed.

She says she went to buy flowers from that woman’s boyfriend. He’s taken aback by the word “boyfriend” but doesn’t notice and keeps going. She never met the boyfriend / farm owner, but he is definitely a rotten person. If he didn’t want to sell to her, he could have told her personally rather then send his girlfriend to chase them off. Which is a shame, because his mother is really nice, and his kid sister is cute. But the guy and his girlfriend suck. She works herself up a bit, and he tries to calm her down.
Ha. You deserve this, Rut!
LOL. He tries a different tack. She really hasn't given that man a chance to know better, so he’s probably a good person. She sniffs, sure he is probably worse than she imagines.

The conversation brings up something else in her mind. Why did that woman call him “Rut”? I picture the heating element in the driver’s seat going to high as he starts sweating. Maybe she thought he was someone else; after all, he pretty much stays home most of the time. So there would be little chance of them ever meeting before. Since that is consistent with May’s memory of Watit, she accepts the excuse. But now May is convinced ‘that woman’ is a raving lunatic, a sentiment Rut agrees with heartfelt feelings. Hee.
I think we all agree on that, yep.
Bedtime for our couple. May makes a snack of fruits for her husband, but when she tries to walk away he grabs her. She’s going to sleep, but FakeWatit wants her to feed him. But before any of that, Naree shows up with a blood pressure cuff. He tries to get out of it, but Naree is insistent. They need to send periodic updates to his primary physician, even more now because he keeps forgetting his medication.
You're a terrible actor, Rut. Don't quit your day job.

FakeWatit gets a phone call from Uncle, so he slips to the office. Rut confirms Angkoon’s constant efforts to stay close to Maytinee. Uncle thinks their combined efforts will stop the older guy. Rut licks his lips and asks a question - for his brother or himself -  Does Uncle believe May likes Koon?

Bulldozer isn't sure, but May has never shown symptoms of a strong attachment. Rut states he will keep observing her. Oh really, Scruff, this is what you call “observing??
UNCLE. Even if you're not sure how she feels about Koon, you've know her since she was a kid! You should be able to say reassure Scruff that May would never cheat on Watit!
Anyway, there have been no changes in Watit’s condition, so Uncle will stay there for a while, and leave the farm with Rut. And it occurs to me, that if Uncle had told May the truth, maybe her presence would be enough for Watit to fight his way out of the coma. That ship has sailed, though.
Also, she'd probably be totally down to help them find out who tried to kill Watit. Idiot men.

Once he hangs up, it almost seems like he declares war on Maytinee. He will take care of her, so that his little brother won’t be hurt later by this woman.

Naree hands off FakeWatit’s medicine tray to May, then offhandedly wonders why, when she’s with her husband, she returns to the farm so much earlier than usual. May shrugs; they were done with their errands early. Naree keeps pushing. Maybe it’s because she's happier hanging out with other men.  May goes on the offensive; is Naree jealous? Ever since May entered this household, Naree has been nasty and spiteful, looking for ways to get May in trouble. What else would you call it?
I'd call it bitchy. Jealous works, too.
Naree gets up in her face.  She has no reason to be jealous of a woman who sold herself for money, in the time-honored path of a prostitute. That earns her a slap. Yay, May! It’s a standoff, and May tells her to back the heck away unless she wants to see May not hold back. Once she is gone, Naree seethes; yes, she is jealous, but she won’t lose to the other woman.
Good grief, this woman!

It’s a birthday party in the barracks for Chard. Food and alcohol and loud raucous cheering is the plan of the evening. The horrid housekeeper wants to go yell at them, but Janpeng knows that Chard only listens to Chard and Koon. She heads over there anyway, so the servant decides to follow.

Fuzzy boxes of booze dot the screen when the housekeeper storms in, demanding to break it up and go to sleep. Chard is drunk and even more of a bastard than usual. He yells at her that she’s not his mother; she yells back that Uncle will hear about this and fire everyone. While they are arguing, almost everyone else melts away into the night, until there are only a few left. What else is there to do? Why illegal gambling dens of course! What else? (By the way, the chyron on the gambling screen advises that gambling is illegal in Thailand).
The next day dawns bright and clean at Citrus Farm. Rut is wandering around, taking photos of whatever strikes his fancy. When he finally makes it back to his apartment, May is nowhere to be seen. He plops down on the bed and happily scrolls through his photos. She comes out of the bathroom, though. She tells him she plans to jog that morning. What, no flowers? She replies the truck is fixed and there will be a few days before the next delivery date. He stops her as she's headed out; is she going alone?

Nope, she is jogging with Tippy. He needles her, though; is she sure she’s not meeting up with his cousin? She yells “TIPPPY!!” and stomps on his foot, then stomps away muttering that he’s trying to pick a fight this early in the morning.
Seriously, Rut?

He tosses the camera and jumps to the wardrobe, but, naturally, there’s no workout clothes in Watit’s things. He ends up in jeans and a T-shirt. He looks good, but isn’t that going to be chaffing some important bits? He wants to exercise too! May looks at him like he has two heads. She tells him okay, but he will have to keep it to a walk, so he doesn’t have a heart attack, die, and allow love to blossom with Goon. LOL He grits his teeth and tells her to sit tight while he grabs his shoes. But she’s not waiting for that crazy man, who ends up grabbing two different shoes.
Pfft at this whole scene. Pffft. Why can't you always be funny, show?
Tippy and May are stretching on a walkway (and I would love to jog that area every day! yes!). On another part of the path, FakeWatit is playing with his camera. May confides to Tippy: hasn’t Watit gone strange since his accident? Now he has become a suspicious smarty-pants, who would rather take photos than practice his piano. Instead of the gentle, romantic husband, now she is stuck with a cur who barks in the morning and bites in the evening. Tippy joshes that May is sulking because he doesn’t cater to her every whim. Maybe it’s the amnesia?
Figure it out, please! Before I go crazy!

They walk to a gourd-covered pergola, and FakeWatit takes some shots of the two girls. Suddenly he frowns when he sees a group of workers sitting on the ground. They've been waiting for two and a half hours for their daily work order, but Chard hasn't shown up.
The trio heads over to the barracks and wakes up an irritable Chard. The evil guy claims to be sick, but they can smell the alcohol residue. He insists he is taking sick leave, and rinses his mouth with a scoop of water. At least he spit it away from Rut. Rut wants to know with whom did he leave his sick leave request. Chard hasn't yet, but will leave it with Farm Manager Angkoon.
Rut tells him to be ready to leave in ten minutes, and warns the angry man that he has the authority and power to command him.
I do like watching him face off with Chard.

After Episode Extra

It’s Navin again! And our resident Bad guy looks great with a smile!
Yes, he does!

Final Comments

I'm beginning to get a bit annoyed with Rut and his treatment of May. How can he always believe Koon is telling him, when the guy has a vested interest in breaking the marriage? And all the needling doesn't help, since May is starting to think she can't do anything right with her husband. And that's going to bite him in the butt when she finally has had enough of his near-constant badgering.
I need something about this dynamic to change soon. I need secrets revealed among good guys because I really do like the idea of our OTP together… except they (mostly he) keep doing things that make me think, "Hm, maybe you two should just go your separate ways." Call me crazy, but I'm in favor of healthy relationships.
I'm think I need to make a "Typical Stupid Male" gif and add into our SqueeCaps for every bone-headed comment and action from our FakeWatit. But then there wouldn't be any room for our gifs!
And we do love our gifs!
Despite the coolness towards Rin, I believe Maitree will be convinced of her sincerity and good intentions. Her conversation with her friends gives her a little more insight and I think she has toned down her behavior. Hang in there, you'll win him over yet, Flower Girl.
And it will be very very cute when you do!

I want Chard run over by a stampeding herd of rabid wildebeests. Enough said.
And I want Koon to be right there with him.
"I burst a pimple in your general direction, Evil Goon!"